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Audio [FR] Sappy Help. Instruments Dropping.

Started by JayAihara September 2nd, 2017 9:34 AM
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Posted July 30th, 2018
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So I recently imported a track I composed into sappy. All of the instruments are correct but whenever it comes to about 3 or 4 notes being played at the same time, some instruments drop entirely and can't be heard until later when there are less notes being played. For example, in this piece I have a french horn, trumpet, trombone, tubular bells, harp, strings, and timpani. Whenever the 3 brass instruments play along with the strings , the timpani falls out and doesn't return until one instrument stops playing. I know it's not an issue with the number of tracks since other songs in Fire Red have upward of 6 instruments playing at the same time. So I'm wondering how I can have a song play without having multiple instruments just stop playing all together. Thanks!


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In FireRed, the ROM can only support 5 DirectSound notes playing at the sametime. Follow these steps to expand the DirestSound limit:
Step 1: Open up your ROM in a HEX editor, search for 00 C5 94 00 and replace it for 00 CC 94 00 to expand the limit into 12 (the actual maximum the ROM can support)
Step 2: Open up Sappy. Open Options→Settings→Extra→DirestSound Voices Limit. Change it to 12 to make your songs play normally in Sappy. DO NOT SKIP STEP 1 because Step 2 only affects music playing in Sappy rather than in-game;
Tips: You may make use of GB Synth Instruments for bass section. GB Noise can also be used for purcussion (as Snare Drum or Closed Hi-Hat)

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