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Varianna "Vivi" Sochi

Anorith observed from the sidelines, more preoccupied with the safety of his teammate opposed to his stolen loaf of bread.

Vivi clasped her hands together, getting herself into a better mentality. "You ready~? Letssa go then! Poison Sting!" However, the bat was a step ahead. As soon as Weedle began her charge the bat viciously flaps its wings. The wind generated was enough to push her back despite her best efforts to march forward.

The bread, held close to Woobat's body, began to crumble. It alarmed Anorith, whose hunger was tempting him to walk right into a battlefield.

"You can do it- NO, wait, actuaaaaally, slam your stinger into the ground!" Vivi hollered amidst the gusts, arm shielding her eyes from the specks of dirt. Weedle stared at her stinger before gasping at the logic behind her trainer's idea.

With determination the bug dug her stinger into the earth before her, eyes glaring at the bat. She pulled her weight forward and repeated the maneuver, getting closer by the moment.

"Woo?!" Confused as to why such a lightweight isn't being blown, the bat increased the gust's intensity. Weedle remained in place, refusing to budge. This tenacity made the Woobat grow anxious. But little did anybody, but poor Anorith, take notice of the bread's crumbling state. By this point half had broken into pieces and scattered, never to meet the bug's belly.

"You got this! Woo!" Vivi cheered. Weedle grimaced, blushing despite letting out a grunt of annoyance. In reality she was enjoying the attention and flattery.

The gusts halted. In its place Woobat let out a small warcry prior to being outlined in a light purple hue. "Awwww how cute~! Wasn't that just adorable, right Weedle?"

"Weeee," the bug smirked, mocking the flying Pokémon. Woobat had fallen for it, instantly closing distance. "Weeee?!"

Vivi panicked, no longer finding the creature endearing. "Use that stinger! Poison sting the thing!" Without hesitation Weedle lifted her tail, but she wasn't quick enough.

The stinger merely grazed the bat's skin before the bug froze midair, unable to move further. At last the confusion took effect, noticeable by the light purple hue engulfing Weedle.

Like a rag doll Weedle was hurled against a nearby rock wall, plopping down on to the ground in a weakened state. A small cough escaped her mouth. "Oooooooh no, oh no no no, that isn't good. Hold on Weedle-chan!"

Anorith picked at the crumbs nearest him. They weren't any bigger than a coin, but it's better than nothing at all. But even then when he reached the fourth crumb, Vivi kicked it on her way to Weedle.

"N-nooooor," he whimpered, backing up to give them space. The last thing he desired was to get mauled on error.

"You know you got energy left in you, go go go! Uh- Here! An apple!" And like that she aimed the fruit right at the Weedle. But all the bug did was stare as it harshly impacted its horn, instantly stuck. Its juices dripped and slowly creeped down her face. From the drips Anorith's baffled facial expression is reflected, unable to believe she had apples stored away this entire time while he starved.

Meanwhile Weedle was regretting joining this human.


The cry reeled Vivi back in, who returned to a fighting mentality. "Okie dokie, let's get back to it. String Shot the bat!" Weedle complied, albeit with a grimace. Unfortunately the flying pokemon was far too quick and far too agile, easily circling around the attack until swooping down for another round of confusion. With both opponents engulfed in a lilac hue, Woobat proceeded to slam Weedle to the ground beneath.

"Okaaaaaay, guess we need to get in a little bit more practice before picking on somebody our own size. Anorith! Sorry to burst your bubble," she apologizes prior to sending him into his pokéball.

A red light engulfed Weedle as she was being trashed about. Once gone the bat let out a confused cry, eyes scanning. Realizing they were all gone save for Vivi, he gained a new target.

"Oooooooh I'd love to play, cutesy batsy, buuuuuut it appears play time is over. How about tomorrow at around the same time, hmmmm~?" Vivi suggested, eyeing the path behind the enemy.

She snatched a pile of dirt as she began her stride. It was hurled as soon as Woobat swooped down for an attack, startling the bat. Fortunately it was enough to get her off his radar, no longer in his line of sight.

For a minute she did nothing but run, at some point stepping on a wild Pokemon before abruptly changing trajectory, hoping to lose the bat and the now awoken creature.

Even though she had successfully tossed them off her track, Vivi was lost. She [i]is[/] lost.

"Aha... hahahaha.... AHAHAHAHA!" Had it not been for a painful cough the trainer would have continued in her crazed laughter, finding joy in being thrown into such a dilemma. "Ooo that hurt. Yep." Despite the temptation to summon her two bugs, they were injured, or hungry in Anorith's case, thus capable of slowing her down.

But they were so cute gosh darn it.

She released Weedle and Anorith into the darkness with only a faint light to guide their way. Anorith climbed up to her shoulder to rest, too famished to continue by foot. Weedle, on the other hand, was puffing and huffing. "You guys did good... real good," she began a feel-good speech before suddenly switching the direction of her message. "...actually that was horrible. Oh jeez, so bad. So so so bad. But! Know what that means? We get to train! Sounds like fun, doesn't it~?"

Despite the sighs she trekked on, moving forward in hopes for an exit to pop out. In reality she was terrified and doubtful of a miracle, but her group needed somebody to keep the atmosphere alive. Not depressing.

As they moved on Vivi began to notice Weedle slowing down overtime. Yet, when she offered a shoulder to lean on, Weedle refused and ignored her hands. However, it didn't take long before the bug began to demand resting stops. It was during the third stop that Vivi at last snatched the bug from the ground and hugged her tight. She squirmed and she whimpered, but soon she calmed and fell asleep, worn out.

Together the trio continued.
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