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Posted May 9th, 2019
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I'm looking for a person who can edit the musics in my rom hack : Dragon Ball Z Team Training, a hack based on pokemon fire red us.
I already have some dbz musics in midi format, but importing the musics correctly in the rom is pretty complicated. The musics sound very bad and the tracks don't match the voicegroups.
There should be a solution with anvil studio maybe but I have no skills at all in sound engineering, that's why I'm looking for someone to do it.

The only thing I ask is to make the .s file so I can import it in the game with sappy. If someone already edited musics in a pokemon rom, I would appreciate your help.
The musics I want to add in the game is the opening "chala head chala" (in midi of course) and some others too.

edit: don't need anyone anymore, I finally managed to insert all the musics i wanted to put in the game by myself :)