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When my brother played, he used to try to walk around some trainers because he didn't want to battle them all. I usually try to battle everyone I can for experience and completion reasons personally. What about you guys?

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It depends on level of my Pokémon. If I'm overleveled, I avoid as many battles as possible and then return to them when I'm leveling new Pokémon. If my level is the same as other trainers I usually battle them all.


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Posted 20 Hours Ago
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Yeah, I usually try to battle every trainer in most Pokemon games, except Sun/Moon some trainers just have crazy lines of sight that I'd rather avoid.
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I didn’t realize there were some people who actively avoided trainers. :o I’ll sometimes dodge them with the intention of going back to level different teams like Janp said, but it’s such a core function of the game. To me that’s like saying “I love Super Mario Bros. but I hate jumping”.


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yes because I want to be as overleveled and powerful as possible and I need the valuable EXP from battling trainers to achieve that goal.


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Oh yeah for sure, especially in the more recent games where I've been switching around my team a lot, so I need all the exp I can get!
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Yeah, I battle every single regular trainer. Unless you're under some sort of time limit or doing some challenge, I don't see the benefit of avoiding trainers.
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exp-hogging boy is here. I've never avoided any trainer since, well... the money and the exp. I need 'em


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at times, depends how I'm feeling or if my Pokemon are too high level
on my first runs I will (like having a good time reading what programmers gave them to say)
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