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Draconius GO
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    Progress: Testing out the Rival fight to find a good balance between "stupid hard" and "anticlimactic".
    Starting to put down ground work for the "epilogue" portion of the game. It won't be finished by the next update but you'll be able to pick whether you want a good or bad ending.

    Originally Posted by jenje008 View Post
    just finishet the demo yesterday NEVER FELT BORED at all. it took me 19h but I did a lot of grinding... waiting for the next update and the League ... GOOD LUCK
    That's awesome! And wow, 19 hours is a lot.
    The League update should be up, sometime within December if everything keeps going at this pace.

    Originally Posted by supereffective View Post
    take a year off after completeing then add a plus one with major crazy trainer battles for a second playthrough like for example officer jenny will have 3 arcanines instead of two growlethes etc etc
    Ahh a New Game+ would be amazing. I'm not sure if it's possible, but being able to start over while keeping all your Stolen Pokemon would be great. That way, it would be easier to experiment with different teams or mutations.
    Is a harder difficulty mode something that would be fun? I know that particular Jenny fight was really difficult when I first made it.
    But yes, NewGame+ is something I'll definitely play around with in the future. Right now I don't know if it would be easy, or too difficult to put in.
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      Im gonna have to try this out ;o;
      Hey guys. lol i didnt think my username through. Wish i could change it.
      Hey guys, I think you would enjoy a Pokemon RPG: Pokemon Eclipse!

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        Would love a harder difficulty, ex. if you win nugget bridge, you get a Raticate from Team Rocket instead of Rattata, and then the difficulty would be much harder
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