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The Hall of Salt

Started by Klippy January 15th, 2016 3:04 PM
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L E G E N D of

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Posted May 16th, 2019
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13.5 Years

The Hall of Salt is the place to catalog and account for all of your Mafia wins, losses, and deaths. Simply list the games you have participated in or been game master of. There are a few rules to this thread, so be sure to abide by them!

Do not leak information from ongoing games. If a game is ongoing, simply list if you are Alive or Dead in it until the game is over.

Only post once in this thread, then edit your post for subsequent changes! We would like this to be a nice catalog of our members, so be sure you're only posting once and then updating that post afterwards.

You may list your games in any fashion you wish. Some list by series, some list by who the game master was, and some list simply by chronology. Your choice!

Once you have posted your list, you will see it listed below!

We are also looking to begin a Hall of Fame for our games here, so if you can give us information to any of the following categories (just let us know via PM or the DCC), we can begin a fantastic list! Thanks for your help!

Most wins as a mafia member
Most solo wins
Most deaths overall
Least deaths overall
Most Night Zero/Day One deaths
Longest game (by calendar length)

Any other fun categories you feel could fit well in a Hall of Fame!






CATMAN | BAC | name | name | name | name | name | name | name | name


Longest Game (by post count)
Rocket's Investigation (2,000+)

Hosted the Most Games
Klippy (9)

Best Death Post (Indisputable)
Achromatic in Once Upon a Time

Suggest more via PM or the DCC!


L E G E N D of

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Posted May 16th, 2019
16,383 posts
13.5 Years

Game Master of...

Minecraft Mafia - Game Master
A Song of Ice and Fire - Game Master
PokeCommunity Uprising - Game Master
Darkest Dungeon - Game Master
Rick & Morty - Game Master
Mafia 101 - Game Master
Nightmare Before Christmasfia - Game Master (with Mana)
A World of Ice and Fire - Game Master
Survivor: Underground - Game Master

Games Won...

WON The Hunger Games - Medic -> Recruited Career -> Double Agent (Mafia win)
WON Blarzigord I - Blarzigordian Bomber -> Blarzigordian Ghost (Mafia win)
WON Once Upon a Time - Townie -> Evildoer -> Golden Evildoer -> Queen of Hearts (Mafia win)
WON Blarzigord 2 - Spring (Solo win)
WON Rocket's Investigation - Plusle, brother to Minun (Milotic) (Innocent win)
WON Once in a Blue Moon - The Queen of Hearts (Innocent win)
WON Code Geass - Townie -> Recruited with "Sub-Geass" (Mafia win)
WON Tokyo Ghoul - The Gourmet -> The Clown (Solo win)
WON Treasure Hunt - Kirby (Third Party win)
WON ONEderground: All-Stars - Victarion (Innocent win)

Finished Games...

My team may have won these games, but if I didn't live until the end, I don't count it as a victory.

LIVED, LOST Team Magma's Revenge - Trainer
DIED Faeries & Daemons - Vengeful Elf
DIED VIP Season II - Normal Supporter
DIED Faeries & Lycans - Brother to gimmepie, Havenite
DIED VIP Season III - Normal Supporter -> Patriotic Blue
LIVED, LOST Protect Princess Bubblegum - Guard
INCOMPLETE Midnight Crew Mafia
LIVED, LOST Gods Among Us - Hermes
DIED Death Note Mafia - Near
DIED Grandmafia - Widow -> DEAD-> Rich Uncle -> Old Maid -> Vandal
DIED Faeries, Daemons, Lycans - Communist Elf -> DIED -> Joker
DIED Curse of the Golden Hook - Nakucreamy the Slow & Peg-Legged, Crewmate
DIED Tales of Xillia - Rowen
LIVED, LOST Battle for Gotham - The Mad Hatter
DIED VIP Season IV - Mayor -> Militia -> VIP
DIED Nintendo - Geno
DIED The Hater - Cliff
DIED Mafia Madness: Sight - Seer
DIED His Return - Yaxley
DIED Disney After Dark - Finn

Ongoing Games...

The Wolf Among Us


Simic Synthesis

Seen September 17th, 2017
Posted August 18th, 2017
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13 Years

Games Won:
Beginner's Mafia: Vanilla mafia (didn't really finish but victory was guaranteed?)
Death Note Mafia: Mello (innocent)
Rocket's Investigation: Ariados (innocent)
The Darkest Dungeon: Crusader (innocent)
Supporter's Season 4: arachnidsGrip (VIP leader)

Team Win, Personally Died:
Gods Amung Us: Vanilla mafia elected as mayor (mafia)
Rick and Morty: Tammy (mafia, died)
Tales of Xillia: Vanilla innocent (died n1)

Games Lost:

Game of Thrones: Ned Stark (House Stark, then Wight)
AitP Protect Princess Bubblegum! : Princess Bubblegum (innocent)
AitC Through the Aura: Normal Guard to gio7sm's zombie slave (innocent)
PokeCommunity's Uprising: Netto Azure (mafia)
Faeries Daemons and Lycans: Lucifer turned into pawn (mafia to inno)
Blarzimafia 2: McIntyre (3rd party recruiter)
Nintendo: Lissa (3rd party recruiter)

Ongoing/Did Not Finish:

Beginner's Mafia 1: cancelled on last day
Midnight Crew Mafia: dedgaem
Battle for Gotham: Dead


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The Forgotten Crossroads
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Posted June 9th, 2019
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8.9 Years

Game Master of...

Faeries & Daemons - The Pious Naku and Stalwart Zami
Faeries & Lycans - Naku and Zami, still hanging on to things.
Faeries, Daemons, Lycans - Still Naku and Zami, still gr8 m8
Death Note Mafia - Naomi Misora (with Cosmic)
Grandmafia - Crotchety Old Person (with Cheshire Cat)

Games Won...

WON Supporter Mafia Season Two: The Return - a Green (Mafia Win)
WON The Hunger Games - Career (Mafia Win)
WON Blarzigord: The Uprising - The Converter (Mafia Win)
WON Supporter Mafia Season Three: The Rebellion - T5 Eta (Nakuzami) -> T5 Eta (Nakuzami) (Mafia Win)
WON Danganronpa: Super High School Level Mafia - Junko Enoshima (Mafia Win. We were a psyducking flawless maf)
WON Blarzimafia II: Tentacle Wars - Vanilla Modernist (N0ed) -> Extremist Ghost (Mafia Win)
WON Rocket's Investigation - Blissey (Innocent Win)

Finished Games...

DIED, INCOMPLETE Hamstring Infiltration - Civilian
DIED, LOST Team Magma's Revenge - Vanilla Trainer (Mafia Win)
LIVED, LOST Protect Princess Bubblegum - Banana Guard (Mafia Win)
DIED, LOST A Song of Ice and Fire - Sellsword (N0ed) -> Brienne of Tarth (Targaryen Win. But I wrote a better and true epilogue where I win)
INCOMPLETE Midnight Crew Mafia - Vanilla Felt
DIED, INCOMPLETE Mathia - An Integer
DIED, LOST The Fangirl - Kingdom Hearts (Mafia Win. tbf I started rooting for Nimsy the moment I died so like, win?)
DIED, LOST Gods Among Us - Ares; almost completely carried the Innocents to victory alongside Ice Goddess (Mafia Win)
DIED, WON PokeCommunity Uprising - Christos -> Christos -> Christos (Innocent Win)
DIED, LOST Once Upon a Time - The (Vengeful) Princess (Mafia Win)
DIED, WON Darkest Dungeon - Occultist (Innocent Win)
DIED, WON TtA: The Human Revolution - Chansey -> Chansey (Cultist Win)
INCOMPLETE Incidents at the SCP Foundation
DIED, WON Curse of the Golden Hook - Meltem "Lady Razorbill" Benici, Crewmate (N0ed by a Granny. Innocent Win)
IMMORTAL, LOST Tales of Xillia - Chronos (Innocent Win. My lackeys weren't the strongest cast)
INCOMPLETE Babylon - Guard
DIED, LOST Rick & Morty - Doofus Rick (Third Party Win)
REMOVED, LOST Nightmare Before Christmasfia - Vanilla Mafia (Innocent Win)
REMOVED, LOST Hinamizawa: When They Cry - Ryugu Rena -> Ryugu Rena (Innocent Win)

Ongoing Games...

ALIVE Supporter's Mafia Season 4: The Takeover
REMOVED Battle for Gotham
ALIVE Mafia Falls
ALIVE Nintendo

"Sure, there're probably infinite dimensions, but I'm with you in this one, so why would I try to find them?"
~Neil Hilborn


Jackal The Ripper

Age 22
Right behind you
Seen November 18th, 2016
Posted November 13th, 2016

Games GM'D

Until Dawnfia (Co-GM of Nakuzami)

Games Won

Death Note Mafia:Vanilla Justice
Fangirl: The Hater(mafia)
The Uprising: Vanilla town
Curse of the Golden Hook: Jackal (grandma role, Town)
Gunpowder: Age of demons: Silver Tongue and The Chosen Pure (Serpent, betrayer)
April Mafoolia: vanilla town -> modded maf
The Hater: Jack Allister

Team Wins

ToX: Vanilla town-lynched D3
Danganronpa: Sakura Ogami(town and maf)-vig kill N2
Nightmare Before Christmafia: Krampus(town)-mafia kill N5
Rocket's Investigation: Magikarp(town)-town lynch D2 -> Meganium(town)-third party kill D12
R&M: Gromoflomite sneak(mafia)-lynched D2
FDL: Lich-Wendigo kill N6
Supps 4: FoxiepieOS (town)-fabbed gun D4
Mafia Madness:sight: Mafia-D5 lynch

Finished Games

Blarz II: Vanilla town-suicide D4
tDD: Vanilla town -> Gravekeeper- giant stomped D3
TtA: Human Revolution: Male Charizard (town)-maf kill N3
Grandmafia: Sweet old lady -> bingo cult -maf kill N4
Hinamizawa: Satoko Hojo(third party)-suicide D5
Mafia Falls: Darlene (mafia)-event D2
Toon Town: The Tooner (town)- mafia kill N4
Battle for Gotham: The Joker (autocrat)-voodoo'd D9
Nintendo: Impa(town)->culted-leader killed D4
Code Geass: warrior (vanilla) -Lived
Tokyo Ghoul: Binge eater -lynched- last day phase
Bidoof Island: Lovestruck Doof- Serial killer N0
Final Fantasy Mafia: Zemus (third party recruiter)- D3 grumpy gm kill
tWoIaF: King Belwas (survivor-esque role)- Curse D8
Treasure hunt mafia: Dead -N1 Mafia kill[/
Office Mafia: Jackal-killed D4
His Return: Ron Weasley-lynched D8
Touhou mafia: Fairy maid-lynched D5

-My team won in tDD, but I barely did anything

Current Games

DOTA mafia: Alive
Farmafia: Alive
Happily Never after: Alive


Engineering Solutions

Washington, USA
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8.8 Years

Games Won...

WON Tales of Xillia - Nova [town crier] (Innocent win)
WON Hinamizawa: When They Cry - Kurado Oishi [cop] (Innocent win)
WON Rocket's Investigation - Audino [healer] (Innocent win)
WON Battle for Gotham - Nightwing [voodoo] (Mafia win)
WON Nintendo: Choose Your Character - Donkey Kong [fabricator] (Mafia win, Fool win)
WON Tokyo Ghoul - Tatara [tailor] (Mafia win, Fool win)
WON Gunpowder: Age of Demons - The Betrayer (Betrayers and Snakes win)
WON Until Dawn - Mike (Survivors win)
WON Happily Never After - Rapunzel [doctor] (innocent win)
WON Back to Basics - Judge (innocent win)

Finished Games...

My team may have won these games, but if I didn't live until the end, I don't count it as a victory.

DIED Gods Among Us - Vanilla Townie (Mafia Win)
DIED Once Upon a Time - Townsman (Mafia Win)
LIVED, LOST The Fangirl - Hunter x Hunter [Insane Cop] (Mafia win)
DIED, TEAM WON Darkest Dungeon - Highwayman (Innocent win)
DIED Faeries, Daemons, Lycans - Werewolf (Undead win)
LIVED, LOST Blarzimafia II: Tentacle Wars - Medic (Mafia win)
LIVED, LOST Through the Aura: Human Revolution - Machoke (Cultist win)
LIVED, LOST Incidents at the SCP Foundation Round 1 - The Horizon Initiative (Mafia win)
DIED, TEAM WON Curse of the Golden Hook - Okon, Crewmate (Innocent win)
DIED Grandmafia - Brat (Innocent win)
DIED, TEAM WON Nightmare Before Christmasfia - WUNORSE OPENSLAE [Vanilla Elf] (Innocent win)
DIED Rick & Morty - A Terrickble End - Abradolf Lincler -> Mr. Poopybutthole (Third Party win)
DIED, INCOMPLETE Babylon - Weaponsmith
DIED Supporter Mafia Season 4: The Takeover - Federation, Citizen -> Mayor of Cerulena Town (VIP Nation win)
DIED Toontown Mafia: The Rise of the Cogs - Trapper (Mafia win)
DIED Mafia Falls - Celestabellebethabelle (Third Party win)
DIED, TEAM WON Code Geass: Black Uprising - "Sub-Geass" (Mafia win)
DIED, TEAM WON Mafia of Silly Dragons - Nice Lightning Dragon (Innocent win)
DIED Once in a Blue Moon - The Beautiful Maiden [Mafia Recruiter] (Innocent win)
DIED Bidoof Island - Strategist Doof (Mafia win)
DIED World of Ice and Fire - Ghost [Third Party Tracker] (Third Party Wins)
DIED, TEAM WON The Hater - Norman Azalea [inno] (Innocent win)
DIED, TEAM WON Final Fantasy - Kuja [Mafia Recruiter] (Mafia win)
DIED Mafia Madness: Sight - Insane Seer [Insane Cop] (Mafia Win)
DIED April Mafoolia - The Blacksmith (Mafia win, Saltbender win)
DIED Treasure Hunt Mafia - Skullseer [Mafia Recruiter] (Innocent win, Third Party Win)
DIED Office Mafia - Jaskil, Head of Engineering (won by Charlie Brown)
DIED Touhou Project Mafia - Human (SK win, Fool win)
LIVED, LOST His Return (Harry Potter Mafia) - Penelope Clearwater (Mafia win)
DIED, TEAM WON #Onederground: The Underground All-Stars - Hephaestus (Innocent win)
DIED Farmafia - The Vegan [Cult Recruiter] (Mafia win)
LIVED, LOST Disney After Dark - Philby -> Philby (Third party win)
REMOVED DotA Mafia - Doombringer (Neutrals win)
DIED, TEAM WON The Wolf Among Us Mafia - Dum (Mafia win)
DIED Community Mafia - The recluse (Innocent win)
DIED Midnight Crew Mafia: Scratched - Hearts Boxcar (Cult and Felt win)

Ongoing Games...

DIED Snailvivor
DIED Mafia Madness: Guns
DIED The Joker Game
DIED The Information Superhighway!
The Curse of Mt. Doom


Threat To Survival

Hippy Hill
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Posted August 8th, 2018
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7.7 Years
Games Won!


Games Won With Faction!


Finished Games!

Mafia 101: The Basics (Beginner's Mafia) - LYNCHED Day 1 as Villager (Town Vanilla)
The Nightmare Before Christmasfia - EATEN Night 3 as Dr. Finklestein (Mafia Reviver)
Rocket's Investigation - FRENZILY PLANTED TO DEATH Day 11 as Azelf (3rd-Party Cult Self-Triggered Bomb)

Current Games!

Battle for Gotham - LYNCHED Day 5 as a Defender
Nintendo - ALIVE
TheCapsFan is dead. He was the Bomb.

"Kill me! I dare you."

The Underground's 1st Anniversary Collab

twr ug credit tpps


響け〜 響け!

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Posted December 17th, 2017
4,904 posts
5.7 Years

Game Master of...

Tales of Xillia: Milla Maxwell (Lord of spirits)

Games Won...

The Darkest Dungeon: The Grave Robber (innocent)
Curse of the Golden Hook: Nekomimi Mihawk (innocent)

Games Lost...

Supporters Mafia 3: T4 Beta (innocent)
Faeries & Lycans: Diseased Elf (innocent)
A Song Of Ice and Fire: Barristan Selmy (House Targaryen)
Death Note Mafia: Ryuk (mafia)
The Fangirl: Katanagatari (innocent)
Gods Among Us: Empusa (third party) --> vanilla villager (innocent)
Faeries, Daemons & Lycans: Kharis (undead)

Not including games where I went inactive, or games that themselves went inactive. Maybe I'll add them later on :)
Paired with Dragon and Koakuma


bork bork

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4,208 posts
5.7 Years


ALIVE Blarzimafia: Tentacle Wars - General | town then recruited by mafia
ALIVE Minecraft Mafia - Mafia
ALIVE TtA: The Human Revolution - Beartic | town then recruited by cult
ALIVE Rick & Morty - Gromflomite Glenn | mafia
ALIVE Supporter Mafia Season 4: The Takeover - Candy | Supporters faction
ALIVE A World of Ice and Fire - Gendry Baratheon I, King of the Andals, the Rhoynar and the First Men | Peasant
ALIVE Until Dawn - Josh / The Psycho | town
ALIVE Rocket's Investigation - Rattata | town
DEAD Faeries & Lycans - Bodyguard | town, recruited by ambassador
DEAD The Nightmare Before Christmafia - Bushy Evergreen (lol) aka vanilla Elf | town
DEAD Hunger Games - Career | mafia
* DEAD Curse of the Golden Hook - Lookout | town
* DEAD Supporter Mafia Season 3: The Rebellion - Agent Upsilon | mafia
DEAD Battle for Gotham - Arkham Knight | town recruited by mafia

* died early, did not really contribute


ALIVE Grandmafia - Grandma, later Werema | town recruited by cult
ALIVE His Return - Cedric Diggory | town recruited by cult
ALIVE Final Fantasy - Squall Leonhart | town
DEAD Supporter Mafia Season 2: The Return - Normal Supporter | town
DEAD Faeries & Daemons - Oni, later Lilith | mafia
DEAD Blarzigord: The Uprising - Veteran | town recruited by cult, then back to town
DEAD A Song of Ice and Fire - Cersei Lannister | House Lannister
DEAD Toontown Mafia: The Rise of the Cogs - Splasher | town
DEAD Nintendo: Choose Your Character! - Ashley | town


ALIVE The Wolf Among Us


ALIVE Midnight Crew Mafia
ALIVE Babylon

That's most of them, barring a few I died so early in I didn't even follow the rest of the shenanigans, like FDL and GAU. I guess I died a lot more than I thought I did, but usually I lay low enough to die late-game. :P


Peace & Goodwill

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Posted November 2nd, 2016
2,324 posts
11.8 Years

Games Won...


Finished Games...

DIED Rocket's Investigation - Espeon (Innocent)

DIED VIP Season IV - Mayor of Northern Dead Zone (Unaffiliated)

DIED Mafia of Silly Dragons - Investigator Dragon (Nice)

Ongoing Games...



Age 23
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19,936 posts
7.2 Years

Game Master of...

Blarzigord: The Uprising - Game Master (with Foxrally)
Blarzimafia II: Tentacle Wars - Game Master
Hinamizawa: When They Cry - Game Master
Age of Demons - Game Master (with aeternum)
Farmafia - Game Master

Team Won

LIVED Faeries & Demons - Vanilla Elf (Town Win)
DIED The Hunger Games - The Recruiter and The Alchemist (Mafia Win)
LIVED The PokeCommunity Uprising - Arsonist > Bardothren > Kwesi (Resistance Win)
LIVED The Darkest Dungeon - The Giant > Villager (Town Win)
DIED Tales of Xillia - An Agent of Spirius (Town Win)
DIED Grandmafia - The Amnesiac (Town Win)
LIVED Rocket's Investigation - Wobbuffet (Town Win)
DIED Faeries, Demons & Lycans - Vanilla Undead > Undead Golem (Undead)
DIED Supporter Mafia Season Four: The Takeover - Sophistication (VIP Aligned)
LIVED Mafia of Silly Dragons - Nice Earth Dragon (Town)
LIVED Bidoof Mafia - Crystal Bidoof (Mafia)
DIED April Mafoolia - Blarzigordian Beetch (Mafia)
DIED Mafia Madness: Sight - Mafia

Team Lost

DIED Supporters Mafia Season 2 - Vigilante (Town)
DIED Faeries and Lycans - The Weresnake, brother to Klippy (Mafia)
DIED Supporter Mafia Season Three: The Rebellion - T4 Lambda, Lover to Foxrally (Town)
DIED A Song of Ice and Fire - Renly (House Baratheon) > Wight
LIVED Once Upon a Time - Sleeping Beauty (Town)
DIED Death Note Mafia - One the Populace (Mafia Aligned)
DIED The Fangirl - Pokemon (Town)
DIED Toowntown Mafia - Thrower (Town)
DIED Battle for Gotham - R.H. Orchard (Third Party)
DIED Nintendo Mafia - Dry Bones (Towns) < Dry Bones (Culted)
DIED Mafia Falls -
LIVED Code Geass: Black Uprising - Vanilla Knight (Innocent)
DIED World of Ice and Fire - Margery Tyrell (Tyrells)
REPLACED Final Fantasy Mafia - Auron (Innocent)
ALIVE His Return - Hermione Granger (Innocent)

Ongoing Games...

ALIVE DotA Mafia -

Incomplete Games

ALIVE Midnight Crew Mafia -
ALIVE Incidents at the SPF Foundation -
ALIVE Babylon -

Filthy Acts at a Reasonable Price

Age 24
Seen 6 Hours Ago
Posted 1 Week Ago

Team Won

  • ALIVE Once Upon a Time - The Wolf
  • DEAD PokéCommunity Uprising - Babagareeb's Father
  • DEAD The Fangirl - Jojo's Bizarre Adventure
  • DEAD The Darkest Dungeon - Plague Doctor
  • ALIVE TtA: The Human Revolution - Aggron » Cultist Aggron » Human Cultist Aggron
  • ALIVE Danganronpa: Super Highschool Level Mafia - Celestia Ludenberg
  • ALIVE Faeries, Daemons & Lycans - The Werebear » Kharis
  • DEAD Tales of Xillia - Agent of Spirius » Gaius
  • ALIVE The Nightmare Before Christmasfia - Barrel » Mrs. Claus
  • ALIVE Battle for Gotham - The Riddler

Team Lost

  • DEAD Beginner's Mafia: Trouble in The Guild! - Guild Member
  • DEAD Gods Among Us - Hestia » Empusa
  • DEAD NIGHT ZERO AitC: Through the Aura - Zoroark
  • DEAD Protect Princess Bubblegum - Banana Guard
  • DEAD Blarzimafia II: Tentacle Wars - The Seducer » Fathr
  • DEAD Rick & Morty - Bird Person
  • DEAD Hinamizawa: When They Cry - Villager » Insane Villager
  • DEAD Rocket's Investigation - Mesprit » Uxie


  • N/A


  • DEAD NIGHT ZERO Mathia - {1/2}
  • ALIVE Midnight Crew Mafia: We Run This City - Diamonds Droog
  • ALIVE Incidents at the SCP Foundation - ???

I don't know if these are in the proper order, but here you go.


grassium Z

Age 21
Floaroma Town, Sinnoh
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Posted 3 Days Ago
6,372 posts
8.6 Years

the best hall of salt to date


Supporter Mafia Season 2: The Return [February 25th, 2015 - March 24th, 2015]

A gripping sequel to the acclaimed Supporter Mafia, which paved the way for the creation of the Underground. It is about a communist faction known as the Greens, as they try to take over the VIP government. Sadly for the villagers, the Greens have successfully won.

Supporter Mafia Season 3: The Rebellion [April 16th, 2015 - July 11th, 2015]

A killer sequel to Supporter Mafia Season 2: The Return. A few years after the downfall of the VIP government, the remaining villagers, along with their mayor, arachnidsGrip, attempt to destroy the Greens from the inside. They discover that the former leader of the Greens, apocalypseArisen, who apparently died at the hands of the great vigilante, gimmepie, has lived, and is leading the current incarnation of the Greens. With the help of eros, and Nakuzami, they take down apocalypseArisen and has freed the VIP town from its communistic rule.

The Fangirl [July 30th, 2015 - September 15th, 2015]

A horror story about fandoms visiting a haunted mansion. One in particular, killed one fandom, at the same room where a little girl was killed. Now, the ghost of the little girl has entered the body of the dead fandom, and has plagued the mansion. A year later, the fandoms returned to the mansion, only to find the exit blocked, and the ghost, which was named the Fangirl, torments the group into finding who killed them. Unfortunately, the one who killed them, named the Hater, escaped, and left the remaining survivors to perish under the curse of the Fangirl.

Supporter Mafia Season 4: The Takeover [December 10th, 2015 - February 3rd, 2016]

The wonderful game that ends the Supporter Mafia series. After the events of Season 3, a time traveller, named Epoch, was disappointed at how things turned out, and as such, went back in time to the events of Season 2, and stopped the Greens from taking over the VIP town. 2 years after the fateful encounter, the VIP Nation grew to be an economic utopia in the whole PokeCommunity Continent. However, troubles arise as the Underground Federation has forced a war between them. Fortunately, the Nationalists were successful at driving back the forces of the Federalists, and managed to kill off their leader.

The Hater [February 18th, 2016 - April 23rd, 2016]

The riveting spinoff to The Fangirl. 23 friends play a seemingly nice mafia game called "The Fangirl". After the game though, one of them died by "suicide". Now, the remaining 22 students of Rockshore High have no idea what's coming to them. During the course of their adventure, a lot of them died and only two survived until the end, while killing their own friend, who was the Hater.

Midnight Crew Mafia: Scratched [May 28th, 2016 - Present]

The revival version to Omicron's Midnight Crew Mafia: We Run This City. The Felt and the Midnight Crew ocne again square off in a battle of the mafias. However, they are joined by other characters from the Homestuck universe, to add with the shenanigans that are about to ensue. Currently, no one has reigned supreme yet.


TOTAL WIN - Won and alive at the end OR made a huge contribution to the win
TEAM WIN - Won but died
HIATUS - Game did not finish
SURVIVED - Lost but alive
TOTAL LOSS - Lost and died
ALIVE - Game ongoing and alive
DEAD - Game ongoing and died


Supporter Mafia S1
Innocent Villager

Faeries and Daemons

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

Faeries and Lycans
Havenite Elf

Faeries and Lycans

Blarzigord: The Uprising
The High Priest

Blarzigord: The Uprising
Innocent Citizen

Blarzigord: The Uprising

Blarzigord: The Uprising
The Manipulator

Banana Guard

A Song of Ice and Fire
Popwar Bunny
Howland Reed

MCM: We Run This City
Vriska Serket

PokeCommunity Uprising
Popwar Bunny

Once Upon A Time


Gods Among Us
The Master

The Darkest Dungeon
Popwar Bunny
Swine Prince

Death Note Mafia
Pledged Justice

Blarzimafia II

Through the Aura 2
G Cult Raichu

SCP Foundation Round 1
Collector Elwood
Unusual Incidents Unit

SCP Foundation Round 2
Collector Elwood
The Serpent's Hand

Curse of the Golden Hook
Saltwater Schrodinger

Tales of Xillia
Spirius Agent

Tales of Xillia
Alvin Vint Svent


Elektra Heart

Popwar Bunny
Loud Elf

Rick & Morty
Popwar Bunny

Furude Hanyu

Rocket's Investigation

Rocket's Investigation

Toontown Mafia

Mafia Falls

Faes, Daes, and Lycans

Elektra Heart

Battle for Gotham
Lucius Fox

Battle for Gotham
Talia Al' Ghul

Mafia of Silly Dragons
Naughty Reaper Dragon

Once In a Blue Moon
The Brute

Employment Mafia
Leah Verre O' Malley

Code Geass

Tokyo Ghoul

Bidoof Island
Crazy Cop Doof

A World of Ice and Fire
Popwar Bunny
Areo Hotah

Gunpowder: AoD
Wolf Familiar

Final Fantasy
Vivi the Black Mage

April Mafoolia
The Vigilante

Mafia Madness: Sight

Treasure Hunt Mafia
Elektra Heart

Office Mafia
Leah Verre O' Malley

Touhou Mafia

His Return
Amycus Carrow

Until Dawn
Makkapitew Hannah

PETA Vegetarian

Happily Never After
Charlie Brown

Disney After Dark

The Wolf Among Us

Popwar Bunny
Team Saltzen Member

Community Mafia
The MLG Nosc0per

Dota Mafia

Back to the Basics
The Hunter

Elektra Heart

The Joker Game

Mafia Madness: Guns


Co-Gamemaster of Beginner's Mafia: Trouble in the Guild with Rowlet and circuit
Co-Gamemaster of #ONEderground: The Underground All-Stars with gimmepie
Snailiest GM and The Saltiest Snail of them all awardee from The Salty Snailies
Writer of the Newbie Snail's Guide to the Underground


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Game Master of...

Blarzigord: The Uprising - Assistant Game Master
Toontown: Rise of the Cogs - Game Master

Team Won

DIED Faeries & Demons - Vanilla Elf (Town Win)
LIVED The Hunger Games - Mafia Boss
DIED The Darkest Dungeon - Villager > Guildsman (Town Win)
DIED Blarzimafia II - High Priest

Team Lost

DIED Supporters Mafia Season Three: The Rebellion - I think I lost??? I don't even know with that role

Ongoing Games...

ALIVE Supporter Mafia Season Four: The Takeover
REMOVED Battle for Gotham -
ALIVE Nintendo Mafia -

Incomplete Games

DIED Faeries, Demons & Lycans - The Void Portal

Omitted the ones I was kicked from in the summer for inactivity :P
Paired to Ice and gimmepie
3DS Friend Code
I make memes and other carcinogens



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Games Won

WONNightmare before Christmafia- Penguin - Innocent win

WONToonTown Mafia- Mafia -
Mafia win.

WON Treasure Hunt Mafia- Investigator-inno win

Finished games

Rick & Morty - Ice T (Innocent)- mafia wins
DIED Hinamizawa - (Innosent,insane) Hojo teppi- inno wins
DIEDRockets Investigation-Dialga(inno)-Gartinia(mafia replaced)- inno wins
DIED Mafia falls-Gobel(zombie)- Mafia wins
Lived Battle of Gotham- Two face.- don't know what happened
DIED Nintendo- Naruto(innocent)- (team win)
DIEDFinal Fantasy- Zidane- Mafia Wins
DIEDMafia Madness:sight- Naive seer- Mafia wins
DIEDThe hater- Ford Ranger- Nimsy and kiyo wins.
DIEDOffice Mafia- Assasin- CB wins
DIED Touhou Mafia-Marisa ( inno )- Mafia wins

Removed due to Inactivity

Code geass mafia
Mafia of silly dragons
His return

Ongoing games

Until dawn Wendigo-Wendigo-???
Dota Mafia- Unknown
Disney After Attack- Unknown
Snailvior - Escargot


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Game Master of...

Once Upon a Time
Curse of the Golden Hook
Nightmare Before Christmasfia (with Klippy)

Games Won...

WON Through the Aura - Eck
WON Death Note Mafia - Soichiro Yagami
WON The Darkest Dungeon - Arbalist
WON Tales of Xillia - Vanilla
WON Rocket's Investigation - Ditto

Finished Games...

My team may have won these games, but if I didn't live until the end, I don't count it as a victory.

DIED Blarzigord - The Blasphemer
DIED A Song of Fire and Ice Peasant -> DEAD-> Ygritte
DIED Gods Among Us - Jester
DIED PokeCommunity Uprising - JohnnyMustang
DIED The Fangirl - Harry Potter
DIED Blarzigord 2 - Nun
DIED Grandmafia - Special Agent -> DEAD-> Young at Heart
DIED Faeries, Daemons, Lycans - Virgin Elf
DIED Hinamizawa: When They Cry - Takano Miyo

Ongoing Games...

Battle for Gotham



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5.8 Years

Ego section

WON as INNOCENT - Curse of the Golden Hook - Plenty O' Fish, the Vest Vendor ( ALIVE )
WON as INNOCENT - Hinamizawa: When They Cry - Villager ( LYNCHED )
WON as INNOCENT - Nightmare Before Chrismafia - Sneaky Elf ( DEAD )
WON as INNOCENT - Rocket's Investigation - Mr. Mime ( DEAD )

0/10 Will Not Salt Again

LOST as INNOCENT - Mafia 101: The Basics - Villager ( DEAD )
LOST as THIRD PARTY - Rick & Morty - A Terrickble End - from INNOCENT Mr. Poopybutthole to THIRD PARTY to Abradolf Lincler ( LYNCHED )

Still going / Incomplete

DEAD in Battle for Gotham
ALIVE in Babylon (hiatus?)


Owl + Bear =

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Game Master of...

Rocket's Investigation - Professor Oak
Mafia Madness: Sight - Game Master
Back to the Basics - Game Master
Mafia Madness: Guns - Game Master
Mafia Madness: Chains - Game Master

Team won...

LIVED Faeries and Demons - basic elf (vanilla townie)
DIED Faeries and Lycans - basic elf (vanilla townie)
LIVED A Song of Ice and Fire (second life) - Samwell
LIVED Gods Among Us - Underdweller (vanilla mafia)
DIED The Darkest Dungeon - Barkeep (vanilla town → town with one-time action)
DIED Death Note Mafia - Populace pledged to Justice (undefined vanilla → every other night cop)
LIVED Blarzigord II: Tentacle Wars - Shaman (voodoo lady)
DIED Once in a Blue Moon - The Mirror (loudmouth)
LIVED April Mafoolia - "Blarzigordian Beetch" aka moderator (mafia)
LIVED Treasure Hunt Mafia - Buzzybat
DIED #Onederground: The Underground All-Stars - Davepetasprite^2 (loudmouth)
DIED Happily Never After - Belle (detective)
LIVED DotA Mafia - A neutral

Team lost...

DIED Team Magma's Revenge - rookie trainer (vanilla townie)
DIED Blarzigord: The Uprising - The Rogue (one-time vigilante)
DIED Through the Aura - Zoroark (Guard)
DIED A Song of Ice and Fire - Dead as Joffrey (one-time vigilante revealing himself upon use of action)
DIED PokéCommunity: The Uprising - Sonata (vanilla)
DIED Faeries, Demons and Lycans- Synergist (town "power booster", converted to lycans halfway through)
DIED Tales of Xillia - Catalyst (mafia)
DIED A World of Ice and Fire - Sansa Stark
DIED Gunpowder: Age of Demons - WolfShifter
DIED Final Fantasy Mafia - Terra
DIED The Hater - John Muskett
DIED His Return - Pomona Sprout
DIED Farmafia - The Rooster
DIED Disney after Dark - The Evil Queen
DIED The Wolf Among Us - The Magical Mirror
DIED Snailvivor - Team Escargot member
DIED The Joker Game - Vanilla Agent

Undecided Games...

HIATUS'D Midnight Crew Mafia - Die (town-sided roleblocker)
DIED The Darkest Dungeon II - ???
ALIVE RWBY: Timeline of Shadows - ???
ALIVE Down the Rabbit Hole - ???



Seen August 21st, 2017
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4 Years
For now simply in chronological order:

The Darkest Dungeon - THE WANDERER (...inno) - dead, won
TtA: The Human Revolution - male Kadabra (inno) - alive, lost
Mafia 101: The Basics - You are a Mafia - alive, won
Grandmafia - You're the Wise Old Man (inno) - dead, ...I think this ended in total chaos?
Rocket's Investigation - You are Linoone! (inno) - dead, won

Mafia of Silly Dragons - You're not a naughty dragon! (inno) - dead
Code Geass: Black Uprising - ???
Once in a Blue Moon - N0'd
alea iacta est


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Gonna reserve this post and I'll get back to it when I'm finish with playing catch up. c:

Charlie Brown


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[reserving this post]


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Game Master of

Touhou Mafia

Games Won

SURVIVED Once Upon a Time - The Angel
WON Disney After Dark - Magic Broomstick (Army of Broomsticks)

Finished Games

DIED Supporter Mafia Season 2: The Return - Normal Supporter
DIED Supporter Mafia Season 3 - Loyal Green
DIED A Song of Fire and Ice - Peasant -> Greatjon Umber
DIED PokéCommunity Uprising - Klippy
DIED The Fangirl - Touhou Project
DIED Faeries, Daemons & Lycans - Red Mage
DIED The Darkest Dungeon - The Thug
DIED Blarzigord II: Tentacle Wars - McIntyre
DIED Tales of Xillia - Divergence Catalyst
DIED Curse of the Golden Hook - Red Anna Rackham, The Drunk
DIED Battle for Gotham - Ragman (Defender of Gotham -> Court of Owls)
DIED Rick & Morty - Mr. Meeseeks
DIED Supporter Mafia Season 4: The Takeover - Weiss Schnee
DIED Once in a Blue Moon - The Noble Thief
DIED World of Ice and Fire - Mace Tyrell
DIED Bidoof Island - Batdoof
DIED The Hater - Heath Maskara
LOST His Return - Blaise Zabini (Slytherin -> Wolf Pack)
DIED The Office - Tasha Lain
DIED #Onederground: The Underground All-Stars - McIntyre (Survivor)
DIED Farmafia - Cow
DIED Happily Never After - Jasmine

What are you so afraid of?


Lumiose City in the Kalos Region
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3.7 Years

Games Won:
Battle for Gotham - Defender - Robin - Role Blocker

Team Win, Personally Died:

Games Lost:
A World of Ice and Fire - House Martell - Oberyn - Duelist

Ongoing/Did Not Finish:
Mafia 102
A World of Ice and Fire
GlendleYoung is dead. He was the Warlock.

"You will die tonight. I said it, so it must be true."

The Underground's 1st Anniversary Collab

link 1 link 2 link 3 link 4

Don't be slowbro, I'm gonna put my Cubone on the table, and get that Ash and make her Squirtle until her Venasaur.


staying up all night

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Games Won:
  • Beginner's Mafia 102 as the Stalker
  • April Mafoolia as the Saltbender (Won by the Blarzigordian Beetches, solo victory for the Saltbender)
  • Office Mafia as Charlie Brown's Donor (this counts right?)
  • The Information Superhighway as the User Virus (I know this was shut down before it technically ended but Bac said I would've won and it makes my win section look less empty)

Team won, died:
  • The Hater as Fred Ezekiel. Doomed in Phase Fourteen
  • Back to the Basics as Bleeder. Died on Day Six

Games Lost:
  • A World of Ice and Fire as Fat Walda Frey (House Bolton). Died on Day Fourteen. Won by Gendry Baratheon (Juno) and Varys (Charlie Brown)
  • Final Fantasy as Wedge. Died in the Epilogue.
  • Mafia Madness: Sight as Confused Seer.
  • His Return as Susan Bone (Hufflepuff --> Pack Member )
  • Touhou Mafia as Daiyousei. Died on Day Seven. Won by Rumia (Nakuzami) and Flandre Scarlet (Lisia)
  • The Wolf Among Us as Snow White. (Fabletownie) Died on Night Six.

In Progress:
  • The Curse of Mt. Doom - Alive
  • Pokemon Mafia Dungeon: Treasure Town's Terrors! - Alive
  • The Darkest Dungeon II - Alive
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