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Ya Boi MP

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so I'm working on a Pokemon Game on my own, but I'm gonna need some help for the development of my game.

The positions I'm looking for are: Tileset Designer, Sprite Desginer, Mapper, Music Composer and Script Maker.
Current Members on the team: No one.

Here's what every person will have to do:

Tileset Designer: Desgin a few Tilesets in order to help for the Graphic Desgin (I'll let you know what do I want in the Tilesets)
Sprite Designer: Desgining the sprites for the Gen 6 and the Gen 7, as well as for the Characters (I know Smogon has made them, but there was still a few of them missing, so I didn't take them)
(NEW) Mapper: Making the maps for the game (self-explanatory)
Music Composer: Composing the OST for the Game (Impress me with your compositions) EDIT: This also include remixing some musics that are already existing
Script Maker: Creating some Events for the game, as well as some scripting (This will probably be the hardest workload)

Here's some information about my game: The Villains are the Poachers. Two of them are Key Characters as they are fought multiple times in the game (a expert Hunter with a Mightyena as his main Pokemon and a skilled Tactician using a Glaceon as his main Pokemon). The goal of the poachers is to take over the world, to the point they will even attempt to capture Arceus.
There will be also multiple features, such as:
A person that can sell you all the Evolution Items and even Master Balls;
Being able to encounter Pokemon after using Cut on a tree;
Being able to rematch the Gym Leaders as well as some other important Trainers;
A mysterious Trainer that claims to be the strongest in the Pokemon World that only challenges you if you become the Champion;
And much more!
Reply to this Thread if you're interested to help me!


Whatever It Takes

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I'm working on my fan game in gen 3 style for 7 years all alone. So, if you want to create your own fan game, you must do the major work. And you ask for alot of helpers, and good ones as i can see. Its a dream that never comes to life. If i were you, i'll stick for gen 3 or gen 4 style, which you can find stuff easy on the net.
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