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Posted August 19th, 2017
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Hi everyone! I've been in Pokecommunity for a very long time now but only as a lurker. I've recently been trying to get back into Rom hacking with a lot of success so far. However, I was wondering if someone could help me with this music hack I am trying to implement.

I used this tutorial MissingYep's tutorial here in order to extend the song table. That worked perfectly and I had no issues.

However, I also want to apply ~Ruki!'s patch for HGSS songs here.

The problem is though, I am stuck.

If I apply the patch, I can't extend the song table because there are bytes of data after the row of 8 00's which I can't overwrite in the "build.bin" file.

Is there a way I can extend the song table after applying ~Ruki!'s patch for HGSS songs? I'm honestly at a loss after trying so many methods.

EDIT: This is a FR rom...


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Yeah, definitely. You just have to find the already relocated songtable by Ruki's patch.
The relocated songtable is at 0x1000000, so everything remaining is a piece of cake.

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