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Old August 12th, 2018 (10:23 AM).
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Did you think Iris deserved the title of champion in b2/w2? From pokemon games, it's quite common for the '8th' gym leader of pokemon regions to hold their own against even the Elite Four, but was Iris's case different?

When Alder stepped down from his position, it was Iris who somehow gained the helms of becoming the league champion, with even stronger dragon pokemon and a better variety of pokemon in general (ie Lapras, Aggron, etc).

In B2/W2, do you think her Pokemon suited that of a champion, and if you could replace her, would you replace him with anyone? If so, who, and how would you change the storyline to suit the new champion? Or would you just replace his Pokemon and be done with it? If so, feel free to be creative and give a pokemon team, and movesets too!
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    Iris was a child prodigy. It doesn't surprise me that she eventually grew to become Unova Champion but she's so young though. I could understand if it took her 10+ years, maybe even 20 considering how hard it is to raise Dragon Types but to only take a few years? Ignoring how she was portrayed in the Anime(where she got shafted harder than anyone in recent memory), it just doesn't feel right. I mean Lance or heck Clair would have been better suited to be champion. The problem is they both hail from Johto and hence would have to abdicate their position to take on the mantle of Champion in Unova. I know there's also Drake and Drasna but the other two I mentioned feel more in line as a Champion in my opinion. Overall though I'm fine with Iris, I just feel she's a bit young compared to every other Champion you face(Blue, and to lesser extent, Red excluded of course).
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