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Started by Raicheot 2 Weeks Ago 3:11 AM
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Heyo Raicheot, welcome to PC! Never too late to join, we always welcome new members. =) Feel free to ask me if you need help here and see you around ~

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sheep x bobandbill 5ever


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Hey there Raicheot! Welcome to the community! Like Sheep said, it's never too late to join PC, especially when there's a new main series game on the horizon! Are you excited about SwSh? What's your favorite feature so far? :)

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Im trying not to judge it before I play it, I would of liked a more mature game graphics wise one for the older fans, It still has sun and moon feel to it, but it's moving in the right direction and I like what I've seen so far as in game features and the dynamaxing will be interesting and I am a fan of regional forms of older gen pokemon.

I am looking forward to trying out Corviknight and Drednaw tho they look great
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