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Important PokéCommunity 2.0 Update!

Started by Rainbow May 10th, 2019 11:40 PM
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Developer Post
It's finally time. Introducing the PokéCommunity 2.0 Update.

Hello everyone! After many years of development by two teams, the PokéCommunity 2.0 Update, also called the New UI and "New PokéCommunity" is finally ready for everyone to use, and with it we're rolling out some cool new features, a mobile-friendly layout, and a fresh coat of paint for a set of classic PokéCommunity themes!

  • PokéCommunity on your phone! The new layout will adapt to work on any device you choose!
  • Six new themes inspired by classic PC!
  • Use post flairs to style all of your posts! You can use CSS to customize your flair to your heart's content! Read more about flairs.
  • Access your favorite sections easily! Mark sections you love with a heart button and then access them through the favorites tab!
  • Overall visual improvements and modernization

A huge thanks to our new developers who have been working around the clock to create themes and polish up features. Round of applause! Thanks as well to our staff and supporters who have been bug testing and helping to suggest improvements over the past year.

Learn more about PokéCommunity 2.0

PokéCommunity 2.0 Bugs & Feedback
We've opened a new forum for issues and suggestions specifically for the New UI and the new themes released with it. This is your go-to spot to mention anything you think should be changed! Check it out.

Visit PokéCommunity 2.0 Feedback

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needs no caption

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and I - oop!

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"Everybody liked that."


used Jump Kick! It's super effective!

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I don't, it's a broken mess still
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Administrator Post
I don't, it's a broken mess still
If you find something you think is wrong, please report it here :)


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smoochum did deserve some love and she really does look beautiful there

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Horay!!! It's about time the new PokéCommunity launched! I'll always remember the old PokéCommunity as being pretty close to the vBulletin style.

But now, with the new one, it takes on an entirely new appearance, you could almost not even recognise it as being run on vBulletin 3.x.x, it's just so different, it's so amazing!

I really hope with this, it will start an entirely new era for PC itself moving forward~

Fantastic work on all of the code base! You've all done such an amazing job making it all and developing the new forum styles to be compatible with the new code as well! Really impressive and absolutely love it!
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Gone are the days of scrolling endlessly on phone


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Gone are the days of scrolling endlessly on phone
I actually feel like I have to scroll further now O.o


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Guys there's no such thing as May Fools


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I am incredibly happy for this to be out to all! Thank you devs for all of your work!!

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It looks so good! Definitely worth the wait. Y'all did an amazing job. d("d)
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This has been a lot of hard work over the years and it's surreal to see it finally released for everyone, but I'm so proud of the dev team that made it happen. :)

Cherrim theme when, she asks, fully aware it's her next project.

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Finally. I remember when 2.0 was still Soon(tm), and now it's finally here!
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Kansas, USA
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Posted 6 Days Ago
It feels like we've been waiting forever for this, hard to believe it finally launched!
I'm loving all the themes that are compatible now !

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Posted May 16th, 2019
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Woah! This looks amazing! It's different for sure, but I absolutely love the look of this now!
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Finally glad there's a mobile friendly version! I can finally look at PC on my phone in my bed at 2am . 2.0 looks great!
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we finally jumped into the modern era
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Posted 1 Day Ago
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Looks so good! both on pc and mobile, awesome job!
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