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Gaming Media Want to showcase yourself playing a game? Want to write a guide on how to beat the hardest levels of a game? Or maybe you want to give your review of a game you have? If so, this is the place for you!

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Welcome to Gaming Media!

This forum is your one stop shop for everything related to gaming culture that isn't directly about Video Games themselves. Let's plays, reviews, competition coverage, and other aspects of gaming/gamer culture are up for discussion and display here!

Some of you probably remember the Let's Plays,Guides and Reviews forum, later named simply Let's Play. Our goal in replacing the former sub forum is to stimulate and encourage more discussion surrounding these aspects of video game culture, instead of maintaining a post-and-go forum with no major user base.

Before we get into the nitty gritty of the rules, I'd like to make it perfectly clear that this is not a place for free advertising. You should post here without the intention of raising your subscriber count, but rather to try and find feedback and discuss the more critical aspects of video games and the culture surrounding them.

So, without further ado, let's explore the world of Gaming Media!

Basic Rules

  • Obey the rules of The Pokecommunity, as unless stated otherwise, they apply here.
  • Keep discussions on topic! If your conversation carries on for a dozen posts and no longer relates to the topic at hand, bring it over to a new thread.
  • You won't be expected to write a newspaper, but articles, reviews and guides should be in reasonably understandable English using a decent level of grammatical correctness. If you are ever concerned that you may not be up to par, try finding a proofreader who perhaps has a better grasp on the language. If you know no one like that, feel free to contact Necrum and he will make sure the piece is acceptable. Discussion posts are a bit more lax for grammar.


The kind of content that may be posted on this forum spans a wide range. The important thing is to keep discussions about video games themselves in the Video Games forum. If you want to simply talk about your favorite character in Undertale, that belongs in Video Games. If you want to talk about how the Game Grumps are taking too long to finish Undertale, that goes in Gaming Media because it is about the aspects of the YouTube medium as a vessel for video games, not about the game itself. Here's some examples of acceptable content, however it is not limited to these types of content:
  • Embedded videos of gameplay accompanied by commentary, commonly referred to as a Let's Play.
  • A series of images detailing your journey through a game, again accompanied by some form of commentary.
  • A critical analysis of a video game or video game mechanics, such as reviews and essays.
  • Discussions about your favorite YouTuber or other content creators, as well as discussions about the content creation process itself.
  • Organized competitions for Pokecommunity users, hopefully with the intention of recording or covering it in some way.

Get creative and give people a reason to talk!

Content Limitations

While this is, indeed, all fun and games, we have to set a few ground rules for the type of content that can be featured, and how some of the more mature content is handled.
  • Any content posted in this forum may not feature any games of AO rating or equivalent, except in the case of written reviews.
  • If a piece of content contains any game of M or equivalent, it must have a [Mature] tag indicating such.
  • We're all familiar with Let's Plays and how they are often filled with swearing. It is common these days and while some cursing is fine, but if your video gets excessive, you need to include a [Language] tag in your title. You don't need this on posts with the [Mature] tag.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask machomuu, Necrum, or Wicked3DS!
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