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Request Anyone draw anime &/or cartoon style?

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Anyone artists? I'm making a rom hack, and I had some characters that I wanted to have some custom artwork for. If one person wants to try all of them or multiple artists for multiple artwork. Was looking for something similar to the old Pokémon manga style (maybe color ������) but I'd be extremely grateful for any attempts.

And of course a HHUUUGGEE thank you when I post a thread for my hack. Lemme know

1st one is the main antagonist. He is going to be a really bad dude.... Took inspiration from the character Negan (walking dead)

2nd one is the male protagonist. Took inspiration from the character lucas (Mother 3)

3rd is the Protagonist's brother, Jax. He has a strong bond with his brother/sister (depending on who you choose.) Hot headed, rash. Inspiration from Claus (mother 3)

4th Jax Merged with the Ultra Beast, Nihilego. Inspired by the plot of Sun and Moon.

5th Female protagonist. Like the male protagonist, except female.

Again, any attempts regardless of your skill would be gratefully appreciated. I'm not an art critic :)
Coming soon...

More info to come!
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