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[kanto] Missing Memoirs: The Journal's Lost Page (OOC Discussion)

Started by fallen_natsumixx December 27th, 2006 3:37 PM
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[kanto] Missing Memoirs: The Journal's Lost Page

Overall Storyline

A millennium ago, one of the world's greatest hero and Pokémon Master lived. From the day he received his starter Pokémon 'till the day he passed on, he kept a journal with him.

During his adult years, a great war broke out between the two legendary Pokémon, Mew and Mewtwo. Towns and cities destroyed, lives lost, it was utter chaos. But with the power of the three legendary trio, Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, the mysterious Jirachi, and the kind-spirited Mew, they were able to conquer the darkness of Mewtwo.

Peace at last...?

No. Mewtwo was not destroyed. Since his 'defeat', he has been plotting revenge.
All he needs is the soul, Heart, body and mind of a single person. Mew, who had suspected her son, has been doing the same. She too, needs the soul, Heart, body and mind of another individual.

Along with that, this year is the year Jirachi awakens and needs a companion. The three legendary birds are becoming reckless.

To top it all off, the journal has been discovered to be missing a page. The page that reveals how to defeat Mewtwo... and possibly rid him for good.

Let all Hell...

Break l o o s e.

[we're all mad]



1) All PC RP rules apply.
2) Try hard not to make your character a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu. Those things are very aggravating and there is a very low possibility that I'll choose your character.
3) Only mild power playing/god modding allowed. But don't take COMPLETE control of other member's characters.
4) Please don't pester me about when I'm going to choose the characters or when the RP is going to start.
5) You are not allowed to have a legendary for a Pokémon.
7) Please have proper spelling and grammar skills. No substituting words such as 'I' or 'to' or 'you'.
8) Posts need to be at least four complete sentences.
9) You can not have two legendary birds or Mewtwo and Jirachi.
10) Kanto Pokémon only on your team.



~If you're hardly on the computer, don't bother to apply. I want active RPers for this.
~I want RPers that are willing to stick to an RP. Please don't suddenly drop it because you've lost interest.
~The three characters are to stick in a group. But temporary straying can be allowed.
~You must choose a baby/egg Pokémon and two of the legendary Pokémon listed.
~The baby/egg Pokémon are not to evolve once hatched.
~The baby/egg Pokémon are to be kept outside. They do not have poké-balls.



List of Legendary Pokémon
Articuno & Jirachi
Zapdos & Jirachi
Articuno & Mewtwo
Zapdos & Mewtwo

(I have chosen Mew and Moltres)

List of Baby Pokémon
Azurill - Obtained at the start of your journey as a dark blue egg with lighter blue oval shaped polka dots and a black zigzag pattern in the center.
Togepi - Obtained at the start of your journey as a white egg with blue and red triangular designs scattered across the shell.
Smoochum - Obtained at the start of your journey as a cream and magenta colored egg.
Magby - Obtained at the start of your journey as a red colored egg with a yellow flamed shape symbol on the shell.
Cleffa - Obtained at the start of your journey as a light pink colored egg brown polka dots.
Igglybuff - Obtained at the start of your journey as a light cotton candy pink colored egg with dark red swirly cues across the shell.
Wooper - Obtained at the start of your journey as a light blue colored egg with darker blue colored stripes across the shell.
Wynaut - Obtained at the start of your journey as a blue colored egg with black circular and oval shaped designs across the shell.
Pichu - Obtained at the start of your journey as a yellow colored egg with black zigzag shaped designs across the shell. Taken

Three Starters
001 Bulbasaur Taken
002 Charmander
003 Squirtle

(Note: None of them can be a shiny.)


Sign-Up Sheet

Full Name: First-Middle-Last
Nickname: optional
Gender: Male (Meaning boy)/Female (Meaning girl)
Hair Color: Color of your hair, maybe some highlights, etc.
Hair Length: Where does your hair end, maybe the length of bangs, etc.
Hair Style: Basically the overall style of your hair
Eye Color: Color of your eyes
Weight: Optional (Note: In pounds, please.)
Body Structure: Long legs, fat, thin, etc.
Basic Clothing: The overall outfit you wear during your journey
Pajamas: What you wear to sleep
Bathing Suit: Swimwear
Accessories: Jewelery, tattoo, etc.
Future Pokémon Team: The team that you're going to have fully evolved and everything (Note: I want the order to be 'Species Name - Nickname (if given) - Gender. Also, please tell what form they are obtained as.)
Baby/Egg Pokémon:
Two Legendary:
Other: Anything else you might want to add
RPG Sample: To be given now. No "I'll add that later".



Full Name: Nicole Dianne Light
Nickname: Nicky
Age: 13 years old
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Most of the time, it appears all black. But in the sunlight, it's actually a dark brown.
Hair Length: Past her shoulders with chin length bangs with a lock that falls in-between her eyes.
Hair Style: It's a simple hairstyle. She leaves it untied and the longest part of her hair falls behind her shoulders but some lay in front. Her chin length bangs fram her face. ( Click The top image. This is how her bangs look.)
Eye Color: Dark hazel
Height: 5' 03" (Five feet, three inches)
Weight: 105 lbs.
Body Structure: Despite her weight, Nicole is on the slender side. Her waist is thin and long while her fingers are slender and long. She's bustier then most girls her age but not that much. Her lips are also full and thick like those female celebrities you see everywhere.
Basic Clothing: For pants, she wears dark blue jeans that are tight around the thigh area to give off a slimmer look. ( Click ) For a top, she wears a very short sleeved, form hugging, white, ribbed henley shirt with a form hugging, slate gray, zip-up, ribbed henley hoodie on top. For shoes, she wears gray, low-top converse. To hold her supplies, a gray fanny-pack is clipped securely around her waist, the bag resting on her side.
Pajamas: Simply a light pink, short sleeved ribbed henley shirt with a hood and small black shorts.
Bathing Suit: A forest green tankini (the bottom is like tiny shorts and the top ends at the top of her ribs). When she's not swimming, she likes to wear a forest green, short sleeved ribbed henley hoodie on top. For shoes, forest green flip-flops.
Accessories: She used to have pierced ears but the only source of jewelery she wears is a delicate silver chain with a heart-shaped locket that has a picture of her and her family on one side and the other is blank.
Personality: Around people she doesn't know quite well, she's very quiet and shy. But once you get to know her, she's very sarcastic, witty and has a dry sense of humor. Her temper is short and she can become quite mean and violent when angered.
History: Nicole's life is has been normal and she intends on keeping it that way. She lives with her mother, father and two younger sisters before she started her journey.
Future Pokémon Team:

Venusaur - Laia - Female (Obtained as Bulbasaur)
Pidgeot - Sora - Male (Obtained as Pidgey)
Butterfree* (* means shiny) - Ichigo - Female (Obtained as shiny Caterpie)
Jolteon - Raiton - Male (Obtained as Eevee)
Ninetales* - Vixen - Female (Obtained as shiny Vulpix)
Lapras - Eki - Female (Obtained as Lapras)

Baby/Egg Pokémon: Pichu - Male
Two Legendary: Mew & Moltres
Other: Despite staying the same size, Nicole has the appetite of a starved dog. But she never gains anything due to the fact that she has fast metabolism. She lacks upper body strength and isn't on the athletic side. At first glance, she may seem like a shy and quiet girl but she has a short fuse, violent temper and witty nature. She can also become rather childish at times and can be quite random. She has a phobia of heights, lizards, snakes, amphibians, porcelain dolls and wooden puppets along with clowns. She can also get very frightened by roaches and other eeky bugs. Despite being mean and blunt, she has a soft side and can be very nice and caring when she wants to. She's also a sucker for dogs and other furry creatures.
RPG Sample: I stared, petrified, at the beast in front of me.

'Move.' I told myself but my legs would not comply. I stood completely still, my eyes wide and the only movement was my body's shaking and the creature taking slow steps towards me. The only sounds heard were the low rumbling growls of the creature. I paled as it slightly opened its mouth, revealing a row of sharp yellow teeth.

'MOVE.' My body still would not listen. I let out a small squeak as the beast took another step towards me.

'MOVE!' Finally, I turned and ran. Never in my life have I ever ran as fast as I did then. I heard the animal's pounding footsteps behind mine, it let out a roar of anger and I forced my legs to speed up.

The chase was on.



You are currently heading towards the lab to choose a starter, and to receive a Pokédex. However, it turns out you have to travel with two other people and you're also giving a Pokémon egg. After that, you and your two companions start the journey to be a Pokémon master.


And that's basically it! I'll edit this later once I've chosen the two members.



I've already chosen.

I'm Juliet waiting for [my] R o m e o ~
K a i [s] o r a

Credit to Lust (SPPF)



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Full Name: Andrew Edmund Pali
Nickname: Drew
Age: 13
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown with blonde highlights.
Hair Length:His hair is at ends at his neck with his bangs ending at his eyebrows.
Hair Style: His hair dosn't have any style, it's just there
Eye Color: His eyes are the color hasel.
Weight: 148 lbs.
Body Structure: Thin, lanky figure.
Basic Clothing: Wears a beige cape with a dark blue undershirt. He has black boots and a light blue bandanna on his head. He wears dark blue, torn up jeans.
Pajamas: Just a blue t-shirt and cotton, blue, pants.
Bathing Suit: A blue, white, light blue, dark blue, black, swimsuit with a striped pattern.
Accessories: An emerald amulet
Personality: Open to all people and Pokemon. Makes friends easily and is outgoing. He never gives up and tries his hardest. If you happen to battle him well lets just say....oh, you'll see.
History:When he was five his older brother died in a car accedent. Then at age seven he befreinded a Poliwag. He loved his Poliwag. When he tured 8 it evolved. He turned thirteen and decided it was time for him to begin a Pokemon journey.
Future Pokémon Team:

Poliwag-Poly-Female-obtained as Poliwag

Blastoise-Donder-Male-Obtained as Squirtle

Dewgong-Comet-Male-Obtained as Seel

Lickitung-Lik-Female-Obtained as Likitung

Hitmonchan-Hiro-Male-Obtained as Hitmonchan

Lapras-Illex-Male-Obtained as Lapras

Baby/Egg Pokémon:Wooper-Female
Two Legendary:Arcticuno and Jirachi
RPG Sample:
Andrew ran dow to the alley seeing the guy that bumbed into CK, but ignoring him. He got to the alley sent out Fearaligatr. "Fearaligatr! Use a hydro pump to clear out the junk that is in the alley!" Fearaligatr started pumping out gallons of water in just seconds. He made the alley look like it was just cleared out by dosens of bulldosers. "Good, Fearaligatr now start searching every square centimeter for my necklace." Fearaligater started searching, Andrew started searching. Andrew didn't know he was going to be there for hours. After about 4 hours Andrew found the necklace. It was now 8:00 and it had rained, and he tottaly missed dinner. At least his faster parents got home late.

Andrew ran home and got a quick sandwich for dinner. They took a test in a class tought by a skiny-looking business women. he was wondering if he passed. His foster parents usually came home at 10:00. Today they came home at 9:00 bruised and tired. They ran in threw their breifcases on the floor and ran to get to bed. The womans breifcase flew open from hitting the floor and a lot of papers flew out. Andrew thought he would pick them up and close the breifcase. He got down on all fours, and shoved the papers up in his hands. He glansed at the paper on top and saw the name Ciako Pyraine in cursive on the top. This name sounded familiar, but not off the top of his head. He looked down and saw writing in red pen that stated, ' -2, 94, A'. Then hes saw a very familiar looking test, the test that he took today! He looked for his name, Andrew Pali, and saw that he got -3, 91, A-. Andrew had figured out his foster mom's job. She is a teacher for Team Mystery.

Andrew went to bed excited, and scared. He was wondering what happened at the Pokemon battle with Raikou and Suicune.

I woke up hoping the battle went okay. I looked at my clock and saw I was late by a couple minuets. I quickly got ready and headed out. I had to run to 'school' at full speed thinking,"It is at these times when I wish I had caught an Abra."

He got to school and hurridly got his books. He was a mess and was like a porkypine in a balloon factory. He was probably getting in everybody's way. The bell rand and he still had to climb two flights of stairs. He climbed two flights of stairs and walked into class 5 minuets late. He sat down and noticed that this was is foster dad. Well there is a shocker. He turned in his homework and exchanged it for a pop quiz. Oh joy. He must have been the only one to get a pop quiz because he was the only one to get it he wrote a quick note to CK saying, "CK, excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. We'll skip school and make plans." He walked up set the note secretly on CK's desk, and went to get the quiz.

He got the quiz and went to the hall. He waited for CK and soon enough she walked out the door. While he wated he quickly filled out the quiz and left it by the door. Quickly him and CK ran down stairs and out the door.
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Sounds cool

Full Name: Victor Ritham
Nickname: Vick
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black with light blond highlights
Hair Length: It goes to the end of his neck. He has no bangs
Hair Style: Basically he has slicked short hair. The back however is long. He occasionaly Jells his hair with some hair Jell he keeps in his backpack.
Eye Color: Cerulean
Height: 6"5
Weight: 130 pounds
Body Structure: Somewhat skinny. The legs, arms, body and the rest are thin
Basic Clothing: Wears a Dark blue hat with a pokeball logo on it. Red Jacket with Black T-Shirt and dark blue fingerless gloves. Dark blue jeans with white sneakers. He has a black backpack with red zippers and other accessories. He keeps all his items in the backpack
Pajamas: A white Pajama T-shirt with Blue leggings
Bathing Suit: Red long shorts
Accessories: Wears a Shark tooth Necklace
Personality: Quiet, Somewhat untalkative. Trys to make a good impression. When faced with a tough decision he always goes for the more risky way of doing it. When given a question he always thinks for a few moments before he answers. He always looks at a glass and thinks its half empty but still drinks it anyway.
History: When Victor was 4 years old he was always interested with pokemon. He always wanted to become a trainer and learn more about them. When he was 8 he finnaly noticed people using pokemon and training them. He always wanted to be like that. Someone who travels the land and catches more pokemon. He finnaly decided on what he wanted to do when he was 11 and his dad died. Before he died he said one thing "Follow your dreams". Then he knew what he wanted to be. A pokemon trainer, the best of them all. So after his 12th birthday he studied many things about pokemon. How they move, how they eat. How they talk and most importantly how they battle. He studied about the pokedex and about the pokeball. One day a visiting traveler came by, he had an assortment of jewlery. Vicks favorite one was a shark tooth necklace that caught his intrest. He spent his entire allowance on it but it was worth it. He wore that necklace till this very day. The day he hopes he becomes a trainer and a pokemon master.
Future Pokémon Team:

-FlameBlaze-Male- obtained as a Charmander
Scyther-Scythe-Male-Obtained as Scyther
Tentacruel-No nickname-Female-Obtained as Tentacool
Alakazam-Telepathic-male-Obtained as an abra
Gengar-Transparent-male-Obtained as ghastly
Victreebel-Vine-Male-Obtained as a Belsprout
Baby/Egg Pokémon: Azurill-Male
Two Legendary: Articuno & Mewtwo
Starter: Charmander
Other: Hope this goes okay
RPG Sample:

The salty air smelled sweet from the moment I stepped into Vermillion. The entire city was bursting with life. Pokemon and people alike, there were fruit stands and fishermen. Mostly I saw trainers since the Gym was bursting since Lt. Surge was getting a reputation for being umbeatable for quite a while. As we walked on through we saw the new ship SS. ANN after getting remodled and replated. It was very new and high tech. But then I noticed something. Then I remembered. As I looked back I noticed we passed a city. I went up to the nearest person and asked

"What city is that"? Pointing towards the city to the north

"Thatsm Saffron mister."

"Okay thanks alot"

"I wouldnt go that way mister. There are rumors of a Snorlax. A terrible beast that sleeps and eats and if you wake it up it will attack."

"Okay thanks for the warning"

We passed another city. I could feel that we missed something.

"You guys go on ahead. Im going to do some training."

So I ran through the underground and back the way I came untill I made it to the toll booth. I paid the gaurd 25$ and went ahead.

I stared and saw it. A Snorlax, A beast of incredible strength and power. It was sleeping in the way toward saffron city. I tried to move it but it didn't budge.

"I took out my pokedex. The device glowed and stated

"SNORLAX, The sleeping pokemon. This pokemon is almost impossible to move and wake. Recommended to wait till it wakes up in order to catch"

Well I wanted to go to Saffron City so I released my pokemon. I was going to wake it up a little early.


Flameblaze my Charmelon tried to help move the big Goliath. But that didn't help either.

"Enough of this Flameblaze use Ember and try to wake it up. I want to see if the rumors are true and it will actually try to attack.

Flameblaze used ember and the startled pokemon actualy woke up. Then it gave a great "YAWN" then rolled back to sleep.

"Darn it fell back asleep. Flameblaze do it again"

Flameblaze used ember again but this time the great beast gave me a big "snore" insted. The force of it blew me and Flameblaze back.

"Looks like it does attack. Okay lets wait a little while before we try this guy on again."

So I headed back to Vermilian City.

But while there I decided to search for more pokemon. Flameblaze and Telepathic were both pretty good pokemon. But I needed more choices. After getting out from the underground I looked towards the grass. But just then a small Bellsprout just jumped out and attacked me. I staggered a bit when it tried to keep attacking. So I released Flameblaze

"Go Flameblaze"

I wasnt that intimidated by the Bellsprout. It was a runt, very small and fragile. But the pokemon seemed to have courage to assault someone much bigger than it. So I hoped Flameblaze would take it easy a little.

"Flameblaze use scratch attack then growl."

Flameblaze scratched the Bellsprout and then was intimidated by the growl. The small pokemon flopped then fell over. I took my backpack from my sholders and opened the front pocket. Inside were 3 pokeballs. I took the nearest one and threw it at the Bellsprout.

The pokeball wobbled 3 times and stopped finnaly. I had caught another pokemon.

"Sigh" "I guess I will have to give you a nickname as well."

After searching my memory i could only think of one name that suited it.

"Okay your name is Vine"

I picked up the pokeball and walked on through to Vermilian City

EDITED TO INCLUDE: More of a sample, the entire thing has been rethoughtout and such


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Full Name: Tyler Joshua Swanson

Nickname: Goes by "Ty"

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Hair Color: Dirty Blonde with slightly brown roots

Hair Length: Ty's hair is long so that it covers all of his forehead and extends well past his eyebrows and ends just before his eyelashes. He usually brushes it to the side so it doesn't annoy his eyes.

Hair Style: His hair is not too long but shaggy. It's thick with a slight wave.

Eye Color: Hazel. Ty has deep amber / hazel eyes that tend to stick out to most people as they're very bright.

Height: 5'8

Weight: 125

Body Structure: Ty has a strong upper body and a slim torso. He is not "buff" but not too frail either, it's a mix between them.

Basic Clothing: He wears khaki cargo pants with large pockets. He wears a simple blue t-shirt with an inverted triange design in the center. He weas black tennis shoes for convienience and carries a small one-strap backpack to keep general necessities such as berries and potions.

Pajamas: His pajamas consist of white bottoms and matching top while sporting a pokeball on the chest.

Bathing Suit: When he's near water he'll change to a light blue tank top, long black swim trunks and flip-flops. When he's in the water he just wears the black swim trunks.

Accessories: Ty carries a pendant that he recieved from his grandmother (see history for more info) that's in the shape of a leaf. He wears it at all times because he considers it good luck.

Personality: He trys to display himself as happy go lucky, but despite his demeanor, he is quite the pessimist. He usually sees the negative in things rather than seeing the glass as half full, it will always be empty. He tends to remain calm and quiet but is polite to people if the can return the kindness.

History: Ty was born to a rural house in the hills near Pallet town. He was raised by his loving grandmother where he learned to love pokemon. When he was 10, Ty was going to recieve his first pokemon from Prof. Oak but his grandmother became ill so he had to remain at home and watch her. Several years passed and her condition became somewhat better. She decided that they needed to move closer to the town and that Ty could finally leave on his adventure. Upon his departure, Ty recieved the leaf pendant and took it with him and promised to keep it with him for the rest of his days.

Future Pokémon Team:

Charizard. [Recieved as Charmander. Male]
Starmie [Recieved as Staryu. No Gender]
Alakazam [Recieved as a Kadabra. Male]
Tauros [Recieved as Tauros. Male]
Jolteon [Recieved as Eevee. Female]
Dragonite [Recieved as Dratini. Female]

Baby/Egg Pokémon: Togepi [Male]

Two Legendary: Jirachi and Articuno

Starter: Charmander

Other: Nothing really...I just hope to be accepted.

RPG Sample:
There it was glaring at me with the intent of winning this struggle. Ty snatched a pokeball from his belt, releasing his Staryu deciding that it would be the best choice to battle the stubborn Kadabra. Kadabra raised one of it's hands which clasped a bent spoon. A blue light began to emnate from it's body as psychich energy was blasted at Staryu. Ty reacted quickly, "Staryu, dodge using Rapid Spin then attack him!".

Staryu did exactly as it was told. It began to spin very fast and managed to avoid the blast. It kept on it's pursuit on Kadabra, and it was too slow to react. Staryu slammed into Kadabra inflicting a good amount of damage. Kadabra recoiled by surrounding Staryu with the familiar blue light and it was sent flying straight into the ground causing a slight tremor. Ty commanded Staryu to use Rapid Spin again. The same effect happened and Kadabra reacted the same way. This went on for some time unitl Ty knew it was over.

"Staryu, use water gun at full force!" A powerful beam of water erupted from the tip of Staryu's top limb impacting with Kadabra's frail body moments later. The stunned Kadabra was unable to move after taking so many hits and Ty took it as his cue to capture it. He threw the ball gracefully and Kadabra was successfully captured. He returned Staryu back to its ball and he walked away, gladdened with his old companion.

[ c r e d i t ~ L o k i ]



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Did you accept anyone yet? o o? Sorry if it's not completed somewhere, I'm pressured for time. >.< There are a lot of topics. ^^;

Edits: Forget that first part. ^^;

Super Edits: I'm the biggest retard in the world. *changes pokemon line-up*

Full Name: Lyre Viola Raslen
Nickname: Lia *Lie-ah*
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Lyre has pale blonde hair that's almost platinum with a white streak on the left side of her face.
Hair Length: Lyre's hair ends at the very middle of the small of her back, and it's rather thin.
Hair Style: Her hair is parted directly above her right eye, the white streak framing the left of her head, and the blonde portion on the right kept behind her ear and shoulder. It is otherwise straight and plain.
Eye Color: Green
Height: 5'4''
Weight: N/A (Like she'd tell you that. xD)
Body Structure: Lyre has a lanky build, thin and curve-less, with very little bosom and very little fat. She has a slight athletic build to her legs and arms, thanks to hours of tennis.
Basic Clothing: Lyre mostly wears a plain pastel green tennis skirt that reaches just above her knees and has a pair of white shorts underneath it. She wears a white spaghetti strapped shirt with a light green stripe across the top and down the left side, and she wears a pair of round-toed tennis shoes with two green diagonal stripes along the sides.
Pajamas: A pair of very short black shorts and a white tank top. She'll also pull her long hair into pigtails when she's about to sleep.
Bathing Suit: Lyre's bathing suit is a pastel green two-piece, with shorts on the bottom with white lining and a halter that matches. When she's not in the water, she'll wear a thin yellow vest over her halter top, though she continues to wear her tennis shoes, save for the socks.
Accessories: A fingerless white glove on her right hand, and a number of white and green wristbands on her left wrist. Around her neck is a silver necklace with a white pendant, and on her ankle is a green knotted anklet that's near impossible to see.
Personality: Lyre is very self-confident, never without a sparkle of confidence in her eyes. She's always assured that if she's there, everythings alright- although she tries not to make it seem too obvious that she's a step too high on her throne. But Lyre isn't exactly the best at putting in effort where it's needed either. She has a very short temper and get's annoyed very easily, and has a very 'rich girl' attitude, along with her manners and her way of speaking, which is oddly formal, though rarely without a bite of bitterness or sarcasm.
History: Lyre is an only child, and a spoiled only child. Her family, though not exactly rich, has the attitude and overall feel of a rich family, including the way they rear their children. Her family was never in the pokemon training business, but Lyre hated being away from her beloved pokemon, hated being confined in the house, and hated seeing her parent's pokemon confined in the house as well. Thus began her adventure to find something more entertaining then school and numbers. But first, she had to endure 3 agonizing years without a single birthday present, which made Lyre a rather moody and bitter girl during the last three years at home, solidifying her resolve to get away.
Future Pokémon Team: 'Species Name - Nickname (if given) - Gender. Muk - Toxin - M (Obtained as: Muk)
Wigglytuff - Cotton - F (Obtained as: Igglybuff)
Ninetales - Kyuu - F (Obtained as: Vulpix)
Venasaur - Elli - F (Obtained as: Bulbasaur)
Kadabra - Lore - M (Obtained as: Abra)
Vileplume - Fume (Fuu-may) - F (Obtained as: Gloom)
Baby/Egg Pokémon: Igglybuff
Two Legendary: Zapdos and Mewtwo
Starter: Squirtle
Other: Lyre hates her name because it sounds like "Liar". But she also hates her nickname, so she introduces herself as Viola, and only tells people her first name when she really trusts them.
RPG Sample: I'll add this later. xDD *Shot*

To say I was lost, was an understatement. I couldn't remember what town I was in, I didn't know where I was in general, and I was too proud to ask for directions. That, and the nice big black Jolly Roger tattoo's up and down my right shoulder and arm weren't exactly screaming, "I'm not a pirate". Of course, none of them were my ship's pirate symbol's. They were all the symbol's of past Pirate Kings, Gold Roger's, Whitebeard Pirates, Strawhat Pirates and so on. All up and down my arm, these tattoo's practically obscured any kind of pale skin from showing through. And people stared. Indeed they did, but it hardly bothered me. Pulling my hair through my finger's I was disappointed to see no girls (at least, no pretty ones,) and no Pubs.

"I-I can't pay you that much!" Someone was blubbering. I glanced over the crowd and saw the exact sight I expected to see. Someone who was all bruised and cut, along with Kaede, local Black Dragon Doctor, standing with feet planted side-by-side, fists on her hips, long braids pulled up into a ponytail, and a high air that was surveying the invalid.

"1,000 Beli, and I'll fix you up. If you don't get to a doctor soon, you'll get infected~" She said in a sweet, honeyed, sing-song voice.

"That's a rip-off!!" Someone was yelling. But it was quickly quelled, when Kaede glared at the man, who determinedly glared back. "Very well." And Kaede turned toward me, a satisfied look on her face when she said, "Find a different doctor then." Stalking towards me the man seemed to be having second thoughts- I wasn't even sure if there was another doctor in town. There probably was, but, Kaede was from Drum Island. She motioned for me to follow her, and I was no longer lost. When we left the scene, Kaede was fuming, and ranting to nobody- though I guessed I was her last resort.

"I can't believe him. 1,000 is cheap for medicine all the way from the Grand Line." She was blathering, "And he didn't even stop me. I hope he dies. He's never going to feel the touch of soap ever again, I'll be sure of that."

"Where's the ship?" I asked boredly.

"How should I know?!" She snapped irritably, "Find someone else. I'm going to go shopping." Huffing with an indignant stomp, the next instant, she disappeared into the throng, and I wasn't really wanting to get lost all over again. I blinked and stood where I was, on the edge of traffic, just there. Someone would find me eventually. And if not, Kaede would remember where I was. Actually, that probably wasn't likely but, whatever.


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Hur hur, of course I'm signing up for this >D

Sign-Up Sheet

Full Name: Arriena Charlotte Stone
Nickname: Rina
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Hair Color: Light brown
Hair Length: Above shoulder length, nose length bangs
Hair Style: Ends slightly flipped out to the right, bangs clipped to the right side of her face. [Doodled version of her hairstyle]
Eye Color: Light Green
Height: 5 '4"1/2
Weight: 118 lbs
Body Structure: Thin, with rather long legs.
Basic Clothing: Sleeveless, thin, blue hoodie that reaches the hips. A thin cotton long sleeved white top is underneath, with a dark blue pokeball symbol on the left shoulder. She wears plain bootcut jeans, with dark blue converse sneakers, which have a stripe of white down the side.
Pajamas: Dark green pajama pants, and a light green shirt with a smiley face on it.
Bathing Suit: Light blue tankini. Worn with a long sleeved henley hoodie when not swimming.
Accessories: Small silver earrings, bracelet with heart charms on it.
Personality: Kind, cheerful, yet bossy to those she's close to. She's very ambitious and a bit of an over achiever at times, and feels bad if she can't meet her own expectations. As well as that, she worries about the well-being of her pokemon and friends, to the point she'll become entirely stressed out. In the case of an arguement, she ignores whoever she's arguing with. During a fistfight, she stands on the sidelines and glares, or shouts at people to get along. Being bossy is the greatest talent she has.
History: She grew up the youngest child in her family, with two older siblings qualified as pokemon trainers. The only thing out of the ordinary about Arriena's life has been the fact that she has bizzare neighbors. And that's about it.
Future Pokémon Team:
Blastoise - Torpedo - Male (Obtained as Squirtle)
Persian* - Saffron - Female (Obtained as Meowth)
Vaporeon - Chani - Female (Obtained as Eevee)
Rapidash - Raye - Female (Obtained as Ponyta)
Venomoth - Theo - Male (Obtained as Venonat)
Snorlax - Frank - Male (Obtained as Snorlax)
Baby/Egg Pokémon: Cleffa - Female
Two Legendary: Articuno & Jirachi
Starter: Squirtle
Other: Rina is a yellow belt in Tae Kwon Doe, carries a first aid kit wherever she goes, doesn't like the feeling of foam when you scrape it under your nails or on a hard surface, watches soap operas in her spare time, and hates taking pop-quizzes, since they make her nervous. And despite not being very squeamish, the mere sight of an injured finger/fingernail makes her feel nauseous.. Because of her definition of a normal 'comfort level', her parents insist she'd paranoide-- something she agrees with. As mentioned before, she takes it upon her herself to watch out for her comrades, even if she's only known them for a day, an hour, or even a few minutes. She's what they call the 'older-sister' type.
RPG Sample:

It felt like the rain wouldn't ever give up.

It was the last day of school before I'd leave on my journey, and it HAD to rain. My dad was supposed to pick me up half an hour before, but alas.. there I was, stuck under the plastic shelter that is a bus stop. Whenever the wind would change directions, torrents of rain would wip into my face and leave me dripping wet and entirely miserable.

" C'mon daddy.. hurry up!" I moaned, hopping from one foot to the other in an attempt to stay warm. The wet was starting to soak through my jacket, and I was afraid I might get hypothermia.

As soon as this notion occured to me, I heard the sound of scuffing. Footsteps? Footsteps where running in my direction, rapid and awkward. Maybe it was someone running for shelter, I thought, squinting through the rain and the dark.

No.. There was a second set of feet hitting the pavement now.

I froze stiff, turning hesitantly to face the noise when huffing and puffing followed it. A figure was emerging from the mist, water bouncing from the hood of it's tight black jacket.

It wasn't my Dad. A trickle of fear ran down my spine, and I ducked when the footsteps began to slow. Something large stood beside whoever it was, hulking and intimidating in the dark.

The person was mumbling under their breath; it sounded like a man.

'Don't stop, don't stop, don't stop..' I begged inwardly, the mere sight of this man striking an unexplainable fear in my heart.

And he didn't stop.

He carried onward, now stumbling in the wet, his shoes squelching with every step he took.

The shadow beside him followed, like a dog at his heels. He still muttered, barely audible, his head turning from side to side as he searched the streets for something.

'Sure hope he's not looking for me..'

And after stopping for another moment, he picked up his pace and began to run again. He turned around a street corner, slipping from view, and I shuddered with a sigh of relief. Something about him was menacing.

I hadn't realized up until now that my hands where shaking, badly. I watched where he'd disappeared, until a honk snapped me out of my trance. " Climb in, Rina!" My father's voice was chastising. " You'll catch your death in this cold!"

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Bijou: ^__^ I'm assuming that your baby Pokémon will turn into Wigglytuff? Um, the egg Pokémon aren't supposed to evolve or become kept in balls. .__.

I was half expecting Laiza again. xDD I dunno why, I liked him a lot. And his clingy Charmander.xD But this girl sounds like an interesting character. =3

Chuchino: Oh, nice. Is this your first real RP? Wait... I remember you joining a BB one waaay back before but... yeah. o.o

Oh, a lot of people want Squirtle. o___o

I'm Juliet waiting for [my] R o m e o ~
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Credit to Lust (SPPF)


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Yeah, it's my second real RP xD;; *isn't used to posting writing in the public* Am I allowed to edit the bio? Cuz I just realized how annoying Rina sounds. Even though she's always annoying xDD *sock'd*

Umm.. yeah.. a lot of people DO want Squirtle. I could switch to Charizard if it'll make things easier :O
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o____O *imagines Arriena with a Charizard* ... No, it's okay. xDD

What do you want to edit? Cuz Arriena seems like a spiffy character. =3

*squirm* I guuuesss x_x;;

xD;; I'm being a perfectionist again. I thought I gave her a lame personality until I realized that's the way she's been for however long I've been RPing with her, so yeah xD; Forget I said anything!

Erm.. so what happens if you want to chose two people who both have Blastoise? Does one of them have to switch to something else?
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More sign-ups are still allowed! ^__^

Hm... I have an idea... I'm going to choose 5 people. The top two are going to traveling with my character but the other three can become like... a rival group? They still have to have the same starters but everyone has to have a different egg Pokemn. The two groups will bump into each other at GYMs and yada yada. >____< Just a suggestion. But the rival team can't be connected to a Legendary. =X But they like... KNOW ABOUT THE LEGEND while the team connected to the Legendary Pokemon don't... did I make sense?

If it sounds stupid then forget what I said. xDD

Chuchino: Oh, don't worry. I'm not gonna choose people with the same starters... but if I really like them, I might... I dunno, ask them to. o.o;;


About the 'rival group' thing. I'm not 100% sure if I'm gonna do it but it depends on the people I choose. =X

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I myself like the idea of a rival team. It can be like a struggle to be the better of the two teams. At least that's how I see it. xD

So you're going to pick 5 people plus yourself. You'll pick two to travel with your character and the other three will be the rival group. That sounds good to me.

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