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Where did your username come from?

Started by HeroLinik September 3rd, 2018 2:45 AM
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Topic title says it all, really. How did your username come to be?

As for me, it started over on an IRC (yes, this was before Discord) server for a forum I used to frequent. Looking back in hindsight, I was using a really stupid name (castlewars) that didn't really fit, and people were mocking me for my name and making offshoots of it, such as castlepeace. As I was going through a Zelda phase at the time, I wanted to change to "Link", but my finger stumbled on an extra I, making it Linik. The "Hero" part at the start was added for YouTube, just to make it sound cool.

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not even going to touch on the history of my past usernames, that's a whole 'nother story and I had a very long bout of username indecisiveness lmao

but as for my current username... let's just say it fits my personality the most, haha.

erik destler

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Gonna move this over to S&T.

My current username came from my love for Ursula from The Little Mermaid. I've had this username....twice, now?

As far as my main username - Erik Destler - it stems from my love of the Phantom of the Opera. Erik is his canon first name from the book, and Destler is the surname given to him in the 1989 horror adaptation starring Robert Englund that I never finished watched bc it was too scary.

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Mine is a play on my real name Caitlin. I had wanted to use my real name when I join Bulbagardens but someone had already taken it so I changed it to Catie-chan.

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Journey was taken.


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i'd rather not talk about my past usernames lol. my currently username basically means star child in japanese. i wanted a username based off rin hoshizora from love live, so i figured why not take part of her last name and see what other japanese words fit with it. and thus hoshiko was born.
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i think i used the name percy because i have this pun of name + avatar combo. my name was percy but my avatar was michael jackson. percy + michael jackson = percy jackson. it was a stupid pun that no one got ;-;

that name+avatar combo is gone now though. kinda stuck with percy because its simple


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This is my main username online & Palamon is some knight from A Knight's Tale. This username is pretty much my identity online, so I can't move away from it lmfao.
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I dunno. Kinda popped in to my head one time when I was on a Different forum was my username. Until I got banned. Then I came here after I became 13. Anyway, I just happen to like the word calzone. The 407 is just a random string of numbers


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hi my username is the Japanese name for Snivy :>


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Posted December 12th, 2018
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My username?

It's my actual name; roughly translated to English from my native tongue, it means 'Fairest Lady'. It holds true; I am very fair, but not always nice. I try to be, but don't push

That delicious looking image has now made me hungry, lol
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i actually took it from someone on a pokémon-esque website that used to exist called paladore because it was cute, lol
now it has stuck and is my identity ♡

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It's the title of Shana, the lead from Shakugan no Shana.

"Flame haired, burning eyed"

Love the sound of it, its association to heat, red, fire, and the series, so that's why.

I can't think of anything I'd ever want to change it to either.

HeroLinik - Not gonna lie I never even noticed the spelling until I read your
Curiously, me neither.

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I got first half of my current username from my make-believe personal anime (Starry Wings), and the Windy because some tend to call me Windy here.


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I am a Fairy.

Bidoof FTW

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When I first went to the battle server, I wanted this name that was like funny and ironic, and was like "Haha bidoof is a terrible pokemon and HM slave but like I'll add FTW for 'For the win' that's so clever". I was a youngin back then so I guess it makes more sense but it kinda stuck.

And now Bidoof is my favorite pokemon, kinda weird how that worked out.


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Churarara was for a comeback thing so it started here in pc and i was v much into league of legends and sorakas banana

And i still like jirachi and pikachu

So i combined it into churaka bc i was that clever

Then jay decided to make the nickname chura and it stuck and evolved to churarara

I get the name kitty when i can tho obv bc i love cats


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Pikachu+Jirachi (old time favorite pokemon of mine xD)

Come's from Korrina's 'Lady Korrina' title in the pokemon x and y games :P
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Keeping my pink sig text lol

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