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BW013 - Chillarmy is Tidy!? (Japanese Spoilers)

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Old December 16th, 2010 (6:51 PM).
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I think her demeanor is different because, her object is to prove to her father that she is a worthy trainer or something to that effect. Chillarmy fail more, seriously to get yourself captured like that.

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Old December 16th, 2010 (8:54 PM).
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    Well that was pretty entertaining, despite me understanding like... none of what was said. XD; Everything went fast this episode, it seemed. So much running around.
    Episode review time, woohoo.

    Bel is crazy, wow. I didn't know too much about her before, but WOW. Girl has some serious hyperactivity. And disorganization. And she is such a blonde. I do think she's a pretty fun character, I hope we'll see her more. She also seemed to grow and shrink randomly throughout the episode... guess that hat is magical.

    Dent... is adorable. So depressed over his kitchenware. Awwwww. And pretty nice-looking shirtless, too <3

    Ash fell off things multiple times. Heeheehee. And got a nice-looking badge case.

    Pikachu got molested and beat up. :< Poor thing is so abused this season.

    Iris was in the background this episode. I don't mind that too much. And I'm beginning to notice that she is dwarfed by her hair.

    Chillarmy is such a mischievous little Pokémon! I hope he retains that personality, it's cute~ I liked his Attract; manly Chillarmy was amusing. And that was either the lamest or best capture ever, I really can't decide.

    Team Rocket... idk what they're doing. Something secret and illegal. I think they need to stop being so.. cool and do something interesting.

    Uhm... yeah. Fun episode. Weird that the egg randomly showed up for a brief moment, I kinda wonder what was going on there. Was Nurse Joy doing a checkup on it or what?
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    Old December 17th, 2010 (1:01 AM).
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      Originally Posted by Mismagius1997 View Post
      Wow! Sounds amazing. Yay for shirtless Dento haha.
      I don't know If this is allowed but, could anyone give me a link?
      I had a rough day, my grandma died and I fell allot in the snow. I looked the whole day for the episode on youtube and sites, can't find it..

      But If I may not ask this, sorry did'nt knew.
      Sorry, but you're not allowed to ask for episode links here. There's no problem, just make sure not to ask again. ;) Oh, and my condolences...

      Originally Posted by TheSmartOne View Post

      Pikachu got molested and beat up. :< Poor thing is so abused this season.
      Hey, at least he managed to pull off a win this time!

      I really enjoyed this episode, and I found Bel's character hilarious! Chillarmy is the manliest Pokemon ever, he makes all the women swoon. This episode makes me want to catch one once I get my hands on White! Their trap to catch the little devil was pretty pitiful, it's like it was just an excuse to drop something heavy on Ash's head at the end of the episode. Not to say that there's anything wrong with that. I was anticipating Ash and Bel's battle the whole episode. To be honest, the finale was pretty disappointing. Chaobuu is a real glass cannon. However, Pikachu managed to pull off a win, so I'm not complaining! And who could forget that thrilling capture? This is one of my favorite Best Wishes episodes so far.

      All this talk about shirtless Dento and not one mention of Ash in his undies.
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      Old December 18th, 2010 (2:58 AM).
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      That episode was really cute =D I loved Belle xD
      They really made her behavior like in games =D
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      Old December 18th, 2010 (6:44 AM).
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      This episode was really weird and funny. It's a pity I wasn't able to understand much of what was going on, especially the way Chillarmy got caught; it was weird. XD
      Was Belle trying to command Ash's Pokemon or something? XD I really like Belle now. I'm officially in love with her. :D
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      Old December 19th, 2010 (12:09 AM).
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      Originally Posted by Regeneration View Post

      Was Belle trying to command Ash's Pokemon or something? XD
      Yeah =D She was really cool =D
      And also she wanted Pikachu to participate in battle =D
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      Old December 24th, 2010 (1:18 PM).
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      Chillarmyyyy. Now, if you don't know - or can't tell - I've been obsessed with Chillarmy since it was Chiramii. Since the day it was ~leaked~. It's actually going to be the single reason why I'm even interested in generation V. I pretty much lost most of my interest in Pokémon, after all.

      I finally got around to watching it, and here are my reactions to the episode. It looks like a fangirl.

      lolderp headbutt sent 'em flying.
      how rude. let her finish talking before you turn it off! :(
      omg lol @ face
      haha. she's still looking' for it.
      omg chillarmy tail!!
      omggggg cuuuuuutee AAAHHHH!!! that sound it makes when it's running omgggggg Chillarmy <33333
      awwwwww. cuuute.
      omg the pokedex images are so cute.
      i want to hug it.
      omg lol it put the case in it's mouth. lmfao!
      i like the pokabu eve more after seeing it in action. hmm..
      aww look at it run! :)
      omg that's so cute. it's tickling it!!! awwwwwwwww!!!!
      aw, how cute. cleaning itself off after falling.
      mijumari you're stealing it's spotlight. :(
      there you go, chillarmy. steal it right back. n___n show it who's boss.
      :))))) qt!
      cute and strong! one hit!
      haha. back in the mouth it goes!
      team rocket looks so professional now. snap son!
      wow. intense scene… sudden disappearance. cool… now show me chillarmy please.
      it's a he!
      dent is so much like brock…
      omgggg chillarmyyy n_n
      aw, how cute. sniffing it.
      cute feet. n_n
      holy crap! bell is like a giant in that scene.
      aww, cleaning off the pot. so cute.
      :o -> >:)
      such a corny dance.
      what a sly face.
      haha, right back at ya!
      tsutaja is like me in this case. so in love with chillarmy <3
      good you dodged. :)
      omg pikachu you know you like it. ;)
      aww so cute. he's tired.
      noooo. :(
      lol. run away.
      monster ball?
      omg lol it's running to clean it.
      can i turn this episode off now, or is there going to be more chillarmy in it?
      that's right! it doesn't matter! wouldn't matter to me, either as long as i had a chillarmy. n_n
      omg derp pikachu in the box thing.
      when did he get an egg? :/
      omg that flip screen gave me a small headache.
      chaoboo? u_u ugh… you wanted a chillarmy and you aren't even using it?
      omg that attack looked cool.
      omg it fainted? u_u
      omg lol… that was such an awkward exit.
      put the case down. what a stupid thing to do to close the episode. :/
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      Old December 27th, 2010 (3:43 PM).
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        THAT VOICE. The image of Amagami's Haruka Morishima fits Bel so well, that it's scary.

        And it took me this long to figure out that Mijumaru is the spiritual successor to Psyduck. :V

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