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What was your favorite Pokémon MOVIE? Page 3

Started by Awimbambou December 11th, 2017 6:32 PM
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Mon Amour

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Plot wise, the movie where Ash goes off to rescue his mother, it's not some bullmuk movie where it's like oh look Ash the 10 year old boy, you are the only person who can save the world. No, in that movie Ash goes to save his mother, it's his own personal issue, not some "the world is gonna end" cliche movie.

Yue Han

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Definitely Pokémon 2000. I loved how Articuno was the only bird that didn't get captured out of the 4 of them, 'The Power of One' is amazing and PokéShipping 4 lyf.

Also I was very pleasantly surprised by how good the Sinnoh movies were. I really enjoyed that a plot continued over the course of 3 movies.


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my favorite must be the manaphy movie. idk what i like about it but if you offer me a pokemon movie to watch i'll 100% pick the manaphy movie

erik destler

and I - oop!

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I do have a fondness for the first 4, definitely. Of those 4, I'd probably say Pokemon 2000 would be my favorite.

But one of my other favorites is probably the Shaymin one. :]

Paired with Laslow and Cherrim


She's so beautiful :D

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Sticking by Korrina (i love her :3)
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Posted April 22nd, 2019
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I have two. And they both came to the states on very special years for me as well....

Pokemon Jirachi Wishmaker (which came out in 2004, the year i was pretty much only into pokemon and just ran a super epic pokemon forum and oh man it was awesome)
Pokemon: I Choose You The Movie! (which came out last year, the same year I got into korrina. which is also super special to me :D <3)

Also the overall stories and stuff for those movies just pulled at my heart strings.

I also like Lucario and Keldeo's movies a lot, cuz, I like Lucario and Keldeo a lot xD But the first two movies really are the best to me (and actually lucario is in i choose you too lol even if his role isn't so big xD)
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It's a tie between The Rise of Darkrai and Jirachi Wishmaker. The second one holds a special place in my heart though, seeing how it has been literally my most favorite before Darkrai came. <3
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