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쳐다보지마 그런 눈으로

Kansas, USA
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Posted 3 Days Ago
When I was super active I used to change it every couple of days because I was indecisive.

For a while I kept the same theme for months, and now it's usually weeks!

Though, I already have more theme ideas for Green, so who knows. I'm kinda random with them.

왜 그래 왜 안돼
잘못한 게 우린 하나 없는데

you might know me as Drew | paired to Palamon


Laverre City
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Posted 4 Hours Ago
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8.1 Years
It's weird, because I change my avatar a lot but always to the same things... so does that even count??? My sig I just updated for the first time in like a year, but again, same exact layout the theme. So idk? Six in one half a dozen in the other??


Darkinium Z

Dani California
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Posted 1 Day Ago
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13.2 Years
Pre-2015 I would change it every month at least because back then I would be obsessed with an anime/manga/TVShow/music/etc and based around my avatar and sigs on that. 2016 and after it's now usually every few months fastest, though sometimes I can stick to an avatar and signature 5+months.

Foul Play
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from 2013

Age 23
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Posted 3 Days Ago
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11.3 Years
During my first five years, I changed both a lot. Whenever I got a hold of something to make a tag out of with my shoddy GIMP skills, a new avatar and signature was bound to appear. Then I went through a phase of using three icons in the signature, and it was pretty much the same deal.

Right now, though, I like my current avatar. The avatar I chose right when I came back was my SDV character, but when I saw my old graphics thread I just reused what I already made, haha. As for my signature, it changes a lot, but I like the minimalist approach I have going atm. It evokes the same feeling as my signature during the six years I was away.

Alexander Nicholi

We come close to find Singularity

Age 21
Research Triangle / Jakarta
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Posted 3 Weeks Ago
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A lot less often than I used to.
the beat goes on (ノ^o^;)ノ
ヽ(;^o^ヽ) the beat goes on
the beat goes on (ノ^o^;)ノ
ヽ(;^o^ヽ) the beat goes on
( don’t stop the groovin’ )


Age 21
The Land Down Under
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Posted 6 Hours Ago
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Being part of many fandoms + being easily excitable doesn't make it easy to settle on a single profile. On PC, I've finally found a flair/avatar/sig combo that I'm actually happy with (thanks to Fairy), so now I'm set on this being my PC profile (or theme at least).

Anyone who's seen me on Discord though knows how often I change my avatar. I suppose it's the perfect counter-balance to PC; whenever I'm in the mood to change, I should just focus on Discord instead.
Not in Toronto, Canada sadly
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Posted June 2nd, 2019
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46 Days
As of right now I've only changed my avatar once to change the color and dimensions but it's still the same as before really. So haven't done any dramatic change yet.... yet


press start to play

Online now
Posted 2 Hours Ago
32,573 posts
11.7 Years
I have the perfect signature now, and I'm so confident of it that I don't even have to have signatures enabled in order to ensure it. I just know. :)

As for avatar, I don't change it or my flair very often these days. I find something that works well and stick with it for a few months at least, apparently.


Age 25
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Posted 5 Hours Ago
Every few weeks I'd say. I just changed to this one so it'll stay for a while or until I find something I like better, which is quite often.


~ that's a mood

Platform Zero
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Posted 1 Day Ago
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73 Days
I fight the urge to change my profile picture, signature, etc. every day.
This also goes for other websites and Discord.
I'm a lost cause. :')
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