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Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon Ultra Wormholes (Potential Spoilers Ahead)

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Anyone who's completed the main story knows about the strangely addictive, Sonic-esque mini game.

How did you like it? Have you caught all the available Pokémon, including shiny forms and Legendaries? What controls did you use?
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Actually, this isn't spoilers anymore. The game's been out for 6 months now to the point where lots of people have already completed it, and so the plot is pretty much well-known right now, including the new bosses and the plot twists.

Anyway, I'm gonna admit that I'm actually a little rusty on wormhole riding. The last time I did it was around Christmas last year to clean out the last hole that I had to get a legendary from, with which case it was Landorus. After that, I basically didn't touch the wormholes anymore because I got what I needed, including the UBs, with their correct nature. As for the minigame itself, the controls are pretty stiff to start off with and I had trouble trying to steer Solgaleo at speed, so I kept crashing into electricity orbs and as a result falling into a hole I really didn't want to be in. As for shiny hunting, I'm not really interested in doing it, especially considering I've gotten a lot of wormhole shinies over Wonder Trade.
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The controls are pretty stiff, but with the circle pad I find it much easier to travel longer distances. I actually prefer this mini-game to Mantine Surfing. It's so mindless that it relaxes me, as well being more rewarding (unless you can acquire wormhole Pokémon the easy way via trade).

So far I have caught two UBs, three shinies and ten Legendaries. I'm holding out for a Suicune!
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