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Old 1 Week Ago (6:39 PM). Edited 6 Days Ago by M.E.R.255.
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Well... this one's not as creative as those who make Fakémon from scratch, but it's fun to practice art while trying to just have fun.

I've made quite a couple, but will only post few per reply. =)
You can post any edits you've made of graphics from any of the games, Pokémon or trainer, from the Anime, or whatever! So who'd like to go give it a try? ;D Also um... please remember not to break the rules by like... making Brock look like a total pervert or making Jinx nude. *sweat* Just be silly, okay? If you don't want to post any and instead request someone to post more, you can do that too. =)

So let me start first.
Well, I received 0 comments on this image on deviantART, so I hope at least you guys find it silly. =P

I know, it's just Slowbro without the weird Shellder on its tail, but I still found the idea funny of what it would be like if Slowbro was unfortunate enough to have something else bite its tail. XD
Chikorita just looked cute, so I had to add her.

(Slowbro + Exploud is my favorite XD)
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Old 1 Week Ago (10:39 PM).
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it's not often that something on the internet actually makes me laugh but these are hilarious. i love it. slowbat and slowlad especially. and the way slowbro looks at the gyarados in slowdos is gold.

i'll make a few soon if i have time
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Old 1 Week Ago (3:25 AM).
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I like the slowper one
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Old 1 Week Ago (4:08 AM).
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im ded
this is too cute

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Old 1 Week Ago (6:25 PM). Edited 1 Week Ago by M.E.R.255.
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You guys are so awesome for replying to this image! =D *grouphug*
GAH! Sorry! I just... never really had many replies on this, you know? ^#^ *teary eyed*

Okay! Well... seeing how you like these, I could show my other silly stuff. ^o^
Soooooo... adventure over here suggested for me to post some of these in here! ;D

2nd Gen. style silly stuff
Cat Wooper

2 AM Oak
(What I thought should happen when you choose 2:00 AM in the morning where Prof. Oak was sound asleep and he barely got dressed to greet you, having forgotten his belt and making his trousers drop to the floor and reveal his underwear... or how you call it... whitey tighties? =P)

Ulgykarp "Will you capture me?"

Black 2 & White 2 style
Oscar Octillery
(classy but silly at the same time, with its buck teeth, tongue hanging out, suit, and all that =P)

Agent Diglett
"Huh?" *shoots up*
"I'm watching you..." *goes back down... slowly*
"Say what?" *shoots up*
"That's what I thought..." *goes back down... slowly*
"Hmm?" *shoots up*

NOPE Diglett
(meme reference, except having sunglasses instead of a hardhat to extend into)

Um... should I post more? =O There's more stuff I've not posted from my folders in years, and more I can do / make.

PS: Oh my Arceus, I got replies on the Slowbros!!! ^o^ *excited*

PPS: I'd love to see what you guys can do! =D Heck, if you even want to, just take my stuff and fiddle around with it. Stay creative! ^o^
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Old 1 Week Ago (4:00 PM).
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oh my god

even if they're just edits, your animations and creative ideas make them really amazing! Pretty hilarious, heh.

See my art here!
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Old 1 Week Ago (4:34 PM).
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Slowper is hilarious lol

I wish i knew how to do this stuff xD

Signature by Nah
Avatar by Bobbylicious
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Old 1 Week Ago (5:37 PM).
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These are pretty great haha

My favorite one is Pelipper+Slowbro.
Games Collab

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Old 1 Week Ago (7:18 AM).
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Oh man, I'm a huge fan of these ideas you make. The animations are also well done for timing and portraying your ideas. Awesome job, yo!
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Old 1 Week Ago (7:24 AM).
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*looks at Slowsprout and Slowkarp*
I thought this wasn't supposed to be sexual? :P
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Old 6 Days Ago (7:37 AM).
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agent diglett got me like

I like how much fun your work is. No major agenda, nothing super intricate or trying to be, just fun. It's refreshing.

My favorite Slowbroer has to be Slowper, though I appreciate Slowsprout and Slowkarp 'cause damn, if I was that good I wouldn't be so alone. Your Gen II edits and Oscar Octillery are magnificent! Very adhering to style and demonstrates a lot of skill with shading and editing in that field. Your gifs are also very smooth and efficient, nice work there.
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