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(OOC) Chained: A Journey for Survival

Started by Designation_Leader December 30th, 2009 12:17 PM
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Here is the OOC Thread for Chained: A Journey for Survival. From now on, any SUs and questions shall be posted here. Here, you can discuss the RP, find a partner, or just hang out in between tasks. I'll also be posting important news on this thread, so refer back to here often just in case, okay?
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Name; Tom
Age; 14
Personality; Smart, Adamant, Tenacious. Not easy to talk to. Really likes Pokemon and bonds with them quickly. He can tell you if a Pokemon is upset, why it's upset, and how to get it happy. Has a small appetite and can go for days without eating. Can anger over small things at times.
History; Was born in Goldenrod. His Aunt and Uncle run the daycare center on Route 34. Skipped a grade, but never enjoys talking about it. He has a part-time job repairing the computers at the Radio Tower, with his dad who owns a Magnemite. Enjoys watching movies, often scary ones. Because of this he doesn't scare easily. He often goes to the National Park to look for Scyther, but so far hasn't found one.
Pokemon; Is Rotom a Legendary? If so let me know. If he is not then I will use him as of right now. If he is a legendary I will go with Kabutops. (Bulbapedia classifies him as Non-Legendary so)
Extras; He really likes watches. He also is good at cartography. He always carries his knapsack with him, which contains; Pencil, Paper, a cog, and a large spool of string.

Alright, that's about it. Please let me know if I can join!
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