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Gold Pokémon New Gold 2018

Started by ericgall23 November 6th, 2018 7:02 PM
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Posted September 10th, 2019
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Hello everyone!

I made Pokémon New Gold 2018. It is final and complete.

Pokémon New Gold 2018 is a hack of Pokémon Gold, for Game Boy Color. It is the second, final and corrected version of Pokémon New Gold 2012.


The story still dates 100 years later, after the original adventure of GSC. You’re in a Johto-Kanto region where urbanism has expanded drastically, and where nature suffers in most places!

You still debute in Goldenrod City. You have to do several quests in order to progress, like finding a certain item in a place!

Many changes, and A LOT, have been made in the first version of the original Pokémon Gold game: (It is new!)

– The starters are different: Consisting of Houdour, Natu and Mankey, to make the triangle of Fighting, Psychic and Dark types! (Just like Grass, Water and Fire!)

– The Gyms are in a different order.

– Many TMs have changed! There are 17 new TMs!

– All informations about Pokémon like attacks and TM compatibilities are up to date with 5th Generation! For example, Outrage has 120 base power, right?

– Johto and Kanto have changed drastically! Discover them!

– Your Rival has a mysterious motivation… Discover it during your travel!

– Many towers have been built, like the Flash Tower or the Tech Tower.

– Some new areas to explore in Johto and Kanto.

– Some Gym leaders of Kanto have a second occupation: Brock owns the Pewter Museum, Misty has an harbor, Surge has a restaurant and Blaine… ha ha! Discover it!

– Since it’s 100 years later, technology has evolved so much! Teleports and Hi-Tech buildings are omnipresents almost everywhere!

– And many more surprises for you to discover and to enjoy to the fullest! 😉

What’s corrected in the second version (2018):

- Most of the dialogs have been fully updated and corrected!

- The attacks are up to date with Gen 7 positives changes!

- Some adjustments for the quest have been made. (Trainer’s Pokémon and/or levels, availability of some things, etc.)

- A walkthrough will be available in a Word document and on the web site of the game.

- TM/HM compatibilities are updated with Gen 7.

- The difficulty of some gyms has been reviewed, especially for the last ones, and has a little change in order.

- The lighting of some areas have been corrected and adjusted!

- The story is much more clearer than the previous version!

- This version is much more greater than the previous one! Thrash the old one and play this one. (Anyway, the old version (2012) will be deleted and replaced by the new one (2018).)

- The linking services have been restored on some Pokémon centers. (They should work with TGB Dual!)

Download the IPS file from this topic, in the attachement section. (Patch this file using Lunar IPS to an original english Pokémon Gold ROM.)

Pokemon New Gold 2018.ips

Some documents that explains my hack:

For walkthrough and details, visit the web site.

The link is:


Some pictures here:

Pokemon New Gold 2012_010.jpg

Pokemon New Gold 2012_015.jpg

Pokemon New Gold 2012_016.jpg

Pokemon New Gold 2012_017.jpg

Pokemon New Gold 2012_081.jpg

Pokemon New Gold 2012_0178.jpg

Pokemon New Gold 2018_0112.png

Have lots of fun! 🙂

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