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"So this is what life is like without the little angel and devil on your shoulders..."

To ask the question 'how' is to question one's own sanity... To question the machinations of your own dementia. This is a roleplay that will ask that very question, the aim of which is to try to get people to really question what makes their characters sane. What makes them get out of bed every morning? What is it that separates them, the lawful and upstanding, from the brazen and maniacal? Your mission in this roleplay is to prove your character; prove to yourself that your character is more than just a face hiding twisted feelings and a gruesome beast biding its time...

But wait...

Have you been dreaming? Are you awake? Are you dead? What is this place?

This is Pallet City... Or what remains of it. Tall skyscrapers that once bristled from the edges with life and teemed with the synapses of the everyday worker now maintain plasticity by perpetual decay, crawling and churning with the ever-growing plant life that has now overtaken them. And in the distance, you see the walls of the other cities, ever-changing and shifting, as faces yellowed in darkness leer and taunt your every effort to escape.

How long have you been here? Why can't you remember?


The Important Stuff

Hey, welcome to my little roleplay. To make things short and sweet, this roleplay is going to follow a different format than those that exist currently on this forum. There will be signups and all that jazz, yes, but only because I am required to include them. I would much rather this be freeform and anyone can jump in and out as they please - it would perpetuate the sense of chaos that will be prevalent in this roleplay - but again, I am required to include this section. I'm sorry. :P

  • I'm looking for 4 lines per post at 1920x1080. Be confident, and don't disappoint!
  • Bring whatever the heck you want into this world. Firearms, a freakin' jeep, whatever. If it fits your character, it's in the game.
  • Multiple characters are permitted, and encouraged.
  • I imagine I don't have to reiterate this, but just so it's on the record, the rating being M doesn't mean that things will be getting too personal, if you get what I mean.
  • Killing, or rather, trying to kill another character is permitted. We're playing this d20 style - I roll a d20 and base your final result on your occupation, age, and a few other hidden factors, then the other character gets a chance to beat your roll based on their factors. You'll get PMs about this stuff.
  • By the way, don't sweat it too much if you go KIA... Death is merely an inconvenience.


Write as much or as little as you want about these. It should go without saying that the more in-depth you are about everything, the better chance you have at being a part of the roleplay.

NAME: Jane or John Doe, Alex Mercer, shoot, be Jaykwon McSafetylegs for all I care.
SEX: To prove to me that you have read at least this far, you must answer "Yes." to this.
AGE: If you're too young to shoot a gun, I strongly advise reconsidering your character.
HT/WT: I swear to god, nobody had better have 6' 7", 110 lbs. in this field and 11 for their age.
OCCUPATION: No, you were not a Lieutenant in the Army at 19. Choke yourself.
APPEARANCE: To quote my favorite roleplayer ever: "Boobs out to France. Probably has other qualities."

Once I see three good characters up and ready to play, I'll post the in-character thread.