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Old September 7th, 2014 (3:11 AM).
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"Bloody" Mayte Howaru
Grisel, Zone 6, Onzor

Not surprisingly, no one had the sense to leave the glass room with Mayte. Instead they defied logic and continued to argue in the massive glass room around the two dead bodies. The bodies made it much more difficult for the group to talk themselves out of a confrontation with local law enforcement, if they even manage to make it to a stage where they could talk. Mayte noticed another problem as he made his way towards the cityscape; there was a security vehicle parked in a far spot of the car park that came off the building. To make the situation even worse Mayte recognised the writing on the side of the car: “Departurme”.

Mayte increased his pace, in such a way that from a distance it would seem that he was moving at an average walk towards the Departurme Vehicle, before the door opened, revealing a red-haired lady. “Stay right there,” she called out to Mayte in Onzorian.

Inching forward Mayte dropped the glass blade he fashioned earlier into his hand. Two dead bodies on a table, surrounded by a bunch of outsiders had already forfeited the chance of talking his way out of the situation. Taking in his environment, he looked for an escape route as a makeshift blade from this distance wouldn’t do him much good in a fight when she enviably pulled out her gun.

Seemingly on cue, the red-hair lady called out again in Onzorian, warning Mayte to lower his weapon while she brought hers out and aimed it at him. The rumble of engines seemed to take her attention away, and taking his chance Mayte bolted for the small amount rumble piled close to him. A weird feeling rushed through his body as he slide in behind the rumble, which would barely give him any protection if she did decide to shoot at him. Much to Mayte’s surprise, the lady screamed out in frustration, apparently unable to locate him.

After a quick exchange with the two new arrivals the now three strong group of Departurme Departers advanced on the rest of the group which Mayte had left behind in the glass room. Carefully Mayte advanced past the three, whose attention was more focused on the sitting ducks in the room. While casing the first vehicle for weapons the sound of bullets drew Mayte’s attention back to the Departers, who just unloaded a round of bullets into the wall of the building where everyone had remained.

A quick inspection of the other two vehicles revealed an annoying fact to Mayte, there was no weapons remaining, while also presenting an opportunity. One of the newcomers had left the keys in the ignition of their vehicle. Debating with himself what the most efficient course of action, Mayte rationalised that he had a much higher chance of survival in an elite group. Especially if the group had another special operation member in it.

In a moment the car’s engine roared into life, tires spinning as it took off towards the room, which what looked like the foot soldier had just left to approach the Departers. He’s staying here. Mayte thought as his newly acquired vehicle sped past the three Departers, garnering their attention, as well as a few bullets before sliding in front of the buildings door.

“Get in, the car is bullet proof. You have 8 seconds before I leave.” Mayte declared after throwing open the passenger door and looking into the room while the car continued to take bullets.

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Old September 7th, 2014 (3:57 PM).
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I was getting anxious. It took a lot of strength to prevent myself from just killing one of them, a trade of lives. Luckily, I got a perfect distraction. The man who had left earlier came back, with a car, and it was great. The three of them were distracted for just long enough for me to sprint forward with a mix of adrenaline, and something else, that strange glow. I willed myself to go as fast as I could, and when I closed the distance, I managed to punch the guy right in his chest, certainly breaking a few ribs. I snatched his gun away and shot one of the woman in her shoulder, making her drop her weapon. The last woman managed to clip my arm, but I clubbed her with the back of my gun, making her drop to the ground. I walked to the woman who i shot in the shoulder and leaned over her with my gun pointed at her head, "Seeing as you are police and not soldiers, I will spare your lives. But I swear to god, if I see any of you killing innocents again, I'll murder you in your sleep." I picked up their weapons and made my escape in the midst of the chaos. I knew I would have to regroup with them at a later point.

I managed to make my way into a quieter part of the city. It seemed to be in bad shape, as the buildings were either abandoned, or unkempt. I slipped into one of the abandoned apartment buildings, and hid the guns. My arm was in pain. The bullet only grazed my arm, but it was still a nasty wound, and I searched the building for any supplies. After searching through a few rooms, I managed to find a small first aid kit that had a bit of rubbing alcohol and wraps. I sanitized and covered the wound and leaned against a wall. I felt incredibly tired, though I should not have, and I wondered what that glow was. I tried to replicate it, "Glow" I muttered, "Magic!" I said, but there was no glow. "What the hell did those scientists do to me." I muttered. I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and concentrated on my hand, trying to make any energy I could flow to it. I opened my eyes, and I saw a small flicker of red, but it was out immediately. "I must be drained." I mused, though I was not sure what it was at all.

I heard footsteps, and immediately went prone, there was nothing to hide behind, and the guns were in a different room, so I was a sitting duck if it was an enemy. To my relief, it was two children, a boy around thirteen and a girl around ten, who were dirty, scrawny, and absolutely pitiful. I reasoned they were homeless. They peaked into the room through the doorway, but scurried away when I looked at them. "I am not going to hurt you." I said in Onzorian.

The boy peaked in to look at me, and I set up and held my hands up to show that I was safe. "T-that is ours." He said shakily, pointing at the aid kit.

"Oh, I apologize." I said, pushing the kit toward him, "Where are your parents kid?" I asked curiously.

He rushed in to get the kit, and then rushed out. "D-dad died to war, and mom was taken by the Departers."

"Was she arrested?" I asked, and the boy nodded, "For what reason?"

"I don't know." He said with his head down. "We had guests over though, and they were taken too."

I sighed and stood up. I walked slowly toward the door, holding my hands up and asked in a kind tone, "Do you two happen to have any food?"

The boy and girl kept their distance, but each nodded.

"Do you think you could share with a hungry, inured man?"

The little girl moved a little closer to the boy, whispered in his ear, and he nodded.

I bowed graciously, "Thank you very much." They led me to a room down the hall and showed me that they had plenty of food stashed within it. Empty junk food, bread, and instant food packs were strewn about, while boxed food that had to be cooked, and cans were piled in a corner. "Can either of you cook?" I asked, getting a head shake from both of them. I wouldn't be able to cook food either without electricity or gas, "Do you two have bread?"

"Yes sir." The girl said, going to get a loaf.

I looked around and found peanut butter, a knife, and a sealed jar of jam. "I'll make some sandwiches, are you two fine with that?"

The girl's eyes lit up, "Mommy makes sandwiches!" She said, "Can you cut mine into triangles?"

I laughed and nodded, "What about you champ?"

He nodded, "I also like triangles, but I don't want peanut butter." He said softly.

I made four sandwiches and gave two to the kids, and took two for myself. We all ate quietly, looking down at the ground. When the girl finished she said, "Thank you sir." and so did the boy.

I laughed, "It is your food, I should thank you." I looked out the boarded window, and saw the sun up in the sky. "How well do you two know the city?"

"I know the city really well." The boy said, "It is how I steal the food."

"Do you think you could look for my friends?" I asked, "We are new to this city, and got separated. I don't want to leave the building because I am afraid of the Departers."

"We are too." The girl said, "but it is easy to avoid them when you know all the shortcuts."

"Think you could help me out?"

"Sure." The boy said, "But they can't come over."

"Fair enough." I laughed, "So there is about nine people, all of them are adults. One of them is blonde man with light skin, and green eyes. Another one is kind of short, and mean looking. Uhh, there's a dark skinned man with a rather dead look, and a redheaded woman, and a rather snappy Onzorian girl. Don't worry about talking to them, just let me know where they are."

"Uh, okay." The boy said, "Some of them sound really mean."

"It'll be okay kid, just keep your distance from them. Try looking for a Departer car with bullet holes in it, its the car we bought a while ago to get around. Just remember not to talk to them." The boy nodded and the two of them ran out. I walked into the room where the guns I collected were and stretched. My energy felt much higher after eating, and I wanted to try forcing the red glow to happen again, so while I waited for the kids, I began to practice and test this new energy.
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