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Resource Quick Resource Thread Page 2

Started by Logan May 2nd, 2014 8:47 AM
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Seen August 16th, 2015
Posted January 31st, 2015
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This is a lightly modified emerald base intended for ease of use on new hacks.
The only freespace that has been used is after the e3cf64 mark.
The changes include:
1. From PHO SkyOfBlades' tutorial for turning all free 00 offsets to FF
Mechanic Updates
2. HidoranBlaze's Rough Skin Change from 1/16 to 1/8 hp
3. KDS's Crit Hit Table Change and Multiplier from x2 to 1.5x
4. HackMews' PRNG Fix with ThomasWinwood's change of it to use the original seeding routine (His change works as far as I can see while testing!)
5. HackMews' Pomeg Glitch FIx

In addition to these changes I am going to continue to try to find small updates that all emerald hacks deserve to have and update this thread.
For now I am only interested in fixing glitches found on the original emerald rom, finding ways to update to the gen4+ mechanics, and maybe add attack moves that have same mechanics as gen 3 moves.
I am not interested in adding gen4+ pokemon yet.

all changes
Pokemon Emerald (pomeg prng rough skin crit hits to 1.5 crit hit table updated 00 freespace swit.ips
00s not changed to FFs
Pokemon Emerald (pomeg prng rough skin crit hits to 1.5 crit hit table updated).ips
Seen April 6th, 2015
Posted March 21st, 2015
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In FireRed, calling the routine at 0x080567F4 | 1 reloads the current map. This might be useful for implementing things like a custom menu and as soon as you close it, you reload the map. Here is a code-snippet you might use:

.equ reload, 0x080567F5

push {rX-rZ, lr}
bl func
pop {rX-rZ, pc}

push {lr}
ldr r0, =reload
bx r0
In addition to this, replace the pointer at 0x102794 with a pointer to a custom routine. The callback of the Pokédex is now replaced with your own callback, giving you the possibility to implement a brand new feature (PokéGEAR, Item-Case, ...)

Have fun gals! :-)



Seen August 9th, 2016
Posted June 5th, 2016
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It's like wtf have you done with them they look awfully recolored.. Oh what the heck.

no they ain't no delta species!!

But here's the main.

Awesome, no? Three categories each. Normal, shiny, shadow.

Credits to me and smogon. Note btw you have to resize these babies.


Pokemon Eminence

Seen September 6th, 2018
Posted March 14th, 2015
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Took me bloody ages to rip these. Anyway, these are from Kyledove's hoenn remakes, he stated they're public so I spent the time to extract almost all of the tiles there. I missed the light grass and the border of the ocean tiles. Enjoy.

all credit to; kyledove
Seen August 23rd, 2015
Posted August 23rd, 2015
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Free if anybody wants to use it. They're not great,but I think they're cool.Check em out. They're both a Brendan Re-Art of Emerald.I used MS Paint to make these.I might make more if you ask me to. ;)

P.S:Sprite is from DPPt.


Erika's husband

Seen May 31st, 2015
Posted May 27th, 2015
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Here are some by me indexed BW / BW2 / DPPt / HGSS trainer sprites from SpritersResource, I think they are indexed correctly and are ready to be inserted with NSE or whatever, worked for me. Credits for ripping and compiling the sprite sheets go to: NX KUN, LEMON, redblueyellow, Eevee, Zhen Lin, pika, Pipian, Paperfairy (from SpitersResource). I chose to index only the sprites that actually have trainer classes in either of the Gen 3 games.


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Posted June 20th, 2019
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I found some barbie backsprites, ahahaha

they're from the can knock down and horse-shoe throw minigames in Barbie: Vacation Adventure.

Full sheet by Davias is here:


Spanish Rom Hacker

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Posted 2 Weeks Ago
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What a nice thread

I will post a few things, everything is made by me so please, give credit if you use

Hp bars
Pokémon RUBY

Fire Red

Without border

Pokémon Emerald

And even more for Emerald:


Fire Red

Pokémon RUBY, maybe the small ones works in Emerald and Fire red aswell, didn't test

And here is another, not indexed or inserted yet


Are you looking for indexed pokémon sprites? Check here!

Just remember to give credits!


I code too much

Seen August 2nd, 2019
Posted August 1st, 2015
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Fakemon are "fun". I like them better than "let's add all the pokemanz to this old game!", but opinions are opinions.

It should be indexed, though I don't know how well Imgur retains that.

Here it is in-game:

Watermon to go along with the Lavamon. Grassmon coming soon? (Maybe-indexed as well)

Dark Lugia that is a little more than a retexture.

Using it = Crediting it to


Fake Card Artist

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Posted 1 Day Ago
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More free-to-use badges of each type. I tried to keep these designs really simple, so they should be easy to sprite at smaller sizes (like for GBA games). Credit is optional. Feel free to modify or rename these in any way you see fit.


Without background:

Simple Badge - Normal (just a simple design with no real meaning)
Forge Badge - Fire (based on a pot-bellied stove)
Sport/Potential Badge - Fighting (based on a soccer ball with colors of a basketball)
Fluidity Badge - Water (based on a cup of water)
Rotation Badge - Flying (based on a pinwheel, but also resembles a ninja star)
Root Badge - Grass (based on a planted carrot or similar vegetable)
Sting Badge - Poison (based on a stinger)
Lamp Badge - Electric (as the name suggests, it's based on an electric lamp)
Crust Badge - Ground (based on a puzzle piece and inspired by dry, cracked mud/dirt)
Cerebral Badge - Psychic (based on a brain)
Mountain Badge - Rock (based on a mountain)
Snowy/Snowball Badge - Ice (based on a Japanese-style snowman)
Change Badge - Bug (based on a monarch butterfly chrysalis)
Fang Badge - Dragon (based on a dragon head in a style reminiscent of Mayan art, with emphasis on the fang)
Memorial Badge - Ghost (based on a tombstone)
Eclipse Badge - Dark (based on a solar eclipse)
Tool/Repair Badge - Steel (based on a wrench)
Idol Badge - Fairy (based on a music note with a bow)

3DS Friend Code: 4081-5742-6200 • deviantARTGaiaOnline


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Posted March 11th, 2017
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This was made by ZeKro from WAH. Not me.

So, if you're making a world map, this is going to help.. a lot.



Red and yellow means the player can't touch that. No matter what.. Green/red means that it's blocked by other things, region name, pokenav thing, etc.


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Posted June 23rd, 2019
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Here are some FireRed-style overworld sprites for the grunts of Team Aqua (as they appear in Pokémon Heiwa). Feel free to use them as you wish, although please be sure to give credit to Lostelle (myself) and Mimi Matters.

Just download the files attached. :)

EDIT: Fixed attachments 1/6/16
What are you so afraid of?


Fluorite's back, brah

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Posted March 11th, 2017
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Here's a ninja sprite. Obviously it's an edit of Koga.

I have some (EM-style) OWs of it, if anyone wants them tell me and I'll upload them

Credit me.

Or if you want, use Dionen's version of it, which is lighter.

California, Kanto
Seen September 14th, 2016
Posted September 23rd, 2015
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Well this sprite took me very long to make but ofcourse this sprite is from Chaos Rush. Now to continue this sprite is inspired by the creator of the pokemon megaevolution and the sprite art for Pokemon Zeta,Omicron,and Insurgance. So i worked on that sprite, and became a success! So i present you Mega Typhlosion! Remember to enjoy and make sure to include me if you are using this Sprite. Have fun :)


Rom Hacker

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Posted October 22nd, 2015
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Im working on sprites wesleyfg style that dont need any pallet changes to insert them...
its in the original FRLG pallets
you can just insert them with the over world editor

Its going to take me sometime to recolor all of them so... just chill

I have only made the RED sprites... the rest are just recolored


Hentai King

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Columbus, Ohio
Seen January 12th, 2018
Posted January 7th, 2018
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There is a lot of good resources here.
Here is a tileset i came across that i thought id share :)
Project Marnian Tileset by WesleyFG.

On a side note, does anyone by chance have that kyledove ips patch from the old thread? This patch exactly.

Edit: I don't know how, but i found the patch from the above post.
Jirachi's Versace


Creator of Sky Twilight + Sky Daylight?

Unova Region
Seen October 24th, 2016
Posted October 16th, 2016
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4.8 Years
Hey guys it's me. The creator of Sky Twilight. I want to be helpful as possible as the attachment section is not working as well as it should be. If you're struggling to find a Gen IV and V icon with prefect animations for your hack, that can change by me as I'm posting those icons onto this thread as now you can not waste your time to search for them. By the way, there is Gen VI as a little bonus.

Here the download link below.
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