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Holly Amarosa and Kayla Makihatayama

“Chase, I’m fine. You don’t have to come back here again.”

“Really? Because from what Kayla’s told us, you’ve been stalked and harassed, not eating or taking your medicine, and you’re cranky. You’ve never been cranky before.”

Holly scowled and hung up on her brother. She knew that it was childish, but she couldn’t help it. Between Kayla following her around everywhere and her brother and sister constantly calling every five minutes, Holly felt that she had a right to be cranky. She wasn’t a baby. Everyone didn’t need to treat her like she was.

“Molly, you don’t think I’m being unreasonable, do you?” Holly looked up at her Munna, who was floating around, looking like she was deep in thought. Molly sighed and gestured at the Xtransceiver on her trainer’s wrist and gave her a pointed look. Holly crossed her arms and narrowed her eyes at the Psychic-type.

“You’re on their side? I’m fine. You guys worry too much. Why can’t you be more relaxed like Shadow?” She turned to the Gastly and sighed when she couldn’t find him. He had a bad habit of disappearing. At least he came back eventually, but she couldn’t help but wonder where he went.

“There are no sides,” Kayla said as she walked over to her cousin. “Holly, we’re all worried about you. Why won’t you listen to us?”

“You had no right to tell Amy and Chase about what I’m doing here. It’s none of their business,” Holly said angrily, glaring at Kayla. “If I’m having trouble, I’ll tell them myself.”


“You always do that… Why can’t you just mind your own business, Kayla? Don’t you understand how annoying that is?”

“Excuse me for caring about you, you spoiled brat!” Kayla’s eyes filled with tears as she looked at Holly. “You’re worse than Satoshi! You’re too stubborn to accept the fact that you need help! If you keep acting like this, you could end up dead! I bet that’s probably what you want anyway, right?”

“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Holly said, narrowing her eyes at Kayla. “You don’t know how hard it is for me—”

“I don’t know anything because you won’t talk to me!” Kayla groaned and wiped her tears away.

“This is hopeless. Come find me when you’re not being a stubborn brat.” Holly watched her walk away and sighed.
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    Dalex Yukashi:

    Shadow watched as the battle continued. He started to become worried about the intensity of the fight with so many people around. None the less, he continued to take pictures. He took pictures of the spider webs raining down from the sky and covering the battlefield. He took a picture of the normal spiderwebs becoming electrowebs caused by the little spider tick like pokemon.

    Back in Mistralton City, they would sometimes have problems with the spidertick pokemon due to being so close to the cave they lived in. Especially when it came to breeding season... other than psychic type pokemon, that was probably the scariest thing he had ever seen...

    He continued to take picture here and there and then as the Ditto Dragonnite and the real Dragonite collided and started to form ball he became worried. He set his camera to take 20 quick fire photos in under 5 seconds because he knew what was coming. And was then a massive dragon type attack collided with the huge ice sphere and exploded. The crowd became silent, but as the blizzard struck everything and everyone, he could hear faint yells over the blizzard. The officals jumped into action, but not all of the ice shards had been removed. A giant ice spear the size of row boat launched toward him. Dalex quickly reacted jumping back. If there was one thing he learned in Mistralton, it was to ride with the winds. Most people fell around him, but he read then wind correctly and landed softly on his feet. Snow was flying at him and he was forced to use his arm to guard his eyes.

    Treecko flew off Dalex's shoulder, but he was able to quickly react and grabbed treecko, and pulled him close to him to use his body as a shield.

    As the winds started to settle down a little, one last big shard was heading toward a little boy who wasn't even able to have a pokemon yet and probably lived in Oak Town.

    "Dang it! Kid move!" Dalex yelled, but the boy was paralyzed from fear.

    Dalex was the only one who could possibly do anything due to being able to move better than most people around him. He had learned a lot about the winds from Ariane's Uncle and the Airport in his time in Mistralton. He quickly came up with a plan.

    "Alright, Froakie come out! Use your frubbled to lasso the ice chunk! Bring it down slowly if you can!" Dalex said.

    He knew pokemon were far stronger than humans in most cases, and he was positive that power of frubbles would stop the ice from slipping with its sticky nature. Froakie popped out of his pokeball and quickly formed a frubble rope and lassoed the ice. Treecko, able to read Dalex like a book, quickly reacted even in the know and tackled the kid away from the ice chunk. A split second after Treecko moved, Froakie brought the ice chunk down hard to the ground as it shattered like a boulder. Blindsided by an ice chunk, a big piece barged into Dalex arm, and sent him falling to the ground.

    He could hear people running toward him as he shook of the daze that the ice had put him in. He tried to get up, but a hand went on his back.

    "No, stay down. Let me check you first." The nurse said.

    He was rolled over, looking up at a nurse as she checked his arm and side where the ice collided. Other people were starting to stand near him. Treecko and Froakie came to his shoulders. He laid there for a few minutes as the snow fell slowly down.

    "Amazing, you have some very strong bones. If you weren't as athletic and toned as you are, you arm would be broken along with a few ribs. They are bruised, but they should be ok tomorrow if you rest. May I ask what dorm you are from, and your name?" The nurse asked.

    "Dalex Yukashi. Entei Dorm." Dalex said.

    "Noted, should I get a escort for you or will you be fine?"

    "No I will walk and stand on my own if you don't mind. I have been through worst things than this." Dalex said.

    The nurse nodded and she left him as she quickly went to check on others. Dalex got up with the help of a few strangers who thanked him for what he had done. After the crowd had settled, the little boy and his parents came over to Dalex.

    "Thank you so much young man. You saved my son for me! Is there anything we can do?" The mother asked.

    "No, it was a reward enough knowing that your boy is safe miss. And it was my pokemon not me." Dalex said.

    "So young, but yet so grown up. You raised your pokemon well and therefore you are also the one who helped my son. Thank you young man." The father said.

    As they thanked him and everyone else started to leave him alone, he looked around the battlefield, he though about taking more picture, but thought against it. He then heard the announcement that the battle had been called and that the group of Mark and Amber had won.

    He looked down at his pokemon,"Thanks guys. I'll be ok, return and get some sleep. Tomorrow is a big day."

    He returned both of his pokemon as he looked around at the power level of the battle, "I hope that I am this strong one day."
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    Mark and Ma-er, Valorie

    Valorie retreated from the battlefield, making her way back inside. Even Mark's form was more comfortable than that... booger dragon. I mean honestly! She was having a hard time paying attention to the details when she was just so happy to have a humanoid body to stand in. She would only stop after she was a good distance away from the cheering of the battlefield, leaning upon a nearby wall to fume silently. She hadn't heard Mark at all.

    Mark followed after Val to make sure she didn't go off too far. Thankfully he ended up finding him- er- her. Still in Mark's body. Awkward. "Val... there you are..." Mark said as he walked up to her. This was weird... talking to what was an exact copy of himself but he just had to remember that this was Valorie.

    Valorie turned to address Mark, pouting at no one in particular. "What is it?" she asked, becoming frustrated with her appearance. Suddenly she dropped the guise, returning to the form of Goodra. "Shouldn't you be preparing for your next battle?" she went on rather lamely, pretending to be anything less than furious with the turn of events.

    Mark shook his head. "Val I'm more concerned about everyone else then a battle. I'm hate that it turned out like that... That's not how I wanted to win." Mark said as he stepped closer to her. "Val I know your frustrated. If you want to let it out, then here I am. Vent it out on me." Mark said, clenching his fists and standing firm in front of her.

    Valorie considered the offer for a moment, seeming to ponder something quietly. She leaned down, lowering her head to Mark's level. "...What I really want?" she began in a rather quiet tone. "Is two kick some Team Rocket butt and get my body back." she replied, a certain fury in her eyes. "Dang it, Mark. I know I could've won that. I'm sick of coming in second, and 'this' isn't helping." Valorie replied, choosing to take out her anger on Team Rocket for trapping her in a body that doesn't belong to her.

    Mark looked down at her and back up. He could understand how upset she was being stuck in a Goodra. Not to mention being beaten by Mark. As great as it felt to be on top, it just wasn't right to win when she had such a disadvantage. "Val I want to get you back to normal just as baddly... all of you." Mark said, starring into Val's eyes. "I want to have my rival back to kick me to the curb every so often ya know?" Mark said with a smile.

    Valorie's brow fidgetted. She went on to raise it in mild amusement. "...I can't be losing to you if I'm going to become world champion." she replied, leaning back. "Kinda... wish Selenne was here to support me in this, though." she remarked in an exasperated tone. "Uh--...Don't lose. I need to--I need to go. I'm done waiting for the academy to finish a solution." she replied, a tad somber in tone.

    Mark frowned when Valorie mentioned Selene, getting a harsh reminder of that whole scene. "Val I can't have you going off on your own again. You nearly died last time!" Mark said. "If your going to get your body back then I'm going to help you out weither you like it or not!" Mark said.

    Valorie was surprised to say the least, blinking several times in quick succession. "...A-Alright." she replied uncomfortably. "I don't think it's going to be cool though. I've... got a plan." she replied.

    Mark held a stern expression on his face. "Lay it on me Val." Mark replied to her.

    Valorie frowned, lowering her voice. "...I want to join Team Rocket." she replied, making quotation signs around the word 'join'. "Play along. Get some answers. Drop the act. Maybe teach them a lesson or two in the process." she mused aloud. "Think about it!" she went on, smirking at mark. "All I have to do is copy the appearance of a Rocket and have some fun." she went on.

    Mark blinked at her for a moment. "I dunno Val... that seems like it could backfire really easily... what if you get involved in something big and end up, off island or something weird like that? What would that leave me doing?" Mark asked in worry.

    Valorie shrugged gently. "...I guess you'd be the one to call for help!" she replied light-heartedly. "But I have to do this. I -can't- wait. Look at me Mark." she whined, gesturing to herself. "...I'm disgusting

    Mark looked over the Goodra and back to Val's face. "Your still you in the end though Val. You might not have your good looks but you still have that burning passion to be the best trainer around." Mark said before giving off an awkward silence. "Uh... sorry didn't mean to word it like that. Heh." Mark said with a small laugh. "But you know what I mean. We'll get you and the others back to normal. But we can't just rush into the base like before. We need a proper strategy. Thankfully I'm your guy for that." Mark said with a wink.

    Valorie squirmed where she stood, rather uncomfortable. "Mark..." she whispered, leaning a bit closer. "I'm not spending the rest of my life as a goodra!" she blurted out, her gooey fists trembling with fury intended for soft, vulnerable Rocket faces. She stood up. "S-So, just keep that in mind while making your plans okay? I don't want to be like this any longer." she went on.

    "I understand Val. By the time we're finished you'll be back to your old self." Mark said. He actually had no idea what he was getting himself into here...he wanted to get Val back to normal but he didn't know where to begin. Disguising as a Rocket would probably be the best bet but he didn't know where to begin!

    "I doubt joining Team Rocket would be a simple process... though if you took the place of another team rocket member then that would be alot easier I'd say. But you'd need to know their protocol beforehand..." Mark said as he rubbed his chin. "Guess I'd need to steal an outfit myself if I'm getting in on this."

    Valorie considered the idea for a long moment. "...It can't be that hard, right?" she asked, considering the other's question for a moment. "Maybe all we have to do is spread some rumors and wait~" she remarked, a sly grin crossing her face. "Think about it. 'I hear there is some kids out by the docks looking for Team Rocket.'" she went on, nodding in satisfaction with her own master ruse.

    Mark nodded. "That'd be a safe bet. They'd send a few folks down there and we take their identities... just a start to the plan anyways..." Mark said as he rubbed his chin. "I doubt they'd send folks from team rocket out or anything after what happened."

    Valorie hesitated a moment. "What if we advertised ourselves as being away from the school? We could spread a rumor about heading to the old base we cleared out. I bet that'll get a reaction." she mused aloud, trying her best to consider what a Team Rocket thug might find interesting. "...We could tell them we've got important information on the whereabouts of Lance." she offered, nodding in satisfaction with her idea. Surely, the rockets were worried about him!

    "Hrm.. I suppose..." Mark said, thinking about what could possibly go wrong. "I mean, its make sense to check out the old base... it'd need to be convincing though. This Team Rocket seems alot more organized." Mark continued to whisper.

    Valorie frowned. "...What do you have in mind, Mark?" she asked, a tad bemused herself. An idea crept at the back of her mind, but she was a tad distracted at the moment.

    Mark sat down against the wall, closing his eyes and going into deep thought. "...well... I have commodore. Any chance we could hack into them from my own dorm? Commodore is experienced in getting into data like that. He's stumbled upon all sorts of weird stuff in the past. Its how he evolved anyways." Mark explained.

    Valorie raised her arms in a helpless shrug. What were computers, that nerd thing for uh... nerds? She had no idea how those things worked beyond using them for research. "Maybe!" she offered, not knowing any better."Don't you have a battle to get to though?" she finished, a tad concerned for the other.

    Mark gasped. "Ah! Right!" Mark said as he looked back at the direction he came from. "Pretty sure the school would get in an uproar if someone just up and left and made the final match complicated..." Mark said before looking back to Val. He was worried she would up and just leave to go after team rocket on her own while he was battling. From previous experiences, she seemed to have a habit of getting herself into some form of bad luck.

    Val moved to sit down nearby. "I guess I can wait for one more night, but that's it alright?" she offered light-heartedly with a wave of her hand. "Go win. Don't you dare make me look bad for losing to you." she went on to remark, smirking slightly.

    Mark gave a small laugh at that. "Heh, hey I'll dominate the competition! After this we'll focus right on getting your body back Val! Promise!" Mark said with a wide grin.

    Valorie smiled, but did not reply. She was already busy drifting off into a dreamland, probably revolving around punching a certain Rocket. Hopefully no one would ask why she was loitering in the hall.

    Mark blinked at the silent smile but nodded back. "...Don't you go thinking about wandering off or anything~ I wanna get back at these guys as much as you do." Mark commented as he turned around and started heading back to the battlefield.

    Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
    Dynamo, Rosellia, Male Level: 15
    Moves: Spikes, Stun Spore, Power Whip, Sludge Bomb, Growth

    Buster, Marill, Male Level: 11
    Moves: Aqua Jet, Water Gun, Belly Drum, Tail Whip, Tickle

    Knox, Sandygast, Female Level 10
    Moves: Absorb, Astronish, Sand Attack, Destiny Bond, Ancient Power
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    Holly Amarosa

    “I don’t know what to do, Molly. Everyone’s mad at me…” Holly sighed and ran a hand through her hair. I wish I hadn’t made Kayla leave, but I couldn’t help it… She wasn’t even trying to listen to me… She scowled and scratched at her wrists angrily. She shouldn’t have let Amy get rid of her knife. She needed to cut now more than ever.

    Holly looked up as her Gastly materialized out of nowhere and smiled weakly at him. She knew that he probably didn’t understand anything that was going on, or why she was feeling so sad.

    “Shadow, do you think… Do you think I’m a bad person?” The Gastly frowned and shook his head.

    Holly sighed and looked between her Pokemon. She couldn’t help but feel that everyone was against her in one way or another. She frowned as Blaze, who was lying on the ground near the bench, whimpered. He could probably sense her sadness.

    “I am a bad person, you know… I don’t know why you wanted to be friends with me…” Holly glared down at her wrists as she scratched at them and smiled when they started to bleed. She almost wished that she wasn’t so numb to the pain, but she was so used to it that she didn’t feel anything anymore.

    She looked at her Xtransceiver, which was sitting on the bench next to her, and threw it at a tree, watching numbly as it broke. Now they can’t bother me anymore…

    Kayla Makihatayama

    “I can’t believe that Holly’s being so stupid! Why won’t she just listen to us?” Kayla was fuming as she talked to her brother on her Xtransceiver and paced outside the Suicune dorms angrily.

    “Kayla, maybe getting angry isn’t the best thing to do right now. Have you tried talking to her calmly?”

    “Of course I did! And then she made me mad, so I got mad…And I kind of called her a spoiled brat…”

    “Kayla…” Satoshi groaned and shook his head. Kayla glared down at him and huffed angrily as she crossed her arms. He shouldn’t be judging her. If he was in her shoes, he would have lost his temper with Holly, too. He had an even shorter temper than Kayla did, after all.

    “Don’t talk like that, Toshi… She wasn’t listening to me! What did you want me to do? I don’t know how to talk to her…”

    “Did you think about how your words might affect her? Amy told me that she had gotten rid of Holly’s knife, but there’s no telling if she had another one. You need to apologize to her before she does something.”

    “I’m not apologizing until she realizes that she’s being selfish. Talk to you later, Toshi.” Kayla hung up on her brother and sighed. I’m not wrong, she thought, pulling a piece of candy out of her bag. And Holly will realize that she’s being stupid eventually.
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      Samantha Felicity Cooper - Ain't That A Kick In The Head

      Sammy came to her senses what seemed like six months after the ice explosion, groaning as she pushed herself up from the cot in the nurses station. Her head was throbbing and the fluorescent lights seemed like they were trying to burn her eyes out. What the hell happened? The last thing she remembered was Valories Dragonite and Marks Ditto-as-Dragonite firing Ice Beams at each oth-... oh yeah. That hadn't gone very well, now she remembered... a jolt of panic hit her as her hand snapped to her belt - where were her pokeballs!?

      "Hey..." She croaked before clearing her throat, "Hey! Someone!"
      A pretty young woman in a nurses outfit sporting styled pink hair pulled back a curtain surrounding Sammy's cot, her perfectly maintained eyebrows arching. "Well, you're a stubborn one aren't you? I thought you'd be out until morning. Now stop your hollering and lie back down.
      "What happened? Where are my Pokemon?" Sammy demanded.
      "You had a nasty fall and hit your head, but I think you somehow escaped without a concussion - hard headed no doubt. Your Pokemon are fine and have received treatment, all your Pokeballs are safe at my desk. Now please, lie down. You were incredibly lucky, but I'd still prefer to keep you here a while longer."
      "Oh... good. Hey, wait," She sat up straighter, dread filling her gut, "What happened with the match?"
      The nurse pursed her lips, then softened her expression sympathetically. "After you fell it was determined you weren't fit to continue. I'm afraid your opponents won by default."

      The dread in her stomach twisted itself around until it was a disappointment more painful than her head. She lost again... and by a knockout to her, not even her Pokemon. This was the worst feeling in the world... until she realised that she must have cost Valorie the match too, then it got a whole lot worse. Valorie was going to kill her and she had every right to, how could Sammy embarrass herself like this? And all because she lost her footing? She'd grown up on ships, she trained as a boxer, her balance was nearly perfect! She looked down at the fancy outfit she'd dolled herself up in. Her styled, if mussed, hair fell forward across her face. She'd focused so much on looking good, on playing the part of the perfect trainer like Cynthia, that she was too distracted to even keep her feet planted firmly on the ground. She felt as though she'd lost her foundation, personally as well as physically. This wasn't her. Trying to be some classy attractive lady... pathetic.

      "Do I have to stay? Can I leave?" She muttered.
      "I... can't keep you here if you don't want to stay. But I really think you should."
      "No. Thank you, I'd like to go."
      "I know you must be frustrated, but -"
      "Could I just have my pokeballs please?"

      The nurse stood there for a moment, not sure what else she could say to the dejected girl, before turning and walking away. Sammy stood up slowly, cautious of the pain pulsing through her skull. She'd been knocked around before and knew how to handle pain, but that didn't make it anymore pleasant. The nurse returned with a glass of water and a pair of painkillers she insisted Sammy take before she could go, which was one concession she was all too happy to make. While she knocked back the pills and washed them down the nurse retrieved her pokeballs and the case containing her egg.. Clipping them back to her belt Sammy cradled the egg case in her arms before sighing and leaving the nurses station, stepping into the Academy halls. They were empty, it seemed like everyone was probably still at the tournament... the thought of it only made her feel worse. She had been so convinced that today was going to be the day she reinvented herself as the perfect Pokemon Trainer. Assured, attractive, witty... but she wasn't any of those things, was she?

      She started walking back towards her dorm. The thought of having to face Mark - smug that he had won... Amber - crowing over her victory... and Valorie, disgusted with Sammy as a failure... she couldn't bear going back to see the end of the tournament she'd told everyone she was going to win. Maybe tomorrow would be better, but right now it sure didn't feel like it.

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        Dalex Yukashi: The Longest Day

        Dalex waited for a long time for the battles to continue. He finally gave up on waiting. It was dark now. And he was starting to get annoyed with the pain he had suffered. He wasn't sure what he wanted to do now. He couldn't even remember most of the day, it felt so long.

        He remembered that he arrived mid morning, got to his dorm, went to the mountains, took a few pictures, battled a Rufflet, saved who he thinks is a childhood friend who slammed the door on his face when he tried to return her book, he picked berries for macaroons, he sprang his ankle to where he couldn't run very fast, He caught a Hawlucha and Shinx, but he had sent them to his parents, and he saved a little kid from getting his by ice. Yet he still hadn't received his classes. He also had a job that he wished he hadn't taken. He might just return the camera and everything else, to start fresh.

        He started to walk back to the dorm so that he could cook the macaroons. He caught a glimpse of someone coming out of the doctor room. As he watched her walk in the same direction he was going, he realized it was one of the girls in the battle. That had ended with him getting hurt as well as a few others.

        She looked about his age... maybe slightly older, but she was beautiful to him. He was slightly worried about her. She had been knocked out during the iceplosion. He didn't know how she was able to walk. He thought about approaching her, but decided to follow like everyone else who was constantly going back and forth between the dorms and arenas. His caring nature wanted to make sure she got back to the dorm safely, but he knew it was dangerous as well... especially if he was caught. She looked pretty tough. However both of them were injured and probably tired. He decided if he was caught, he would explain to her that he just wanted to make sure she had gotten back to the dorm after seeing the battles. It would suck if they were both in the same dorm though... then again, it could also be an advantage. An excuse to tell her that was the truth, that both were in the same dorms and he was simply heading back. Then he would be able to cover up the fact that he was worried about a stranger.
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        Professor Gary Oak and Mark Willson - Battlefield 7 (End of Day)
        Mark had to keep the show on the road... even though Sammy was injured and Amber had practicly forfit the match due to what happened, that left Mark the winner by default. He didn't feel satisfied at all. All that was left was Gary Oak himself... this would actually be his second time battling him. This time however, he was in it to win. And he knew about that fancy Mega Evoltion stuff coming up. Mark could say he was prepared for any surprises that the Professor had up his sleeve. He was determined to go all in and win this.

        ...The wind began to howl, or was it a pokemon? The sound drowned out the stadium, which fell silent as everyone tried to figure out what was going on. A large pokemon leapt from one of the entrances to the arena, it's muzzle spilling flames forth. A half dozen times, it spat flames to defrost the arena and light it up a bit. The figure of an arcanine became clear as the flames lit up the now dim arena.

        Nearby, a figure with distinctly wild hair made his way onto the battlefield. A series of spotlights turned on, illuminating the playing field. Across from Mark stood 'The' Professor Oak. "...Say, I thought there was something familiar about you." he remarked in amusement, seeming to analyze Mark from a distance. "If you got this far, it must mean you're a lot stronger than last time we battled. Have you revised your team, or simply pushed the team you had to new limits?" he mused aloud, though he did not wait for an answer. He chuckled aloud. "On a real battlefield, your opponent won't hold back. That's why tonight I'm going to give it my all, in hopes that you learn a thing or two! Think you can handle it?" he asked, giving Mark a knowing look. His arcanine barked, seeming to challenge Mark excitedly.

        Mark gave off a wide grin toward Professor Oak. The atmosphere of the arena just made him more excited to show off everything he had trained for to the whole school! And on top of that, the head of the school himself! Mark reached down to his belt and quickly pulled out a Pokeball. "Handle it? Hah! I've been training since the begining for this moment! A student from the Raikou Dorm, taking the tournament by storm and facing Professor Oak himself! I'd say I'm more then ready to take you on!" Mark replied. The smart thing to do here would be sending out Len for the easy type advantage over Arcanine... of course, just going for a simple type advantage wasn't going to be enough. It was his best choice to start off with for now.

        "Alright Len! let's go!" Mark shouted out. Len quickly bursted out of the ball and landed on the ground, flexing both of his arms proudly. His team was just as pumped up as Mark was! Len pointed toward the Arcanine, and then straight down to the floor. Just a small taunt for the competition!

        Profesor Oak analyzed Len for a moment, snapping his fingers. "A water type, huh? Y'know, fighting in the dark doesn't work to my advantage here. Let's see how you work with this!" he remarked. "Arcanine, use Sunny Day!" he commanded. Impossibly, the sky seemed to brighten as daylight flooded back into the arena, an artificial sun brigthening the immediate area. Arcanine basked in the heat, almost seeming to pose for the audience.

        "Course... I should have expected you'd have a way to deal with the water." Mark said, wiping his brow from the sudden increase in temperture. Mark didn't have time to stall with Belly Drum right now. For all he knew, this Arcanine would be packing Solarbeam or something powerful that benefits from the sun. "Let's take the offensive Len! Body Slam!" He called out. Len quickly dashed forward and lept toward the Arcanine belly first to slam right into it!

        Professor Oak's arcanine seemed to stand perfectly still. No attempt was made to dodge. Judging by the calm way in which he watched, it was a deliberate move. Arcanine recoiled slightly as it took the attack, sliding back under Poliwhirl's weight... And yet, the legendary pokemon appeared unfazed. Arcanine responded by lifting Len off the ground. "...Huh. Looks like your poliwhirl's having an off day." Professor Oak remarked, clearly unimpressed by the display. "Is that all?" he went on to ask. His arcanine whipped it's head, tossing Len off of it in a casual manner. "Try that again." Professor Oak added, folding his arms.

        "Heh... well since you asked! Ok Len! Let's do this the right way! Belly Drum!" Mark called out. Len stood firmly on its feet and gave himself a firm pat on the belly, effectively decreasing his health down by about half... normally that would be it... but Mark decided to change his tactics up this time. Rather then a Lum Berry, Mark gave Len a Sitrus Berry beforehand to properly get it back into good condition. Len's attack was completely Maximized now! Full Power and ready to go!

        Professor Oak observed the tactic calmly. His brow furrowed slightly at Mark's choice of berry. "...Interesting. Now it's time for my first piece of advice." he exclaimed. "...Arcanine, Will-o-Wisp!" he called out. The legendary pokemon took a deep breath and spit a blast of intense heat at Len, a dark fire washing over the poliwhirl and leaving the pokemon with burns all over his body.

        "Using that tactic against a fire type pokemon is a dangerous gambit. You'd do better to save a trick like that for when you're already have the advantage!" he remarked.

        Mark simply crossed his arms as Len took the burn at full force. "My old strategy involved using a Lum Berry. However I found out that it just left Len wide open for another attack afterwards... a powerful enough move would knock Len out cold before he could even continue!" Mark explained. "As for the burn... I've thought ahead for that! Len! Use Rest!" Mark shouted. Len continued standing on its two feet but would head fast to sleep... both healing its health as well as curing that pesky burn that was just inflicted. The two were at even ground once more... besides Len's maximized attack power.

        Professor Oak turned his head at the scene, watching for a moment. "...Alright. Let's see if your poliwhirl can take hits better than he can dish them out then!" he remarked. "Arcanine, Solarbeam!" Professor Oak called out. Arcanine turned his head to the artificial sky and let out a mournful growl, a beam of intense solar energy forming at the base of his snout. The legendary pokemon them emitted a howl that shook the stadium, the blast of energy errupting outwards and ripping apart the ground as it threatened to put Len through the wall!

        "L-Len! Sleep Ta-" But before Mark could even throw out the command, he was already blasted by the extremely Powerful Solar Beam. Surely Gary was threatened by the action! A strong enough Brick Break would do sizable damage to this Pokemon for sure! But Mark wasn't about to find out anytime soon. Len took the super effective attack and was blasted right into the wall behind Mark. "Good Job Len... Return." Mark said. Once Len was absorbed back into his ball, Mark looked over his options once more. Blast it! None of his Pokemon were going to survive a Solar Beam Like that! The level difference was too high... but Mark didn't want to give up now! Not after all of that smug talk he made earlier. "Commodore! Your turn!" Mark shouted as he sent his Porygon Z out into battle. He had to remain confident...! The Porygon Z scanned over the Arcanine as its eyes gave off a small shine. It seemed to be downloading several forms of data about his opponent.

        "Alright Commodore, all out! Tri Attack!" Commodore locked onto the Arcanine. With its ability, Tri attack would be twice as powerful and top of his already boosted power. Commodore fired the attack head on! If this didn't do damage then Mark wasn't sure what would. Commodore was his biggest power house.

        Gary's Arcanine once again stood perfectly still, Mark's opponent seeming more interested in seeing what he could do than maintaining any semblance of a competitive advantage. This time the attack hit hard. Arcanine attempted to stand his ground, but was forced back into the wall with a loud crash. The crowf gasped at the raw display of power... More than that, when the energy dissipated Arcanine was revealed to be frozen solid! The headmaster turned his gaze over his shoulder, observing hte aftermath.

        "...Arcanine, return!" he called out as the loudspeakers announced Arcanine was no longer able to battle.

        "I have to admit, I was starting to worry you couldn't rise to the challenge. You're starting to show the kind of strength you'll need to take on the world. Bring attacks like that to the pokemon league in any region and you'll see results." Professor Oak mused aloud, producing a new pokeball. "Let's see how you deal with a different type of foe! Scizor, on the field!" he called out, tossing his pokeball to reveal a rather tough looking scizor.

        Mark managed to defeat the Professors Arcanine. Even if luck was on his side, Commodores Power wasn't something to scoff at. The steel typing would make it difficult for Commodore to just simply break through but he had attacks to deal with this sort of thing. Trick room would be uncessesary. Scizors weren't all that fast to begin with. Tri Attack would no doubt still leave a dent in Scizor, just not as baddly as it would normally. Ice and Signal beam wouldn't do him much better though. Despite his achivements, he had alot to learn still. He had to be confident in Commodores sheer power. "Another Tri Attack Commodore!" Mark called out. Commodore's head twitched around a bit and shot off another powerful Tri Attack toward the Scizor.

        The intensely powerful attack shot through the air, further illuminating the dimly lit stage as the artificial sunlight faded away. blasts of energy slammed into Scizor they seemed to consume hm, obscuring him from vision. For a moment it seemed as if the blast would send Scizor flying as it had arcanine, and yet such a moment ... never came to pass. The energy was scattered by Scizor's body, the pokemon standing it's ground against the mighty attack. When all the energy had dissipated, Scizor was looking pretty good. Smoke rose from his body, but it did not seem to faze him. "...When you're training your pokemon, you have to think about how you're going to compensate for their weaknesses. Scizor, Swords Dance!" Professor Oak remarked. Scizor began performing a wild 'dance' like maneuver, where in a shocking display of speed it began circling Commodore threatening. Perhaps Mark shouldn't have underestimated the pokemon's speed... "For example. Scizor isn't the fastest pokemon around, but that doesn't mean I'm going to rely on him always being able to take the hit does it? Scizor, follow up with Bullet Punch!" Professor Oak commanded.

        From the rather dodgy, frantic shifting dance lunged a scizor moving at impossible speeds. He kicked up a wave of dirt as he lunged out and struck Commodore in the body with a strike that caused even the audience to flinch. A loud crack was heard, not unlike a tiny explosion going off at the site of impact.

        Commodore was hit directly by the Bullet Punch. Not even Tri Attack left a dent! Being a Steel Type would certaintly do that... Mark didn't even have a safe means to switch in to have Snype to the job. Unless... Mark had to at least make a proper opening for himelf. This Scizor would outspeed his next pokemon without a doubt and Commodore wasn't going to do too much to Scizor on his own... that just left him with one option. "Commodore! Trick Room!" Mark called out. The Porygon's eyes gave off a small shine and suddenly, the two combatants would be surrounded by a wire frame box. The area inside would become totally distorted and reverse the speed difference between the two. He had to at least try going out with a bang when Snype came out.

        Professor Oak hesitated a moment, weighing the possibilities of what Mark might have in mind using that sort of move. One could see a look of recognition on his face. He wasn't oblivious to what was going on, and yet...

        Well, he didn't have a good answer to it!

        "So that's how it is, huh?" he wound up asking. "Don't let me down now, Mark. Show me what your pokemon can do in a battlefield like this!" he challenged. "Scizor, use Steel Wing!" he commanded. The pincer pokemon lunged forward, his insectoid wings taking on a rather tough metal sheen as he moved to finish Commodore off.

        Commodore was of course finished right off by the Steel Wing. The Porygon seemed to look confident though having set up the playing field properly for Marks next Pokemon. "Good job Commodore. Return." Mark said as Commodore was absorbed back into his ball. "Alright. All or nothing here. Wouldn't feel right to leave you out of this right? Go Snype!" Mark said. From the ball, his Sableye would emerge into battle, showing off that big toothy grin of his. He was quite the underdog in this matchup but he wasn't about to let that stop him! The Sableye seemed to have his Mega Stone on his person as well... despite there being no effect.

        "I realized how much of an underdog I am in this fight... Sacrificing Commodore was a means to even the playing field for my next fighter. Snype! Will-o-wisp!" Mark called out. Even if he were to be countered by somethign like Bullet Punch, Snype was guarenteed to go first either way. This would at least make the Sableye's life a little easier!

        Scizor was assaulted by spectral flames, the pincer pokemon flinching as the flames scarred his body. "You can take the heat, right Scizor?" Profesor Oak asked rhetorically. Scizor stepped forward, challenging Snype with his presence. "Scizor, let's see how much 'Snype' can take with your bullet punch!" Profesor Oak commanded. Scizor flew forward, but his body semed to twist through space, drastically slowing his approach as he lunged to strike Snype head on.

        The punch was moving much slower now thanks to trick room. The once previously quick attack was now moving just a slow as a normal tackle. It still didn't make it any easier to predict though. Time and Space wasn't exactly something you could see through. Snype would be hit head on by the Bullet Punch but seemed to take the hit fairly well thanks to Will-o-wisp. "That's it Snype! Don't let him intimidate you! We've seen way worse before! Let's shoot that force right back at him! Foul Play!" Mark called out. Snype would make a dash straight toward the Scizor. Snype hand would begin to form a dark aura around it as he moved in closer. Once the Sableye was in range, he went for a powerful jab to the stomach!

        Scizor was struck! The blow seemed to cave in his carapace slightly, a crushing blow to be sure. The pincer pokemon shifted and stumbled, collapsing. It would take Professor Oak a moment to properly analyze what had just happened. "...That was unexpected." he mused aloud. "A sableye is always a wild card when they appear, but now that I know what yours is all about..." he went on to say, producing his third and final pokeball. "Magmar, I choose you!"

        A magmar emerged onto the field, casually spitting fire into the air. "Perhaps if you'd been able to wait a little longer before revealing Snype, you might've wound up in a much better position. A move like Scald or Toxic would work better for the role you're trying to make your poliwhirl fill." Professor Oak explained. "Belly Drum might take a couple of opponents off-guard, but it will let you down more often than not. It's good to have a backup strategy for when you don't have a good opportunity to use it." the headmaster finished.

        Mark crossed his arms and listened to Professor Oak's advice. He certaintly wasn't wrong. Belly Drum was far too risky for Len lately... Scald would definately be a good alternative for him. "You are right... my whole strategy around Len focuses entirely on Belly Drum. Though without a fast move like Bullet punch that's hard to take advantage of... its pretty difficult huh?" Mark mused. "Well something to fix up after our battle right? I'm here to learn after all. If I'm one shoting most of your mon I gotta be on the right path huh?" Mark said with a small laugh. Snype crossed his arms and showed that big toothy grin of his, giving off a small glimmer in his eye.

        Professor Oak raised an eyebrow at the notion of his pokemon having been taken out in a single shot... but declined to mention this as he responded. "It's your strategy that has carried you this far. With a bit more training, you might be able to stand up to some of the best trainers in the world." he explained. "I'm a little bit surprised you aren't in suicune dorm." he went on to muse aloud. "Perhaps the entrance tests aren't as accurate as they could be. Regardless, it's time to finish this!" Professor Oak went on, pointing towards Snype. "Magmar, Flame Burst!" he called out. Magmar's cheeks puffed out, and the spitfire pokemon demonstrated it's namesake by spitting a blob of explosive fiery chemicals at Snype.

        Snype's eye gave off a small shine. Without a command, Snype seemed to use Detect to see the next move coming ahead of time, Snype quickly dodge through the blobs being fired at him and moved in closer. "Take em down Snype! Foul Play!" Mark called out. It was his best move while trick room was active. Snype approached the Magmar and attacked once more! This time aiming to punch him straight in the face!

        The attack struck hard, Magmar's fiery body singing Snype in response. The spitefire pokemon seemed to take the hit better than scizor did, doubling over so that his face was at Snype's height. "Magmar. retaliate with heat wave!" Professor Oak commanded. Magma's cheeks bulged outwards again as they filled with energy. The spitfire pokemon proceeded to blow a scorching gust of superheated air at Snype.

        Snype indeed felt the heat as the burst of fire sent Snype flying back from the intense heat. "Comon Snype hang in there!" Mark called out. However the Sableye was unable to get up from the sheer power of the attack, alongside the level difference. The battle was set. "Ah... Snype... heh... good job buddy." Mark said as he returned the Sableye back to his ball. He honestly figured he was going to be taken down but he never expected his tactics to take him this far into the battle. He looked up at Professor Oak, wondering how he'd respond.

        Professor Oak, in turn, seemed to watch Mark expectantly. "...Close!" he remarked. "Keep working hard like that and maybe we'll have another rematch." he went on, scrutinizing Mark. Mark appeared to have earned some level of respect from 'the' Gary Oak. Why, in no time at all Mark would doubtlessly be driving his own fancy car around the island complete with an obsessive crowd of fans at his beck and heel!

        Mark looked back up at Gary with a confident grin. "Looking forward to it. Gotta day though... A bit disappointed I didn't get to see your pokemon mega evolve again." Mark said, wanting to be outright honest. "I have one of those stones and wanted to learn how to let Snype reach that kind of form..."

        Professor Oak hesitated. "...Never use the same trick against the same opponent twice in a row." he replied, his tone somewhere between thoughtfulness and amusement. "Perhaps it's time that you were put in our Mega Evolutions class." he went on to speculate. The so called 'class' was in truth more of a tutoring program. There were far too little students who even qualified for such an advanced topic. There was a good chance it would just be Mark and the teacher. "It's taught by Korrina, and she's always eager to meet someone with potential."

        "In that case ill start first thing tommorow." Mark said confidently. "Once I apply your advice and change things up I'd love a rematch." Mark said. The thought of learning mega evolution got Mark more and more excited. He figured its give him an edge against the rest of the island. Especially the rockets.


        The crowds began to dissipate. It had been a long day and the tournament had taken everyone a bit longer than they'd normally be staying up to finish. An entire day's worth of new experiences awaited on the morning. Today was at an end.

        (End IC Day)


        (Begin IC Day)

        So began the dawn of a very special day. The island, save perhaps the volcano, was coated in a thick layer of snow and ice. Temperatures were wickedly cold. Even the swamp area was mostly frozen over. The warm glow of festive lights decorated the academy, liberally applied overnight without a single person managing to catch whoever was doing it. Magic, perhaps!?

        Perhaps most impressive of all was the enormous tree in every dorm room, piled high with presents for every single student and teacher. Or rather... it would have been, if all the presents didn't turn out to be fakes.

        The intercom came to life with a bit of static.

        "Eeheeheehee!~" a man's voice giggled.

        "Hey boid brain! We're live!" another boy's voice scolded.

        "Give me that!" a woman's voice chimed in, some vague sounds of disappointment following in the background. She cleared her throat before continuing in a condescending tone. "Good morning twerps and twerpettes!~" she announced.

        Elsewhere, Gary Oak's eyes narrowed. It was hard not to recognize the voice of those losers. He just sort of peaked out of his personal office into the main office, only to find that the announcement was actually a pre-recorded message. ...Oh.

        "You see, as much as we love coal..." Jessie began, only to be interrupted.

        "We was tired a' Santa pullin' a fast one on us!" Meowth blurted out.

        "That's right!" James chimed in.

        "So this year we decided we've decided to treat ourselves to all your presents~" Jessie continued.

        "And if ya' want 'em back, you'll have to find all our secret stashes!" Meowth gloated. The sound of someone quickly covering his mouth was heard.

        "Knock it off, Meowth!" Jessie scolded. A scuffle could be heard, lasting several very long moments.

        "...So what now?" James asked rather light-heartedly. There was a long pose.

        "Let's send them off with a song~" Jessie replied

        "Ooh!~" James blurted out giddily.

        The trio then began to sing a Christmas Carol. Professor Oak just sort of facepalmed. He couldn't help but feel they were making fun of him a little at this point.

        It's been a long time since we crossed paths over space-time~
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          Dalex Yukashi: His Dorm Room

          Dalex heard his alarm go off on his C-Gear that he more on his wrist. He stirred not want to get out of bed. He turn over and put his pillow over his head.

          'Treecko!' Treecko's voice echoed. Suddenly, Dalex flew off the bed and on to the floor. He quickly jumped from his spot on the floor. Only to be face with Treecko looking at him, arms crossed, shaking his head.

          "Really Treecko!" Dalex growled and then the sweet chocolaty smell of hot coco filled his nostrils.

          "Hmm... something smells nice." Dalex said, standing up from the floor. He looked up at the table and saw all of his pokemon circling a glass. Fletchling was using fire to warm up a cup. Treecko ran over to the others and pulled a package out and poured powder into the cup, Fletchling was warming. Froakie was watching the water.

          'Froakie!' Froakie yelled, putting one of its hands in the air. It was then Rufflet threw in three plump marshmallows into the cup. The for pokemon started to spin it around as if to stir the content together.

          Dalex walked over to the table and looked down at the cup, it was a cup of hot coco and had three marshmallows in it. The four pokemon looked up and smiled.

          "For me?" Dalex asked.

          'Froakie froak!'
          His pokemon nodded.

          Dalex smiled and picked up the cup. He blew on it a few times and took a sip. His mouth exploded with flavor. It wasn't too hot and it mixed perfectly.

          "Wow! This is amazing guys! Thank you." Dalex said.

          He took a sit near his pokemon and looked out his window. Out toward the Lugia Dorm and then at Suicune Dorm. He wasn't sure how many days had passed since his arrival, but he thought it had been two or three. He hadn't talked to who he thought was Ariane anymore since the night she slammed the door on his face. With it being Christmas and there not being any classes, this would be the perfect day. He wasn't sure if he had to work at the 'Odds and Ends' store today or not. He hadn't been since he arrived because he was told by one of the nurses that he wasn't allowed to walk on his ankle more than needed. Not to mention he had been slammed by a chunk of the ice in the same night.

          He had followed the girl named Sammy home the night of the tournament, to make sure she got to her dorm ok. He was sure she had, and then he fell asleep. As soon as he hit the pillow.

          "Man... this is the first Christmas I have ever been away from home... It feels odd... I don't know anyone other than my pokemon. Ariane might be here, but I am not sure she even remembers me..." He muttered to himself.

          He made his pokemon some food after he finished his cup of hot coco that his pokemon, even Rufflet, had made for him while he slept. And they done one heck of a job. He walked to the window and looked out more. He could tell that the temperature were frigid.

          "Well today is going to suck.... Even though I am from Mistralton City... I have lived in Hoenn for the last nine years in Hoenn..." He said, dropping the curtains.

          He returned his pokemon to their pokeballs, and put on his black coat and warm clothing. Luckily, the coat had a hood on it, so it would keep his neck and ears warm. He put his camera around his neck. He put his bag on his shoulder and his pokeballs at his waist. He kept pokeballs attached to the inside of his bag. His TM's were in a case, which is was no longer sure which each of them were. He just knew that each of them were disks that he could put in his laptop, and ways to train to learn it would appear.

          He took the TM case and laptop out of his bag, making the bag lighter. He knew that he could always come back or wait to do anything with them. He checked to make sure he had everything and walked out into the hall of the dorm. It seemed like he was the first one up. Which was a surprise with today being Christmas. He locked his door and put the key card into his bag.

          "First things first, I need to get something to eat and then I will head to Oak Town to make sure I don't have to work today. Then I will ask around to see if I can catch Ariane." Dalex said, walking down the steps.

          Ariane Dracon: Her Dorm Room

          Ariane had been ready before the sun had even risen. She was excited about today. She wanted to explore the island and head into Oak Town to get some drawing paper. She wasn't sure why she was so happy today. The group of stalkers that normally would follow her, hadn't messed with her in a while. She wasn't sure why. Their pattern had never broken before, maybe they had finally lost interest in her? She had always loved Christmas if she was with her Uncle.

          She was drinking hot coco that she had learned to make from her uncle. She remembered that every Christmas when she was in Mistralton, her and her uncle would go out in the woods and give berries to wild pokemon. Two of the years, Dalex and his family had joined them, before they moved away. She loved those memories with all her heart. She had decided that if she ever seen Dalex again, she would try to get over her trust issues of boys. She was sure that if anyone could help her regain faith in men, it was him and her uncle. She hated men, but she started to wonder if that hate was actually fear.

          Her stomach growled and she smiled.

          "I guess I should get something to eat before going into Oak Town." She said to herself, walking out and locking her door.
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            Emma Wolf: Entrance Exams

            "Go Scout, Nina! I'm counting on you!" Emma calls out, throwing both an odd looking green ball and a sleek looking black ball from the side of the field, from the balls appear an Emolga and Lapras respectively.

            "Hm, That Lapras you have there is a rather rare Pokemon, Lets see how much you know about her. Go Herdier!" The exam's proctor shouts, throwing two standard pokeballs, a Herdier appearing from each one.

            "Alright, As you know this is your house placement tests. Your score will not be dictated by whether you win this battle or not but rather your performance. You will be judged based on your knowledge of your own Pokemon and of my own. Are there any questions?"

            "No sir!" She shouted back, somewhat stressed out by the formality of the situation. Pressing a button on her watch some upbeat music starts playing through a single earbud in her left ear as an attempt to calm her nerves.

            "In that case let the battle commence!" he shouted pressing a button on a device of his own, a loud starting buzzer rang through the stadium officially starting the match.

            "Alright Scout, use thunderbolt against the left Herdier!" Emma calls out, knowing her Emolga is fast enough to take the initiative. Scout wasting no time to respond unload a large stream of electricity from his cheeks directly at the Herdier, delivering a solid blow and left it recoiling a bit.

            "Herdier, attack the Lapras with Feint Attack!" he commanded, The unattacked Herdier charging forward with a claw out striking Nina head on. Despite the solid attack she stayed well composed. Nina swinging her head back managed to stare the Canine Pokemon quickly into a defensive position.

            "Without names I wonder how his Pokemon can tell who he's referring to?" Emma wondered to herself, her previous Anxiety completely gone in the heat of battle. "Alright Nina I need you to give me a shock wave!" Nina, whipping her head forward again sends out a large stream of electricity in front of her, striking each other Pokemon on the field with her attack.

            The Herdier in front of Nina seemed to recoil the most from that attack. It's form flickering a few times before finally settling again on a darker almost feline looking Pokemon, The Zorua's illusion being broken by the attack. Scout on the other hand seemed to absorb his fair share of the attack, the electricity surging into his cheeks as he glided around his opponent.

            "That's a nice little trick you have there" The Proctor complements from across the field "Let see if you have any more up your sleeve, Herdier use Take Down!" This time, the real Herdier charged forward towards Nina, Delivering a brutal slam to the base of her body before crippling backwards, suffering damage from its own attack.

            "Alright Scout, give that fox a dose of some of that electricity you just stored!" Emma shouted, hiding the fact that she has no idea what the name of that Pokemon is. Scout, Understanding her command, Unleashed another thunderbolt towards the Zorua, charging the attack somehow even faster than the first time around delivering yet another solid hit against his new target.

            "It will take a bit more than that... Zorua use fury swipes right back at the Emolga!" The foxlike Pokemon made no hesitation in pouncing on Scout. Struggling to break free, he ended up taking quite a few claw attacks before getting away and retreating back into the air. The Zorua rather sluggish to get back on it's own feet after its attack.

            "Nina, One more shock wave to finish them off! Don't hold back!" In the same motion as before, Nina unleashes another powerful wave of electricity from the horn on her head across the battlefield. Striking the weakened Pokemon yet again, finally knocking the both of them out.

            "Alright the both of you, Return!" The proctor calls returning his downed Pokemon with a whip of red light back to their pokeballs. "I'll admit, You have a decent strategy there, but I'll warn you that will not work against my last Pokemon, Go slaking!" He calls again, throwing a third standard pokeball and revealing a large ape looking pokemon.

            "Don't worry, I have no plans on disappointing you! Scout, Use air slash!" Scout, now faster than ever after receiving two shock waves, beats its wings and sends a powerful, sharp air current towards the Slacking. Despite scoring a direct hit however it did little to phase the large Pokemon.

            "Slaking, avenge your comrades and use retaliate against that Lapras!" The slacking Slowly raises it' arm up and with a quick snap, lunges forward with great speed towards Nina, striking her and sending her recoiling across the field, taking her down handily with the mighty blow.

            "Nina!" Emma called out in panic, Not expecting her to go down in a single blow after how little damage she took previously. "How powerful is that thing..." She mumble to herself, unsure of what's coming up next.

            "You seem surprised." The proctor taunts, keeping a firm composure despite having a smug tone to his voice. "Don't worry though, Slaking here is a very generous Pokemon, granting it's opponent some extra time before its next attack." He says as Slacking, yawns and dims his eyes.

            "It just looks tired to me..." Emma again mumbles under her breath "If that's the case all we need to do is make sure it doesn't attack again, Scout, use Nuzzle!" She shouts as the Emolga flies down towards Slacking, Rubbing it's red cheeks against him and sending a precise electric shock through Slaking's body.

            "It's a bit too late for that strategy" The proctor taunts again as the slaking starts chewing on a berry it had hiding in it's hand. "You were planning on paralyzing slacking here and using air slash, hoping to delay slacking's attack long enough to take him down weren't you? I'm impressed but you should have planned for the Berry. Slacking! Finish it off with another Retaliate!"

            "Scout! Ion Deluge!" She called out quickly. As the slacking is raising it's arm to attack The Emolga is swiftly sending a spray of static across the battlefield, Electricity arcing up towards each Pokemon as slacking lunges forward for its attack a ball of electricity focus around it's claw, striking scout with the ball of energy instead.

            Wordlessly, The proctor withdrew his slaking back to its pokeball. Pressing the button on his buzzer he seemed stunned by what just happened before he finally replied. "Please return to the office, we'll be back with your results momentarily."
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            Lucia and Mark- Just your everyday cliche morning

            Mark woke right up from his bed and gave off a yawn. The message about Team Rocket hiding a bunch of presents caught his interest. He was sure the students would be searching around to find their gifts but he had to get ready for the day first! It was Christmas after all! He probly had gifts in the mail from his folks. Heck he had to ay hi to all of his friends! Mark shot up from bed and didn't waste any time to start getting ready! Mark rushed into the shower to get himself washed off! It was a very quick shower on top of that. Mark didn't want to waste any time! He'd need to dry off anyway before heading outside.

            Lucia's own morning ritual was quite different. For starters she wasn't allowed to take a shower, as Tyro was quick to block off the area as he voiced his concern about if water would cause her interal circuits to fry up. She didn't know, but it sounded bad to her! Then came breakfast... well, not breakfast. more like hunking down next to the computer and browsing over a few programs. Finally it was time to go out! She gathered her belt and was about to head out wheeeeeen. "Oh! I forgot! Maaaark!" She called out. "Where are you?"

            Mark meanwhile had just stepped out of the shower and basicly finished getting himself mostly dry. After wrapping a towel around himself, he stepped out of the bathroom to find change of clothes for himself.

            Tyro felt the door moving behind him, so he moved out of the way as Lucia turned to happily wave at Mark. "Hey there! Ready to go? I'm ready! Everyone's ready!"

            Mark blinked and quickly blushed. Ack! He almost forgot about her! "L-Luicia! Uh...." He paused a moment. "Gonna be a litlte bit before I'm ready to go Lucia. Eheh..." Mark said with a nervous grin.

            Lucia floated there silently for a bit, "Oh, okay!" Her Polygon eyes lighted up. "I'll just wait right here then for you to finish." She said as she began to silently stare at him.

            Mark just brushed brightly as Lucia started to start at him while he made his way to the Closet. It didn't make it any better that he was practicly naked. "L-lucia... " He said with a bit of a nervous look.

            Lucia tilted her head, "What?" She floated closer, "You want to discuss something?"

            Mark seemed a bit flustered now. Just what was she trying to pull? "I-I gotta get changed Lucia... you can't just... stare...!" Mark said as he took a step backwards.

            Lucia tilted her head again, "Oh! That's right!" She nodded, "Well, go ahead." She said as she continued to float there.

            She was still watching him. Mark took a step backwards. "Lucia you can't just watch me change! I'm a boy! I thought a lady knew better!" He wasn't sure how exactly to explain.

            Lucia tilted her head a full one hundred and eighty degrees. "What do you mean?"

            Mark just stared in awe at Lucia. "Ok... getting somewhere... your still here though! Look I-" Suddenly while Mark was moving around he felt something... drop onto the floor. Mark looked down to notice his towel had fallen right down. "..."

            Lucia was silent. Tyro was silent. Everyone was silent. Tyro slapped a hand to his face as Lucia slowly backed away, "... I think you should dress up." She said as her neck twisted back around again, "Throwing towels on the floor is just so unruly. You should treat them with more respect."

            "T-that's what your going to say?! You were the one just s-s-stareing!" Mark said in shock and embaressment.

            Lucia huffed, "Fine. have it your way." She floated closer and used one fin arm to slap him across the face, "A boy should know how to treat a lady." With a huff she floated out of the room and closed the door behind her. Tyro sighed, "Get dressed. This day is just starting off amazingly." The Blaziken muttered out.

            "You know you aren't really helping the matter..." Mark muttered as he reached. "Respect.... mngghh...good excuse..." Mark muttered as he walked over to the closet and pulled out his outfit to start getting changed. He then looked over to Tyro and just stared at him awkwardly. "Uh... do you mind?"

            Tyro rolled his eyes, "Humans." He muttered to himself as he too walked out of the room. This was turning out to be a heck of a christmas... it may have been the worst way to start it! Couldn't possibly get worse then this though! He still had a whole day to go through! And it was christmas after all! The day of cheer! Mark got himself fully dressed and signaled Snype to follow him, who had just been idly watching the group. It was way too golden to just interupt! Mark put on his heavy black jacket and made his way out the door! "Comon Snype we got alot to do today." He said with a confident grin.

            Lucia was waiting outside patiently, "We ready?" She asked.

            Tyro nodded to Snype, "So... Chrimstmas and all." He muttered.

            Snype nodded to Tyro. "Kehehe yup! Best time of the year! Its where loved ones get together, exchange gifts, kiss under the miseltoe, and just hang out! No work or anything serious like that! Kehehe"

            Tyro frowned, "I hate Christmas."

            Snype's jaw literally dropped. "Whaaaaaaaaatttt! How?"

            Tyro frowned at him, "You try having a Christmas every year where you do nothing but work. I don't see what's so great about it."

            "Work? Keheheh! You clearly have to spend some christmas time with us then! Me and Mark always know how to have fun this time of the year! And I have a prank that I save exclusively for it on top of that!" Snype smirked.

            Tyro raised his brow, "... That sounds like it could land us all in jail."

            Snype shook his head. "Nononononono! Its nothing like that! Kehehehe!" Snype smirked as he reached into Mark's bag and pulled out a... strange looking leaf. Possibly to Tyro's eyes anyways. "Kehehe, do you at least know what this is?"

            Tyro frowned, "It looks like something that if flammable."

            "first of all, don't you dare! Second, it's called a mistletoe! Kehehe! If two people get caught underneath it, they gotta kiss! Its tradition! Simple as that! Kehehe!" Snype joked. "The hard part is finding people who actually follow it sometimes."

            Tyro was silent, "We had something like that back at the mansion. Most people don't kiss, though. It's just a silly decoration." Then, a smirk formed on his face, "So... that's your prank? That's the ingenious thing going on? I thought you ghost types at lest had some more creativity than that."

            "Puhlease. You'd e surprised how many actually roll with it... its just harder over time but hey I manage to get one occasionally!

            "Ooooh, occasionally." Tyro said, "Wow, that's so, amazing. Hell, a far better prank would be-" He stopped, then chuckled to himself, "Nah... I'm sure your plan will do alright with pranking one or two people."

            "Keheheheh... I always have a backup plan either way! I already got someone to fall for it... kehe" Snype smirked.

            Tyro raised his brow again, "Hm... interesting." He turned away, "Just keep Lucia and I out of your affairs. With Roberto out it falls to my position to be chief bodyguard. Do well to remember that."

            Snype held the mistletoe up and quickly leaned in to suddenly smooch Tyro right on the cheek! "Kehehe! No promises my fellow prankee!" Snype said with a laugh

            Tyro rolled his eyes, "Yeah yeah, whatever."

            Trainer Academy RP Pokemon
            Dynamo, Rosellia, Male Level: 15
            Moves: Spikes, Stun Spore, Power Whip, Sludge Bomb, Growth

            Buster, Marill, Male Level: 11
            Moves: Aqua Jet, Water Gun, Belly Drum, Tail Whip, Tickle

            Knox, Sandygast, Female Level 10
            Moves: Absorb, Astronish, Sand Attack, Destiny Bond, Ancient Power
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              Dalex Yukashi: Road to Oak Town

              Dalex had made some Kalosian Macarons the night before. He had packed all of them into a separate bag from his berries, but kept the bag the macarons were in, in the berry bag so that they would not spoil. He had went to the cafeteria and grabbed some breakfast from the serving area and he ate before anyone else had shown up. As he was leaving, few students were starting to come in. He figured a lot of them were sleeping in. He hoped to make friends today, maybe talk to some of the students he had watched battle a few nights ago. So far, it didn't feel like Christmas. I guess because he wasn't home and he didn't know anyone here. It was still really early though.

              He exited the dorms completely and he walked to the road that would lead him to Oak Town. The snow was falling from the sky and he put an orange, sports hoody on that he had gotten in the mail from his parents a few days prior. He would be easier to move around in a hoody than a coat. He also wore a green scarf have Ariane had given him, one year for Christmas. He almost didn't fit him back them, but now it fit just about right. He had kept the scarf for a long time. He didn't know why, but he loved that scarf more than anything he had gotten that year. As far as he could tell, there wasn't a single spot not covered in snow. Even the road was covered, although slightly visible.

              He started to stretch out. Pulling his feet up, behind his back one at a time. Bending one leg and going down toward the ground. He stretched his arms and rotated his neck.

              "Hopefully I can run. The nurse said it should be ok in a few days, but she said nothing about running in snow. Not to mention it has been a very long time since I last ran in the snow." He told himself, testing his sprained ankle on the snow. It seemed fine to him.

              As he got ready to run, he sensed someone looking at him. He didn't feel any malice, but it felt somewhat familiar, but he couldn't push it aside. Not to mention he was right next to the Lugia Dorm, which already had made him feel similar on his first day, but this time it felt different from his first day.

              He shrugged, "Let's see... it takes about 30 minutes to get to Oak Town walking... I should be able to split the time in half. Man it has felt like age since I last ran. Then again, I would be running every day if I hadn't tried to save that girl. Still not even sure if it is really her. Everything could just be a coincidence. It still would have been nice if she had helped me, instead of just running away after the fall. Followed up by slamming the door in my face when I returned her dang book. Maybe I should just stop trying to help." He continued to talk to himself.

              He looked around and relaxed when he seen that know one was around that he could see. He knew it would look odd if he was caught talking to himself. He his is stop watch on his C-Gear and started to walk away toward Oak Town, slowly gaining more and more speed until he was in a full run, about tn yard from his standing point. He didn't want to suddenly start running with his ankle.


              Ariane Dracon: Near the Docks.

              Ariane had stopped to sit under the protection of a tree after eating to draw another picture. This time, it was the ships at the docks with the snow on the ground and some Christmas Decorations on the sails and what not. There was also a Delabird flapping around, still decorating some of the docks, all of this while snowing. She was really happy to draw such a joyful scene. She smiled the whole time while drawing it.

              She only had two more sheets left of drawing paper. She had already drawn a picture of herself, her uncle, Dalex and his parents in the woods, feeding berries to Tranquill and other forest pokemon. The time set for that picture was the year before Dalex left. She would have drawn everything this morning, but she wanted to save the last two sheets for her walk to Oak Town.

              As she started to round the corner, she suddenly stopped. Seeing a boy in an orange hoody on the street. She stopped behind a tree and watched him through her glasses. Her heart sank when she realized it was a boy, but not just any boy, the same boy that had tried to save her in the mountains and the boy that she had slammed the door on after she had returned her book. She thought he had stolen it, but she came to notice how clean and taken care of it was. She had complained about the smallest amount of dust ever. The only thing she missed was her Braviary Feather, which was from her uncle.

              As she listened to him talk to herself, she felt incredibly bad. He had sprained his ankle because of her and then when he returned the book, she slammed the door in his face. She bit her lip and started to walk forward, but he stopped and looked around. It made her jump and she quickly hid again. She lost her breath from the scare and she slid down on the ground against to tree, putting her blue jacket, tightly around her. By the time she looked again, he was gone. She put her drawing pad to her head.

              "This is all your fault father. I can't even stay calm when a guys looks at me." She said, taking a deep breath. She got up and started to walk toward Oak Town. Her hatred to her father didn't stop her good mood. She continued to enjoy her walk to Oak Town.
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              Valorie Ryder - School Grounds
              (Joint Post with Gelius3)
              Gelius woke up early. He had taken care of himself, and fed his pokemon already. Basically, Sneasel was training his writing, as Gelius teached him to do so. Once he and his pokemon were ready, he finally stepped out of the dorm.

              Valorie was faced with the odd sensation of... not needing to tend to her looks in the morning. She had so much free time now that she was not-so-secretly a gross monster! Er... She attempted to take her form again, her memory doing her no more favors than it had the last time. This resulted in the somewhat doll-like something-isn't-quite-right-here idealized version of herself that had appeared in the tournament. ...Well, it was better than nothing anyway. Besides, she had a feeling something that would fix all of this was waiting for her just outside. Valorie exited her room and entered the suicune dorm commons, eager to recieve her yearly presents only to find...

              They were gone, and a rather obnoxious message was being played over the loudspeaker. "...No." she murmured, her temper flaring. S-Seriously? Who even stole something like that? She turned tail and stormed out of the dorm, decidedly set on how to spend her holiday. It was time to hunt down some presents.

              Gelius slowly exited his dorm, silent as the night he entered the academy... Which was yesterday... Which, now talking about it, perhaps some people would be wondering how someone joins at a so late time. To his surprise, he found a girl storming out of a dorm. Lombre and Sneasel were wondering what was happening. Though Pichu... The first thing he did was run towards her.

              Pichu ran towards the girl, stopping in front of her, trying to say hello.

              Valorie stopped in her tracks as something tiny scurried up to her, distracted by the sudden movements. Was that a bug..? No, wait--She recognized those colors. Pika... Not quite Pikachu. But... "Oh--Hello." she blurted out, watching the pichu carefully.

              Gelius walked over the female, and picked the Pichu up, holding it in his arms. Sneasel writes on the paper: "Sorry for the inconvinience." It was written. Sneasel showed it to the girl.

              Valorie took the paper, looking it over. She just sot of glanced betwixt Gelius and his pokemon, unsure of who to talk to. "It's... alright. Were the presents stolen from your dorm too?" she asked, particularly aimed at Gelius.

              Gelius shrugged, as Sneasel wrote on the paper. "We only arived last night." It was written. Sneasel gave to Valorie.

              Valorie once again accepted the paper, rather awkwardly this time. "Uh..." she began, turning her full attention to Gelius' sneasel. "Some jerks showed up and stole all of our stuff. I was just on my way to try and track them down." she explained, gesturing with a roll of her shoulder down the hall.

              Sneasel started writing. "Maybe we can help?" It was written. He gave it to Valorie afterwards.

              Valorie took the paper for a third time. She supposed this boy couldn't speak, or something. Ah well. "...Yeah, sure!" she replied, glancing over her shoulder. "Let's go to the main office to investigate." she suggested. She wasn't entirely sure where to start, but if they'd sent that message over the intercom they must've been in the main office at some point. Right? Valorie turned and beckoned for the others to follow.

              Gelius simply followed silently. He wasn't sure what was happening, but at least he found someone nicer than his old school mates. Perhaps she could be a friend... A word that Gelius hasn't thought about for a long time ago.

              Valorie led Gelius along, not paying too much mind. The sooner they got their presents back, the sooner she could get back to enjoying the holidays. I mean... What was a holiday without presents? A day off of school to spend time with your friends and pokemon? Pfft... ...That actually sounded kind of nice! Regardless, this present in particular meant a lot to her. The two would arrive at the main office, and to the site of a large hole in the floor behind the main desk. "...Huh." Valorie remarked. Wonder where the crooks went!

              Gelius simply shrugged and jumped in the hole. His three Pokemon followed him, as with a movement of hands, Gelius mentioned to Valorie to follow.

              Valorie sighed gently. She sure hoped this tunnel wasn't like a mile long. ...As she descended into the tunnel, she began to notice it was rather dark down there. Oh right. Criminals didn't make their tunnels safe. Huh. Well, best not stay too long!

              Gelius simply walked in the tunnnel, picking some pieces of present paper.

              Valorie squinted. Was that a break in the tunnel..? Yes, yes it was. The tunnel surfaced not far outside of the academy into a snow covered area. Several sets of footsteps went off in various directions, with about four different sets going in one particular direction. "...I'm so not dressed for this weather" Valorie mused aloud. In spite of the mini skirt, she was still a monster on the inside. That'd have to keep her warm, for now.

              It's been a long time since we crossed paths over space-time~
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                Dalex Yukashi: Oak Town

                About 30 minutes later, he arrived in Oak Town. He had to stop running half way because of his ankle. He had almost hurt it once again by stepping on an icy patch. He took a break on a bench and put his head down, looking toward the ground. He couldn't run, not yet. He had a few tears flow down his cheek from a mixture of pain and anger that he couldn't run. But the tears stopped within a few seconds. He reached down at some snow on the ground, picking a small amount up. He pressed it into his face, mainly around his eyes. And his face returned to normal. It no longer looked like he had been crying. It was something he used if he had gotten hurt while running in the around Fortree and Mistralton. He had taught a few people how to do it, to mask that they had been crying so that they weren't picked on. You could use water for it, but snow was the better option, second best being cold water.

                He walked through the streets of the the snow covered Oak Town. Windows to houses were open in places and inside he could see kids opening presents. This made him miss his parents and friends from his hometowns. He smiled at one child who was looking at him. The child smiled back and waved.

                After a few more minutes, he arrived at the store where he had gotten his camera. The store looked like it was closed. So he knocked. After a few seconds, a man came to the door and quickly unlocked it.

                "Oh its you! So you finally got the ok to walk again?" The man asked.

                "Yes sir. I am sorry that I haven't been able to make it to work. I guess someone told you?" Dalex asked.

                "Yeah Gary Oak sent a report out and notified everyone about the injuries. I will be honest, I didn't think you would come back. Especially on a day like this."

                "I just wanted to let you know as soon as possible. I have some more money to pay, but it still doesn't cover it all." Dalex announced.

                "Actually about that. It was payed off."

                "Wait what? It was payed off? By who?" Dalex asked.

                "Not sure. A family came in the other day and asked if you worked here. The man had apparently overheard us the other day when you got the camera. He came in and payed everything you owed off for protecting his child and helping other when the battle got out of hand the other night."

                "Oh. I have to thank him. He shouldn't have done that. Do you mind if I help out here every now and then? I feel that I should still help you when I can." Dalex asked.

                "Sure! I can always use some extra help." The man looked outside. "Oh give me a second. I have a loyal customer coming in. Probably to buy her normal stuff. I figured it be soon." The man said as he went to the back.

                Dalex looked behind him and he saw a blond girl with glasses coming in. He knew who it was instantly, but decided to turn away. He knew something was going on with her, but she looked happy today and he didn't want to stop her happiness.


                Ariane Dracon: Oak Town.

                Ariane had walked through the town. Other people were starting to get out and walk to other houses and what not. She noticed that the whole down was decorated in a winter wonderland and stalls were starting to go up, selling Christmas oriented stuff. Candy and Cookies were being sold.

                The town itself started to come alive, making her even happier. Today had probably been the best day of her life. Her parents had always treated her like an outsider. Her uncle was the only true family she had. Some of her friends had been nice, but not family. She walked into the store. Which was open already. She would usually have to wait a few minutes, but for one reason or another, it was already open.

                "Ah Ariane! I was wondering when you would show up. Started to worry me a bit. I already have everything that you would normally buy. This is on the house today though. Consider it a gift. There is also a few books that you don't have yet. I think you wanted info on the Kalos and Alola Region. So just read those books."

                Ariane smiled at the man. This was one of the few men she trusted on the island. She had also bought a few books, but didn't have the money and had to work for the rest. She took the bag from the man, "Thank you sir! And yes not much is known of the Alola Region at the moment, but I would love to study any flying type pokemon from it."

                "Speaking of flying types, how is the war against that Pidgey going? Have you caught it yet?"

                "No sir. It is still on going. I have yet to catch it."

                "I get the feeling you will soon, but you should catch it before it evolves, or it will become harder to do so. And how about the punks?" The man asked.

                "I haven't seen them for a while. Which gives me hope that they stopped. It would be a blessing." Ariane said.

                "Good. You said you were from Mistralton right?"

                "Yes sir, why? if I may ask." Ariane asked.

                "Well not long ago, there was a student also from Mistralton here. I am sure the student is around still. is around still. But they seem to have left already."

                "Really? I didn't see anyone. But I do wonder if I know them. If they are my age, then we should have lived in Mistralton at the same time. But I currently don't remember my Uncle saying that someone was coming here." Ariane said.

                "When I see the student again, I will say something. I must organize stuff more so forgive me. I kinda opened a little too soon. I want to store to look nice for today before customers start coming in."

                "Yes sir! Thanks again for the stuff! I will put them to good use. I really want to travel in Alola one day once I am done here. I only have one more year after this year I think." Ariane said, waving bye, "Happy Christmas!"

                "Same to you Ariane!"


                Dalex Yukashi: Oak Town

                Dalex had snuck out while Ariane had been talking to the man who worked the store. The man seemed to know that he was trying to get out. So he distracted her a bit more. After she left, he went back in.

                "Sorry about that." Dalex said.

                "No worries. You must know she is afraid of most males then if you wanted to get out."

                "Actually no I didn't. That is one of the main reasons I wanted to talk to you again. Why is she afraid of male?" Dalex asked.

                "You are form Mistralton as well. Do you know her?"

                "Yeah. We used to be close friends when I was about six. She went returned to Pokewood, but before she got back, we had already moved. Back in Hoenn, her uncle and her came to visit, but at the time, I had been attacked by a Grumpig and was in a deep sleep for a while. Which is why I am not a fan of psychic time pokemon. But they had already left by the time I woke."

                "Then you haven't heard much about what happened after you left then. Let me quickly explain." The man said.

                The man explained to Dalex why Ariane didn't trust males. He learned about her parents and the boy who left her when a Skorupi attacked her, almost killing her from its poison. As the man explained, they decorated the store in festival cheer.

                "Now she has an unknown group stalking her. She has been to afraid to tell the teachers and told me while she worked her. They have been stalking her ever since she said she wanted to be a Sky Master Trainer. Similar to you am I right?" The man said.

                "Yeah I guess it is just a love that the kids of Mistralton and Fortree have. Thank you for telling me. I actually helped her in the mountains the other day, which is what caused me to hurt my ankle. I returned the sketch pad she dropped, but that didn't go very well. That is when I learned that it was her. Especially with the picture with the Grumpig and a boy. Along with a man and a girl that was my age at the time." Dalex said.

                "Haha. That picture is probably her favorite out of everything she has drawn. I guess everything is connected. You need to help her Dalex. She can't be afraid of males all the time, and I think you might be the only one to break that fear. It may take a while, but she needs you. I fear that the people stalking her will appear again today. And this time, I think they will reveal themselves."

                "Why do you say that?"

                "Because, I over heard them the other day. Some kids don't know how to not say anything. They are a group of flying pokemon trainers. They aren't very strong and I know that they seem to love her parents' work."

                "Ok. I will try to talk to her today. Happy Christmas!"

                "Same to you! And thanks for the help. Decorations are complete, so I can open now! I will see if I have anything I can give you as well Dalex. If I do, I will send it to your dorm!"

                "Alright thanks!"

                With that, Dalex walked out of the store and snow had started to fall and the streets were alive with joy. He was finally caught up with everything that had happened to his friend after he moved. And now, he could reunite with her. He wondered if she had ever read the note that he had written her before he moved away.
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