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Pokemon Saviours Of the Universe OOC

Accepted Roleplayers: Blaziken15, mrryhman, FallenAngelSilver, fire woven, GameOver9991, kingalibaba107, Aybss Master

Currently 1 Spots Open


The Pokemon Universe was a peaceful place, up until a month ago. A foolish human had angered the creator of the universe, Arceus. He began neglecting all life on earth, destroying wildlife and attacking Pokemon. His name, is Lucious. His acts on humanity and his world have angered Arceus and he has now summoned the legendary Pokemon to begin returning the favor on human kind.

You, along with 7 others are the chosen ones. The monks of Mt. Corenet have asked that you and the 7 others meet them in Twinleaf Town. You all may be inexperienced, but the monks offer you a choice of 15 Pokemon. Only the the 8 of you can stop the madness that has been brought apon this world. Each legendary will be across the Sinnoh region. You must find them and find a way to calm them down. Can you do it?

Starter Pokemon

Bulbasaur Taken by Aybss Master

Charamder Taken by kingalibaba107

Squirtle Taken by fire woven


Cyndaquil Taken by FallenAngelSilver

Totodile Taken by GameOver9991


Torchic Taken by Blaziken15


Turtwig Taken by mrryhman






  • Be active
  • No godmodding
  • Follow the basic RP rules
  • I will decide if you catch a Pokemon, leave the ball rocking at the end
  • I will explain everything you need to know before each chapter
  • If battling another roleplayer, I will decide the winner
  • I will also tell you which legendary Pokemon you will go after
  • Keep blood to a low
  • Have fun
Sign Up Form

Age (12-17):
Pokemon (Choices Above):

Here is my sign up/example

Name: Kyle Dauphin
Gender: Male
Age: 14

Apperience: Kyle's apperience is similar to Touya from Pokemon Black and White except for his attire. He wears a solid balck hat with a purple Pokeball on the front. His jacket is dark purple with a black undershirt. His jeans are black denim and his shoes are white and dark purple. He also wears a pendent on his neck that is in the shape of a Blaziken head.

Personality: Kyle was born a true leader. He will take charge of anything he is asked to do and will do his job/duties to the best of his abilities. He also always stays with his opinions. When he meets someone, it's pretty instint whether he likes them or not.

History: Kyle was born to a poor family that lived in the Sevii Islands. His father was a assistant to Celio and his mother was a teacher at the Pokemon Trainers School. Him and his younger brother attended the school were Kyle was a straight A student. He knew so much about Pokemon, but could never get a Pokemon of his own because of the cost to begin a journey. When Kyle got a letter stating that he was needed in the Sinnoh region. He was so anxious he could burst. It would be the first time he would be able to leave the Sevii Islands.

Pokemon: Torchic

Once we have enough people, we can start. This roleplay may last a while, how long I don't know. I will know as we progress. Once you defeat your legendary, I will give you another task. Such as helping out another roleplayer, return back to the monks. That's about it, please join and have fun.