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I mainly use mine for writing. Mine is an iPad Pro; 9.7 inch with the Apple Pencil. It's easier for me to use it as a writing tool for a few reasons. I get a lot of ideas when I go out and about, so I like to have some way to get those ideas out. Another reason is that my laptop is 7+ years old, and it's not really capable of being used for writing and such. The last reason is that traditional writing causes my hand to get very cramped and sore after a few minutes. So, typing on a tablet is actually much better and less of an issue. ^^;

So, what do you use your tablet for? If you don't own one, what would you want to use it for?


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I use mine as a phone supplement/alternative around the house for things i generally use my phone for, like displaying decklists while I'm sorting through my Pokemon TCG cards.

Also sometimes to watch videos. And to play the Pokemon TCG Online app on occasion.

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Mine gets used pretty much as an ebook reader these days.
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I really don't use a tablet much anymore. However, when I did use one, I used it primarily for when I didn't want to get on a laptop, but needed a larger screen than my phone.


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Posted June 7th, 2019
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My tablet isn't incredibly powerful but I do small things on it, like Discord, web browsing, and some music playing. Nothing too intensive.
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back when i had one, i mostly used it for entertainment. browsing the web, watching videos, playing music, etc. is more than enough for a tablet. ooh, gaming too


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Not gonna lie when I first saw this I thought you guys meant drawing tablets and I was very confused.

BUT I did used to have an iPad once upon a time. Mostly used it to do homework and play games since I was like in my early years of high school or my late years of middle school when it came out? Nowadays I don't really use a tablet tablet but I do have a Huion for uh... well drawing so.


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Because my laptop functions as a tablet, I just use the tablet portion to watch full screen youtube videos. I don't use it for much else really; there was a period of time where I would use it to take notes in class but not so much due to the shorter battery life.


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I use my tablet for everything- reading, playing, watching weird stuff, social media, cooking(not cooking!) And what not! It is basically acts as my phone(-i dont have a phone, seriously).


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i have an 11" 2018 iPad Pro and I love it! i just recently upgraded from a 2017 10.5" just for the sake of upgrading and I don't regret it one bit. I use my iPad for note taking/PDF annotation (via GoodNotes 5), streaming Netflix/Hulu/Spotify/etc., as well as to browse social media/chatting on Discord (esp if I'm playing a game on my laptop at the time). I also read e-books from my local library (via the Libby app) and manga (via the Shonen Jump app) as well. I also do occasional doodling (via the Procreate app). I also occasionally use it for Sudoku and jigsaw puzzles.

I recently set up the PS4 Remote Play app, and it runs pretty well. I think I'm going to invest in a MFi Controller eventually bc the on-screen controller is not the tea.

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I use the 12" iPad Pro! I bought it primarily as a drawing tablet. I had heard so many amazing things about it so I couldn't resist, and I definitely don't regret it. Drawing with the Apple Pencil on this thing is absolutely incredible. I also use it to watch videos, and sometimes when I want to carry light I just bring my iPad instead of my laptop.
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