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Old 1 Week Ago (1:21 AM).
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    I need a help about a team for Gen3

    I am planning a Slaking, scizor, swampert, aggron/tyranitar, zapdos/raikou

    Suggest me the full team please
    And I cant take any legendries (except zapdos/raikou)
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    Old 1 Week Ago (8:29 AM).
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      Your team sounds about ok-ish.
      Your team is a bit too weak to Earthquake so I'd suggest choosing Zapdos over Raikou.
      I'd also suggest for you to take Tyranitar over Aggron.
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      Old 1 Week Ago (2:06 PM).
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        Aggron pretty much is bad, too many weaknesses and inferior to Tyranitar in every sense of the word stats, movepool, ability etc you name it.

        Slaking is a momentum sieve due to its awful ability. However if you must use it, it basically 100% needs Magneton support to remove Skarm, Forry etc which is of concern or your team folds to Spikes even before the battle has begun and Slaking offers them a free switch in as does Swampert and Scizor.
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