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Audio Sappy Instrument IDs?

Started by hjk321 July 19th, 2018 8:32 PM
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Posted March 19th, 2019
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So when I import things into sappy most of the tracks are square, and so what I do is change the instrument number to change the instrument (duh.) For example I know instrument 60 (0x3C) is a trumpet of some sort by sheer luck and trial/error.

Is there a comprehensive list of instrument IDs for tracks? Pretty sure it's the same for every ROM but I'm on BPRE with an unmodified sound table/voice group.

Also if anyone knows of any patches that makes music hacking easier (IYO) do tell, because I haven't bothered to apply "all voicegroup" patches or noise removal (WTF is that?) or whatever, since there are a lot and I'm a bit out of my element.

I'm still quite active, just not on Pokecommunity.

While Pokecommunity is still a great resource and discussion board for binary hacking, binary hacking is slowly but surely becoming irrelevant. If you are ready to jump ship and switch to pokeemerald some great places to try would be Silph Co. and the pret Discord. Happy hacking!

You can always reach out to me directly at hjk321#1337



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I actually made 3/4 of my comprehensive list of instruments and IDs with the addresses and envelopes here
staying up till' 4:00 was my pastime

(btw a new fl remix dump (they're sf2 things and short, Imma learn to loop later)
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