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You are in the Pokémon: Azure out-of-character thread.

Were you looking for story progression and action? Head on over to the in-character thread!

a.n.: If the ensuing wall of text is too much for you to bear, skip ahead to the FAQ section. I don't expect everybody to read every iota of this 5,000-word-post (yes, I checked) - it's only there as a resource.

I've written dozens of roleplays over the almost-decade I've been a part of Pokécommunity, but most of them were mindless "sandbox"-style games with no real substance. Pokémon: Azure is more-or-less the culmination of elements included in my other stories that I found to be most interesting and in-depth, and has evolved into the most immersive world that I've ever created. I attempted another version of this story once before - Pokémon: Aether's Edge, but it failed due to the overload of information present as well as my own disinterest in its outcome. Azure is intended as a slightly watered-down but still content-rich version of Aether's Edge, with storyline elements that should be far easier to follow. Before you continue to the sign-ups and other information, I want to ask one thing of you - please don't sign up to this roleplay if you aren't willing to follow the lore, geography and history that I've spent many hours drafting, re-writing, editing and poring over.

I hope that this will be as much fun for you to participate in as it was for me to write it.



Erilyn is in turmoil. The two warring nations of Kinroth and Carendor have been clashing for a hundred and fifty years, resulting in the widespread strife of people and Pokémon alike. It wasn't always a land of conflict, though; since time immemorial, all the peoples of the continent were united under the Citadel. All life carried on peacefully, a utopia of harmony between all organisms. As with all things good, however, it simply could not last. Two hundred and fifty years ago, a splinter-group of three members of the Citadel Council decided that they wished to claim more than just Erilyn as their kingdom. They wanted to dominate the entire world, certain that every sentient being in existence should submit to their power.

The twisted members of the Citadel's immortal Council, named Zetan, Ikima and Ozyth, known collectively as the Three, attempted the assassination of the council's High Ruler, using their unnaturally powerful Pokémon. Zetan's lightning struck, Ikima's flames seared and Ozyth's water flooded in torrents, but the High Ruler, protected by the divine power of Arceus that was handed down through the Royal Family, would not be defeated. He banished the tainted Three from Kinroth, forcing them to live out the rest of their days on the highest volcanic peak of Carendor - Behemoth Mountain.

A multitude of Citadel rebels who shared the same ideals as the Three then followed the latter to Carendor, where they bided their time for a century. They dubbed themselves "the Legion", and according to spy intelligence, constructed vast encampments purposed for battle. They thrived in an otherwise arid wasteland. And then, like a flood, their army of man and Pokémon bred purely for battle stormed Kinroth, once again attempting to take the continent for themselves. And just as before, they were subdued by the High Ruler. This time, however, their defeat did not last. A seemingly infinite supply of Legion soldiers barrages Kinroth's defenses, an effort mostly in vain, due to the Aetherian Crystal - the vessel of Arceus' power. Wielded by the High Ruler, it possesses the power to augment the physical and ethereal strength of Kinroth's armies beyond that of natural limitations.

Now, an issue arises that may lead to the annihilation of Kinroth's people. The High Ruler, the beloved monarch of Kinroth for over three hundred years, has been killed, and the Aetherian Crystal shattered. Nobody understands why the all-powerful vessel of Arceus' strength failed its carrier. It should have protected the High Ruler from any possible harm. The assassin, when apprehended, refused to give any reason for his actions. Situated in a dungeon cell, he constantly twitches and mutters about "black flame". When pressed, he only becomes more unintelligible. The interrogators, however, managed to catch two words and no more - Oracle Temple. The investigation into his background yielded no connection to any part of the Legion; apparently, he had lived as a hermit in the foothills of Oracle Mountain for his whole life.

This event has spread utter discord throughout the Council. How could the Aetherian Crystal fail the High Ruler? How could such a powerful and ancient artifact even be destroyed? With it gone, the unnatural strength granted to the Citadel forces has ceased. The remaining four members of the Council have agreed not to disclose the death of the High Ruler to the public, as it would do nothing but spread panic. Soon enough, though, all in Erilyn will realize that the tide of battle has been turned.

This is where you come in. As an influential part of the Citadel's army, you have been selected as part of an elite task force; a last-ditch effort to find the reasoning behind the assassin's motives, and hopefully a solution to this catastrophe. You have seen the true horrors of war and experienced the glory of a battle won. Having just recieved word that the Council need to see you, you and your partner Pokémon are required to make your way to the Citadel Palace, where you will await further instruction. Your involvement in this war could influence its entire outcome.

Setting the Scene

Erilyn, 1547 CE

The continent of Erilyn is made up of two nations - Kinroth, the larger, and Carendor. These two isles are separated by a massive aquatic strait, and vary in far more than just size.


Kinroth is the larger, more fertile, and objectively more beautiful counterpart to Carendor. It boasts harsh yet lush terrain, bountiful food and water, and a multitude of Pokémon species. The appearance of Kinrotheans varies greatly depending on the locality of their ancestors.

Northern Kinroth

The far north of Kinroth is dominated by forests and hills, and is possibly the most fertile part of Erilyn - this makes it perfect for farming grain such as wheat and rice, as well as breeding Pokemon for the Citadel army. While hundreds of miles from the Citadel, it has a surprisingly large population. The only major locale is Plume City, but there are several other notable locations.

Plume City
The City of Plume is responsible for the majority of the Citadel's non-perishable food production and Pokemon breeding. It is not considered a "true" city by many Kinrotheans - perhaps due to its layout. The majority of houses are miles apart, separated by rich farmland. Plume boasts one large manufactory in the city proper, where military consumables such as hard tack and dehydrated fruit are produced. Plume was not officially a city until the manufactory was constructed - which was incidentally the first of its kind in all of Kinroth. It was built soon after the Legion showed signs of mounting an attack on the Citadel forces, and as such, is the most primitive of Kinroth's manufactories. It therefore produces large amounts of air pollution, an aspect which gave the city its name.

Elder Town
A small village located on the coast of Kinroth, just north of Kel'dé Lake. As it is quite distanced from the war front, it has been populated by the elderly, persuaded by worried families to migrate away from battle. The peninsula it sits on is quite picturesque, dotted with ponds that are home to myriad species of Pokémon. While most would never dream of visiting such a place with an army banging on Kinroth's door, it is a breeding ground for all sorts of wisdom gathered by the old folk over many decades.

Kel'dé Lake
A body of fresh water located just south of Elder Town. It is said to have once been home to a courageous, resolute Pokémon - but it's just a myth.

Venus Forest
The largest and most ancient of all Kinroth's forests. The center of the forest has such a thick canopy, some parts of the ground are never touched by sunlight. Many who have ventured into the deepest woods have never been seen again.

Lake Z'elf
A large body of fresh water south-west of Venus Forest. It is said that its waters are the source of all willpower in the world. The Citadel's Venus encampment has taken a strategic position on the lake's eastern shore.

Citadel: Venus Warfront Encampment
One of the Citadel's three major military camps. Located just east of Lake Z'elf and surrounded on all sides by the Venus Forest, it is the perfect strategic location for surprise attacks on passing Legion forces. The Venus soldiers specialize in espionage, ambush and skirmishes. They generally use stealthy grass- and bug-type Pokémon such as Shiftry, Scyther and Ninjask, as well as Venusaur used for transport and carrying supplies.

Korita Village
A small mining town situated east of the Venus Forest and northwest of Iceberg Peak. The landscape here is dotted with quarries and mine shafts. The minerals and iron found here go to producing weapons and armor for Citadel forces.

Western Kinroth
Western Kinroth is the setting for the Citadel's major war effort - the main line of defense against the Legion. The terrain is, for the most part, covered with flat plains, but Zephyr Mountain is certainly the discerning feature of this province.

Citadel: Char Warfront Encampment
The Char camp sits on the eastern edge of the Char plains - a once-green highland now turned to a dusty expanse by runaway toxic ash from Carendor. Char camp soldiers are the brute force of the Citadel army, specializing in head-on battle. Their Pokemon of choice include Rhyperior, Emboar and Magmortar for land-based battle, turning to Pokemon outfitted with armor such as Charizard, Salamence and Flygon when the fight takes to the skies.

Zephyr Mountain
A sheer rocky peak jutting out of the otherwise-flat landscape like a sore thumb. Sitting precariously on top of the mountain is a tall stone tower of unknown origin - which has so far proven inaccessible due to its location.

Citadel: Blast Warfront Encampment
Situated in a defensive location on the edge of a small bay, the Blast encampment specializes in intercepting Legion vessels on what would otherwise be a direct shot to the Citadel. Without the Blast Front, hundreds of Legion ships and Pokémon would reach southern Kinroth's shores without a single hindrance. Offensive operations are not their specialty; instead they rely on a far more defensive approach to battle, using heavily-armored water-type Pokémon such as Blastoise, Crawdaunt and Carracosta to ward off Legion attacks.

Shell City
The only permanent settlement in eastern Kinroth. Shell City is largely populated by fishermen and their trawlers, but enormous shipyards are the starting point for the majority of Citadel vessels. Shell City is surrounded on three sides by seawater, but due to its abundance of boats, ships and transport Pokémon, residents are not in much danger of being cornered by the Legion.

Lake Ux'é
A body of fresh water located between Zephyr Mountain and Oracle Mountain. It is said that its waters are the source of all awareness and knowledge in the world.

Southern Kinroth

Vast, flat, grassy plains dominate the majority of southern Kinroth's landscape. The Citadel is located in the center of these plains, with only a few other notable landmarks being present in the province.

The Citadel
The Citadel is home to approximately 40% of Kinroth's population - thousands upon thousands of people and Pokémon live within its gargantuan walls, which give a feeling of safety and security. Dozens of looming manufactories pour out thousands of units of weapons, armor and food at all hours of the day, and as a result, the skies above the Citadel are thick with pale smog. Steam-powered machines have slowly started to take the place of Pokémon-power, which may have abolished anti-slavery groups, but at the cost of toxic coal gases constantly being burned. At the center of the Citadel lies the Citadel Palace, the political center of Kinroth and home to the Council.

The Citadel Palace
This castle's countless turrets and spires seem to cut the sky, giving an overwhelming feeling of majesty and awe to any onlookers. It was home to the High Ruler until his death, but with him gone, the majority of the Palace is abandoned. The only parts that are used on an everyday basis are the Citadel's quarters and the Great Hall. On the far wall of the Great Hall, seven smaller thrones sit in a row, with one larger, raised-up throne located behind them. Since the banishing of the Three and the High Ruler's assassination, only four of these seats are ever used.

Lake Esp'r
A body of fresh water located north of the Citadel. It is said that its waters are the source of all emotion in the world.

Ironite Ruins
A strange geological formation roughly one mile south of the Citadel. The area around the Ruins is strangely barren, as if the conditions for life are all wrong. The Ironite Ruins consists of several enormous crystal-like metal growths jutting out of the ground at all angles, with the "crystals" becoming progressively larger and more abundant closer to the center of the Ruins.

Azuma City
A peaceful coastal city on the edge of a bay north of Lake Esp'r. It is a hub for merchants and traders by daylight, but in contrast, has a huge black market dedicated to the sale of rare Pokémon.

Eastern Kinroth
The east of Kinroth is, for the most part, barren. A great desert known as the Expanse takes up much of its area, with only one settlement in the entire province.

The Expanse
A huge, sprawling desert of golden sand, extending from the east coast of Kinroth all the way to Iceberg Peak. It is almost featureless apart from a few small oases, the occasional rocky mountain, and the Sandstone Ruins located in its geographical center.

Sandstone Ruins
The remnants of an ancient civilization, lost thousands of years ago. Most of the ruins are completely covered with sand dunes, but a few crumbling obelisks and pyramids are still accessible.

Soluna Town
A small village in the foothills of Iceberg Peak and Oracle Mountain. The multitude of Solrock and Lunatone present around the village is what gave the settlement its name. The Pokémon seem to be attracted to the village by several glittering meteorites dotted around the town in small craters.

Central Kinroth

The center of Kinroth is a region covered with sheer cliffs, jagged mountains and towering glaciers. Its two highest peaks, Oracle Mountain and Iceberg Peak, are among the tallest in the world.

Oracle Mountain
The largest mountain in all of Erilyn, and perhaps the entire Pokémon World. A precarious stone staircase winds around the mountain, leading those brave enough to make the climb directly to the temple on its peak.

Oracle Temple
A peaceful, snow-covered temple carved out of stone atop Oracle Mountain. Seven eternally-burning flames sit in braziers in the temple's interior, each one a different colour - red, gold, blue, purple, black, green and cyan. These sacred flames surround a shrine dedicated to Erilyn's creator and protector - Arceus.

Iceberg Peak
The second-highest mountain in Kinroth, second to Oracle Mountain and only slightly taller than Zephyr Mountain. Iceberg Peak is covered in a sheet of glassy ice, and is dotted with dozens of cave openings. There is a myth that an ancient "weapon" resides in a temple at the center of the cave system.


Carendor is the sister-isle to Kinroth, but is a stark contrast to its twin's landscape. Where Kinroth has rolling plains, lush forests and frozen peaks, Carendor has dusty wastes, razor-sharp mountains and brutal-looking volcanoes. Despite this, Carendor is home to myriad Pokémon species, as well as a once-thriving indigenous culture, the Carendorians, now displaced by the Legion. Since 1297 CE, Carendor has also been home to the Three, and their followers, the Legion.

Central Carendor

Central Carendor is a volcanic wasteland, a toxic environment which almost no organism can live in - apart from dozens of fire-type Pokémon species, which are able to thrive in a perfect habitat. The largest of Carendor's volcanoes is known as Behemoth Mountain.

Behemoth Mountain
This hulking black mass is very well-deserving of its name. Its crater is over a mile across, and filled with a lake of bubbling lava. There is a large system of caves at the mountain's base, leading to some unknown location deep below the planet's surface. At the crater's center is a brimstone island with an enormous obsidian castle carved out of the rock itself - dubbed Behemoth Fortress.

Behemoth Fortress
Home to the Three since 1297 CE, Behemoth Fortress is a symbol of domination and power. Not much is known about it, as very few Citadel spies have ever returned from missions to Behemoth Mountain.

Outer Carendor
The edge of Carendor is just like one huge, red desert. Only the toughest plant and Pokémon life can exist here, although the native Carendorians have been the nomadic people of this land for centuries, living off what little they could scavenge. The Legion has three known outposts at strategic locations throughout Carendor's outer landscape.

Murk Outpost
The smallest Legion outpost and the furthest away from Kinroth, it is generally believed that this is some form of last-minute "escape route" for Legion forces, or even the Three themselves. It is located on the western coast of Carendor.

Hound Outpost
The most battle-ready of the Legion outposts, and the closest one to the Citadel. It sits on a broad peninsula, seemingly "poking" into Kinroth. It is believed that the majority of Legion attacks on Kinroth stem from this outpost.

Tyrant Outpost
The largest and most permanent Legion outpost, but also the hardest one to gather information on - due to its location. Tyrant Outpost sits on the northern shore of Carendor Oasis, but other than that, is completely surrounded by a flat, cracked lake bed as far as the eye can see. This makes it impossible for Citadel spies to keep watch on, except at a great distance. The Outpost seems to be the main Legion settlement, perhaps housing up to 80% of their forces.

Carendor Oasis
The only large body of fresh water on all of Carendor. It was once a lush paradise in the middle of a wasteland, but the Legion, obviously needing to get water from somewhere or other, has surrounded it with massive pumping factories and distilleries, which then distribute barrels of water to the Legion Outposts.

Leviathan Isles

These six small tropical islands dot the northern waters of Carendor, and are far too inconsequential to be of any value to the Legion. The ocean surrounding them is especially deep, and many ships have sunken to the depths after crashing into one of the six isles. The islands are topped with dense jungle, heavily populated by some otherwise-rare Pokémon.

Leviathan Ruins
The remnants of an ancient civilization which have, for the most part, crumbled into the sea. Some columns and sections of an acropolis-like structure still stand above sea level, however. The ruins seem to have once been a shrine to some sort of ocean deity.



Erilyn :: EH - ruh - lin/ɛ'rɨlɨn
The main continent of Pokémon: Azure, encompassing Carendor, Kinroth and the Leviathan Isles.

Kinroth :: KIN - roth/kɪn'rɔːth
The larger isle of Erilyn and the most fertile. It is home to the Citadel and the Council.
Lake Esp'r :: ESS - per/ɛs'pər

Lake Ux'é :: OOK - say/ʊk'seɪ

Lake Z'elf :: uh - ZELF/əzɛlf'

Carendor :: KAH - ren - dor/kær'ɨndɒr
The smaller isle of Erilyn and the most barren. It is home to the Legion and the Three.

Factions and Races

Erilynians :: eh - ruh - LIN - ee - an/ɛrɨlɪn'iːɨn
"Erilynian" is a broad term for any person or Pokémon originating in either Kinroth or Carendor.

Kinrotheans :: kin - ROTH - ee - an/kɪnrɔːth'iːɨn
Kinrotheans have a broad range of appearances, mainly depending on the locality of their ancestors. The majority of Kinrotheans are divided into two main factions: The Citadel and the Legion.

:: The Citadel
The Citadel is the major faction based in Kinroth, focused on driving the Legion away from Kinroth. The majority of Citadel forces are based in Kinroth's west, closer to Carendor and stationed in large military encampments. The Citadel is supposed to be led by the High Ruler, but with him gone, all of his responsibilities have been transferred to the Council.

:: The Legion
After the Three were banished by the High Ruler to Behemoth Mountain, a multitude of their followers made the transition to Carendor. Here they bided their time for a hundred years before mounting a seemingly-endless, full-scale attack on Kinroth. The Legion is not to be confused with Carendorians, who are the native people of Carendor.

Carendorians :: kah - ren - DOR - ee - an/kærɛndɒr'iːɨn
The native nomadic people of Carendor, they are easy to discern from Kinrotheans due to their tanned skin and pale, flowing clothes. They had lived off the land for thousands of years, constantly moving around in order to spread about their use of the land's resources, but the invasion of the Legion changed all of this. The Carendorians were displaced from their homeland and forced to either merge with the Legion or risk starvation.


The Citadel
The High Ruler
The once-great and loved overseer of Kinroth. He possessed the Aetherian Crystal, and had the power to augment the Citadel army's strength. He has since been assassinated, an event which should not have been possible with the Crystal present. He was partnered with an Eevee, which also passed away of emotional stress minutes after the High Ruler's death.

The Legion
Zetan :: ZET - en/zɛt'ən
One of the Councilors banished by the High Ruler two hundred and fifty years ago, and now one of the Legion's three leaders. Zetan is considered to be the lowest-threat member of the Three, after both Ikima and Ozyth. He was partnered with a Jolteon, but it is unknown if this is still the case.

Ikima :: uh - KEY - muh/ɨkiː'mə
One of the Councilors banished by the High Ruler two hundred and fifty years ago, and now one of the Legion's three leaders. Ikima is considered to be the second-most-dangerous member of the Three, after both Ozyth. He was partnered with a Flareon, but it is unknown if this is still the case.

Ozyth :: OH - zeth/oʊ'zəθ
One of the Councilors banished by the High Ruler two hundred and fifty years ago, and now one of the Legion's three leaders. Ozyth is considered to be the greatest threat out of the Three. He was partnered with a Vaporeon, but it is unknown if this is still the case.

a.n.: This section will be expanded upon as the roleplay progresses.

Standards of Quality

Here it is; the inevitable section. I'd expect that all of you would follow these rules no matter what roleplay you were joining, but all the same, here they are.

1 :: Follow all existing PokéCommunity rules. This includes the roleplaying section rules, which can be found here.

2 :: Respect the lore. Time and effort goes into constructing roleplays. While I realize this type of rule can be a killjoy in some cases, ultimately it contributes to keeping the story coherent and of one mythos.

3 :: You're no superhero. There are far too many sign-ups submitted to roleplays that denote a "dark, edgy and misunderstood" character with some sort of ultra-massive-fart-huge power. While it's fun to play the all-powerful character, equality needs to be maintained, or everything becomes a godmodfest.

4 :: Sign-ups belong in the OoC thread. Do not post sign-ups in the IC thread.

5 :: Posts should be of a reasonable length. Don't be put off by this massive post - but try and keep them to a 300-word minimum; 1,000 words is recommended (and really isn't that huge; it's about 1.5 pages on Microsoft Word with a size 12 font.

6 :: Yes, death is a theme, but not the core. People and Pokémon are going to die - it's a roleplay about a war, after all. Just don't be graphic about it - they can "crumple to the ground, lifeless", but not "explode into a million bits and now there's guts everywhere oh god help"


The part you've all been waiting for - the sign-up sheet! I've left out the "Appearance" criterion that's usually present in all application forms, because I want you to write it into your first post. Nothing like "charlie brown has purple hair and rainbow eyes also he's walking along a track"; more like "As Mr. Charles Brownson strolled through the countryside, he smoothed out his elegant purple afro and stared into the distance with his fabulous, multi-coloured eyes." Show, don't tell!

Name: If you don't understand this, I suggest you find another hobby.
Gender: Gee whizz, Bill! What do ya' think this could mean?
Alignment: Citadel/Legion*/Other (clarify)
Nationality: Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kinroth, Carendor**
If not from Carendor/Kinroth, why did you immigrate?:
History: Examples: childhood, lifestyle, war involvement, enlistment, partner Pokémon, etc. - A couple of good paragraphs here.
Partner Pokémon + Nickname (if applicable): Only one; more will be available to you as you progress. Yes, ANY SPECIES (excluding legendaries).
Current hometown: One of the Kinrothean towns/cities.

*If you select Legion as your faction, write as though your character is a spy - the Council would have no reason for summoning somebody they knew was allied with the Legion.
**Remember that no matter which region your character is from, the technology and general culture is at the same level. They didn't come from super-advanced Kanto on the Fast Ship to sightsee in medieval Erilyn.


There are bound to be a load of questions, so I'll answer the most obvious ones right here.

Why? :: Why not?
How many characters are allowed? :: The roleplay will commence with 4 characters, and sign-ups will close at 6.
Am I meant to read all of that? :: It's a massive post, I know. The short answer: No. I would, however, like you to at least familiarize yourself with the prologue and the location information that actually has anything to do with the story. There'll soon be a map, also.
Okay, so what do I do? :: Fill in the sign-up sheet!
Where's the freedom? :: You'll notice I've kept most locations and terrain descriptions pretty vague. I'm happy for you guys to come up with other (minor) factions, locations, organizations, etc. as long as it coincides with the existing lore.
Are you nuts? How long did this take you? :: Probably. And a while.
Where is this roleplay going? What's the intended direction of the plot? :: ~Places~.
"a.n."? :: Author's note.
"CE"? :: Common Era. The year 0 CE is the year Arceus gave the Aetherian Crystal to the first High Ruler, leading to the peoples of Kinroth being united and the formation of the Council. So basically, this roleplay takes place 1547 years after the Citadel was founded. BCE = Before Common Era.
How many Pokémon do I get? :: For the first chapter or two, just one. This Pokémon will be your "partner", the one you established an emotional bond with at an early age. Almost every person in Erilyn has a partner Pokémon.
What's the culture of Erilyn like? :: South, west and north Kinroth = generic medieval Britain. East Kinroth = Egyptian/Graeco-Roman. Carendor = pseudo-Persian. Leviathan Isles = Greek.
All Pokémon regions are based on real-world locations. What's Erilyn based off? :: Ibiza <3
You sound bossy! :: I'm sorry! :( I'm proud of the work I've done here, and for some reason that equals formality. Find me at any other time at any place on the forums and I promise I'm not so serious :)
Your pictures are all pixel-y, Mang! :: Lies! It's an oil painting effect D:<


- The Pokémon Company and Game Freak, for being the basis upon which this universe is allowed to exist.
- Ian Irvine's The Well of Echoes quartet of novels, for providing inspiration in all forms.
- Various photographers and Google for providing photographs showcasing nature.
- Cirrus' roleplay Litany: An Anthem of Worlds for inspiring the CSS layout of this thread.
- The Presets' and Swedish House Mafia's respective albums Apocalypso and Until Now for helping me get through this enormous post. I strongly recommend them - really, they're great records.
It's all in the Music.

The Music

Pendulum - The Terminal
Danny Byrd - Ill Behavior
Netsky - Love Has Gone

The Projects

Unnamed DnB project
Composition for rehearsals

The Inspiration

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Name: Rowan Macmurray
Gender: Male
Alignment: Citadel (White Tide, see history)
Nationality: Kinroth
History: Though typically not directly affiliated with the Citadel, (and with a few rumors that he does not follow the Citadel's teachings) Captain Macmurray's proven aptitude in the war are utilities that cannot be ignored. Patron of Azuma City, captain of the Mistrider, and influential leader in the campaign against the black market, privateers, and more recently the Carendorians, Macmurray is a useful ally to have.

Born to a fisherman in a humble town on the coast of Kinroth, Rowan spent a great deal of his childhood learning his father's trade, following in his footsteps. Though to most an unremarkable man, he had a profound effect upon young Rowan. His had been a fisherman all his life, in his younger days he would partake in fishing outings in large ships, but he ultimately decided to settle down after the birth of Rowan. He taught his son all the essentials of being a proper sailor. Two things were very important to Rowan's father: honor and loyalty, which Rowan to this day has held up as some of the most important traits one can uphold.

It was in these days in the small town that Rowan believed he would grow up to be a fisherman like his father, and his biggest dream was to one day own his own ship, such that he may be in charge of the fishing trips his father had often reminisced about. Needless to say, things did not turn out exactly that way.

It was much to Rowan's surprise when he and his family suddenly moved to Azuma. The death of a great uncle Rowan had never known had caused his father to gain a large inheritance, the great uncle having no heirs of his own and his brother, Rowan's grandfather, long dead. A piece of this inheritance was the great uncle's illustrious home, which just so happened to be in Azuma City. Along with a change of scenery came a wealth of new opportunities, one of these the chance to train as a seaman and to be part of a crew. Rowan jumped at the chance.

At first, Rowan had to jump from ship to ship, going along with any who would take him. Eventually, after gaining a deal of experience, he had found a crew that would regularly hire him. They worked in the shipping industry, bringing cargo from the port of one island to the port on the other. Sure, he wasn't a fisherman, but Rowan was part of a crew now, and he was making good money to boot.

One day, on a voyage back from Carendor, the ship Rowan was serving on was attacked by privateers. Though he and the rest of the crew managed to escape with their lives, they had lost the cargo they were shipping. This financial blow, coupled with the rising threats of piracy in the waters was enough to put the small independent shipping company out of business. The fact was that they simply did not have the money to afford the proper protection while still making deliveries, nor the luxury to waste resources taking longer, safer routes to destinations. The company resolved to split whatever profits they had remaining and disband. Rowan's sum was not as much as some may think, given that most of the profits from one trip went right back into funding the next. Still though, the money he had made was substantial, and Rowan had a new goal to spend it on: he wanted to fight not only the crime on the open waters, but also that which occurred locally.

So it was that Rowan rallied whatever forces he could to coordinate and execute attacks on criminals, starting with the black market deals that took place within Azuma. It started out simple, raids on deals and ships that came into port that were known to carry illegal goods, the capture and interrogation of those involved, and the ever-continuing search for more deal locations, suppliers, and potential members of the admittedly rag-tag group of vigilantes.

It was on one of these raids that Rowan met a Buizel who had shown ingenuity not only to escape its captors, but also to incapacitate them. This all happened during Rowan's raid. Upon first contact, the Buizel was hostile towards Rowan, and attacked him. It was only after a party of mercenaries in employment of the black market traders showed up and a few times saving one another's lives that Rowan and the Buizel found the prospect of working together. Naming it Skipper, the two have worked alongside each other ever since, in times of late the Buizel has evolved into a Floatzel. Nowadays, Skipper regularly assists Rowan in everything from fighting to sailing ships. (A rumor has started stating that the two along could pilot a ship through a storm.) Skipper tends to be a bit hot-headed. More of an 'action first' thinker, and stubborn to no end. Being stubborn, though, does have its advantages when your opponent insists there is no possible way for you to pull through.

Over the years, Rowan's gang grew, as did his fame and fortune. He had amassed enough wealth to obtain a ship, calling it the Mistrider, which sails with the other ships that would join in its crusade on crime at sea. In years of late, Rowan has ascended the social ladder and has become an influential member in Azuma, his reach sometimes extending far beyond the city. When the war started, and the coastal cities began being threatened by the Legion, it was only natural that Rowan's group, recently dubbed the White Tide, turn its attention towards the new threat. Backed by Citadel forces, Rowan has shown a deal of success in repelling Legion ships that would have posed a threat to Kinroth.

Seeing Rowan's efforts in the war, it was not unexpected for the Citadel to contact him. Though Rowan directly joined the the Citadel army, remaining a third party backing the Citadel, he has become involved in its affairs, acting as sort of a representative of the White Tide, which is considered as much a mercenary band as vigilantes. Granted, relations between him (and the White Tide as a whole) and the Citadel can be shaky at some times. Rowan doesn't always agree with Citadel policies, especially when they concern his home area. On the other side, certain members of the Citadel feel uneasy about the almost private army of the White Tide in employment of Azuma rather than the state as a whole, and feel as if the band may switch sides at any moment. Still, the White Tide's assistance is a help to the Citadel, and the White Tide would not be able to accomplish nearly as much without Citadel support, so the two tolerate each other.

Personality: Charismatic, anti-crime, and no doubt passionate about what he does. Rowan enjoys the luxury of higher living, if not spoiled by it, but not without the spirit of a small-town man who knows about a hard day's work. Rowan tends to act familiar around people, regardless if such familiarity exists or not. He is no stranger to a lighthearted quip or a loose-tongued remark. He is not afraid to be blunt or to say things exactly how they are, in fact, her prefers it that way. His past achievements and practical leadership of the White Tide give him an air of confidence, perhaps overly so, and also a sense of business. In short, a fairly friendly man who prefers to get right down to business when there is business to be done.

In the same light of getting down to business, Rowan greatly prefers direct engagement over other means in most any situation. Being in the position he is, Rowan is no stranger to parlay or negotiation with enemies, but that does nothing to say of his liking for it. When possible, he prefers direct confrontation, especially when it comes to criminals or enemies. In Rowan's eyes, if one has committed a wrong, they must answer for their actions and a person is irredeemable until all dues are paid and all debts settled. The line between acquaintance and foe is not a hard one to cross, either. An enemy of the law is an enemy of Rowan. An enemy of the White Tide is an enemy of Rowan. An enemy of the Citadel is an enemy of Rowan. When it comes to those things, Rowan has no remorse nor regret.

Pokemon: Floatzel (Skipper)
Current Hometown: Azuma City


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Edit: It... is done!

Name: Mario Retna
Gender: Male
Alignment: Citadel
Nationality: Kinroth
History: To say that Mario's life was filled with tragedy, drama, and a constant struggle to live would laughable. Even though he was born in Shell City, Mario was not born to a fisherman. Yes, quite intriguing isn't it? If not a fisherman, then why would he call Shell City his home? It is a city full of those who live off of the sea right? Well, Mario was actually born into a family of soldiers. Yes, for many generations his family has served the Citadel, working to ensure that it remains intact and that they would serve the High Ruler and the Council with all of their heart and soul. For the first few years of his life Mario was trained underneath his father who was unfortunately disabled due to an injury when he partook in battle. He learned how to use various weapons such as maces and swords to find the perfect fit for his training. Since children weren't taken in until a certain age he had a good number of years to learn the various battle stances and defensive maneuvers that served the rest of his family whenever they fought. This of course led him to be socially awkward around other children his age. While they were busy playing near the water or socializing while they went out on the boats he would strike trees and make shift dummies with his wooden weapons. Often times he would wonder why these other children were concerned with play when a war was going on and sooner or later they would have to fight in some way.

By the time he had turned ten he had already accepted using a mace as his prime weapon. More powerful than a sword, but a bit slower as well, it was a surprise when he traveled with his parents on his birthday to The Citadel to see the very city where the High Ruler resided. As they toured the city his parents were more than apt to drill it into his head that when he grew up into a strong soldier he would be one of the many who would take responsibility to ensure the city would never be taken and that those who resided in it would be able to count on him to protect them. It was a unique vision to the young lad who wanted more than anything to follow in his father's footsteps and strive to be the best soldier he could be.

Upon returning Mario continued his training and learned how to use a bow, although he wasn't as efficient with it as he was with his mace. Two more years passed and by this time Mario had long been ostracized by his peers for simply neglecting the community he grew up in. He wasn't one to partake in local events or to even ask girl's out on dates. He remained diligent in carrying on his parent's legacy for when he enlisted, seeing it as the highest priority he would ever have. His father surprised him one day by having him head out on his first 'quest'. When his father had been young he had gone off to find his partner pokemon, the very being he would entrust his life to on the battlefield and likewise who would place its trust in him. Mario gathered only a few supplies for a small trip and headed off down the road to find a pokemon worthy of being essentially his warrior soul mate. The road stuck mainly near the water side allowing Mario to come upon various water type and flying type pokemon. Since Shell City was nearby most of these pokemon were used to a human presence and didn't run away. Luckily, these pokemon knew about the forces in the Citadel and knew that if they could impress the boy then they would be on their way to having various needs attended to them.

It seemed that no matter which pokemon came up to Mario he always found a flaw that ended up with him shaking his head. There were those that displayed overly aggressive behavior, or would wind up in a situation where they showed carelessness, and all other matter of things came into play such as personalities. Mario would always move on leaving disappointed pokemon behind. It was at his third stop that he came upon yet another group of pokemon who eagerly showed off for the boy or strived to earn his attention. As he eliminated pokemon after pokemon from his list he had only one left. It was actually a pokemon who hadn't tried to show off, but had stood off to the side with a distant look in its eyes. The Psyduck didn't try to boast itself to the boy, or attempt to sabotage another pokemon's performance. Rather, it had waited patiently for the others to take their turns before simply stepping up bowing a bit to show its respect. It was the attitude that Mario was looking for and he led the Psyduck back to his home. Although his father looked upon the strange pokemon with a bit of concern, he did say that it was Mario's choice after all.

With his partner set Mario set out with the task to teach the water type all that he knew and although the Psyduck was a bit slow he would eventually catch onto the lesson and put all of his effort into the training... even though his effort was lackluster to say the least. The yellow duck ended up constantly missing his targets, would use his psychic abilities without forewarning, and even didn't know when he was threatened. By the end of his fifteenth year Mario was struggling to have the duck so much as remember how to put out a fire. The lad was seriously doubting whether or not he would even be accepted into the soldier's ranks with such a weak pokemon as his partner, but he still continued on noting that perseverance was always a trait to have as a soldier.

Still though, it worried him greatly when he had reached the age of eighteen and was eligible to enter the line of duty. Although Neptune was rather happy being his partner pokemon Mario still held some doubts as to whether he should have picked another pokemon. Regardless, he packed up his equipment and departed from the house and headed to The Citadel. Due to Neptune's rather... lacking performance Mario was assigned to the Venus Encampment to basically stay out of the way while the real soldiers participated in battle. The assignment left Mario furious and he ended up taking it out on Neptune every now and then to the Pysduck's dismay. He did eventually calm down and accepted that he would most likely never see the frontlines. For a year the two stayed in this camp performing simple tasks around the camp that left a bitter taste in Mario's mouth. One day the camp turned to panic as there grew news of a fire started by the Legion in an attempt to weed out the soldiers.

Mario was called upon to head to the fire and take it out as quickly as possible and seeing it was his chance to prove himself headed off with Neptune. It turned out even the fire was a trap as Legion soldiers attacked any pokemon that tried to put out the flames. Although Neptune was doing his best to prove himself to Mario the flames were spreading too quickly but Mario made sure to urge Neptune on. With Neptune occupied Mario found himself surrounded by several soldiers and fire pokemon and while he did manage to beat back a soldier or two, the fire from the pokemon was causing him intense pain. Mario really didn't know what had happened when he blacked out. All he knew was that the flames were dispersing when he came to and that there was a Golduck that was protecting him.

Based upon the reports of other soldiers who were there Neptune ended up evolving and used his new found psychic powers to beat back soldiers and pokmeon alike and aided the other pokemon in extinguishing the fire. Due to his heroics as well as Neptune's increase in power he was reassigned to the Blast Warfront Encampment where he has remained for the last few years as he has even gained his own small squadron of troops to command with his new rank of Commander. Recently word was gotten to Mario that the Council was requesting his presence and after promoting another to Commander while he was temporarily away he set off with Neptune to The Citadel to serve his kingdom.

Personality: Due to the many years he has been at war Mario has one thing that many seem to loose, perseverance. Taking the lessons his parents taught him to heart, he always makes sure to go for his best no matter the circumstance. He also shows a large amount of dedication to his superiors by rarely complaining about a task, instead working until the task is finished, and many times working as quickly as he can if he particularly dislikes the task. Even though the war has brought out the best in him, it has also awakened his nightmares. There are many times when he will stay up all night due to the images he has seen. Broken bodies, blood on the ground, and those are the images that don't even come close to causing him to tremble anymore. It has gotten to the point where he will sleep with at least a dagger by his side in case there are any surprise attacks by the enemy.

His relationship with Neptune meanwhile has blossomed. Ever since the Golduck evolved he has made sure to include him in all of his activities. Wherever Mario goes Neptune ALWAYS follows, no exceptions. The one weakness Mario knows he has is for his partner. He knows that if anything were to happen to Neptune he might just crack.

He holds high esteem toward his other soldiers and while some might not have the most respectable of positions his time in the Venus Forest allowed him just the briefest glance into their world. Of course, traitors and such are not tolerated by Mario and if he does see a soldier more than happily avoiding his duty to the Citadel he is one to make sure he pays for his crimes.

Partner Pokémon + Nickname (if applicable): Golduck (Neptune)
Pokmeon Personality (Because I think pokemon should have personalities and mostly for some flavor :P): Neptune shares the same pain his master has. Due to being up close and personal with other pokemon he too shares his own unique scars telling of the many battles he has survived. Since he belongs to a commander Neptune is used to being respected by other soldiers and their pokemon. Although he does respect a young pokemon's decision to enter the war, he tends to stay distant from them since many times it is the younger ones that end up dying quickly.

Due to his typing he tends to be wary around electric and grass type pokmeon, even if they are part of the same forces. Instincts can suck like that. If anything, it is only thanks to Mario that Neptune has built up a bit of courage to approach them. In battle Neptune focuses on staying with Mario and focusing on any pokemon that intend to harm him. While the two have often snapped at each other due to the stressful situation, Neptune still considers himself loyal to Mario.

Current hometown: Shell City.

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This very much resembles the basic idea I had for a Pokemon fantasy RP. Glad to see you did the work for me. :) I believe I signed up for the original Aether's Edge too but I do miss the map you had if I recall corectly. Even so, this is fascinating and I want to take part.

Xoxaa Wyrmoka
<< < << Origin >> > >>

A Female of

Alignment: Chaotic Evil MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH, Citadel/Legion*/Other (clarify) raised in the land of

Nationality: Heaven, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova, Kinroth, Carendor**, If not from Carendor/Kinroth, why did you immigrate?: who as of late resides in

Current hometown: Satan's Throne bish!, One of the Kinrothean towns/cities.

*If you select Legion as your faction, write as though your character is a spy - the Council would have no reason for summoning somebody they knew was allied with the Legion.
**Remember that no matter which region your character is from, the technology and general culture is at the same level. They didn't come from super-advanced Kanto on the Fast Ship to sightsee in medieval Erilyn.

<< < << Personality >> > >>

Personality: Maniacal!


<< < << Lore >> > >>

History: The best there ever was...

[ your involvement in the guerrilla crusades against the encroaching Legion forces into southern Carendor at the young age of 12. Although the region was ultimately lost to Legion control, your victory over their force commander sent their forces into chaos and gave the defenders a chance to retaliate and counter the invasion until the Legion's forces were reinforced by soldiers from the main offensive. You also assisted in the evacuation of the weak and injured from the area and guided them to safety when the battle for Carendor would be lost. ]

[ you are an heir of the Wyrmoka Clan, warriors who respect the gift of nature and who train the mighty dragon-type. Thus, you've been raised with the knowledge, wisdom, and combat skill that all heirs of Wyrmoka are taught at a young age. Despite suffering near extinction from the Legion's hordes, you managed to survive the catastrophe of your clan despite your youth and have since resorted to mercenary work across the countryside, defeating various unlawfuls and bandits, delivering important goods to many towns, and even keeping at bay Legion scouts and saboteurs. Your dedication to your line of work has been noted throughout the land, as your kind, calm, and quiet demeanor and the thoroughness of your work have been on many reports of your activity across Kinroth. ]

Examples: childhood, lifestyle, war involvement, enlistment, partner Pokémon, etc. - A couple of good paragraphs here.

<< < << Pokemon >> > >>

Partner Pokémon + Nickname (if applicable):
??? the Dratini

Only one; more will be available to you as you progress. Yes, ANY SPECIES (excluding legendaries).

Consider this a reservation if I may. You may notice that I'm borrowing from my old app. from the last RP but as of right now, everything's a work in progress.

I do have a question though: are we allowed to make up our own hometown, birthplace and regions within Erilyn in regards to our character's history so long as they're not in conflict with the regions and lore already set in place? Also, is the Legion an evil faction or is the two faction conflict more of a gray or neutral one? The motives of the Three aren't really explained but the vibe from reading the plot implies that the Legion are the bad guys.
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Name: Olivie (Pronounced Oh-liv-long e sound-ay) Castile Romanov, the First
Gender: Female
Alignment: Citadel
Nationality: Kinrothean

History: Olivie Castile Romanov is the first-born daughter to the Romanov family. The Romanov's have been high-ranking members of society in Kinroth for hundreds of years. Being among the wealthiest of Kinroth's families, the Romanovs have funded, or funded-in-part, a majority of the projects proposed by the Council to further the progress of the Kinrothean nation. As such, they have always been looked upon as a family of dignity, honor, loyalty and, above all else, power. House rivalries and politics have largely left the Romanov's unscathed, although there are rumors of a fierce hatred between House Romanov and House Fairloire. Whether or not these rumors are true is known only to the respective houses.

Olivie Castile Romanov the First was born on a crisp, winter's day in the month of December. A squalling babe, the young girl was destined, according to her grandmother, to become an embarrassment so large that the Romanov House would eventually collapse due to the girl's birth. Olivia's birth was actually much of a disappointment to her immediate family. Olivia's mother, Lorelei Rosemary Romanov the Fifth, was so desperately hoping for a boy as her first-born. Her father, Alecsander Giovanni Ricardo Romanov the First, also had hopes that his first child was a boy in order to succeed him as Head of the Romanov House. Lorelei, in an attempt to save face, inquired the possibility of Olivie becoming the Head of House. However, strict family traditions have made it all but impossible to even suggest at a woman being the Head of House. Needless to say, Olivie's unfortunate sex led to attempts at a second child. Olivie herself was all but forgotten by her mother and father and left to be taken care of by the multitude of servants that kept the Romanov family estate in order.

Olivie's first few years of life had mainly been focused on being taught not to touch anything in the house that was not her possession and also to not drool on any of the furniture. At the age of 4, Olivie was burdened with a younger sibling, a brother named Giovanni Michael Gregory Romanov the First. The child's successful birth and sex made Olivie's parents almost happy to have a daughter now, so that their new son could have someone close to his age to play with. Obviously, Olivie did not share Alecsander and Lorelei's enthusiasms. To the young Romanov, the crying infant was but a nuisance. Although, later in life, Olivie would see that the birth of her brother was a blessing in disguise.

As the next few years passed, Olivie began to show interest in unladylike activities such as sword-play and archery. Her mother Lorelei couldn't dain to have a tomboy for a daughter and was quick to hire a tutor to teach young Olivie in the fine arts of needlework, painting, writing and dancing. However, Olivie proved to be a terrible pupil. The young Romanov girl lacked the patience for needlework, could not paint a picture of even passing quality, and was cursed with two left feet. Her only saving grace was that Olivie did show promise in writing and literature. She learned her alphabet in just under a week's time and could write exceptionally for a child of her age. To her tutor's surprise, Olivie also took a serious interest in books and would go so far as to take three or four novels to her bed each night and return them to her tutor in three days' time, having finished each in turn. Although Lorelei wished her daughter was more interested in the finer aspects of culture, she was at least content in knowing that Olivie hadn't been born an ogre in girl's clothing.

Olivie's relationship with her father improved little during this time. Alecsander was fully absorbed in family politics and dealing in the Citadel, always lecturing his wife about the inadequacy of the Council and constantly prattling about the injustices done to the Romanovs, even thought they were the nation's largest benefactors. Olivie's relationship with Giovanni, however, had flourished since the baby had grown old enough to walk and speak. Olivie would spend much of her afternoons playing with young Giovanni in the family gardens, always making sure to look after the boy so that he would not sustain injury.

It was on Olivie's fourteenth birthday, during a party in which her entire family attended, that she proved to be the disappointment her grandmother, Rosalie, had always said she would be. When asked by her father what she would like for her birthday, Olivie answered that she would like to be trained by the Citadel's finest sword master in the art of knighthood. Lorelei, Rosalie, and the other Romanovs who were in attendance stopped their mindless chattering and stared at the girl in abject horror. Olivie's cousins, twin girls by the names of Ginger and Sage, blurted out that Olivie was a boy in girl's clothing all along! Her grandmother raved about how much shame Olivie would bring to the Romanov name and even Olivie's own mother stated that she could never admit to having a daughter who wished to practice the butchery of being a knight. Olivie's father slammed his fist down on the oaken table where the family was gathered to eat and said with finality, "If my daughter wishes to be a knight, then she shall do just that. I will hear no further talk about Olivie being a disappointment to this family." This was one of the only moments in Olivie's life where her father ever showed any affections for her.

Over the next few years, Olivie succumbed to the harshest forms of physical training that could be endured. Alecsander had the Citadel's finest knights training Olivie day and night, all the while dealing with Lorelei's belittling comments about how the girl would die of exhaustion before she finished the first week. However, Olivie proved her mother wrong. The young Kinrothean was much more physically able than anyone had thought she'd be. By the time Olivie had completed her first six months of training, the girl was already able to defeat House Romanov's most skilled guards with little trouble. Olivie's ties with Giovanni had begun to be undone during this time. As Olivie trained day-in and day-out to become a knight, Giovanni had begun his studies to become a respectable aristocrat. In a little over a year, Giovanni had already proven to be brighter than his father and mother could have hoped. The young boy's achievements in mathematics, history and literature outshone all of Olivie's accomplishments as a knight-in-training, much to the girl's disappointment.

When Olivie turned eighteen, her father again proved to her that, somewhere beneath all that political talk and professionalism, he cared for his daughter. As a gift, Alecsander gave Olivie her very first Pokemon, a Dratini. Olivie, having only played with the wild Pokemon in the gardens as a child and riding on the Ponyta owned by the family, had no idea how to raise her new partner, but she was intent on doing so to the best of her ability. Training and raising Dratini proved to be much more difficult than Olivie had thought. The young draconic Pokemon was stubborn and entirely unwilling to obey any of Olivie's commands. The young Romanov almost quit on her Dratini until the faithful day that changed everything.

It was a stormy December afternoon. Olivie and Dratini had been attempting to train before the storm brought hail and sleet down upon the world, but things weren't going well. Dratini was, once again, being stubborn and feigning deafness to Olivie's commands. "Agh! Fine, don't listen to me, you uncouth serpent!" Olivie had barked before storming off. Dratini had remained where it was, glad to finally be free of the obnoxious girl's presence. That is, until the sky rented open and a cacophony of ice-cold wind, sleet and hail fell down to the earth. The Dratini was caught entirely by surprise and only made it a little ways to the Romanov manor before finding itself buried beneath the snow and ice! As a Dragon, Dratini has a natural weakness to ice and quickly found itself succumbing to the effects of frostbite and hypothermia. However, just when it thought its life was over, the Pokemon felt a strong arm grab its tail and pull it free of the snow! Olivie, only a few steps from the manor, had turned around when she heard the howling winter winds, determined to find Dratini before the cold got to it.

That event was the turning-point in Olivie and Dratini's relationship. After nursing her sick Pokemon back to health, Olivie found that Dratini obeyed her commands and was even enthusiastic about training. During one of their sessions, Dratini accidentally let loose a Flamethrower attack which charred a practice dummy that the servants had set up for Olivie. Olivie found the entire incident utterly hilarious and went on to name Dratini Fafnir, because of its fire-breathing power. It was another year before Dratini evolved into the even more powerful Dragonair and another year still before it evolved into its highest form, Dragonite. Throughout the entirety of their training, Olivie and Fafnir become closer and closer, becoming more than just Trainer and Pokemon, becoming brothers-in-arms.

During her twenty-first year, Olivie addressed her family over dinner, informing them that her instructors had deemed her beyond further training. Lorelei simply ignored her daughter, refusing to acknowledge the fact that Olivie had managed to stick this knighthood business for seven years. Giovanni suggested that Olivie take on studies in politics now that she had surpassed her teachers, which Olivie made no note of. Her father, however, praised Olivie and even went so far as to offer to put in a word for her with the Citadel about possible recruitment in the Citadel Knights, the Citadel's highest order of knights. Lorelei objected loudly and Giovanni resigned himself to eating his dinner. Olivie thanked her father profusely and the following day, she was taken to be examined by the Citadel Knights.

The first part of the examination consisted of several endurance-based exercises, which Olivie passed with ease. The second part was all about sword fighing and archery, in which Olivie successfully hit all of her marked targets and managed to disarm every knight that attempted to defeat her. The final portion of the test involved taking down fifty of the Citadel's best swordsmen and their Pokemon without rest. Olivie and Fafnir passed the test in record time and by the time she left the examination that evening, Olivie was officially a knight of the Citadel.

Upon hearing the news, Olivie's father clapped her on the shoulder and said, "I am proud of you, Olivie." That was the proudest moment of Olivie's life and nothing, not her mother's derogatory remarks nor her brother's disapproving looks, could ruin it for her. The following morning, Olivie and Fafnir left the Romanov Manor to become fully enlisted in the Citadel Knights. Leaving her family behind, Olivie did not feel grief or guilt. She knew that her parents preferred Giovanni, and she felt that her leaving would finally bring some happiness to her mother's heart.

It has been three years since Olivie joined the Citadel Knights. Since then, she has been stationed all over Kinroth. Olivie has seen the horrors of war, experienced the heart-shattering tragedy of having a comrade die in her arms and has tasted the bittersweet drink of victory in those three years. All the while, Fafnir has stayed faithfully by her side. In her off-time on base, Olivie has devoted her time to political studies as her brother Giovanni once suggested. Occasionally, she writes to her father and receives a short response. It was during these three years that Olivive was promoted to the position of commander amongst her knightly brethren. When the assassination of the High Ruler occurred, Olivie was locked in combat against the Legion in the flatlands of Western Kinroth. Unable to do anything from her post except fight on, Olivie was kept informed on the turmoil at the Citadel by her father and his carrier Altaria.

Now, Olivie is stationed again at the Citadel, taking residence in the commander's quarters of the Citadel Knights. With the current state of the Kinrothean government and the rising threat of the Legion, Olivie has been forced to stay where the Council can use her to her best abilities as a commander of the Citadel Knights.

Personality: Olivie is what some might call, "Rough around the edges". However, this is putting it mildly. Social graces seemed to allude the young commander during her childhood years, leaving Olivie to be brusque and brutally honest during conversation. Her words are carefully chosen and rarely repeated. Olivie does not take compliments well, either. She feels that being praised for one's abilities is almost a mockery.

Olivie is the very definition of military professionalism. She handles every situation as if her life and the lives of Kinroth hung in the balance, which in some cases, they do. Cool and calculating, Olivie never allows stress or emotion interfere with her choices in life. If asked why she is so cold, Olivie would mockingly respond, "Because cold blood bleeds slower than warm blood." Olivie cannot stand weakness. If a knight in her battalion so much as moans of an injury, Olivie will see to it that the man never sees battle again and is branded an embarrassment.

When not in a military setting, Olivie is very distant and self-reserved. She spends her free time studying or reading for leisure or, if she does not wish to indulge in literature, Olivie spends her time with Fafnir. Some would consider her personal life lonesome, but Olivie has always known loneliness and carries it with her as a companion, not a burden. Fafnir is the only one in the world who understands her, and Olivie is content with this.

Her favorite articles of literature include old war stories of deceased or retired knights and manuscripts written by Pokemon researchers. The science and myth behind the Pokemon that inhabit Kinroth has always held a fascination in Olivie's heart. She has a large collection of novels by the late scholar known as Maester Eldrich, the leading philosopher on the origins of Pokemon and the mythologies surrounding the various "legendary" Pokemon said to exist in the world.

Battle-Styling: Olivie is not a cautious warrior. She runs into battle with swords drawn and her sole objective is to cut down as many of her opponents as possible while at the same time preventing her allies from being killed. Olivie battles using two longswords, a skill not easily mastered by even the most seasoned of knights. As such, Olivie never brings in a shield, mainly relying on Fafnir's Reflect and Light Screen skills to keep her from any serious harm. The blades that Olivie carries with her are tempered from Kinrothean adamantoise, some of the strongest material found naturally in Kinroth. Her right blade is named Anguish, her left is named Mercy. The other knights joke that the reasoning behind the names is that Olivie will cut down her opponent with Anguish and kill them with Mercy. Whether there is any truth behind this is known only to Olivie, and she hardly ever speaks about it to begin with.

Partner Pokémon + Nickname (if applicable): Fafnir, the Dragonite

Partner Pokémon History: Fafnir, prior to being Olivie's partner, was an incredibly rowdy Dratini. He was born and nurtured by his mother at Lake Z'Elf, the region's source of willpower. As such, Fafnir was very strong-willed. Before he was captured by the servants of House Romanov, Fafnir was hunted by a group of poachers who had planned on using him for a marauding wild lord's feast. Fafnir, however, proved to be a much more difficult Pokemon to capture. The poachers came unprepared, having no Pokemon and only a fishing net to use. Fafnir made quick work of the net with its inherit Flamethrower and proceeded to drive the poachers off with an impressive Dragon Rush attack. At around this time, Fafnir's mother left her child, as was custom amongst draconic Pokemon. It was after this that Fafnir was taken by the Romanovs to become Olivie's partner. The servants that came to the lake to capture Fafnir had a group of Ice-type Pokemon that made quick work of Fafnir, freezing it in a block of ice. Needless to say, Fafnir wasn't very pleased to have been defeated. However, he later warmed up to his new partner and developed a lasting friendship.

Partner Pokémon Personality: Fafnir has been Olivie's faithful companion ever since his partner dragged Fafnir out of the freezing cold on that fateful December day. Fafnir is a very stalwart Pokemon, following Olivie's orders without second-questioning her motives. Although he is an incredibly loyal Pokemon, Fafnir is prone to periods of reckless action, especially in battle. He will follow Olivie's orders during battle in the vaguest of forms, allowing himself to improvise as necessary in order to optimize his combat skills and produce the least amount of injury to Olivie and himself. Outside of battle, Fafnir is a very docile Pokemon, prone to afternoon naps and mindless flights through the tranquil skies of Kinroth. He very much enjoys his groomings, which Olivie gives him daily and is likely to become fairly upset if he misses them.

Partner Pok
émon Battle Styling: Fafnir acts as an offensive field medic for Olivie when she is on the field. He quickly throws up barriers for Olivie to keep her from any serious harm and wards off incoming threats with his long-ranged skills like Flamethrower and Hyper Beam. When sent out to scout or do battle without Olivie, Fafnir is a full-on physical monstrosity. He tears into any foe within reach with deadly attacks such as Dragon Claw and Superpower, resorting to specially-offensive skills to snipe far-off enemies when none are within reach of his claws.

Partner Pokémon Moves: Fafnir is capable of using the following attacks: Fire Punch, Thunder Punch, Roost, Thunder Wave, Dragon Rage, Slam, Agility, Dragon Tail, Aqua Tail, Safeguard, Wing Attack, Dragon Dance, Outrage, Hyper Beam, Hurricane, Hone Claws, Dragon Claw, Ice Beam, Flamethrower, Thunderbolt, Light Screen, Reflect, Earthquake, Brick Break, Focus Blast, Sky Drop, Stone Edge, Surf, Fly, Strength, ExtremeSpeed, Dragonbreath, Aqua Jet, Dragon Pulse, Iron Tail, Draco Meteor, Heat Wave, Iron Head, Superpower

Current hometown: The Citadel, Commander's Quarters


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Oh dear. I may have forsaken this thread :x I'm really sorry I didn't get back to any of you guys! I've been extremely busy lately with all sorts of real-life stuff, but I'm extremely keen to get back into this - that is, if anyone's still interested! Until I've read over everyone's signups, registration is still open, so get posting, everyone :)
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Hello. I'm writing this post because I want to say OMFGWTFBBQ. Now that I've got that out of the way, I want to say that this RP sounds -amazing-. The story is really well thought out, and I can tell (Thanks partially to your snarkiness, Mang :P) that you've got -quite- a knack for making epic stories with detailed backgrounds and good plots, having it serious without it devolving into some kind of melodrama.

I wish, I REALLY wish I had the will to get into an RP like this and post frequently, but I'm afraid that an RP of this magnitude is going to attract people who writes biga$$ posts which makes me and my epeen feel inadequate. As amazing an idea as this is, I'm not sure I'd be able to follow through on it and get into a decent posting pace (Unless I had someone to do dual posting with or the like. At every so often).

However, I felt that an RP that seemed -this awesome- deserved recognition. So there you go Mang, have some egorubs :3



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Here's my SU sheet, not done yet.

Name: Aduro Viviani
Gender: Male
Alignment: Citadel
Nationality: Kanto/Kinroth

If not from Carendor/Kinroth, why did you immigrate?: It was Aduro's grandparents that immigrated to Kinroth. They brought their knowledge of Pokemon breeding and what was left of the Kanto Pokemon they owned after a violent rainstorm and a wildfire struck their ranch. About that same time, Aduro's grandfather was approached with an offer to find work in Kinroth, which he accepted. The way Aduro has heard it told, there were no other opportunities in Kanto.

History: Aduro Viviani was born on the Viviani ranch, just outside of Plume City. His grandparents, on his father's side, had settled in and, as hired, helped with the local Pokemon breeding and farming. As Aduro's grandfather and father worked, they soon established their own ranch and Pokemon breeding programs, with the current war in mind. Aduro's father married a Kinroth native, a woman with similar interests who moved onto the ranch. They were happy that their first child, Aduro, was a boy.

Of course, Aduro wasn't exempt from daily chores and ranch activities once he was about seven years old. Even with all the people who were available to work on his family's ranch, an extra pair of hands wouldn't be left to waste. Besides, Aduro had to learn things somehow, and it was best to have him learn by doing. One of the things Aduro's father taught him was that you shouldn't expect anyone under you to do something you wouldn't do yourself. As Aduro would discover, this rule applied to more than managing a ranch.

Despite the ongoing war, Aduro and some of the ranch hands he worked with often maintained a largely positive outlook and took what they could in ways of enjoyment. One ranch hand in particular, an old man named Julian who had come to Kinroth with Aduro's grandparents, always took the time to be a friend to the young boy. All in all, if someone was to ask Aduro now what a few of his childhood highlights were, he would say that the times when he found it hardest to be positive was during military training. Aduro's father had taken it upon himself to make sure his ranch hands and their Pokemon could effectively defend themselves if the ranch was ever attacked.


Partner Pokémon: Garrett the Arcanine

Current hometown: Plume City

Is it open for us to decide whether the other regions have an interest in the war between the Citadel and the Legion?
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