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Help with Advance Text

Started by SorasNobody 4 Weeks Ago 12:01 PM
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Whenever I try and make text red it just turns the text green instead. Does anyone know as i would like the text "Pokemon Fire Red Version" to be in red as that would only make sense. It looks kind of stupid being in green and having the word "red" in it.
Don't use AdvanceText, it has a reputation of messing up your rom. Besides that it can only edit text and not anything around it.

If you want to make anything remotely good, use XSE instead.
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I know of the issues with Advance Text I just use it because i think i understand how to use it appropriately. Like characters and spacing are one character new lines are 2/3 and coloring text also uses 3 or more characters. If you really want to be safe just always shave off a handful of characters with every edit you make. You would have to be similarly careful when editing hex as well it is just easier to notice when you've over written something. Regardless do you have any info on making text red?
edit: Looking to change the intro text with the pikachu sprite in the top left corner. I do not know if that makes it any difference. Advance Text says it should be red but it turns up green when you load the ROM.
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