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Audio Newbie needs help : Sappy

Started by Zhang Jiafu November 10th, 2018 12:40 PM
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Hello, i am frankly really new to hacking ROM and still learning.
I am practicing myself with Sappy right now and stumble upon a lot of trouble.
I am hacking Firered, and here are my troubles.

(1) I want to import Emerald's Littleroot town music to my Firered.
First, i export the track from Emerald ROM then import it to my Firered. But when i finished import the file using Sappy. The music is distorted and i noticed that the track #3 volume is so high. I can't reduce the volume using Anvil Studio because it is unreadable. Any way to fix this?

(2) For practice sake, i tried to import "Platinum disco" MIDI. I found the MIDI, edited it using Anvil Studio then convert it to .s file. Then insert the music using Sappy. It is successful and loop well. But when i try it ingame. The music becomes two times faster. What is the problem? Is the track too long? (1:30)

(3) Since the rival battle theme from Emerald is available in Firered. I am wondering if you can actually set it as default trainer battle. Is this possible? How?

I would be very happy if anyone can help.



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1. you import a track without sound instruments. (Voice table you may notice that in some tracks the guitar is playing, in other pianos, in fact, they can either be separated by a voice table or two instruments will be included in the voice table but have different instruments. anvil studio there is a speed parameter (tempo) and you have to convert to midi-0 so that it would resume after the end of the track, instead of losing it once and running
3. With the help of a script, you can choose any topic, as a combat one(battle theme) and (eye to eye,pre battle theme)


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(1) In Generation III, each song has its unique voicegroup. If you port Littleroot Town to FR, you have to edit the voicegroup where it is inserted to match the original voicegroup in EM (including ADSR envelopes).

(2) If the original tempo is 120, the .s file might not contain the tempo data and the in-game tempo will be very fast. Insert this line at the very beginning of Track 1 will solve this problem.
.byte	TEMPO , <tempo>*<song_filename>_tbs/2 @ <tempo>indicates the speed of your song and <song_filename> must correspond to the file name you saved the song
(3) You can switch pointers to the headers of song 266 and 297 to make them swap slots.

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