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    Episode 68: Wings n' Things

    "...a one on one tea ceremony is very special--a sign of friendship between the host and the guest." Brock read from the guidebook's chapter on the traditional tea ceremony to Ash and Misty. "Before entering the place where the ceremony is being held, the guests have to wait for the sound of the vina, an ancient harp said to create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility. The vina playing means that the host is ready to receive the guests."

    "How pretty!" Misty gasped, starry eyed as she pictured her and Ash receiving tea from a kimono-clad lady as Brock, as the harpist, played a peaceful melody on a bow shaped harp.

    "I wonder if we can participate in a tea ceremony when we get to Ecruteak?" Ash smiled. "I still have my kimono from last year's summer festival!"

    With that, he skipped down the road with Tintri, singing the bon odori song from the festival at Maiden's Peak the year before. Haa, hanabi agareba...Ha-a, kansei agaru...

    A buzzing in the distance jolted him from his song as a tiny dragonfly-like Pokemon emerged from the tall grass at the side of the road. Interesting Pokemon... he thought as he reached for his Pokedex:

    "Yanma, the clear wing Pokemon. If it flaps its wings really fast, it can generate shock waves that will shatter windows in the area."

    Just as Ash pocketed Dexter, he gasped as the Yanma flew over and snatched his cap! "Hey!" he cried as he and Tintri followed the Yanma into the grass. "That cap's special to me!"

    After fruitlessly chasing the Yanma around in circles for a minute or two, Ash heaved a relieved sigh when he heard a boy's voice call "Sparx, give that hat back!"

    The Yanma looked over at Ash, then its deep blue haired owner, then back at Ash again before dropping the cap at Ash's feet and flying off. "Has your Yanma always been that difficult..." Ash started, before realizing he had not asked the Yanma's owner his name.

    "My name's Zachary--but you can call me Zach for short." the boy replied as Ash dusted off his cap and put it back on. "I'm so sorry about Sparx swiping your cap--no matter what I do to teach Sparx anything, he doesn't want to obey me..."

    "Is everything okay?" Misty and Brock arrived a few moments later. "We heard this buzzing and then you screaming..." Misty began.

    "Yeah--I got my cap back. A mischievous Yanma took it." Ash assured his companions. "This is Zach, the Yanma's owner. Zach, this are my traveling companions, Misty and Brock.

    "Nice to meet you both." Zach replied. "My dad makes windows in town...and Sparx has always been a troublemaker for them.

    "Then we'd better get to town before Sparx causes any more trouble." Misty led the way down the road, making sure to keep Zach in view.


    Screams and cries filled the air as the group reached the town some moments later. "Hide your glasswares!" Ash heard a woman call.

    "Sparx is back!" a man cried, spurring many of the townsfolk to take what glasswares they could find and hide them in secure locations as the Yanma flew down the main street.

    "Seems Sparx has already built quite the bad reputation..." Brock mused as he watched Sparx fly to one particular shop, tap one finished window pane, then flap his wings enough to create that same tone, shattering hundreds of windowpanes and glass sheets.

    "I guess that old urban legend about glass shattering at a certain frequency is true..." Misty gasped, both awed and afraid at how powerful Sparx was.

    "Zachary Evans! I thought I told you that that stupid Yanma wasn't allowed within a hundred feet of here!" a man yelled as Zach arrived to corral Sparx. "That's another 200 credits worth of glass you'll have to pay down!"

    "It seems like Sparx has done this before..." Ash mused as he watched the man berate Zach.

    "But Zach doesn't seem like a bad trainer..." Misty noted as she watched the man lead Zachary before a man with similar features to Zach at a nearby house.

    "In most troublesome Pokemon, it usually is the trainer that's the problem, but in this case, it looks like a combination of the Pokemon being rebellious by nature, and the trainer not knowing how to control it." Brock explained as he motioned for the group to follow him to the house, where the two men were talking. "We just need to stick up for Zach and prove he can be a good trainer for Sparx."


    "I'm sorry, Mr. Strussel..." Zach told the angry man as the group looked on. "I've tried to keep Sparx under control, but he never wants to listen to me..."

    "Well, if you're clearly putting up an effort and he still breaks everyone's glass, then the only thing to do is return Sparx to the wild." Mr. Strussel replied, a note of anger still in his voice.

    "But--!" Zach protested.

    "As much as I hate to say this, I have to agree, son." Mr. Evans sighed. "I know you've done a lot for Sparx, but if he doesn't want to listen to you, then he may be happy back in the wild."

    Misty watched Zach trudge away towards a park. "Poor Zach...he must really love Sparx to keep training him when Sparx won't even listen to him..."

    "Let's go see if we can cheer him up!" Ash suggested.

    Brock located Zach sitting on a bench overlooking a playground. "Got room for a few more?" he asked as he sat down by Zach.

    "Sure." Zach replied, the awkward discussion from earlier still weighing on his heart.

    "If you don't mind my asking, how did you and Sparx meet?" Ash wondered.

    " all started a few months ago." Zach began. "A big storm came through the area, and at the time, Dad and I were on the way back from delivering glass to another town. Just as we contemplated finding shelter, Dad spotted a Yanma lying on the ground, battered by the wind and rain. Not being one to just leave an injured Pokemon behind, we took it home and took care of it, and I named it Sparx. However, as soon as he got better, Sparx broke all the glass in Dad's workshop. I decided to train Sparx, but to no avail."

    He sighed. "And that's where you guys came in. Maybe Mr. Strussel is right...Sparx should be back in the wild."

    "WHAAAAAAAT???" the group gasped.

    "How can you say that when you've done so much for Sparx?" Misty gasped.

    "Maybe a window maker's son wasn't meant to be a Yanma trainer..." Zach sighed before tearfully getting up from the bench.


    "Good bye, Sparx..." Zach began as he released the Yanma in the forest some time later. "I'll...I'll..."

    Finally, pure emotion overwhelmed Zach as he dashed back down the forest path, only to trip on a rock and fall right at Ash's feet! "I did it...I released Sparx. But it doesn't make it any easier to say goodbye..." he whispered before bursting into tears.

    After dusting himself off, he led the group to a ring of rocks. "I wanted to raise Sparx to be a hero--a Pokemon would could help people, not cause trouble for them..." he explained.

    "The townsfolk may have seen him as trouble, but did YOU ever see Sparx as a troublemaker?" Brock asked as he wiped away Zach's tears.

    "No..." Zach replied. "I saw him as a friend, and my hero-in-training. But how could something that small do much of anything besides cause trouble?"

    Brock thought for a moment. "You know, there are millions of stories in the world that tell of tiny beings that did big things, including Yanmas."

    "Really?" Zach asked, intrigued by the three stripes on Brock's vest. "If you're a storyteller, do you know any stories about a heroic Yanma?"

    "Yes, actually...I learned one from a book once." Brock replied. "It's called 'How the Yanmas Defeated the Pansages'."

    With that, he began "One day, a Yanma just like Sparx was traveling from a beautiful tropical island down to another island to the south. The air was steamy, and the sun was high in the sky. After many hours, the poor Yanma was exhausted, but she still had a long way to go. She decided to rest for a while, and spotting a grove of palm trees, she flew down to rest on one. She did not notice the family of Pansages in the tree."

    "Uh oh..." Zach stifled a giggle--the first time he had laughed at all that day.

    "As she was fanning herself with her wings, resting and catching her breath, she suddenly heard a rustling sound beside her." Brock went on, complete with Ash rustling some grass for sound effects.

    "Who's there?" Misty jumps in the role of the Yanma.

    "...and a moment later a Pansage--a green monkey Pokemon native to the far away Unova region-- stood beside her." Brock went on.

    "What are you doing? You're trespassing! You'll have to leave right now." he scolded Misty in a mimic of Team Rocket's Meowth, to Zach's delight.

    "The Pansage looked enormous to the Yanma, and his voice was harsh. She began to tremble with fear." Brock went on as himself. "Still, she was tired. Her desire for rest inspired her courage, so she looked up at the Pansage and said..."

    "Please, sir, I would like to rest here until sunset. I've been flying so long, my wings won't carry me much farther." Misty fills in the dialogue as the Yanma.

    "Poor, tired wings!" Brock jeered as the Pansage. "We don't allow weak creatures to stay in our tree. Go away, now!"

    As himself, he went on "With that, he snapped a twig from the tree and brandished it as if it were a sword. Try as the Yanma might to beg for mercy, the Pansage threw the stick at her."

    "That's not very nice!" Zach cried, appalled.

    "Now, the Yanma was tired, but as we know, Yanmas are quick, and before the stick was out of the Pansage's hand, she was flying away, flying towards her homeland." Brock went on. "When at long last she reached home, she went to tell King Yanmega--what Yanma ultimately becomes--the story of the Pansages in the palm tree."

    "So what did King Yanmega do?" Zach asked as Ash showed him a Yanmega's picture in the Pokedex.

    "When King Yanmega heard the story, he was furious. He decided the Yanmas had to confront the Pansages, and he sent three of his best warriors to speak to King Simisage--what Pansage ultimately becomes." Brock went on. "The Yanma warriors flew to the palm tree, and asked to see King Simisage."

    "Your Pansages treated one of our own cruelly. Our king has decided you must make amends or we will declare war on you." Ash jumps in the role of a Yanma.

    "War, you say?" Brock shoots back as King Simisage. "Tell your king to come back here, and we shall see who wins this war!"

    Brock then interjects as himself "The Yanma warriors understood that winning a war against the Pansages would be difficult, and so they said..."

    "Sir, you never know how these things might end. Perhaps you wish to reconsider? An apology would be fine." Ash suggests as the Yanma.

    "Go now and tell your king my answer! War it shall be!" Brock vows as King Simisage, to Zach's delight at how the group played off of each other.

    Brock continued the story as himself "And so, the Yanma warriors flew back to their king and told him what King Simisage had said, so King Yanmega ordered his whole army to fly to the palm tree for battle. The Yanmas carried no weapons but their wings, and they flew as fast as they could, in strict formation, all the way to the palm tree. As they approached the tree, they saw an army of Pansages wielding branches and sticks."

    "And then?" Zach was interested now.

    "When King Simisage saw the Yanmas approaching, he gave the word to attack." Brock intoned As the Pansages began to scatter down their tree, waving their sticks in the air, the Yanmas flew directly at them. Just as their king had commanded, they landed on the Pansages' foreheads. The Pansages quickly raised their weapons and struck, but the Yanmas were so quick, they flew away, and so the Pansages struck their own foreheads. One by one, the Pansages fell from the tree."

    Zach giggled as he pictured the comical scene. "And so it was that the Yanmas won the war." Brock concluded. "All the Pokemon--and the people, too--learned to admire and respect speed, agility and wit."

    "That was pretty good!" Zach smiled as he applauded. "Maybe I was wrong about releasing Sparx...let's go take him back!"

    The group eagerly made their way back to the clearing, but were crestfallen when they saw Sparx was gone.


    "Now where could the twerps have gotten to?" Jessie wondered as Team Rocket climbed through the forest underbrush.

    Just then, she saw Sparx lands by a river to get a drink. "Well well, what have we here? They say a Yanma's wings can produce a tone that shatters glass."

    "Jus' tink of all da havoc we could cause!" Now Meowth was excited. "We could have da Yanma break all da windows somewhere, den we could charge da townsfolk for glass at super-high prices!"

    "Then what are we waiting for?" James asked before taking a net, tiptoeing up to the unsuspecting Yanma, and dropping the net on it!

    [Let me go, you hoodlums!] Sparx demanded, taking advantage James inspecting the next to fly away.

    "Not so fast!" Jessie heaved a rope in the direction the Yanma was flying, which wrapped around Sparx's body.

    "Nice lasso, Jessie." Meowth grinned as Jessie pulled back the struggling Yanma. "Now for part 1 of our plan--go find some windows ta smash!"

    [Get me out of here!] Sparx screeched before flapping his wings, creating a ringing Eb note that rang through the forest, shattering the windows in a nearby empty cabin.

    "Looks like that story about the Yanma's wings is true..." James mused. "Let's go bilk the townsfolk!"


    "Mr. Strussel? Have you seen Sparx anywhere?" Zach asked some time later.

    "Course I have--you've allowed him to break almost all the windows in town so those glass hawkers can sell us overpriced glass!" Mr. Strussel grumbled, pointing out Jessie, James, and Meowth--in disguise as glass merchants--in the town square. "I can't believe you'd fall in with hucksters like that--if you try anything funny, I'm onto you!"

    Moments before Mr. Strussel could take Zach by the arm to his father, the others arrived. "HOLD EVERYTHING!" Brock called. "First of all, why are you accusing Zach of something he didn't even do? Those glass merchants were actually Team Rocket!"

    Jessie happened to overhear Brock trying to defend Zach. "How nice of you to say that, it sure saves us the trouble!" With that, the Rockets threw off their disguises, to the gasps of the townsfolk.

    "And because of your generosity, we'll make your pain double!" James agrees, just as Meowth and Sparx arrived back by his side.

    "To protect the world from devastation..." Jessie began.

    "And unite all peoples within our nation..." James smiled, twirling a rose in his hand. Ash just watched and growled in annoyance at the familiar motto he, Misty, and Brock had heard a million times before:

    "To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

    "To extend our reach to the stars above!"



    "Team Rocket! Blast off at the speed of light!"

    "Surrender now, or prepare to fight!"

    "Meowth! Dat's right!"

    Ash growled in anger as he picked up one of his Poke Balls. "Luce, I choose you!"

    "Spritz, go give those Rockets what for!" Misty was not far behind in summoning one of her own Pokemon.

    "Wait!" Mr. Evans cried. "If you all must battle, can we do so in a different place? Sparx would destroy the stained glass. I've worked hard on these windows, and I don't want them ruined!"

    "Is that so?" James smirked before telling the group "Listen up, twerps--if you even so much as attempt to attack, our little friend Sparx will destroy all the windows here."

    "And just to make sure you won't attack, I'll bind you both!" Jessie added before summoning Arbok, who wasted no time Binding the Flaaffy and the Seadra.

    [We...have to do something...] Luce gasped as Arbok's coils squeezed both Pokemon tighter and tighter.

    [I know...but the windows...] Spritz wheezed.

    Just then, Misty got an idea. "Zach...can you try to return Sparx to you? That way you can show Team Rocket you are Sparx's rightful owner."

    "Okay..." Zack then held out a Poke Ball. "Sparx, return."

    Everyone gasped as Sparx was returned to the ball. "He did it!" Ash cried.

    He paused to turn his cap back. "Luce, use Shockwave!"

    "Spritz, use Water Gun to make the Shockwave even stronger!" Misty commanded.

    Zach watched as the massive lightning bolt sliced through the water and shocked the Arbok, forcing it to let go of the Flaaffy and the Seadra. "Sparx, I need your help!" he called, moments before Victreebel used Razor Leaf to wound Luce and Spritz.

    "You want to try battling with Sparx?" Ash paused to retrieve Dexter. "Here, this should help..."

    "Yanma's Known Attacks--number one, Sonic Boom..." Dexter reported.

    "Sparx, use Sonic Boom!" Zach commanded.

    The group watched as Sparx began flapping at a very high speed, creating a loud boom that knocked out Arbok. "Razor Leaf incoming!" Brock warned, pointing out the flurry of sharp leaves headed for Sparx.

    "Yanma's Known Attacks--number two, Double Team..." Dexter continued.

    "Okay Sparx, use Double Team to dodge!" Zach commanded.

    Misty watched as the Razor Leaves went straight through the copies of Sparx, leaving the real Sparx unharmed. "Spritz!"

    "Luce!" Ash called.

    "Sparx!" Zach called.

    "Yanma's Known Attacks--number three, Tackle..." Dexter reported.

    "USE TACKLE!" all three trainers chorused.

    [HAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!!!] Luce, Spritz, and Sparx barreled at Team Rocket, the resulting impact sending them flying off into the sky with a <i>ping</i>.

    "I don't believe it...Zach and Sparx saved the town!" Mr. Strussel gasped.

    He looked over at Zach. "Look, I jumped to conclusions before, and I'm sorry I accused you of something you had no part of...will you ever forgive me?"

    "Sure..." Zach replied. "It's always better to forgive and forget, right Dad?"

    "Yes, that's right." Mr. Evans grinned.

    He gestured to a window that he had finished moments before, depicting Ash, Misty and Brock as fantasy heroes with a Yanma flying overhead. "As thanks for all you've done, we're hanging this window in the Pokemon Center to remember you three by."

    "I told Dad to make your fantasy self a minstrel, as thanks for the story you told me." Zach explained to Brock. "I think it inspired Sparx too."

    [Oh, it did!] Sparx buzzed. [I want to do all I can to be the greatest Yanma the world has ever known!]

    "Know that you three are always welcome here any time." Mr. Evans smiled. "And you're welcome to come share your stories, too." he smiled at Brock.

    "Aw, it was nothing!" Misty smiled.

    "Yeah--we'll try and come back sometime." Ash agreed. He waved goodbye to the cheering townsfolk as he, Misty, and Brock set off into the setting sun...

    To Be Continued...
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      Episode 69: The Grass Route

      The sun was high overhead as the group rounded a bend in the road to see an array of Grass type Pokemon romping around what Ash assumed were fairgrounds. "Hey guys...check out all the Grass Pokemon!"

      "I see..." Brock looked up from the guidebook and smiled when he saw a Sunflora, savoring a memory of his first Lore Stage. "I see Sunflora, Oddish, Bellsprout..."

      "Is that a Gloom?" Misty asked, pointing out a Gloom in the crowd of Grass Pokemon. "Reminds me of your battle with Erika..."

      "Don't remind me..." Ash shuddered. Being disguised as a girl to enter the Gym was bad enough, but he had at least rescued Erika's Gloom when Team Rocket had attempted to burn the Gym down--so it was worth the humiliation.

      He was snapped from his memories by Brock's voice. "If Saria was here, she would love getting to know all these exotic Grass types."

      Ash smiled at a memory of his beloved Bulbasaur as he read up on a small pink deer Pokemon playing with an Oddish:

      Deerling, the season Pokemon. An exotic Pokemon from the Unova region, the turning of the seasons changes the color and scent of this Pokémon's fur. People use it to mark the seasons.

      "Cool..." Ash smiled before scanning a small bud-like Pokemon dozing near a desk:

      "Budew, the bud Pokemon. An exotic Pokemon from the Shinou region, the bud is said to bloom when it feels the sun's warm touch."

      "I'm sure that must be pretty..." Ash mused to himself as he looked for another exotic Grass Pokemon to scan.

      "What's this cute little owl Pokemon here?" Misty asked as she joined Ash in the field.

      Ash located the brown and green owl Pokemon sunning itself in a tree and scanned it with the Pokedex:

      Rowlet, the grass quill Pokemon. An exotic Pokemon from the Alola region, this wary Pokémon uses photosynthesis to store up energy during the day, while becoming active at night.

      "Interesting..." Ash mused as Brock joined him and Misty, just in time to see a small green Pokemon with a yellow flower on its head. "Huh?"

      As the group followed the little Pokemon, Ash looked it up on the Pokedex:

      "Skiploom, the cottonweed Pokemon. It spreads its petals to absorb sunlight. It also floats in the air to get closer to the sun.

      "How pretty!" Misty gasped as they followed the Skiploom down the path to where a line was forming at a food booth.

      "There you are!" a dull blue haired boy smiled as he hugged the Skiploom, then looked at the group. "Oh, hi! I haven't seen you guys around before...I'm Ephraim, and this is Skippy, my Skiploom."

      [Hi!] the Skiploom smiled.

      "Nice to meet you...I'm Ash, and these are my companions, Misty and Brock." Ash replied, making a grand gesture to his companions, who waved hello upon being introduced. "We're traveling through the region, and couldn't resist stopping by when we saw all the Grass Pokemon."

      "Are any of you guys trainers at all?" Ephraim wondered.

      Ash revealed his three badges, neatly sewn to his right vest flap. "I am, at least--here are the three badges I have so far."

      "Wow...three badges?" Ephraim was impressed. "Is it okay if I can have Skippy battle one of your Pokemon?"

      "Sure!" Ash replied as he watched Brock draw the shape of a Poke Ball in the grass.


      "Okay, Ephraim...which side of the Poke Ball do you want to take?" Brock asked.

      "Gold--in honor of the bud on Skippy's head!" Ephraim smiled as he dashed to the left side of the Poke Ball, with Skippy close behind him.

      "Then I'll take Silver." Ash replied before taking the Poke Ball with Aina inside. "I'm not sure how strong Skippy is, so I'll use one of my weaker Pokemon, okay?"

      "That's fair." Ephraim smiled.

      Ash then heaved his Poke Ball skyward. "Aina, time to make your debut!"

      "Since this is just a friendly match, I'm not going to go through the whole introductions, like a referee would do at a real tournament." Brock explained as he hung his referee's whistle around his neck. "So, are both sides ready?"

      Cheers rang across the grounds in reply. "Okay! And"

      As soon as the whistle blew, Ephraim called "Okay, Skippy! Start with Double Team to confuse the Machop!"

      Aina balked as what seemed like hundreds of Skiplooms appeared before her. [Oh my...which one's the real one?]

      "Try Brick Break, and hope it's the right one!" Ash suggested.

      [HAIIIIIIIIII-YAH!] Aina cried as her left hand glowed, allowing her to chop through the duplicates and hit the real Skippy, sending the Skiploom flying backwards several feet.

      Both trainers watched in awe and surprise as the whistle blew again. "Game Set! This match goes to Silver!" Brock announced, to some light applause from some onlookers.

      Ash realized what Aina had just done. "No way...Aina won...her first battle?"

      A euphoric smile formed on his face. "YA-HOOOO!!!!!!" AINA WON A BATTLE! AINA WON--!"

      "ASH!!!" Misty's angry voice brought Ash back to reality. "I'm surprised at you--steamrolling a kid's Pokemon like that, and then celebrating over it?" she snapped. "You should be ashamed of yourself for battering that poor Skiploom--you have higher standards than this!"

      Ephraim, however, was unusually calm about losing. "It's okay...Skippy's taken bigger beatings than that before." he assured Misty as Skippy came to.

      As Skippy flew into his arms, he went on "If you're needing a place to stay, I can ask my mom and dad about using the guest bedrooms at the house. It's not far from here."


      "Mom, Dad, I met some new friends at the fairgrounds today!" Ephraim called to a man and a woman with similar features to him having coffee at the kitchen table. "Meet Ash, Misty, and Brock." he smiled, making a grand gesture to the group as they came inside.

      "Nice to meet you three...are you in town for the Grass Tournament?" Ephraim's mom asked.

      "Grass Tournament?" Ash was confused.

      "This was why I wanted to battle before--I'm training Skippy for the tournament." Ephraim explained. "The Grass Tournament is a special competition for Grass-type Pokémon only, with a large collection of Leaf Stones as the prize."

      "Wow!" Misty was impressed.

      "I bet Ethan and Lyra will be here for the tournament--maybe after we settle in for the night, we can head back to the fairgrounds and see." Brock suggested.

      "Explore all you want--the fairgrounds have plenty to do even if you're not competing." Ethan's father smiled. "The guest bedrooms are upstairs on the left."


      "Wow..." the group gasped as they returned to the fairgrounds that evening. Carnival rides, a midway, and food stands had been set up as even more people converged on the fairgrounds for the tournament. What trainers were signing up for the tournament were checking in near a large dome, while everyone else rode the rides or tried their luck at winning Pokemon dolls or other prizes.

      "Aw, what's this Pokemon?" Misty asked as she admired a doll of a small blue duck-like Pokemon with a lilly pad on its head as one of the prizes for the pyramid game.

      "Here..." Ash invited Misty to look as he scanned the doll with his Pokedex:

      Lotad, the waterweed Pokemon. An exotic Pokemon of the Houen region, it looks like an aquatic plant and serves as a ferry to Pokémon that can't swim."

      "Fascinating!" Misty smiled as Brock set down a hundred credit bill in an attempt to win one of the Lotad dolls for Misty.

      Both Ash and Misty held their breaths as Brock heaved the ball with all his might...and sent the milk bottle pyramid crashing down some seconds later. "Easy as pie." he smiled as the barker gave him a small Lotad doll.

      "How did you do that? I thought the game was rigged!" Ash gasped, amazed that Brock had won a prize on the first try at a carnival game.

      "Actually, the milk bottle pyramid is in fact winnable if you know what you're doing." Brock explained. "You want to aim for the middle of the bottom row, and throw as hard as you can, like I did."

      "Ah..." Misty smiled as she hugged her new Lotad doll.

      "That's actually fascinating!" a voice called. "Any other tips you can share, guru of the midway?"

      Brock whirled around to find Ethan and Lyra approaching them from the other direction. "Oh, hi! Are you guys just here for the carnival, or are you gonna compete in the tournament tomorrow?" he asked.

      "I'm competing with Hana." Lyra replied. "Just for fun, and see how she'd do in a tournament setting."

      "Having seen Hana battle before, I do you're gonna do great!" Ash smiled.

      "We'll be there to cheer you on, even if you don't win it all." Misty smiled.

      "And for the record, if there's any midway game you DON'T want to play, steer clear of the plastic tubs, and the swinger game is all but impossible thanks to basic physics." Brock replied.

      "Point duly noted." Ethan smiled as the new group of five continued down the midway...


      Elsewhere, Kamon and a small lizard Pokemon with a leafy tail made their way down the road. "Huh?" Kamon mused as he found a dropped flyer advertising the tournament and the carnival. "Grass tournament...all ages and skill levels welcome...500 Leaf Stones as the prize..."

      He smiled at the little lizard Pokemon. "Well, Donna...tomorrow's the day of your big debut. Maybe Wonder Boy and pals will be there--this kind of thing is just up their alley..."


      "Gold side ready?" the referee announced.

      Lyra and Hana cheered in reply. "Silver side ready?" the referee asked, prompting a boy and his Gloom to cheer. "And"

      Lyra struck first as the whistle blew. "Hana, use Razor Leaf!"

      Ash and the others gawked as Hana landed a critical blow, taking out the Gloom in one hit! "Wow...Hana's gotten way stronger since I saw her last..." Ash gasped.

      "Remember that Hana's been through a lot of major battles, so it makes sense that she be this strong by now..." Brock reminded Ash as the group watched Lyra shake hands with her opponent.

      "I don't know...a lot of these trainers look pretty tough." Ethan mused as the arena was cleared off for the next match.

      "Our next match, Ephraim and Skippy vs. Sterling and Donna." the announcer reported as Ephraim arrived on the Silver side with Skippy.

      Misty, however, balked at Ephraim's opponent. "Is that who I think it is?"

      "Even if it's not Kamon, it sure looks a lot like him." Ethan muttered as a familiar red haired boy approached the Gold side with the small lizard Pokemon.

      Ash fumbled for his Pokedex to read up on the strange lizard Pokemon:

      "Treecko, the wood gecko Pokemon. An exotic Pokemon from the Houen region, the soles of its feet are covered by countless tiny spikes, enabling it to walk on walls and ceilings."

      In the arena, Ephraim shuddered as "Sterling" approached. "I know you're scared, Skippy, but I know you can be brave!"

      [Yes I can!] Skippy charged at the Treecko, knocking it backwards.

      "Donna, counter with Agility!" Kamon called.

      As Kamon's Treecko raced around Skippy, Ephraim "Try to get Leech Seed on him, and then use Double Team!"

      "Yes!" Misty smiled as Skippy paralyzed the Treecko by firing hundreds of life draining seeds from its bud, then flummoxed the lizard Pokemon even more by creating multiple copies of himself.

      "Didn't Lyra try something like that before?" Ash asked Ethan.

      "Yeah--Kamon believes in raw power above all else, so the best way to stymie him is put up defense." Ethan replied as the whistle blew to signal that Ephraim had won.

      The group did not expect Ephraim's parents to hurry down to the arena. "My little boy--great job on your victory!" Ephraim's mother gushed.

      "You're getting better with Skippy every day!" Ephraim's father agreed as he pulled out a camera to take a picture.

      "Mom, Dad, you're embarrassing me!" Ephraim protested as he did his best to shield his eyes from the camera flash.


      "Lyra and Hana vs. Sterling and Donna." the announcer began as Lyra and Hana made their way to the arena to kick off the second round some time later.

      [Funny...this Sterling guy looks a tad familiar...] Hana grumbled as she stared down the Treecko.

      "Don't worry...I have a plan for exposing you-know-who's little charade." Lyra smiled as the referee counted down.

      As soon as the whistle blew, Lyra called "Hana, use Razor Leaf!"

      [Got it!] Hana replied as she fired a flurry of Razor Leaves over the confused Treecko and onto "Sterling" and shredding his silver suit, exposing him as Kamon, to the gasps of the crowd.

      Even Ethan was surprised. "No way! That Sterling character WAS Kamon!"

      "You have to give Lyra credit for a clever idea though." Misty grinned as the crowd waited to see how Kamon would react.

      "Okay, I admit it--I solely entered this competition thinking Wonder Boy would be there." Kamon smirked. "And I see him right..."

      He smiled when he found the section Ash and the others were sitting in. "...there..."

      Gasps and screams filled the air as Kamon leaped into the stands and dashed to the row Ash and the others were watching from. "I found you, Wonder Boy...and today, we're gonna battle, right here, right now!"

      "But I don't even--!" Ash protested before some screams and a cry of "Stop!" from a security guard clued him in that Kamon had forgotten about him and was heading for the door with the box holding the 500 Leaf Stones.

      He motioned for Lyra to join him in the stands. "Brock, Lyra, I have an idea...Lyra, tell Hana to charge a Solarbeam..."

      [Right!] Hana smiled as she started absorbing the sunlight from a window.

      "You declared your archery gear before?" Ash asked Brock.

      "Of course." Brock smiled as he retrieved an arrow and nocked it.

      "When I give the signal, fire your shot through Hana's Solarbeam--the resulting bright light should blind Kamon long enough for him to drop the Leaf Stones." Ash explained, noting that Hana had finished charging the bright yellow beam, and was patiently waiting for him to give the signal.

      He waited for Kamon to approach a white line in the arena, then called "NOW!!!"

      The crowd watched in awe as the arrow flew through the Solarbeam, enchanting it with a bright flash of earth energy that caused Kamon to trip, making him drop the box of Leaf Stones.

      "Good riddance...that guy was using his Pokemon like a tool, not a living being." Ephraim grumbled as Kamon was led away by security.

      "Don't worry, Ephraim...he will get his just desserts, and learn that Pokemon are to be loved and cherished, sooner or later." Lyra smiled. "I believe you're the next match..."

      Ethan smiled as a familiar song started over the PA system to pump up the crowd. "Shall we?"

      "Yeah--let's inspire both Ephraim and Lyra with 'Glory in Our Story'." Misty suggested.

      Ash led the singing as Ephraim and Skippy faced a trainer with a Turtwig. We all have a dream inside our hearts that we will follow to the end...

      When you make a wish upon a star, the power flows, inside of you! Misty sang as Lyra faced off against a trainer with a Servine.

      Everybody listen to this song and sadness will just disappear! Brock sang as Ephraim won his match, only to receive more pictures and kisses.

      My wishes, dreams and hopes go forth into the world... Ethan sang as Hana sent her opponent flying, winning her the match.

      Come along and take my hand, come with me for the ride,
      Together we will step through the door
      And see the light shining from our own heavenly land!
      the four friends sang as both Ephraim and Lyra plowed through the field, easily winning against every opponent they were pitted against.

      Come with me and we will see the wonders of the world!
      All of the glory, is in our story!

      As we make our way to heaven, take it step by step
      And get the glory, upon the great stage!

      We can go anywhere, so long as we're together
      I truly believe it with all of my heart...
      The cards here in my hand,
      Show you the way...


      "Our final match--Ephraim and Skippy vs. Lyra and Hana." the announcer called, to the roar of the crowd as Ephraim and Lyra met in the arena.

      "Here we go--Ephraim has proved himself a great opponent...." Brock mused as Ephraim struck first with a Double Team, confusing Hana.

      "Now do you feel bad for beating him down with Aina earlier?" Misty asked Ash as Lyra told Hana to use Razor Leaf, only to hit all the copies and not the real Skippy.

      "I've felt horrible ever since that match." Ash sighed. "It didn't help you had to yell at me about it..."

      "It's okay to want to celebrate when your Pokemon wins their first match, but it shouldn't come at the expense of another trainer that is way overmatched." Misty explained as she watched Hana put up a Reflect aura, then heal herself with Synthesis from the battering Skippy was giving her. "Think about all the times you went up against trainers you were overmatched against--how did you feel when you eventually lost?"

      "Angry...and saddened that I lost despite giving my all." Ash replied. "If anything, I want to tell Ephraim I'm sorry for giving Skippy a beatdown yesterday..."

      "You'll get your chance in a minute." Misty assured her friend as she turned her attention back to the match.

      In the arena, Lyra noticed Skippy was starting to tire, and signaled time out to the referee. "'re doing very well, but I don't want to hurt Skippy any more than necessary. If that means you have to concede the match, I'll understand."

      Ephraim looked down at Skippy, who was wheezing with exhaustion. "Skippy, do you have the strength to keep fighting, or do you want to stop?"

      [I didn't come this far just to give up...] Skippy replied. [I want to see this match through to the end, win or lose.]

      Ephraim nodded. " whatever it takes to win!"

      [HAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!] Skippy cried as he unleashed a Solarbeam, much to the group's and the crowd's shock. The bright yellow-white beam hit Hana head on, sending her flying.

      No sooner did Hana hit the Gold safety barrier, did Skippy knock her down with a Tackle. "Game Set! This match's winner is...GOLD!!!" the referee announced, to the cheers of the crowd...


      "I'm impressed...Ephraim was named one of the youngest winners in the tournament's history..." Ethan smiled as Ephraim received the winner's cup, to cheers.

      "Remember this, Ash--pride and power aren't the only things a trainer needs to win a battle." Lyra reminded Ash. "If that's all you rely on, it will cost you dearly in the end."

      "I know--that's why I want to apologize to Ephraim for what happened yesterday." Ash assured Lyra before locating Ephraim and his parents in the crowd. "Hey...I just wanted to say congrats on your big win--you and Skippy make a great team, almost like me and Tintri."

      "Thanks..." Ephraim smiled as Tintri bounded on Ash's shoulder.

      "But I mainly came to apologize for yesterday...I felt horrible about beating Skippy down like I did, and I'm sorry..." Ash explained. "I let my pride and honor get the better of me--so can you find it in your heart to forgive me?"

      "Of course I forgive you--if that Machop was your weakest Pokemon, i can't wait to see what your strongest ones are like!" Ephraim cried.

      "You did well yourself." Ash went on as he rejoined the others and Lyra. "Hana could very well be League material, if not tournament worthy.

      "Thanks." Lyra smiled. "I had a great time here.

      [Yeah--I look forward to the next time!] Hana smiled as she admired her reflection in Lyra's silver medal.

      "Bye, you three! Until we meet again!" Ethan called as the group parted ways...

      To Be Continued...
      The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

      Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

      Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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        Episode 70: The Apple Corp

        "Lyra did great in that Grass Tournament--I think she and Hana could go all the way to the Pokemon League if she wanted to." Misty smiled as the group continued down the road. It had been a few days since they had cheered Lyra and Hana on in a tournament for Grass Pokemon, but a young trainer and his Skiploom winning it all and Lyra's gracious reaction to coming in second had also taught Ash a lesson in humility, as well

        "Last I checked, she and Ethan are just exploring the region--there's no rule that says you have to compete in anything while on a Pokemon journey." Brock explained as he pocketed the guidebook. "Although winning things certainly does make it more exciting, there are some trainers that just want to explore the world and see all it has to offer without the pressure of having to win a certain number of trinkets, knick knacks, and whachamacallits."

        Ash was about to respond when a sweet smell got his attention. "Hm...does anyone else smell something nice?"

        "I do's coming from that huge apple orchard over there." Misty pointed out what looked like hundreds of apple trees in the distance as the group rounded the bend.

        "Let's go take a look!" Ash suggested. "Maybe if we asked very nicely, the owner would let us have some!"

        "Ooh, and then maybe Brock could bake us an apple pie!" Now Misty was excited as she followed her friend to the orchard.

        "I do have an apple pie recipe, actually." Brock smiled as he followed his companions and Tintri. "Plus, I have ice cream in case you like it a la mode."

        Tintri, meanwhile, noticed that some of the apples at his eye level had tiny bite marks in them. [Funny...something seems to be eating the apples...]

        He gasped as some apple cores came crashing to the ground. "Tintri, did you eat those?" Ash sternly asked as he, Misty, and Brock caught up to him, noticing the pile of cores on the ground.

        [Uh-uh--they came from up there!] Tintri pleaded, pointing up in the direction where the cores had fallen from.

        "I don't see anything..." Brock noted as he looked up into the trees.

        "Me neither." Misty agreed. "Are you SURE, Tintri?"

        Tintri was about to answer when another apple fell into his paws, triggering a net hidden in the soil! [Gah!] he gasped, dropping the apple.

        "Ah-ha!" a girl with neatly braided purple hair cried as she hurried to inspect the net. "I've gotcha, you little apple thief!"

        "But how could Tintri be the thief when he was nowhere near the scene of the crime?" Ash asked, all the while trying oh-so-hard to not explode in anger on the girl.

        "Because the apple was nearby when my trap went off, and it had bite marks that matched many of the others that had been stolen." the girl explained as she undid the net.

        "Tintri, could you open your mouth for a second?" Ash asked. "I have an idea that could prove you innocent."

        [Ah...] Tintri complied, allowing the girl and the group to see his teeth.

        "Notice how large Tintri's teeth are compared to the apple bite marks..." Ash explained as he showed the girl the apple Tintri had dropped. "Tintri couldn't have made the bite marks on the apple, as they’re too small to be a Pikachu."

        "'re right!" the girl smiled before pulling the net off Tintri. "I owe you an apology, then, Tintri--your master's brilliant observation proved you were nowhere near the apple trees at the time of the crime."

        It then dawned on the girl she had not introduced herself. "Oh, look at me rambling on without introducing myself! My name's Charmaine--allow me to formally welcome you three to Wildflower Grove."

        "Wow..." the group gasped as Charmaine made a grand gesture to the orchard, the surrounding forest, and a large farmhouse that overlooked the orchard. "It's beautiful..." Misty gasped as she glanced around the elegantly trimmed apple trees, as well as a processing facility to make juice and butter from the apples.

        She noticed Brock thinking hard as they approached the large farmhouse. "What's the matter, Brock?"

        "Tintri being innocent begs the question...if Tintri didn't take the apples, who did?" Brock wondered as the group followed the girl inside the house.

        "We can talk more about the mystery of the missing apples over lunch, okay?" Charmaine offered. "No guest ever leaves hungry when they visit!"


        " look after all this by yourself?" Ash gasped as he set down his silverware. "Wouldn't that be hard to do without any help?" he asked as Charmaine cleared away what remained of the roast Combusken and vegetables they had just enjoyed, and set out dessert plates and clean silverware.

        "Yeah--this land has been in the family for years, so I don't mind doing all the work myself." Charmaine smiled as she arrived with a tray of freshly baked apple turnovers.

        "We can help out for the day, as thanks for the food." Misty offered before biting into a warm turnover.

        "That's okay--I made you lunch expecting nothing in return." Charmaine replied. "I've got the means to do things on my own, so I've never thought of hiring help."

        "Since you went to the trouble of cooking all that for us, we want to help you in return for your efforts--I'm sure it gets hard doing everything by yourself." Brock smiled.

        A smile formed on Charmaine's face. "All right--since you've asked so nicely, I'll let you help me out for today in exchange for a little pocket money for your travels."


        "'ll notice I've rigged some of the trees with alarms to try and capture the apple thieves." Charmaine explained as she pointed out an array of wind chimes in several trees. "When something takes one of the apples off the trees, the chimes will ring, letting me know that something's been there."

        "That's pretty clever." Misty smiled as she arrived to harvest the apples from a particular tree.

        "But this has only complicated the mystery even more--I never see what is taking the apples, even when the chimes ring..." Charmaine sighed.

        Just then, Ash heard ringing chimes not far from the tree Misty was harvesting from. "I think you've caught something!" he called as he saw three tiny yellow mouse Pokemon he remembered as Pichu dash away into the brush.

        He picked up the apple the Pichus had dropped, and saw the same kind of bite marks in it as the one that landed in Tintri's arms before. "I think we found our apple thieves..."

        [Let me go find them, and try to teach them that stealing's not right.] Tintri offered as he bounded off Ash's shoulder and into the nearby forest, making sure to follow the route the Pichu had taken.


        There they are... Tintri smiled when he found the three Pichu huddled by a bush. [Why are you taking those apples?] he sternly asked the Pichus. [The lady that runs the orchard needs them for her own livelihood.]

        [But, the berry trees in the forest didn't produce enough berries this year, and we had to get food somewhere.] one Pichu explained. [Otherwise, we would starve!]

        [That still is no excuse for stealing.] Tintri began, before a high-pitched cry interrupted him. He whirled around to see hundreds of Pichus huddled in the bush--and that a large brown bird Pokemon with large wings was trying its hardest to try and capture one of the Pichus in its long beak!

        [Ash! I could use some help over here!] he called as Ash, Misty, Brock, and Charmaine arrived in the clearing.

        "First rule of battling, bud--know thy enemy." Ash assured Tintri as he showed Tintri the Pokedex:

        "Fearow, the beak Pokemon. It uses its long beak to attack. It has a surprisingly long reach, so it must be treated with caution."

        "Tell that to the Pichus..." Misty mused as she watched three of the Pichu jump onto a nearby tree and combine their power to zap the Fearow.

        Ash noticed the three Pichu fall to the ground with a plop, exhausted. "I get it--most Pichus faint after attacking due to their lack of skill in storing electricity."

        "Key word here--most Pichu." Brock reminded Ash. "Some Pichu do manage their power well on their own, but it's fairly rare in the wild. Most Pichu than can often have an owner."

        The Fearow coming to snapped the group to attention. "On top of that, that Pichus' attack only had enough power to stun the Fearow!"

        Tintri growled as he heard the Pichu's frightened squeals. I have to do something to help these little guys...but what?

        Seeing Brock's bow gave him an idea. [Hey, Brock...can I electrify an arrow for you, so we can scare this Fearow away?]

        "Sure...come on." Brock retrieved an arrow from the quiver on his back and set it down on the ground, allowing Tintri to send sparks into the arrowhead.

        The group watched as Brock aimed the sparking green arrow at the Fearow, then fired it into a tree, making a large electrical explosion that engulfed the Fearow in thunderbolts.

        "That's actually a clever idea--enchanting a projectile to frighten away intruders." Charmaine was impressed.

        [According to the Pichus, this year was a bad year for wild Berries, so they had to find food somewhere, so they wouldn't starve.] Tintri explained to Charmaine.

        "Then that explains everything--the hungry Pichus had no other choice but to come to the orchard." Charmaine gasped. "Maybe now I know their side of the story, I can help them out a little."


        The group groaned when they returned to the orchard to find Pidgeys helping themselves to the fruit. "First we dispatch one bird Pokemon, only to find another bird Pokemon problem?" Misty sighed.

        [Okay, you guys! This is your chance to show the lady of the orchard that you can help her out in return for food.] Tintri explained to the Pichu. [So go protect the orchard!]

        [YEAAHHHHH!!!] The Pichu cheered as they hurried to attack the Pidgeys. What Pidgeys were not dispatched immediately, the Pichus jumped on to shock.

        Misty smiled as the zaps of tiny Thundershocks and Pidgey cries filled the air. "It's working--you had a clever idea, Tintri." she smiled as the Pichus continued their electrical assault. When one Pichu fainted, another one would take its place.

        After a while, Charmaine watched as the remaining Pidgeys flew away in panic. "Well done, little guys! I'm impressed you managed to protect the apples instead of taking them..."

        [You're not mad we took any?] a Pichu asked.

        "If you guys are willing to pitch in around the orchard, I'm sure Charmaine will forgive you for taking the apples." Ash offered as he motioned for a group of Pichus to follow him.


        "Okay, guys...this is what a ripe apple is supposed to look like." Ash explained to the group of Pichus as he showed them a picture of what Charmaine's apple cultivar looked like when ripe. "What I want you to do is look for as many apples that look like that as you can, and put them in these baskets. If it has any bruises, blemishes or bite marks, leave it alone--another group's taking care of the bad apples."

        [Okay!] the Pichus chorused as Charmaine brought over some baskets.

        Misty joined Ash and Charmaine some moments later. "I taught another group to find the reject apples and prune the trees..."

        "...and I've got a few groups working on turning the good ones into juice, butter, and other treats." Brock reported as he glanced over at his team of Pichus happily operating the juicer in the processing facility.

        "You guys are amazing--maybe I don't have to do everything by myself." Charmaine smiled. "I have all the help I could want right here in the Pichus."

        "They make quite the happy worker if you treat them well--and this way they're earning their share of the apples." Ash agreed.

        "Divide them up into teams, let each of them have a turn with each job if they want to, and they will have more than earned what they took." Brock explained. "Although there will be some that prefer certain jobs."

        Charmaine then got an idea. "Okay, Pichus! Which teams need a break right now?"

        [MEEEEEEEEEE!!!!] the Pichus cried as they rushed onto the house's spacious front porch, where Charmaine had prepared hundreds of trays of apple slices for them.

        "Here you go, little guys--as thanks for your hard work, you've more than made up for all the apples you took." Charmaine explained as she gave each Pichu a tray. "So here's some of your earnings for today--fresh apples with a selection of three dips--honey, chocolate, and peanut butter."


        ...Just as the retinue arrived, and Orla was in place,
        As the sacrificial Mareep, even then with a peaceful face...
        Brock sang to the Pichus as Ash and Misty played accompaniment to his guitar.

        A shout went up from all the crowd as a knight came into view,
        Twas Brian and Epona! They had come to her rescue!

        We'll go no more a roving, a roving in the night, Even Charmaine couldn't help joining in on the ballad's chorus.
        We'll go no more a roving, let the moon shine so bright
        We'll go no more a roving...

        The earth began to rumble as a dragon did appear, Brock started the next verse.
        But though he roared and rumbled there, our hero showed no fear!
        Through all the fire and the smoke, the crowd looked on in awe
        As Prince Brian and Epona fought the dragon to a draw!

        A crash got the three performers' attention, making Ash and Misty stumble over wrong notes. "What in the world...?" Charmaine gasped as a large humanoid mecha lumbered towards the house.

        "Team Rocket!" Ash growled, pocketing his whistle as sure enough, Jessie, James, and Meowth emerged from a compartment near the mecha's head.

        As Misty and Brock looked on dumbfounded, Ash called "You know what to do, Tintri!"

        "Not today, hat-twerp!" Meowth purred as he triggered one of the mecha's arms to grab Tintri. "We're gonna borrow ya Pikachu for a bit, if ya don't mind..."

        Ash growled as the arm holding Tintri began to glow yellow, and Tintri grew weaker with every passing moment. I see---that mecha arm is leeching Tintri's electricity to power their battery.

        Moments after he watched Tintri close his eyes in exhaustion, the mecha stomped off, stomped to uproot a tree, deposited all the apples into a storage compartment, carefully put back the tree, then stomped off to the next tree.

        One Pichu, who had on a red cloak and a matching red hat with a white plume, rallied the other Pichu to her side. [Okay, guys--we have to save our Pikachu friend.] she explained. [So shock that mecha as hard as you can so we can recharge him and scare those hoodlums away!]

        [Yeah--we need some good fight music too!] another Pichu agreed as he looked back at Ash, Misty, and Brock. [Every good fight scene in a movie has to have cool music!]

        "One round of fight scene music, coming up." Brock grinned before counting Ash and Misty off into a frenetic reel-like melody.

        With the guitar, the fiddle, and the whistle playing them into battle, the Pichus charged for the mecha, with the red mage Pichu leading the way.

        "What good could you little rats do anyway?" Jessie called down to the horde of Pichu.

        [We can do anything if we all work together!] the red mage Pichu shot back. [Right, guys?]

        [YEAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!] the other Pichus cheered as they began unleashing volleys of Thundershocks on the balloon.

        Meowth, meanwhile, engaged a large fan on the mecha. "So, ya wanna play rough, do ya? Two can play at dis game!"

        [WAUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!] the Pichu screamed as many of them went flying into the grass and against the tree trunks, just as the group finished their fight song.

        "I think the fight song's helping!" Misty smiled as she watched the battered and beaten Pichus gather their strength and charge back into the fray.

        "The one that looks like a red mage is acting like their leader!" Ash agreed as he watched the red mage Pichu give a jolt to a Pichu, giving him more strength to fight. "She's making sure every Pichu does their part to defend the orchard."

        "Let's keep playing then--to let them all know we believe in them." Brock smiled before counting his companions off into another rendition of the song.

        As the frentic fight song echoed across the "battlefield" again, the red mage Pichu located Tintri in the mecha's arms and called to the other Pichus [I see him, you guys! Let's all form a chain so we can revive our friend!]

        Though many of them were exhausted, each Pichu grabbed onto the tail or ears of another one, creating a chain of Pichus that amazingly managed to reach up to the mecha. When the last Pichu was in place, the red mage Pichu skittered up the Pichu chain and grabbed onto Tintri's foot. [Okay, everyone--send up the biggest shock you can!]

        [HAAAAHHHH!!!!!] the Pichus screamed as an arc of electricity streaked up the Pichu chain and into Tintri, jolting him awake!

        [mm-what?] Trinri sputtered as he woke up and saw the red mage Pichu. [You really...rallied all your friends to save me?] he smiled as he slid down the Pichu chain to safety.

        [Of course--you did so much for us, we can to do something good for you in return.] the red mage Pichu replied as the Pichu chain disassembled itself. [So let's give these hooligans what for!]

        [HIII-YAAAAAAAH!!!!!!!] With that, Tintri and the Pichus combined their power to send Team Rocket and the mecha flying into the sky with a ping...


        "Well done, you guys...and thank you for saving Tintri." Ash smiled as he petted the red mage Pichu.

        Charmaine smiled. "It's decided--the Pichus and I will be partners from now on."

        She addressed the red mage Pichu. "In exchange for helping me and protecting the orchard, you guys can have all the fruit you want. You've more than made up for all the apples you took."

        As the Pichus cheered, Charmaine approached the group with three thousand credit bills and a small basket of apple products. "And here's your wages for your help today--you're always welcome back any time."

        "Thanks." Ash replied. "We enjoyed ourselves too, even if it did get hairy for a minute or two."

        As the group waved goodbye to Charmaine and the Pichus, the red mage Pichu watched as Ash, Misty, and Brock disappeared down the road and into the setting sun. One day, Mr. Story-singer...I will adventure by your side!

        To Be Continued...
        The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

        Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

        Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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          Episode 71a: A Ghost of a Chance! (part 1)

          "Welcome to Ecruteak City...a historical city where the past meets the present." Brock read the signpost as the group rounded a bend in the road, with the city in the distance.

          "I can see why!" Misty gasped as she admired the Oriental-esque buildings in the distance. "I've always wanted to see a live Gekijou theater performance!"

          "I've always wanted to learn to play the ancient harp that was usually used by the narrator in a Gekijou play, the vina." Brock smiled. "Or any kind of harp, really--I've felt it would add a bit of a fantastic feel to my performances."

          "You definitely wouldn't be a spoony bard by any stretch!" Misty smiled, giggling as she imagined Brock, as a minstrel, serenading her, as a princess, in a fantasy land.

          "What's the name of that instrument that's always playing all these high trills and runs in traditional Kanto and Johto music?" Ash wondered as the group made their way into the city. "I know it's some kind of flute..."

          "That's because it is." Brock explained before turning to the chapter on traditional music and the theater in the guidebook, specifically the section on the ancient instruments used in the Gekijou orchestra. "There were actually two different flutes used in the Gekijou orchestra--the end blown kidi which has a darker and more mysterious sound, and the instrument you're thinking of, the side blown bansi."

          Ash looked over at the picture of an ornately decorated side blown flute in the guidebook. "Wow! I wanna learn to play one of those!"

          "You sure?" Misty asked. "Not only would it take a ton of practice, you'd have to learn a new way to blow and new fingerings."

          Ash just smiled. "I really want to learn...almost as much as I wanna battle for my next badge!"

          Brock noticed that during their conversation, they had managed to discover what looked like one of several majestic towers that loomed over the city. "This must be the Gym..."

          "Let's go!" Ash led the way inside.


          "This Gym isn't like any of the others we've seen before...." Misty mused as the group looked around the inside of the tower. It had clearly seen better days, if not outright damaged somehow, judging from the chaired doorframes and dusty tapestry on the walls.

          "Maybe it's not a gym, but something else entirely?" Brock suggested.

          "Or maybe we've walked into a dungeon straight out of Zelda?" Ash shuddered. "Maybe there's something you can hit with an arrow to show us the way!"

          "If there is a switch I can shoot, where do you think it is?" Brock asked his companion. "I can't shoot at a target that's not there..."

          Ash was about to suggest potential locations for a target when suddenly, a small blue flame flared up before him. 'WAUGH!"

          "I think the dungeon guardians know we're here!" Misty agreed as more ethereal flames appeared around them. "They're obviously blue, so we need something hot to douse them..."

          She looked over to see a gaggle of ethereal cloud Pokemon laughing at the group's fear. "Okay, so those flames were a bunch of Gastlies..."

          Inspired, Ash heaved a Poke Ball skyward. "Aina, show us where all those Gastly are!"

          The Machop materialized on the cracked wooden floor seconds later. [Doing a little Ghost Pokemon busting? Let me help you find them.]

          The lightbulb went off in Misty's head as Aina's eyes glowed red, revealing many more Gastly in the room. "Oh, Machop can learn Foresight too, just like those Hoothoots we met before!"

          "In some cases, Pidgeys--and by extension Pidgeottos and Pidgeots--can learn it too, but I'm not going into a long discussion about genetics here." Brock explained.

          "Yes, let's have science class later." Misty nervously stammered, aware of the Gastly approaching them.

          "Aina, now that you've revealed the Gastlies, start Tackling them!" Ash almost screamed as he jumped to avoid a blob of purplish black energy a Gastly had fired at him.

          [You got it!] Aina called before ramming a Gastly, sending it tumbling backwards.

          "Who knew that a Fighting type could do anything against ghosts?" Misty mused as she watched Aina ram Gastly after Gastly, making them disappear.

          "Foresight must expose them, allowing physical moves to hit them!" Ash proposed as some of the remaining Gastlies flew off in terror.

          The group swallowed hard when they saw the Gastlies return a few moments later with larger purple phantasms Ash remembered as Haunters. "They just left to get reinforcements..." Brock broke the uneasy silence some moments later.

          Ash looked over at Tintri. "Get ready for a big fight, bud..."

          [Which of these ghosts do I need to bust first?] Tintri asked as he charged a Thunderbolt.

          Moments before Ash could command Tintri to fire his attack, he saw a large ghost that somewhat resembled a Clefable walk out onto the floor. [The boss! The boss is here!] he heard some Gastly say.

          [Ah, the Gengar must be who all these other ghosts report to!] Tintri recognized the large ghost Pokemon floating in their direction.

          "Then maybe if we defeat the boss, all the others will leave us alone!" Ash suggested.

          "Stop." he heard a voice call. He whirled around to see a blond haired young man in a kimono-like outfit on a catwalk above them "You should understand that the Pokémon here were not trying to harm you guys, but merely trying to protect their home, because they felt threatened by your appearance." he explained as the ghosts, including the Gengar, circled around him.

          "W-who are you?" Ash called up to the man, a note of fear in his voice.

          After shooing away the Gastlies and Haunters, but shepherding the Gengar close to him, the man replied "My name is Morty, Leader of the Ecruteak City Gym. You seem to have met Rocko, my Gengar partner, already--the other ghosts here consider him the leader."

          "No wonder the Gastlies and Haunters were calling him 'the boss' before..." Misty smiled, a little relieved that the ghost Pokemon meant them no harm.

          After taking a minute or two to collect himself, Ash motioned for Tintri to climb back on his shoulder. "I am Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town...I come to challenge you for the badge you hold."

          Morty just smiled, bemused in Ash's politeness. "As much as I would love to battle you in an official Gym battle, we can't do that here. This place was and has been confused as the Ecruteak City Gym by many different trainers that pass through the city."

          "So, just what exactly IS this place?" Brock was intrigued.

          "It used to be a place of brightness and hope; now it's a place of darkness." Morty replied as he came down to the ground floor to meet the group. "That's why so many Ghost Pokémon have come to live here."

          A sick feeling welled up in Ash's stomach. "Now I feel bad for attacking them..."

          "Poor ghosts..." Misty agreed.

          A faded plaque on a nearby wall depicting a familiar phoenix-like bird piqued Ash's attention. "What's this?" Ash asked as he hurried over to get a better look at the bird on the plaque.

          "The Pokemon depicted on that plaque before you is Ho'oh, one of many ancient legendary Pokémon." Morty replied.

          Ash balked at this. "It may be legendary, but I saw one!"

          He proceeded to tell Morty all about how he had met Ho'oh some years before--in an attempt to outrun some Spearows, he had lost Misty in an attempt to get away, and had made the decision to sacrifice himself for both him and Tintri. Tintri, however, did not wish to see his trainer die, and had unleashed a huge Thundershock to save them both. When they had some to moments later, Ho'oh flew overhead as a rainbow appeared in the sky.

          Morty raised an eyebrow at Ash's story. "Are you SURE that it was Ho'oh you saw? She has not been seen for three centuries, when a great hero used the Swanna Song to call her directly."

          "Are you saying you don't believe me?" Ash gasped.

          "No, but I'm going to need more evidence to back up your claim than just one account." Morty assured Ash. "There's a tower that was rebuilt not too far away from the burned out building we're in right now. The tower is a copy of this one."

          "Well, what happened to the original tower?" Ash asked.

          "To answer your question, we need to go back many years ago..." Morty began as Rocko conjured a series of paintings that told the story of the burned tower.


          "Long ago, this tower was built to promote understanding between humans and Pokémon, and allowing people to unlock the legendary power of Mega Evolution." Morty explained, referring to a painting depicting a female trainer receiving a ring, then her singing some gibberish runes, inducing a Venusaur to Mega Evolve. "My ancestors protected it for generations." he smiled, showing the group a portrait of who Ash assumed was either Morty's father or grandfather.

          Morty then showed Ash the next painting, depicting Ho'oh and the tower. "Over the decades, the Tin Tower became a special place for another reason. It was the only place in the world where, as well as learning the secrets of Mega Evolutions and Z-Moves, Ho'oh, the rainbow phoenix, made contact with humans. Ho'oh's visits were a sign of peace, but she would only appear to a select few--only those guarding the tower and those proven worthy to see her."

          "Oh..." the group replied as Morty showed them the next painting, depicting a ninja ambush.

          "Then, one day, invaders came who sought to use Ho'oh's power for evil!" Morty announced, displaying the next painting of the tower ablaze. "In the ensuing battle, the Tin Tower was set ablaze! Ho'oh fled... she stopped visiting humans... and she has never returned."

          He showed the next painting of a crowd of people around the charred remains of the tower. "Some wanted to rebuild the tower, but my ancestors insisted that it be left as a witness for future generations of man's brutality -- but they also decided to build a new Tin Tower."

          Morty then displayed the last painting of the current Tin Tower. "Their hope was that Ho'oh might return, to a new place of peace, and the people of Johto could once again have a place to learn to master Mega Evolution and the mysterious Z Moves. So far, these hopes have been in vain....we've waited so long that some people say that Ho'oh was a legend that never really existed."

          Ash contemplated Morty's tale for a moment. "I know I saw Ho'oh that day... it isn't just a legend."


          With Ash occupied defending himself, Tintri spotted Ami heading for a hole he noticed only small Pokémon like Marill would be able to fit through. Uh oh...I've known Ami is very curious, and loves to explore, but this isn't a good place to do it--I'd better do something before she gets hurt!

          He jumped from Ash's shoulder and bounded over to stop the curious Marill. [Ami! I know you like exploring, but--!] he started before he ended up accidentally pushing Ami and squeezing himself through the hole at the same time!

          Misty noticed Tintri and Ami had squeezed through the hole. "Uh oh...where did Tintri and Ami get to?"

          "They went through a hole that leads to the upper part of a room in the basement." Morty assured the group. "The room in question is not far from where you first enter the basement."

          Ash swallowed hard as he followed Morty to a stairwell. Tintri...I hope you and Ami don't get into too much trouble!

          To Be Continued...
          The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

          Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

          Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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            Episode 71b: A Ghost of a Chance! (part 2)

            Previously, on "Pokemon Moonlight Silver"...

            Misty noticed Tintri and Ami had squeezed through the hole. "Uh oh...where did Tintri and Ami get to?

            "They went through a hole that leads to the upper part of a room in the basement." Morty assured the group. "The room in question is not far from where you first enter the basement."

            Ash swallowed hard as he followed Morty to a stairwell. Tintri...I hope you and Ami don't get into too much trouble!

            "Wow...this place is like a maze..." Ash mused as Misty, Brock, and Morty wound through the old tower's many rooms in an attempt to find Tintri and Ami, who had both disappeared into a hole in the wall.

            "Well, you have to remember that because of the fire, a lot of the support beams weakened and fell, making it so that venturing further than where we are now would be too dangerous." Morty explained.

            "But what about Tintri and Ami?" Misty worried. "What if they are too far for us to safely explore?"

            "There are other ways to find your friend's Pikachu and your Marill that don't require human skill." Morty assured Misty before addressing his Gengar. "Rocko...rally the other Ghost Pokémon here and help us find a missing Pikachu and Marill...the Pikachu's name is Tintri, and the Marill's name is Ami."

            [Got it, boss..those should be easy names to remember.] the Gengar smiled before disappearing into the darkness.


            Back outside, Team Rocket followed the beeping of a radar-like device to the steps of the tower. "I thing we found something!" James cried as the radar-like device he carried beeped frantically.

            "Personally, that fire breather that gave you this Itemfinder was a fraud..." Jessie sighed as James hurried onto the tower's rotted porch to claim another bottlecap. "We've been finding nothing but bottle caps."

            "Yeah, all dat ting eva finds is junk!" Meowth was equally frustrated.

            "Call it junk if you wish, but there is a collector's market for bottle caps, particularly for brands of soda, water, and juice that don't exist anymore." James explained. "Sometimes these caps sell for millions upon billions of credits.

            He was about to say more when he spotted Ami emerging from a pile of rocks. "Well, well, well, look what we have here..."

            Jessie gasped as Tintri emerged from the rocks moments later. "It must be our lucky day if the little electric rat comes to us for a change!"

            "And with no twerps in sight!" Meowth was equally excited. He wasted no time snatching Ami, making her cry in fear and surprise.

            [Let Ami go!] Tintri arrived moments later, sparking with anger as he charged a Thunderbolt. [Or I'll--!]

            "Forgittin' somtin'?" Meowth warned Tintri. "If ya zap us dis time, you'll hoit Ami too, as she's a watta-type!"

            Angry tears welled up in Tintri's eyes as he stayed his attack. Ami...I WILL rescue you! he vowed as Team Rocket dashed away, laughing gleefully all the while.

            [Cry not, little one...I will go inform Sir Morty and your master what happened here.] a Gastly assured Tintri before warping away.

            [Thanks...] Tintri mustered a weak smile as his tears shone with hope.


            [I have found the Pikachu and the Marill] the Gastly reported to the group. [However, before I could lead them back, two hoodlums with a Meowth had Poke-napped the Marill.]

            "What?" Misty gasped.

            "You did well, Tsuki, but this is indeed troubling." Morty replied. "Is the Pikachu still where you found him?"

            [He is...this way.] the Gastly replied before motioning for the group to follow it.

            "How can you understand what the ghost Pokemon are saying?" Ash wondered as he followed Morty and the Gastly through the ruined and cluttered rooms of the tower.

            "Practice." Morty smiled back.


            Meanwhile, Team Rocket laughed joyfully as they made a break for the city entrance, with Meowth carrying Tintri and Ami. "At last, we have the electric rat!" Jessie was the most excited. "Imagine how the boss will handsomely reward us!"

            Just then, all three Rockets tripped on something in the road, and went tumbling to the ground. 'did you trip me?" Jessie asked Meowth as she eased herself to her feet and dusted herself off.

            "Nuh-uh...I tripped too, rememba?" Meowth replied.

            "Well, I don't see anything we could've tripped on..." James mused as he examined the road for a moment.

            About then, Rocko materialized before the Rockets, making them gasp in fear. [It was me dat tripped you lot...] he growled as Morty and the others arrived. [Ya got some 'splainin ta do, see?]

            "Team Rocket!" Ash gasped.

            [Give back dat Pikachu and dat Marill, and nobody gets hurt,'kay?] Rocko warned.

            "You? Making threats? That's just asking for trouble..." Jessie warned.

            "Even though you're a ghost, we'll still make the pain double!" James agreed.

            "To protect the world from devastation..." Jessie began.

            "And unite all peoples within our nation..." James smiled, twirling a rose in his hand. Ash just watched and growled in annoyance at the familiar motto he, Misty, and Brock had heard a million times before:

            "To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

            "To extend our reach to the stars above!"



            "Team Rocket! Blast off at the speed of light!"

            "Surrender now, or prepare to fight!"

            "Meowth! Dat's right!"

            "You heard the Gengar, just give back Tintri and Ami!" Ash was unfazed from hearing the Rocket motto for the umpteenth time.

            "I'll give ya sometin' ta tink about!" Meowth retorted before leaping onto Ash, making him stumble backwards into the grass by the road. Before Ash could attempt to get up, Meowth leapt onto him, delivering a volley of Fury Swipes.

            Jessie smiled as Ash's cries of pain echoed into the air. "Nice work, Meowth..."

            "We kin make a break for it while the twerps play docta!" Meowth smiled as Brock arrived to clean and dress the many scratch wounds on Ash's arms and face.

            "Rrrgh...I demand a duel to pay you guys back for hurting me!" Ash roared, mostly out of anger, but also out of pain from Meowth's attack. "You'll pay for taking Tintri!"

            Jessie was about to answer before Meowth interjected "Yanno--every time we try ta battle da twerps, we end up losin' badly ta them. I tink runnin' for it's a better idear."

            "Good point! Let's go!" James agreed before the Rockets made a mad dash for the city entrance.

            "Come back here! No one takes our Pokemon and gets away with it!" Ash and the others were not far behind.


            "Rocko! Rescue the Pikachu and the Marill!" Morty commanded as the group hurried to try and catch Team Rocket.

            [Okay, boss!] Rocko replied. But he stopped in his tracks when he found that Jessie and James had summoned Arbok and Weezing to block the grop from catching up. But Rocko just grinned and warped away.

            "Where'd Rocko go?" Misty wondered as Arbok and Weezing looked around, confused. She smiled as Rocko appeared behind them, and knocked them into a nearby thicket.

            [Now that the hoodlum's Pokemon are taken care of, now ta deal with dere masters!] Rocko assured Misty before warping before the human Rockets and Meowth [Hold it!]

            "How can people who are Pokémon trainers steal other peoples' Pokémon?" Morty asked as he joined Rocko and the others. "Answer me that."

            Minutes seemed to tick by like hours, but when Morty figured that Team Rocket was not going to talk, he told Rocko "Use Night Shade to free the Pokemon."

            [Comin' up!] Rocko smiled before firing two black beams at the packs holding Tintri and Ami, breaking them free!

            A Haunter and a Gastly caught both Pokemon and brought them to Ash and Misty. [Here you go...] the Haunter grinned as he gave Tintri to Ash.

            [She's a little banged up, but okay.] the Gastly assured Misty as she delivered Ami to Misty.

            [You okay, Ash?] Tintri asked, concerned by the many bandages all over Ash.

            "Yeah...Meowth got me good back there." Ash replied as he gently hugged his companion.

            "Ami...thank Arceus you're okay!" Misty was equally happy to see her Marill again.

            The group watched as Arbok and Weezing dove for Rocko, only to crash into the ground as Rocko warped away.

            "Arbok, try to Wrap up that Gengar!" Jessie commanded as Rocko reappeared in the sky...only to balk as Arbok only wrapped thin air!

            [Missed me!] Rocko taunted as he reappeared by Morty's side.

            "Let's end this, them your Shadow Ball." Morty commanded.

            [HAAAAAAAAAH!!!!] Rocko growled as he formed a massive ball of dark energy and hurled it at Team Rocket, sending them flying into the sky with a ping.


            "Wow...Shadow Ball's pretty powerful!" Ash gasped when he saw the crater that the Shadow Ball had created.

            "I hope that crater spurs you to be careful during your match, now that you know what your opponent is capable of." Brock warned.

            Morty just smiled. "We could have our match right now, but I imagine that you three and your Pokemon must be tired from a long and adventurous day."

            "You're right...resting up will make it a better battle." Ash agreed. "Since we both will bring our A game!"

            "All right...I will see you in the morning." Morty replied before departing.

            " sure you know what you're getting into?" Misty asked as the group started towards the Pokemon Center.

            "How do you plan to handle someone powerful enough to make a crater in the path?" Brock was equally concerned.

            Ash, however, was unusually calm as the three travelers made their way into the Pokemon Center. "I do have a plan to beat Morty...but as to what it is, you'll just have to see tomorrow!"

            To Be Continued...
            The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

            Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

            Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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              Episode 72: From Ghost to Ghost!

              "Gengar, the shadow Pokemon. It hides in the shadows. It is said that if a Gengar is hiding, it cools the area by nearly 10 degrees." Dexter explained as Ash studied the Pokedex the next morning.

              "Wow..." Ash mused as Nurse Joy arrived with his Pokemon. "Talk about getting chills..."

              "Unless you have a Pokemon with Foresight or Defog, good luck trying to physically hit a ghost." Nurse Joy cautioned. "Far too often I see a lot of Fighting types try to take on Morty and they end up devastated."

              "What other types should I avoid or use?" Ash was interested.

              "Normal types won't do a thing, but Dark types and Dark type moves are your best bet." Nurse Joy explained. "Failing that, you can focus on special moves."

              "I know Foresight can reveal a ghost, but how can Defog help?" Ash was intrigued by what Nurse Joy had said about Defog.

              "While it can't reveal a ghost completely like Foresight, Defog can give you a general idea of the ghost's location if it has turned invisible, by clearing away its foggy aura." Nurse Joy replied. "Your Pidgeot seems to be one of those that inherited Foresight from its parents, and learned Defog if you plan to take on Morty, she's your secret weapon!"

              "Okay!" Ash smiled. "I'll let you know how the battle goes!" he called to Nurse Joy as he hurried off to meet Misty and Brock by the front desk.


              "Okay, Rocko, use Confuse Ray on this training dummy." Morty instructed, gesturing to a Meowth training dummy on the Silver side of the arena.

              [Gotcha!] Rocko smiled before charging an orange ball in his hands, which formed into an orange beam that went flying at the training dummy.

              Morty smiled. "Now, if this were a real Meowth, its eyes would swirl, or sometimes turn red, and it has a chance to--!"

              Just then, the door to the arena opened, and Ash led his friends inside. "Forgive me for interrupting your lesson, Morty, but I'm here for our match, as we agreed yesterday."

              "Would it be okay with you if my students watched the match?" Morty asked. "Then they can see how a Ghost Pokemon battles firsthand."

              "Sure!" Ash was even more excited. I've never had an audience for a Gym match before!


              "Tea ceremony...the Gym...traditional theater...lots of tradition here." Kamon smirked as he strolled through the city.

              A smile formed on his face when he saw the Burned Tower before him. "Well, who knew this place had ancient ruins one could tour! I'll have to see if I can find something valuable among the ruins." he mused before walking off.

              He noticed Ash and Morty about to begin their match as he passed by the Gym. Good luck, Wonder Boy...You're gonna need it!


              "Tsuki, I choose you!" Morty called, summoning a Gastly on the Gold side.

              "Take flight, Mina!" Ash called as he heaved Mina's Poke Ball skyward.

              "Are you sure you want to use your best Pokemon against one of Morty's weaker ones?" Misty called.

              "If you're not careful, Mina may not have enough strength left to face Rocko." Brock warned.

              "Just trust me, okay?" Ash assured his concerned friends. "I know what I'm doing."

              Misty sighed. "Okay...we'll trust you. You've tried some pretty harebrained strategies before, and somehow you've managed to come through most every time."

              Ash, meanwhile, focused on the Gastly before him. "Okay, start with Featherdance!"

              [Hah!!!!] As Mina rained glowing feathers in the room, the Gastly disappeared. [Wha...where'd my opponent go?]

              "Use Foresight to find Tsuki." Ash assured Mina.

              Mina nodded, then focused on the room, easily spotting the ethereal ghost Pokemon trying to circle back behind her. So that's the ghostie's little game, is it?

              She folded her wings and dove at the Gastly. She won't know what hit her now!

              But Mina gasped when she found she had gone through then air! [Missed me, miss birdie!] Tsuki taunted as she flew to the spot where Mina had been moments before. No matter how hard Mina tried to Tackle Tsuki, Tsuki would only dodge the attack again and again.

              [All right, new plan...] Mina sighed before firing another flurry of glowing feathers into the room.

              "Tsuki, close your eyes to avoid the feathers, and then Lick the Pidgeot!" Morty commanded.

              [WAUUGGHH!!!] Mina yelped as Tsuki's prehensile tongue licked her, sending her tumbling to the arena floor.

              "That looked like it hurt..." Misty mused as Ash returned Mina.

              "Actually, this was a good strategy on Ash's part, since the feathers will keep Tsuki from disappearing." Brock explained as he heard Ash whistle for Tintri. "Besides, Ash can use Mina again to make more wind if he needs to."


              [HAAAAAAAAH!!!!] Tintri cried as he rammed into Tsuki with a Quick Attack, knocking Tsuki backwards. He then fired a Thunderbolt at the dazed Gastly, but Tsuki recovered. After veering to avoid the Thunderbolt, she fired a Night Shade at Tintri, hitting Tintri point blank.

              [Ash...I'm sorry...] Tintri wheezed before collapsing with exhaustion

              "You did well, okay?" Ash assured Tintri before heaving another Poke Ball skyward. "Cyndy, let's go!!"

              [Time to turn up the heat!] Cyndy called before heaving a Flamethrower. Tsuki tried to counter with Night Shade, but Cyndy jumped away thanks to a Quick Attack. Moments before Tsuki could like her as well, Morty watched in shock as Cyndy ran up Tsuki's tongue and Tackled her.

              "Very clever, I will admit, but let's see how you do against Seirei." Morty grinned as he summoned a Haunter into the arena.

              [He'll be feeling the heat!] Cyndy cried as she heaved another Flamethrower...only for Seirei to warp away. [What the...]

              She was startled by Seirei appearing before her with an angry look in his eyes. [AUGGHHH!!!]

              "What was that?" Ash asked.

              "That was Mean Look, which forces you to use Cyndy until the end of the round." Morty explained. "Your move."

              "Be brave, Cyndy! Try a Swift attack!" Ash called.

              [Yeah!] Cyndy cried as she sent a flurry of shining stars at Seirei.

              Seirei, meanwhile, tried to hypnotize Cyndy. [You are getting sleepy...] he commanded as his eyes swirled with a mystical power.

              [Not today, ghostie!] Cyndy countered before creating a Smokescreen in the room.

              She did not, however, expect Seirei to grab her and Lick her, and she collapsed with a plop on the arena floor. "Silver has one Pokemon remaining!" the student serving as the referee announced.

              Misty swallowed hard. "This is bad..."

              "If Mina has both Foresight and Defog, Ash may have a chance!" Brock assured Misty as Ash welcomed Mina back to the arena.

              [I've got my eyes on you, ghostie!] Mina taunted as she dove in to Tackle Seirei, only to veer out of the way of Seirei's hands, and then dodged his tongue!

              [You are getting sleepy...] Seirei tried to hypnotize Mina.

              [I think not!] Mina shot back as she flung a wave of sand against the wave of ghostly energy Seirei was casting.

              The two attacks exploded in the center of the room, but after a few sense moments, the Sand Attack was blown away. A familiar orange beam hit Mina seconds later. [Look Ash...FIVE Torchics!] she wheezed before hitting the floor with a plop.

              "Mina!" Ash gasped. "Try to snap out of your confusion!"

              [Game over, birdie!] Seirei smirked as he fired a Night Shade at the vulnerable Pidgeot. He did not expect Mina, now surrounded in a dark purple aura, to come charging at him! "What was that?" Misty gasped as Mina circled back to Ash's side.

              "It looks like Mina has learned Pursuit..." Brock explained. "If used on a Pokemon trying to flee, switch out, or otherwise escape, its power doubles."

              Ash grinned when he opened Dexter and saw the "NEW!" icon and the move on Mina's long move list. "Bring it, Rocko! I'm ready for you!"

              [Ya want me ta bring it? I'm bringin' ya everyting I've got, see?] Rocko taunted as he materialized in the arena.

              Ash watched as Rocko formed a Shadow Ball. "Mina, Pursue the Gengar!"

              [YAAAAAAAAHHH!!!] Mina cried as the purple aura, now with stars flecked in it, appeared around her, protecting her from the impact of the Shadow Ball, which exploded with a POW!!!

              "Wow..." was all Misty could say as she brushed off the shadow energy the Shadow Ball had left behind.

              Brock, meanwhile, watched as Mina frantically tried dodging an invisible Rocko's rain of Night Shades. "How can Gengar attack while it's invisible?" Misty wondered as Mina desperately tried to use Defog to find Rocko's aura, dodging Night Shades all the while.

              "Mina won't win without using Foresight, Defog, or something similar." Brock mused as Mina veered one way, and then another, trying to avoid the dark beams raining around her from seemingly nowhere.

              Ash, however, had an idea. "Mina, pursue Rocko through the building! He may be trying to escape and catch you off guard!"

              [I got him!] Mina reported back as her Foresight revealed Rocko across from her, charging another Shadow Ball.

              She streaked at the grinning Gengar, disrupting the Shadow Ball! The force of Mina's impact sent Rocko flying, ultimately hitting the ceiling and falling to the floor. [Boss, she got me good...] he wheezed before he fainted.

              "Gold is unable to battle! Silver wins!" the student referee announced, to thunderous cheers.


              "Well done, Ash..." Morty smiled as he handed Ash a ghostly bubble shaped badge. "Your team is stronger than I thought. Your ability to think on your feet and outside the box will take you far."

              He went on "After thinking about it, and seeing you battle firsthand, I think you may actually have seen Ho'oh as you claim. How else could you have such skill?"

              More cheers filled the room, as Ash and Mina couldn't resist taking a bow for the students...

              To Be Continued...
              The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

              Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

              Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                Episode 73a: Trouble's Brewing! (part 1)

                "Well done on your fourth badge, Ash." Brock smiled as he bit into the sandwich he had just bought. "What else would you like to do, since this place has so much to offer?"

                "Oh, learn to play a bansi, watch the Kimono Girls perform, explore some of the many temples, take part in tea ceremony..." Ash smiled as he unwrapped a pound cake. "Although not necessarily in that order."

                "I think a tea ceremony would be beautiful to see, much less take part in." Misty agreed. "I still have my kimono from last year's festival too..."

                "And mine." Brock agreed.

                Misty was about to say more when she noticed an Eevee hesitantly approaching the group. "Hello there...are you looking for someone?" she asked the small brown fox Pokemon as she set aside the wontons she had bought.

                [Have you seen my master?] the Eevee asked. [We were walking in the marketplace, and I lost her in the crowds.]

                Misty was about to ask the Eevee for more information when a dull magenta haired girl in an eye print lavender kimono dashed up to the Eevee. "There you are, Satomi!" I was wondering where you went!" she giggled as she hugged the Eevee.

                She looked up at the group. "My name is Sakura-- I can't thank you enough for finding Satomi for me."

                "Aw, it was nothing--Satomi just came to us." Misty replied.

                "If you wish, my sisters and I are holding a tea ceremony today, and a Lore Stage is being held afterwards." Sakura explained. "Would any of you like to come?"

                Ash, meanwhile, was thinking hard about Morty's tale of Ho'oh a few days earlier. "Misty...would you want to venture back into the Burned Tower to leave a memorial gift at the top, in memory of those that died when the tower burned?"

                "I guess...provided we can find where memorials are left." Misty replied. "That's actually very sweet of you, Ash... "

                She addressed Sakura again. "Thank you for your offer, but I must respectfully decline."

                "Yes, my thanks as well, although I must decline." Ash replied.

                Brock, however, gave Sakura a little bow. "I actually would be honored to join you for tea."

                "Save us some of the gifts you get afterwards!" Ash called as he and Misty started off toward the south end of town, near the Burned Tower.

                "All right--the tea house is not far from here." Sakura told Brock as she and Satomi turned to leave.


                "Welcome--please, wash your hands while you wait to be received." a navy haired girl in a water drop print kimono smiled as Brock--now in his leaf print kimono from the year before--arrived at the tea house some time later.

                "Thank you--is there a proper way to wash? This is my first time taking part..." Brock confessed as the girl led him to a large washbasin.

                "Just gently submerge your hands in the water a few times, being sure not to splash." the girl assured him. "When you are done, dry your hands with the provided towel, take a seat in one of those chairs and wait for the vina's sound."

                "All right." Brock replied before submerging his hands in the slightly warm water, letting them drip dry, then submerging them again. After repeating this process five times, he accepted the towel and dried his hands, then settled in one of the chairs in the tea house's foyer.

                He did not have to wait for very long, as a strangely beautiful melody drifted into the room, and the door leading into the main hall opened. After kneeling down before a black haired girl in a moon print kimono, he watched as the girl, with help from a black fox like Pokemon with red eyes and gold rings in its fur, carefully cleaned the tea utensils.

                Once the girl had finished, Sakura and six other kimono clad girls arrived in the room. Sakura carried a beautiful bow-shaped harp, while the other girls brought in the ingredients for the tea and the various treats Brock and his hostess would be enjoying.

                "Thank you, again for joining us for this sacred ceremony." Sakura smiled as she cradled the harp in her arms. "My sisters will be assisting in the various steps of the ceremony...Sayo will be your hostess..." She gestured to the girl before Brock. "Kuni assisted you with the ceremonial washing earlier..." The navy haired girl from before waved hello as she set down some towels and napkins. "Miki has prepared the ingredients..." A blonde haired girl in a thunderbolt print kimono smiled as Brock as she set down a box full of the various tea ingredients. "Naoko will be helping in the tea preparation..." A dull red haired girl in a flame print kimono waved hello as she looked over Sayo's utensils, to make sure they were all present. "Yuki will make sure you are comfortable during your stay..." A dull cyan haired girl placed a pillow near Brock's knees, so the kneeling position wouldn't be uncomfortable during the sometimes hours long ceremony. "Ayame has provided the flowers for today..." A dull green haired girl in a leaf print kimono waved hello as she hung up a bouquet on the wall. "...and Rei has prepared the treats you will be enjoying with your tea." A dull pink haired girl in a star print kimono set down a large tray piled high with traditional candies and baked goods.

                "Thank you all for your hard work." Brock replied, trying with all his willpower not to burst out in a euphoric ballad in praise of the girls.

                "Have you heard of the seven beautiful Ancient Sisters?" Kuni asked as Sayo started the tea preparation.

                "Wait a minute--what about me?" Sakura gasped, appalled she would be left out.

                "You are our sister, true, but you're not beautiful enough yet." Miki replied.

                "Then when can I be beautiful enough?" Sakura shot back.

                I see...Sakura has the same problem as Misty. Brock thought as Sakura and Miki argued. Both of them are the youngest, and their sisters focus on themselves....


                "Wow..." Misty gasped as she and Ash emerged at the top of the Burned Tower some time later. "You can see the whole city from here!"

                "That, and the observation deck apparently didn't get too much damage from the fire." Ash mused as he examined a few charred tiles near where he and Misty had emerged.

                She noticed a memorial stone with an eternal flame nearby "This must be where the memorials are offered..."

                The sound of wings got her attention. "Is that...."

                Ash looked up to see a familiar gold phoenix Pokemon fluttering down to meet them both. "Ho'oh!"

                We meet again, Young Master. Ho'oh began as she perched on top of the memorial stone before Ash and Misty. I salute you both for coming all this way to see me, and paying your respects to those that fell here many years ago. As a reward for your bravery, wisdom, and kindness, please accept these gifts from me.

                With that, she unleashed a mighty cry, making a white gold ring with a teardrop shaped ruby inside drop into Ash's hands, and a gold ring with a sapphire ringed by diamonds dropped into Misty's hands.

                "No way...this is a Mega Ring!" Ash gasped as he admired the ring he had received.

                "We thank you for your generous gift, and promise to use the power in these rings respectfully." Misty smiled, bowing before Ho'oh in respect.

                "Yes, thank you." Ash agreed as he too bowed before the beautiful gold phoenix.

                Some footsteps got his attention. "Who's there?"

                "Oh, it's you." Kamon replied as he emerged onto the old observation deck and saw Ho'oh. "You must be here to catch the legendary Pokémon to make yourself look strong."

                "What?" Misty gasped. "Ho'oh is one of the many Pokemon that watches over us all--what makes you think we'd want to catch her?"

                "That is only a dream." Kamon smirked. You see, the legendary Pokémon suits a trainer like me who has sworn to become the strongest trainer."

                "But strength is not raw power!" Ash pleaded as Kamon summoned Spike. He quickly reached for a Poke Ball. "Mina, come on out!"

                Focus, Young Master--I have a better idea than emotional pleas. Ho'oh suggested as the Pidgeot materialized on the deck. Use the song in your heart to defeat your foe.

                "The song in our hearts?" Misty asked before the lightbulb went off in her head. "Oh, our Heart Songs!"

                With that, she lifted her right hand with her ring on it to the sky. Rou iitsa ron selga vichii...

                Kamon watched in awe as Michelle was engulfed in a bright blue light and waves. "What in the..." he gasped as Michelle emerged from the cocoon of light some moments later. Her skin had gained magenta armor-like rings on her arms and legs, and a "necklace" of cyan and magenta stones had formed around her neck. Her head spikes had lengthened into flowing blue "hair", and the ruby on her forehead had transformed into a teardrop shaped sapphire that glowed with holy light.

                [What this the miracle of Mega Evolution?] Michelle gasped as she admired her new appearance.

                "It show this punk the power of Mega Golduck!" Misty smiled.

                [Hah!] Michelle unleashed a powerful water spray, sending Spike flying as Ash watched in awe.

                Them, something occurred to Ash as he watched the ruby in his ring glow and fade, as if awaiting his command. The song I sang to induce Blaze back in the Charific Valley...and powered up Luce to save Fluffy....and that Tintri uses as his Disarming's my own Heart Song!

                "Helena, let's do this!" Kamon summoning his Gastly snapped him back to reality.

                Ash turned his cap back, then lifted his left hand skyward, confidently singing the holy words of his Heart Song. Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...

                This time, Kamon was shaking in fear as Mina was engulfed in red light and flames, emerging with a majestic yellow and orange crest on her head, blue tips on her wings, and flowing tail feathers. [Oh yeah! I feel like I could take on a Legendary and win!]

                But no one was happier than Ash. "We did we can use the same power Brock has to induce our Pokemon!" he smiled at Misty.

                He turned to Kamon again. "Behold the power of Mega Pidgeot!"

                To Be Continued...
                The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                  Episode 73b: Trouble's Brewing (part 2)

                  Previously, on Pokemon Moonlight Silver...

                  Ash turned his cap back, then lifted his left hand skyward, confidently singing the holy words of his Heart Song. Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul...

                  This time, Kamon was shaking in fear as Mina was engulfed in red light and flames, emerging with a majestic yellow and orange crest on her head, blue tips on her wings, and flowing tail feathers. [Oh yeah! I feel like I could take on a Legendary and win!]

                  But no one was happier than Ash. "We did we can use the same power Brock has to induce our Pokemon!" he smiled at Misty.

                  He turned to Kamon again. "Behold the power of Mega Pidgeot!"

                  The Burned Tower's observation deck rumbled with the sound of battle as the Gastly and a newly evolved Mega Pidgeot battled. Crowds were even gathering down below, hoping to get a glimpse of the battle raging up above.

                  "Helena, use Night Shade!" Kamon commanded.

                  "Mina, dodge and use Air Slash!" Ash countered, smiling as the Mega Pidgeot looped over the black beam and fired a volley of air sickles that knocked the Gastly backwards.

                  [Need help?] Michelle asked as Helena recovered from Mina's attack.

                  [Sure--that Air Slash only nicked the Gastly.] Mina replied.

                  Kamon just smiled as Michelle charged a Water Pulse. "Oh, so now you want to double battle? I can arrange that..."

                  He then heaved another Poke Ball skyward "Nightwing, I need your help!"

                  Misty gasped as a Golbat formed by the Gastly's side. "Oh boy...Kamon's Zubat evolved too..."

                  "Although two Mega Pokemon can easily take down two unevolved Pokemon, I'm not sure if Mina and Michelle will be enough--this is Kamon, after all..." Ash cautioned.

                  "Where's Brock when you need him?" Misty worried.

                  Her fearful look turned to joy when she heard a familiar voice sing Imultaos, ame no hao bakezo... followed by a flashing green light and the pops of what seemed like hundreds of Poke Balls as Argent emerged from the green cocoon as Mega Steelix.

                  Ash looked back behind him to see Brock--now in his normal clothes--Argent, all eight Kimono Girls, and their Pokemon--each of them an appropriate form of Eevee, joining them on the deck. "Did someone call for reinforcements?" Brock smiled.

                  "Am I glad to see you!" Misty smiled.

                  Kamon growled at the fact he was horribly outnumbered. "Don't think sheer numbers can save you..." he warned. "I'll be more than happy to show you how strong I can be with an army of two!"

                  "Let's do this!" Brock cried before blowing his referee's whistle--his agreed signal for the Kimono Girls to unleash an Eevee assault.

                  "Lei, use Shockwave!" Miki commanded her Jolteon.

                  Ash watched as Miki's Jolteon unleashed a huge shockwave, stunning Nightwing for a moment. "Mina, try Air Slash again!"

                  As Mina moved in to attack, he reached for his Pokedex to read up on the four other forms of Eevee he had not seen before:

                  "Umbreon, the moonlight Pokemon. When darkness falls, the rings on the body begin to glow, striking fear in the hearts of anyone nearby." Dexter explained as the rings on Sayo's Umbreon started glowing, making Helena rear back in fear.

                  "Yuzuki, use Pursuit!" Sayo called, prompting the Umbreon to charge at the Gastly not unlike how Mina had done to Morty's Pokemon the day before.

                  A cry got Ash's attention. "Satomi!" he cried as he hurried to another corner of the deck, where Ayame was assessing a scratch wound on Satomi as Sakura looked on with tears in her eyes.

                  "While you guys were busy with that punk's Gastly, his Golbat got Satomi good..." Sakura explained.

                  "Samui, create a barrier around Satomi so she doesn't get hurt even more." Yuki instructed her Glaceon. The cyan and blue fox Pokemon nodded as she formed an icy barrier around the injured Eevee.

                  "Glaceon, the fresh snow Pokemon. It can control its body temperature at will. This enables it to freeze the moisture in the atmosphere, creating flurries of diamond dust."

                  "Neat!" Ash smiled as Mina slammed into Helena, sending her flying even farther back.

                  "Yume, stay with Satomi while she recovers." Rei instructed a pink fox Pokemon with pale blue eyes and ribbon-like feelers.

                  "Sylveon, the intertwining Pokemon. Its ribbonlike feelers give off an aura that weakens hostility in its prey, causing them to let down their guard."

                  "At least some of Sakura's sisters care for her..." Brock smiled as Argent tried to use Rock Slide on Nightwing, only for Nightwing to dodge.

                  "Midori, use Grasswhistle to put the punk's Pokemon to sleep!" Ayame called to her Leafeon.

                  "Leafeon, the verdant Pokemon. Just like a plant, it uses photosynthesis. As a result, it is always enveloped in clear air."

                  "Nice..." Misty smiled as the greenish fox Pokemon used one of its leaves to produce a flute-like sound, putting Helena and Nightwing to sleep.

                  "Now to finish off Kamon once and for all!" Ash smiled before directing Mina "Use Pursuit!"

                  "Michelle, use Ice Beam!" Misty commanded.

                  The two attacks collided in a dark ice explosion, but Kamon seemed unusually calm about losing the epic battle. "I'm not fighting with another weakling ever again. It's just too much playing around." he sighed before departing in a huff.

                  "Good riddance..." Misty grumbled as Kamon disappeared into the darkness.


                  "Thank you for showing us your skill in protecting Ho'oh from that punk at the tower." Miki smiled as she offered Ash a flute with a red tassel tied to one end. "As a reward, please accept this bansi. I hope you will gain many hours of enjoyment in playing it."

                  "Thank you..." Ash replied before he quizzically looked at the ornate flute Miki had given him. "So, how do I play this thing? Where's the mouthpiece?" he asked as he looked for a place to blow into the instrument.

                  "Oh, no--a bansi is blown from the side, like the silver concert flute." Miki explained. "Have you ever tried blowing across the top of a bottle?"

                  "Yeah..." Ash replied, grinning a little as he remembered annoying his parents at diners by blowing across the tops of soda bottles.

                  "Playing a side blown flute works in a similar manner--when playing a side blown flute like the bansi, we do not blow the air directly inside the mouthpiece, as we would do with a Pokeflute or a whistle." Miki explained. "We are instead directing the airstream over the top of the embouchure hole, very much like blowing across the top of a bottle."

                  She smiled as Ash managed to produce a weak D note that was trying to become a C#. "Very good--now let's try to get it in tune..."


                  "As a reward for your bravery, I want you to have this vina." Sakura smiled as she gave Brock a harp similar to the one she had played at the tea ceremony. "This one has never been played, so I'll give you some lessons in how to play it."

                  "Wow...this is way more strings than I'm used to." Brock mused as he looked at the twenty-four stringed bow-shaped harp in his hands.

                  He noticed a few colored strings as he put on the fingerpicks that came with his new vina. "What do the colored strings mean?"

                  "The red strings are do's, and the blue ones are fa's." Sakura replied. "This way you know which octave you're in."

                  Piqued, Brock started from the top string and worked his way downward, smiling a little as he heard his instrument's range, from bell-like high notes, to the rumbling low notes. "Nice, pentatonic scale." he smiled, running his finger down the strings again.

                  "Now, are we ready to try learning a song?" Sakura asked. Brock nodded. "We will use the simple melody 'The Scent of Flowers Everywhere' as our example."

                  "Oh yeah--what you played to welcome me to the tea ceremony earlier!" Brock smiled as he recognized the tableture Sakura had put before him.

                  "Proper finger technique is very easy." Sakura assured him. "All you have to do is raise your hands and wave all your fingers together, the way a baby does. The fingers, as a unit, open and close, and the thumb stays relaxed."

                  "That is easy..." Brock smiled, softly picking out "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" in fits and starts....


                  "Number K-93098, performing 'Justin and the Three Beasts'." Sayo announced to the crowd that had gathered in the Dance Theater some time later.

                  Brock acknowledged his applause, then readied his guitar to play. "The wind roared through the tall fir trees, and swept the snowflakes in masses against the windowpanes; the rafters rattled and the casements clattered; but dismally, above the roaring and the clattering, sounded the howling of three beasts at the cottage door; for their master lay on the bed inside, his time to die close at hand, and no more would he urge them on to another adventure." he begins as he plays his lament. "After what felt like an eternity, he raised his weary head from the pillow, and told his only son..."

                  In a gentle yet pained older man voice, he tells Ash, who is looking up at him through feigned tears "Justin, my son, don't forget to pray for your father when he has left this world."

                  He quickly interjects as himself "All Justin could do was sob in reply." Ash lets out a fairly convincing feigned sob to illustrate his point.

                  "Justin," Brock continues as the old man, "you know fortune has never favored me in this world: you are my noble boy, and I would have left you rich enough to be a great man, as your looks would have you—but it was not to be!"

                  "Father, you have taught me to work hard, to be honest, to face danger with courage and bravery, and above all, to fear the Great Lord Arceus!" Ash almost screams in feigned anguish, so much so Sakura, watching from the wings, isn't sure if Ash's sorrow is real or pretend. "That was the best inheritance you could leave me."

                  "Well said, my noble son," Brock replies as the father. "But you are old enough to brave the world's dangers by yourself; and I have nothing to leave you but the Legendary Beasts—my faithful companions—they are howling in sorrow just like you are. Let them in, Justin—they are all you have now in the world!"

                  As himself, he continues "Just as Justin went to let them in; and as he did the old man closed his eyes for the last time. The Legendary Beasts calmed down when they saw Justin's grief, came and nuzzled him and licked his hands. For three days they mourned together; and then the father was buried. After the funeral, Justin packed what little he had, left the cottage, and left to explore the world, with the Legendary Beasts going before him."

                  The guitar's song turns to a hopeful traveling song. "Whenever there was a day's work to be done, Justin was always ready to do any job asked of him." Brock narrates as he plays the simple melody. "What he earned he shared with the Legendary Beasts, who whined and fawned as if to say, 'We may eat your bread now; but the day will come when we will earn you yours.'

                  He stops his song for a moment. "But when there was no work to be had, when the storms raged and the winter wind howled, Justin was hard pressed to share a peasant's meal where he could find pity, and there were many people who said, 'Arceus bless you, my son,' when they saw his face; but the Legendary Beasts slunk away, as if ashamed that their master's son had to beg, not only for himself, but for them as well."

                  He then plays a C major chord. "Better times came with spring; and with it the hay cutting, the harvesting, and the vintage, and Justin found plenty of work. But still he journeyed on, with the Legendary Beasts going on before him."

                  Excited whispers fill the air as the guitar's song turns to a majestic melody. "One day, he saw in the distance the towers of a great city, and he hurried on, for all his life he had lived in the mountains, and had never seen a town that big before." Brock narrates.

                  Ash excitedly dashes onstage, but then his enthusiasm tapers off with the guitar. "But when he got there, he found that though it was a large city, it was almost a ghost town." Brock explains over the audience's laughter. "Broad roads criss crossed it, but they were more deserted than the mountain paths. There were workshops, and smithies, and shops of all kinds, but they all sat silent and empty, without a sound to be heard!"

                  Ash then looks up towards stage right as Brock continues "Then he looked up, and saw that every house was draped with black, and black banners hung from the towers of the castle and the manors of the nobility. But there wasn't a soul in sight, either in the town square or in any of the houses; so he still wandered on, and the Legendary Beasts went on before him."

                  Just then, Ash spots Sakura, in the role of a traveler, approaching him. "Finally, he spotted a traveling merchant on the road, and asked why the city was so empty."

                  As Sakura pantomimes a conversation with Ash, Brock narrates "The merchant explained that for many years, a great Salamence had brought terror on the land, eating anyone and anything in the way, so that everyone was once afraid to even leave their homes. But, she added, it was safe for her now, because it had been discovered that if every morning someone was sacrificed as a meal to him, he would leave them alone. A lot was cast every day, and whoever the lot fell to was sacrificed."

                  Fearful murmurs go up as Brock mimics a typical trumpet call on the guitar. "Just then, a herald appeared on the street, and proclaimed that the lot that day had fallen on the king's daughter, Princess Natalie, and that the next morning she would be sacrificed to the Salamence. The people, who had come to the windows to hear what the herald had to say, started coming outside in droves for the first time in a long time. Everyone was shocked to think that the lot had fallen on their beautiful young princess, that they all came running into the streets to mourn her gruesome fate; and the old king himself joined in, tearing his clothes and plucking out his hair, while the tears ran down his cheeks and into his venerable beard."

                  He adds as an aside "When Justin saw that, it reminded him of his own father, and he could not bear to see his tears."

                  Nervous giggles go up at Ash's angry face. "Then the king sent the herald out again to proclaim that if anyone could fight the Salamence and save his daughter, he would have her hand, and all his kingdom to boot." Brock explains. "But the fear of the Salamence was so great, there was not one that would venture to encounter it, even for the sake of such a prize. All day the herald went out and repeated the proclamation every hour, on the hour. But everyone was too scared of the Salamence to make the journey, and Justin, though he felt he had the courage to meet the Salamence, could not find it in his heart to come forward before all the people and promise to do what no one else would do. So the hours went by all through the day and all through the night, and no one had appeared to rescue Princess Natalie."

                  He then plays a fearful chord. "Then daybreak came, and with it the mournful procession leading the princess to the outskirts of the city; and all the people came out to see it, crying all the while." Brock narrates as the other Kimono Girls come onstage feigning tears as Ash looks on. "The old king came down the steps of the palace to turn his daughter over to the guards; and it took all the people's willpower to hold him back from sacrificing himself in her place."

                  Just then, Sayo, who is escorting Sakura, freezes for a moment. "But when the moment of parting came, the thought was so dreadful that he could not bring himself to make the sacrifice; and only held her even tighter in his arms." Brock narrates as Sayo hugs Sakura, now playing Princess Natalie, close to her. "The people began to wonder if their king had gone nuts, and this only increased the distress and terror the king felt."

                  Sayo slumps to her knees in feigned sorrow. "When Justin found matters as bad as this, his courage overrode his shyness, and making his way through the crowd, he asked permission to go out to meet the Salamence." Brock narrates as Ash does this.

                  "And if I fail," Ash adds as Justin, "at least I will have prolonged the most precious life by one day at least."

                  "With that, he bent down and kissed Princess Natalie's hand." Brock narrates, to some "aw"s as Ash does this to Sakura. "When Princess Natalie heard his words, she took heart, looked up, and was glad to see one of such noble character for her rescuer. But the old king, without stopping to look at him, threw himself on his neck and kissed him with delight, called him his son, and promised him that if he succeeded, he would receive everything the herald had proclaimed and more. The people's confusion and annoyance turned into admiration; and they accompanied Justin to the city gates with shouts of encouragement as he went forth to battle the Salamence..."

                  "... with the Legendary Beasts going on before him." the audience says along with Brock.

                  Ash breaks character long enough to ask the audience "Have you heard this one before?" to some laughter.

                  A fearful chord from the guitar quiets the laughter. "It was past the time when the Salamence usually received his victim, and he was advancing rapidly towards the city walls, roaring horribly, and swinging the scaly horrors of his folded tail." Brock narrates. "The monster's fury might have made a more experienced arm tremble, but Justin thought of his father's desire that he be a great man, and do brave deeds, and his courage only seemed to grow as the danger approached. He walked so straight towards the Salamence, with a step so firm and so unlike the trembling stagger of his usual victims, that it almost disconcerted him. When they had approached each other within a hundred paces, Justin sang to Raikou..."

                  Karuto, iichiida shou... Ash fills in the spellsong.

                  "At the first sound of his voice, Raikou sprang to attack, and with such speed that the Salamence had no time to decide how to meet his opponent." Brock narrates as he plays the Zelda theme to simulate a battle.

                  Seios, higarima laisido... Ash sings again.

                  "At this song, Suicune, following close on Raikou's track, sprang on the Salamence's neck, and held him to the ground with an Ice Fang." Brock narrates.

                  Jao wiisha nes chiel com yutuul... Ash sings again, making his new Mega Ring glow in response to his voice.

                  "...and Entei ran to join the others in a flash of fire, and fixing his great fangs in the Salamence's flesh in a massive Fire Fang, snapped his spine like a twig, and bounded back with delight to his master's feet." Brock narrates, playing the Zelda "got item" stinger to signal a victory.

                  Cheers go up at the Salamence's demise. "Justin, only stopping to congratulate his companions, drew his knife, cut off a Salamence scale; and then returned to the city with his trophy, with--what?" Brock prompts the audience.

                  "...the Legendary Beasts going on before him." the audience repeats.

                  Brock grins as he plays a festive song. "Imagine the cheers when Justin returned to a hero's welcome! The king and Princess Natalie heard the noise in the palace, and came down to meet the hero that had saved the city."

                  "Behold my daughter, Princess Natalie!" Sayo announces as the king, gesturing to Sakura. "Take her; she is yours, and my kingdom with her! I owe everything to you, and in return I give you all I have."

                  "No, sire," Ash replies as Justin; "Just the fact that you give me permission to approach Princess Natalie is all I ask.I am only a poor boy, and have never had anything to command but my Legendary Beasts: how does that make me worthy to rule a kingdom?"

                  "The king and all the people, and Princess Natalie most of all, were pleased with his modesty and grace; and they sang his praises, and those of his Legendary Beasts too, and led them with him to the palace, where Justin received a suit of embroidered clothes and made a duke, and was seated next to Princess Natalie." Brock narrates as he resumes his festive song. "The king, finding that Justin refused to accept the crown, decided to adopt him as his own son; and had him instructed in everything a prince had to know, so that he might be fit to succeed him. The Legendary Beasts were assigned three kennels and three collars of gold, with three pages to tend to their every need; and whenever Justin went out hunting, his Legendary Beasts had priority over all the king's Arcanines."

                  "Wow"s go up as Brock concludes "As time went on, Justin had other opportunities to make a name for himself; and little by little, he came to be acknowledged as the most accomplished courtier and the most valiant soldier in the kingdom. But what those opportunities entailed--that is another story for another day!"

                  The crowd roared as Brock took a bow, and Sakura arrived with a green stripe for his rainbow...

                  To Be Continued...
                  The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                  Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                  Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                    Episode 73c: Trouble's Brewing (part 3)

                    "Sakura?" Misty asked as she nudged open the door to Sakura's room, where Sakura and Satomi were finishing their dinner. "Are you receiving guests now?"

                    "Oh! Misty, what a surprise!" Sakura smiled. "Of course I would be willing to talk to you for a little while--from one girl to another.

                    "Brock told me what happened at the tea ceremony earlier today, and I any of your sisters get along with you?" Misty asked. "I ask this because I know all too well what it is like to be spurned and picked on by older siblings."

                    "Well, Yuki, Ayame, and Rei are the ones that usually stick up for me..." Sakura replied. "Kuni tries to keep Sayo and Miki under control, and Naoko is neutral towards it all. But seeing the eight of us onstage, you would never know we even fight at all."

                    "Back home in Cerulean City, I have three elder sisters of my own." Misty explained, showing Sakura a picture of her, Lilly, Violet, and Daisy on the beach. "For a long time, they were more concerned about synchronized swimming, water ballets, and other spectacles than giving out badges; and I got a lot of teasing from them for wanting to be the Gym Leader. The last straw came when they decided to become idols, and pressured me to join the unit. I just said thanks but no thanks--dancing around in a frilly costume and singing cutesy lyrics wasn't my thing. For all I know, they still have the green costume they saved for me in a closet somewhere, waiting for when I finally come around. But as far as I'm concerned, Waves will always be a trio."

                    "Interesting..." Sakura smiled as Misty pulled up a video of her sisters' latest single. "What are their songs like?"

                    "Here's their latest hit...'I Want'." Misty began as she watched the video load. "This is just a clip, so you won't hear the whole song."

                    With that, she pressed PLAY, allowing Sakura to see the image of Lilly, in a sparkling blue costume, Violet, in a sparkling purple costume, and Daisy, in a sparkling gold costume, sing La la la la....
                    La la la la la la la la la!

                    Okay, okay, let's take it lightly! Lilly sang.

                    Okay okay, prepare my heart and soul... Volet sang.

                    Okay, okay, I have gotta be strong! Daisy sang.

                    All three sisters then sang Okay okay, ready to go!
                    Hey, I want, I want, I want, I want
                    Just to hear your loving voice!

                    Yes, I want, I want, I want, I want
                    Just to hear you once again!

                    And surely, surely, surely, surely
                    More than any other boy
                    I really, really, really, really
                    Think that I'm the one for you!

                    Sakura stiffled a giggle at the dancing girls on Misty's PokeNav. "No wonder you didn't want to join the unit..."

                    "Even when we all took music lessons as kids, I wanted nothing to do with classical opuses--I wanted to play the traditional dances of Kanto on my violin, not all those sonatas and partitas." Misty went on. "Then I ran into Ash--and not only did I gain a jamming partner, but a heroic trainer I am proud to call my friend."

                    "Yes--he seems to be highly skilled on a number of flutes." Sakura smiled.

                    "Then we met Brock--who is a master guitar player, singer, and storyteller, and who I consider to be another of my closest friends, even if he does try and sing to any pretty face he can find." Misty continued. "We've been across a region and a half together, and seen a lot of amazing things. We'd be here all night if I could tell you about them all."

                    "I'm sure you all have some amazing stories to tell." Sakura replied. "Would you mind if I joined your party?"

                    "Really?" Misty gasped as the boys and Tintri arrived in the room.

                    Sakura nodded. "I have long wished to see the world alongside Satomi, and a journey is often better with friends. Who knows, if we come across ancient writings, I may be able to help you read them."

                    "What do you think?" Misty asked the boys.

                    "Sure!" Ash smiled. "The more, the merrier."

                    "I have no problem with it if your sisters are okay with it." Brock replied. "Besides, I'd love to continue the vina lessons on the road, and I could teach you some of the songs and ballads I know."

                    "What fun!" Sakura smiled before giving Ash, Misty, and Brock a script. "Maybe Sayo would be convinced that I'd be safe with you if she saw you onstage with us. The play is not tomorrow, but the next day, so you three have a little time to rehearse and practice."

                    "'Crimson Parasol', huh..." Ash mused as he read through the script, complete with lines for him and places for a bansi to play marked in red.

                    Sakura smiled. "It's a Gekijou version of 'Little Red Riding Hood' I wrote for last year's Children's Festival, but I haven't gotten the chance to perform it."

                    "I would be honored to narrate and show off what little I know on the vina so far." Brock smiled.

                    "Playing a hero sounds fun!" Misty grinned, bemused in the fact she would be playing a britches role.

                    "Miki's a good teacher, and I have my reservations as to playing my new bansi this soon, but if you want me to try, I'll try." Ash replied.

                    "That's all I ask is that you try." Sakura assured Ash. "Let us get to bed--we have rehearsal tomorrow, and the the performance the next day."


                    The Dance Theater rang with applause as Sayo arrived onstage. "Thank you, and on behalf of all of us at the Masamune Theater...welcome." she began. "If this is your first time visiting a Gekijou theater, allow me to explain some of the conventions and traditions you will see. Firstly, the narrator--who may or may not be named depending on the play--plays a kind of ancient harp called a vina, to add ambiance and character to the spoken words. There is also a chorus of musicians and speakers to assist the narrator, who may also interact with the action taking place. Props and sets are brought on and taken away in a moment's notice. If a Pokemon or spirit is needed in the storyline, they are usually portrayed by puppets--the larger ones operated by several puppeteers in plain view of the audience, and voiced by the narrator."

                    Excited murmurs go up at this. "Among all of that, we do have the familiar for you today." Sayo assures the audience. "You'll meet a familiar girl in red, but she's not the character you think you know..."

                    She concludes "So without any further ado...the Masamune Theater proudly presents 'Crimson Parasol'.

                    Applause filled the air as Sayo exited and the lights went down, leaving the theater in complete darkness. After a few seconds of silence, the notes of a vina playing the tune "The Scent of Flowers Everywhere" filled the air. The audience whispered who the performer could be for a moment, but the whispering quieted when the lights came up on Brock, now clad in a purple robe with white, gold, and green trim, playing his vina.

                    After playing the haunting melody through several times, he let the last note fade away before addressing the audience. "Good afternoon and well met, travelers...I am Kataribe-san, your storyteller for today. I travel from town to town playing my harp and singing..."

                    He proceeded to play a bouncy melody as he sang Come one, and come all--come and hear my tales!

                    The audience laughed as Brock danced around the stage for a moment. "Then the old and the young, the rich and the poor, they all come from their homes and the streets and join me in the town square, eager to hear what tales I have to tell." Brock continued in character. "Today I have a new twist on an old favorite to tell you--you yourselves learned this tale from a storyteller named Jacob Grimm, but where he learned it from, we may never know."

                    He smiles "You just can't keep a good story at home, can you?"

                    Affirmative murmurs wafted in his direction. "The tale concerns a girl in red, a fearsome Mightyena, and a woodcutter that saved the girl and her grandmother from a terrible fate--I speak, of course of 'Little Red Riding Hood'." Brock explains over a mostly improvised soft melody. "But when that same story came to this land, Little Red Riding Hood transformed into Crimson Parasol." He played a soft chord for effect.

                    "Now, with a little help from the Nijiiro Chorus..." Brock made a grand gesture to stage right as the lights came up on a crowd of about thirty people, not including Ash, Kuni, and Rei. While the other house musicians wore a plain colored robe and carried some form of a percussion instrument, Ash wore a red and gold robe, and the other Kimono Girls in the ensemble had on their robes. "...we will tell you this tale just as it was told many suns ago."

                    As if on cue, two stagehands in black arrived--one carrying a gold disc and the other a silver disc. The vina and Kuni, playing the three stringed fiddle-like tikin, started a soft melody as the stagehands spun the two disks in opposing directions as they exited. "Many many suns ago..." a male speaker began.

                    "On an island in a land far away..." a female speaker continued.

                    "There was a mountain capped with snow." a second male speaker explained.

                    "Below that mountain was a green valley." a second female speaker continued

                    "In that valley was a meadow of tall grass..." a third male speaker went on. Those chorus members with shakers shook them for effect, to some bemused giggles from the children in the audience.

                    "And on that meadow stood a cottage." a third female speaker continued as the two stage ninjas brought on a screen that depicted an Asian-esque house on a meadow.

                    "In that cottage, there lived a mother..." a fourth male speaker began.

                    Oka-san! Rei called.

                    As if on cue, Miki, now clad in a pale blue and green robe, slowly walked on stage in time to the vina, the woodblocks, and bells. When she got to the center of the stage, she bowed to the audience before walking towards stage right.

                    "And with the Oka-san," the first male speaker explained.

                    "There lived a young daughter." the first female speaker replied.

                    Sakura, now wearing a deep red tunic-like robe, black leggings, and black shoes, enters from the right, with the woodblocks and bells providing a playful beat for her steps. She bowed to Miki and the audience as they noticed the small red parasol she carried, then walked over by Miki's side as the vina and tikin joined back in again.

                    "This is Crimson Parasol." the first male speaker explained as a spotlight appeared on Sakura.

                    "She has a feather head." the first female speaker commented as Sakura feigned a giggle.

                    "She has a wandering eye." the second female speaker added as Sakura looked around the room in feigned awe.

                    "Listen well, Akane-san." Rei cautioned.

                    "Listen to your Oka-san." Ash agreed. At this, the vina and tikin abruptly stopped.

                    "Listen to me, Akane, my love." Miki began. "I would like you to visit your Oba-san that lives to the east." As Miki said her first lines, the stage ninjas brought on a small table, a tea set, and a small covered basket, then exited as quickly as they had come.

                    "Yes, Oka-san." Sakura replied.

                    "Bring her this basket filled with Berries and sweet cakes." Miki smiled, gesturing to the small basket on the table.

                    "How delicious--fresh Berries and sweet cake!" Sakura gasps, to some "aw"s from the crowd.

                    "Pay attention, Akane." Miki began as the vina played a drone. "Do not go through the southern jungle. It is dark, it is dangerous, and Raikous lurk in the shadows." A soft drum roll punctuated Miki's line.

                    "Yes Oka-san." Sakura replied.

                    "Then go, Akane, before it grows hot." Miki smiled. "Do not linger to pick the flowers..." Some bells jingled for effect. "Do not chase the Beautiflies...."

                    Ash interjected on his bansi with the notes that matched "Ai-yai-yai, I'm your little Beautifly!" for effect, to giggles from the audience. "...and do not sit and dream on the rocks in the fields." Some larger woodblocks tapped for effect. "Furthermore, take your crimson parasol--who knows whether it will be warm or it will rain?" The <i>vina</i>'s drone ended with a soft flourish.

                    "I understand, Oka-san." Sakura replied before taking the basket from the table and hugging Miki. Itekimasu!

                    With that, she walks off in time with the bells and woodblocks as Miki waves goodbye...


                    Backstage, Misty--in a navy blue swordsman's robe--alternated between studying the script and listening to Brock's narration out on the stage. I'm thankful that's not me playing the tikin... she smiled as she watched Kuni frantically saw away at the majestic three stringed instrument in time to the chorus' pleas. Even though Kuni offered to gave me lessons, bowing it was just too hard! I'll stick with my fiddle, thank you!

                    The stage ninjas bringing on a tree with pink flowers snapped her to attention. Oh, this is the Beauitifly's scene! Ash did say he had a solo in this scene...


                    Onstage, Sakura stopped at the pink flowered tree at as the frantic melody concluded. After a few tense seconds, Ayame, now wearing a green, blue, and silver dress-like costume, danced onstage to the accompaniment of bells and finger cymbals. "Oh! A flower...a beautiful dancing flower." Sakura smiled. "I will present this dancing flower to Oba-san as a gift."

                    She approached and tried to grab at Ayame several times, but then Ayame waved her away. "Halt! Don't touch!"

                    Ash then started what sounded like an improvisation in B minor along with the percussion as Ayame continued dancing around Sakura, speaking all the while. "No thank you very much! I am no earthly bud! No blossom of the mud! I'm here, I'm there! I am queen of the air! Foolish child, use your eyes! For I am Nabi the Beautifly, princess of the summer skies!" The music ended there.

                    "A thousand pardons, sora-hime." Sakura replied with a little bow. "I was confused, for the shadows teased my eyes. Please excuse this unworthy Akane-chan!"

                    "Very well, but don't let it happen again." Ayame warned. "Now, I must be off, for I have an audience with the sakura.

                    With that, she danced off as Kuni's tikin joined Ash's bansi and the percussion. Some in the audience laughed when they recognized what the instruments were actually playing.

                    Oh....oh...oh... Rei sang along.

                    "Beautifly! Flutter by!" the chorus chanted over the music.

                    "Flash and flitter!"

                    "Skip and skitter!"

                    "Black and blue!"

                    "Colors in the sky!"

                    "Green, black, and blue, make the colors in the sky!" At this, the instruments and Rei stopped as Brock appeared in his spotlight, playing the chorus to "Beautifly" one last time on his vina.

                    "An encounter with a haughty you think that stopped Akane-chan?" Brock asked the audience.

                    "No"s and murmurs wafted through the audience. "In fact, she went on, even further into the jungle..."


                    Misty looked up and smiled at the majestic Raikou puppet she would "fight" at the pivotal moment of the play. He's beautiful! I can't wait to see Sakura's reaction to this big guy! she smiled as she watch Sakura interact with a Wartortle puppet, its performer concealed behind some faux rock.

                    As the Raikou's three performers arrived to prepare the huge puppet for its entrance, Misty flagged down the lead performer. "How is it that multiple people control the same puppet?"

                    "Simple--one person performs the back legs, one person performs the front legs, and I perform the head." the lead performer replied. "Performing the head's the hardest of the three roles--you have to work the head with precision to match the narrator's voice, so we create the illusion of a living being. Luckily, your friend is a great mimic and speaker, so I had no trouble syncing to his voice."

                    "Well, I'm gonna arrive like I'm really gonna fight, so give me a good struggle for my scene!" Misty vowed.

                    "We'll do our best." the lead performer replied as she disappeared inside the puppet's chest to reach the head.

                    Back onstage, the stage ninjas brought on a third tree with a yellow flower on it as the tikin began an uneasy drone with accents from the shakers. Listen, listen, what is that? Rei sang.

                    Ash joined in with a shuddering note. "Only a bird in the treetop high." a male speaker replied.

                    Hush! Hush! Who goes there? Rei sang again.

                    The woodblocks answered Rei's sung question with a playful rhythm. "Only a child on the jungle path." a female speaker replied.

                    Listen, listen, a sound in the bush. Rei sang again.

                    A foreboding drum roll punctuated the tikin and bansi's song, which was now growing more and more tense. Look! Look! A shadow falls!

                    Misty jumped as Ash blasted a high note that sounded amazingly like a female scream as a gong sounded and Brock mimicked a perfect Raikou's roar offstage as the magnificent Raikou puppet ran onstage, to "ooh"s and "ahh"s from the crowd.

                    "AUGH!!!" Sakura yelped. She took a few steps backwards before opting to hide behind the parasol) "Oh! You look look like..."

                    "What do I look like, shoujo-chan?" Brock asked in a deeper version of himself from offstage. To the audience, it appeared the majestic puppet had asked the question.

                    "Well, you LOOK like a SOUND like a Raikou....but I don't think you ARE a Raikou." Sakura explained.

                    "What? I've never heard such a can I not be a Raikou?" Brock asked in character.

                    "Because I THINK you are a I have made two mistakes." Sakura went on. "First, I mistook a Beautifly for a flower. Then, I mistook a Wartortle for a stone. So if I think you are a Raikou, then you have to be something else. Understand?"

                    "Not very well." The audience laughed as the Raikou puppet shook its head. "So if I am something else, what am I?"

                    "Hm..." Sakura looked the Raikou puppet up and down. "Fur...stripes...four legs...a you must be a Zebstrika! I should tell my Oba-san about you."

                    "Ah, an Oba-san!" Brock excitedly gasped in character.

                    Nervous giggles filled the air as the Raikou puppet licked its chops. "Two fine meals for the great Langi!"

                    The puppet turned to face Sakura again. "Of course I am a Zebstrika, shoujo-chan--you do not fear me, do you?" Brock asked in character.

                    "No." Sakura replied.

                    "Then allow me to come with you to your Oba-san's house--I could protect you from any Raikous that lurk in this place." the puppet offered.

                    "You are too kind, Zebstrika-san." Sakura smiled.

                    With that, the puppet and Sakura walked in place as the lights went down, with the woodblocks, bells and the drum keeping the beat. Suddenly, a fearful bansi phrase stopped the beat as a spotlight appeared on the chorus.

                    "Oh, foolish Akane!" Ash cried.

                    "Oh, wicked Raikou!" Kuni agreed.

                    "What will happen now?" Rei asked.

                    A tense tikin riff played as a spotlight appeared on the Raikou puppet. "I will tell you what will happen now." Brock explained in character as the stage ninjas brought on another screen of a house in a field and placed it stage left as Yuki, playing Oba-san, entered. "I will get this foolish shoujo to her Oba-san's house, and then I will have a feast!"

                    Ash punctuated this with another note that sounded like a female scream. "But how will I do this, you ask?" Brock continued in character, clearly enjoying playing the villain. "Worry not, for I, Langi, am a clever Raikou!"

                    The puppet then turned to address Sakura again. "Look, out at the sky!"

                    "What is it? What do you see?" Sakura asked.

                    "I see Articuno off to the west, with her beautiful blue and white plumes. If you look towards the setting sun, you just might see her as she passes here." Brock explained in character.

                    Sakura nodded and froze in a westward facing pose. With Sakura distracted, the Raikou puppet tiptoed up to the unsuspecting Yuki and shoved her back behind the screen, complete with Ash blasting another scream-like note as the gong sounded again.

                    "There! Into the closet with you while I deal with your precious shoujo-chan!" Brock growled in character as the stage ninjas arrived with a copy of Oba-san's costume.

                    Boos filled the theater as Brock mimicked another Raikou roar. Memo to self--ask Ash how he can mimic a girl screaming with a flute! Misty grinned--her big scene was coming soon!


                    Later, Sakura spotted the Raikou puppet's tail peeking from the blanket. "Tails? Oba-sans don't have tails..."

                    She pulled off the blanket, to a panicked riff. "A Raikou! Where is my Oba-san?"

                    "Don't try to escape, shoujo-chan!" Brock growled in character.

                    With that, he mimicked a roar as the Raikou puppet sprung at Sakura as the bansi, vina, tikin, and percussion played an exciting melody. Sakura, meanwhile, used the closed parasol as a sword.

                    Misty meanwhile, listened for the bansi flourish that served as her cue from the wings. Ash said he'd play a distinct little melody for my cue...

                    She smiled as she heard a descending phrase down the B minor scale. There it is... she grinned as she drew a prop katana and dashed onstage.

                    "Praise Arceus, help has come!" a female extra cried.

                    "It is Takuya, a great hunter!" a male speaker agreed.

                    "Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!" Rei cried as Misty cornered the Raikou puppet, prompting the music to stop.

                    "Get away from her, you wily Raikou, before your head falls to the great Kanemoto!" Misty warned the puppet, brandishing the katana for effect.

                    "What? Cut off my head? You must be mistaken--the girl claims I am a Zebstrika." Brock protested in character.

                    "A Zebstrika indeed! I know you too well, Langi of the Southern Jungle." Misty grinned.

                    "Please, have mercy, dear hunter!" Brock pleaded in character. "I have not harmed the Oba-san...she was in the closet the whole time!"

                    Cheers went up from the audience as Sakura brought Yuki out from behind the screen. "Since you have not harmed the Oba-san nor the girl, I am feeling merciful." Misty mused before pointing the katana at the Raikou puppet. "Do you promise to return to the jungle from whence you came?"

                    The Raikou puppet fearfully nodded as the katana inched closer to its head. "Do you promise never to bother another human again for the rest of your days?" Misty asked.

                    The Raikou puppet fearfully nodded yes again. "Now go, before I change my mind." Misty growled.

                    Ash smiled as a drum roll played to signal Langi bounding offstage. Misty has this hero thing down! he thought as Yuki hugged Sakura, and Misty sheathed the katana over a triumphant vina and bell flourish.

                    "Shoo, shoo! Wily Raikou!" he called offstage.

                    "Never return again!" Kuni scolded.

                    "Hail! Hail! Wielder of Kanemoto! You've saved the red-clad child!" Rei called.

                    Applause went up as the lights went down, except for Brock in a spotlight nearby the chorus, playing an interlude on his vina. "And so, Langi the Raikou returned to the southern jungle--never again did he show his whiskers around that place." he narrated as himself. "Word of Takuya's brave deed spread to even the Pokemon League, and he received a great crystal medallion from the Pokemon Master."

                    At this, the instruments played an Asian style rendition of "Golden Hearts and Silver Souls" as Misty knelt at center stage, and one of the stage ninjas draped a large sparkling medallion around her neck before all of them exited...


                    "That was fun!" Misty smiled as the group emerged from the theater's backstage area in their normal clothes.

                    "Not enough water in the whole Johto region--doing Langi's voice was hard work!" Brock mused before taking a long drink of water.

                    As the group met the Kimono Girls out in the square, Sayo asked Sakura "Are you sure you still want to go with these three? If you do, they must battle us for the right to take you with them."

                    "I've changed my mind, Sayo-neesan." Sakura replied. "I'll stay here...I thought about it a little more last night, and I don't believe I am ready to go on a journey yet."

                    She then addressed the group. "While it would be wonderful to go with you three, I worry I would be a burden to you all right now. When I do depart on a journey, I will go by myself, and meet some companions I can call my own."

                    Sayo smiled. "You'll be doing something very brave, sis--it's always good to learn self-reliance, as you won't always have someone with you. Knowing how to take care of yourself is a sign of a strong, confident, and beautiful young lady."

                    "Well, if you change your mind, we'll be headed for Olivine City." Ash assured Sakura as Tintri bounded on his shoulder. "I'll be sure to keep practicing for you." he told Miki as she hugged him.

                    "If you want us to act in another Gekijou play, let us know!" Misty smiled.

                    Sakura embraced Brock. "Promise me when you play your vina, you'll think of me...I've left you four collections of tunes for you to practice as you travel, as thanks for your performance today."

                    "Any time--I'd love to act in or narrate another play for you." Brock replied.

                    "Bye, everyone!" Ash called as he waved back to the waving Kimono Girls. "May we meet again soon!"

                    To Be Continued...
                    The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                    Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                    Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                      Episode 74: All that Glitters!

                      "Zephyr Badge...okay..." Ash mused as he admired the wing-shaped badge sewn to his vest. "Little spot over here..." he mused as he wiped some dust from the Hive Badge. "but the Plain Badge needs a little scrubbing. Once my other three badges are clean, I'll get Brock to sew on my Fog Badge."

                      "I'll come do that after we have lunch." Brock replied as he tended to some broccoli casserole simmering over the campfire. "Luckily, the color that matches your vest is very easy to find."

                      "I can see myself in your Badges..." Misty smiled as she admired her reflection in the Plain Badge. "Think you can polish my Pokethlon medals too?"

                      "Sure!" Ash retrieved his rag as Misty got out her medal box.

                      But before he could wipe down Misty's first silver medal, a rustle alerted Tintri. [What was that?]

                      [I'll check it out!] Ami volunteered.

                      She reared back as three black crow-creatures emerged from the brush. [What the...] she gasped as the three crow-Pokemon hopped and danced towards the camp.

                      Ash, meanwhile, decided to read up on the dancing crow-Pokemon:

                      "Murkrow, the darkness Pokemon. Feared and loathed by many, it is believed to bring misfortune to all those who see it at night."

                      "But it's daytime, so it can't harm us." Misty smiled.

                      No sooner were the words out of her mouth did two of the three Murkrows snatch Ash's Fog Badge and her medal box! "Hey!"

                      "Back, get back!" Brock waved away the third Murkrow, who seemed determined to get at the four stripes of his Lore Stage rainbow "Go on, shoo!" he called as the third Murkrow gave up on his stripes and fluttered up onto a branch, where its companions waited with Ash's Fog Badge and Misty's medal box.

                      "Mina, knock the Murkrow out of the tree!" Ash commanded as he heaved a Poke Ball skyward.

                      [HAH!!!] Mina charged at the tree, knocking the three Murkrow to the ground--surprisingly with Ash's Fog Badge and Misty's medal box intact!

                      Ash was not far behind Mina as he ran towards the Murkrow. "You guys have some explaining to d--!"

                      He did not, however, expect a wave of mud to come flying in his face! "WAUGH!!!"

                      [You okay?] Mina asked as she fluttered by Ash's side.

                      "Follow those Murkrow while I go and get cleaned up!" Ash replied.

                      [Right!] With that, Mina soared away.

                      "What happened to you?" Brock asked as Ash returned to the camp with mud splotches all over him. "I remember three Murkrows came out here, and then they took your Fog Badge and Misty's medal box..."

                      "Mina and I tried to stop them, but they sent a wave of mud in my face..." Ash grumbled as Brock carefully wiped off the mud stains. "I sent Mina on ahead to try and catch them..."

                      He gasped when he saw Mina land, battered and beaten, at his feet. [Ash...I'm sorry...] Mina wheezed. [I tried to engage them, but they sent me flying with a huge Gust...]

                      Brock covered the cooking pot, then reached for a Poke Ball of his own. "Hitomi, use your Supersonic to find these rogue Murkrow!" he commanded as he heaved it skyward.

                      As the Golbat materialized, she fired a few Supersonic waves at a cluster of trees, only getting an echo in a nearby bush. [There they are!] she reported, showing Brock that the Murkrow were huddled in the bush, looking over Ash's badge, Misty's medals, and a number of other shiny things.

                      "Maybe if we asked nicely, these Murkrows would give our stuff back?" Misty asked as she followed Ash to the bush.

                      "It's worth a shot..." Ash mused as he approached the bush. "Uh, guys? Could you please give our stuff back? They're important to us."

                      [You want'em? Come and get'em!] one Murkrow smirked before all three Murkrows fluttered off

                      [I'll go corner them for you!] Hitomi offered as she fluttered off after the fleeing Murkrows. But she balked as the three Murkrows created a massive Gust, sending her flying backwards, landing at Brock's feet as he arrived in the brush. [Master, I failed...] she gasped as she fainted.

                      [YEEEE-AAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!] Tintri screeched as he fired a Thunderbolt, knocking out the three Murkrow all at once with a Thundershock.

                      "Good shot, bud." Ash smiled as he located his missing Badge and Misty's medal box in the stash of items as Misty watched from nearby.

                      He did not, however, expect to see Team Rocket looming over the hill in their balloon, with Tintri struggling in a net! "Where'd you guys come from?"

                      "Do we really have to answer? That is a lot of trouble..." Jessie shot back.

                      "And even if we did answer, our haul's going to be double." James agreed.

                      "To protect the world from devastation..." Jessie began.

                      "And unite all peoples within our nation..." James smiled, twirling a rose in his hand. Ash just watched and growled in annoyance at the familiar motto he, Misty, and Brock had heard a million times before:

                      "To denounce the evils of truth and love!"

                      "To extend our reach to the stars above!"



                      "Team Rocket! Blast off at the speed of light!"

                      "Surrender now, or prepare to fight!"

                      "Meowth! Dat's right!"

                      Brock, meanwhile, had joined Ash and Misty on the hill and was preparing to fire a shot when he heard a POW! and James yelling something in anger. "What in the...I didn't even need to shoot an arrow this time!" he gasped as he stood down.

                      "The Murkrows!" The lightbulb went off in Misty's head. "The Murkrows popped Team Rocket's balloon!

                      She tried oh-so-hard not to laugh as Team Rocket attempted to capture the Murkrow with a net. "I'd still keep an arrow handy, though--while the Rockets were busy trying to catch these Murkrow, I snuck onboard the balloon and got Tintri." Ash reported. "I left them a little surprise..."

                      All three watched as Team Rocket pulled on the rope connected to the net, but the net caught a boulder instead, causing Team Rocket to get thrown away. "Very clever, Ash--let's go get our stuff back." Brock grinned. "They were headed towards that hill to the north."


                      "Aina, climb the hill and help us find the Murkrow!" Ash called as he heaved a Poke Ball on the ground, revealing the Machop.

                      Aina skillfully darted to the top of the hill, where she spotted the Murkrow in a bush admiring their stash of shiny objects. [Found them!]

                      "Thanks!" Ash grinned as he crept up by the bush, careful not to startle or rouse the Murkrow to his presence.

                      Moments before Ash could take the Fog Badge and the medal box, a twig snapping alerted one Murkrow, spurring all three to thoroughly peck Ash, then send him tumbling back to the bottom of the hill.

                      "Ow..." was all Ash could say as Misty arrived with some medical supplies.

                      "So much for the direct approach..." Brock mused.


                      "Okay...." Brock began as he showed Ash and Misty a blueprint outlining his plan to get Ash's Badge and Misty her medal box. "It appears Murkrow like shiny objects, like Meowths what I want you guys to do is hold these pie tins so that they flash in the sun. With the Murkrow distracted, Silver and I can move in and get the Fog Badge and the medal box back."

                      He added. "If something happens, I revived Mina for you, Ash."

                      "Thanks!" Ash smiled as he took a pie tin and stepped out into the sun, angling the pie tin so the sunlight created a flash. Misty was on the other end of the plain with a pie tin of her own, disorienting the three Murkrows from following the light that seemed to arc from one end of the hill to the other.

                      Just then, one of the Murkrows spotted Ami making a flower crown by Misty's foot. "Uh oh..." Ash gasped when he saw the Murkrows flying in their direction.

                      "I thought I told Ami to stay put!" Misty grumbled as she and Ash abandoned the pie tins and dashed off.

                      "Let's find Brock first--I have a plan B..." With that, Ash heaved a Poke Ball skyward. "Mina, we need you!"

                      [Murkrows are carrion Pokemon, right? Maybe if I played dead, you can get your stuff back!] Mina suggested.

                      Ash and Misty watched as Mina fluttered to the ground and laid very still. The Murkrows arrived some moments later, and began examining what they thought was a Pidgeot corpse, periodically poking Mina to make sure she was dead.

                      Once sure the Murkrows were distracted, Mina grabbed the Fog Badge in her talons, and took off, just as Brock arrived on the hill. "Good thinking, Ash--I didn't expect Ami to wander out here and blow our cover." Brock muttered.

                      "Even after I gave her explicit instructions to stay put." Misty agreed before a wind gust knocked the three companions and the Murkrows to the ground.

                      Ash looked to see Team Rocket in a giant robot resembling a giant Murkrow. "You guys again!"

                      "We'll be takin' all of dis, tank you!" Meowth grinned as he turned on the mecha's vacuum, setting it to suck up all of the shiny objects that the Murkrow collected.

                      "Get the Murkrows!" Misty called to Ash.

                      "I got this!" Ash called back before scooping up the three Murkrows in his arms, just as Mina battered the vacuum with a Wing Attack.

                      Just as Ash set the Murkrows on a safe spot, he gasped as Team Rocket grabbed Tintri. "Guys...if you can help my Pidgeot save my Pikachu, will you give us our things back?"

                      [It's a deal!] the first Murkrow replied as he and his fellow Murkrows rushed to join Mina in the sky, darting this way and that so quickly, the mecha struggled to keep up.

                      "It's working!" Brock smiled as the mecha started to short-circuit, causing it to release Tintri.

                      "And now for the coup de grace..." Misty grinned as Tintri electrified one of Brock's arrows.

                      Ash rushed to catch his Fog Badge and Misty's medal box as Team Rocket went flying off into the sky from the impact of the electrified arrow. "Thanks, guys..."

                      "Yes, thanks." Misty smiled, relieved her medals were safe.

                      [It was nuttin'--you saved our feathers and helped us protect our turf from those hoodlums, we got ya stuff back, as we agreed.] the second Murkrow explained.

                      As Ash waved goodbye to the Murkrows, Brock noticed the sun beginning to set. "Let's get back to camp---and get your Fog Badge sewn on so nothing else can take it, Ash."

                      "Good idea--I don't want another Murkrow taking my medals for a long time!" Misty agreed, to the boys' laughter...

                      To Be Continued...
                      The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                      Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                      Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                        Episode 75a: Freeze Frame! (part 1)

                        The mountains rang with a joyful bansi melody as the group made their way down a mountain pass. Ash led the way, playing the song as a means for Tintri to find him as he romped back and forth across the road. Misty and Brock were not far behind, Brock more engrossed in the guidebook than Ash's enthusiastic song.

                        "You must've been practicing hard after our Gekijou debut in Ecruteak." Misty commented as the last note echoed into the morning sky.

                        "It helps that Miki gave me a few books of tunes to practice--that one was 'Rainbow Light', in the first book's section on articulation." Ash explained as he pocketed the bansi. "Any suggestions on how I can improve, you guys?"

                        "Well, I will say that you're getting better with tonguing and breath control." Brock began as he looked up from the guidebook. "Imagine you're trying to spit a Cheri pit or Watmel seed at somebody--that's what good tonguing on a flute should sound like."

                        "Miki did use the Cheri pit analogy, actually..." Ash mused before a familiar male voice got Tintri's attention. "What is it, Tintri?"

                        He looked back behind him and smiled when he saw a familiar auburn haired boy in a purple and magenta striped shirt running to meet him. "Todd!"

                        "Long time no see!" Misty smiled as Ash and Todd hugged. "How was Pokemon Island?"

                        "Amazing!" Todd replied. "Prof. Oak told me that all the pictures I took down there led to his report on the island being front-page news all over the world--he's been using that report as the base for a series of lectures about the island."

                        "We've had quite a few photo worthy moments ourselves..." Ash grinned, proudly showing his four Johto badges to Todd.

                        "While I'd love to get a picture of that, I'm saving my camera memory for my current assignment--a feature in PokeNature on Snowtop Mountain, which is just up ahead." Todd explained. "Supposedly, the ice guardian Articuno is said to nest on the mountain, and getting her picture would give the story the wow factor it needs."

                        "If you can get a picture of Mew, getting a shot of Articuno is cake!" Ash grinned before taking a Poke Ball. "Mina, scout us out out a path through the mountains, and find Articuno!"


                        "Any luck?" Ash asked as Mina returned to the group's campsite some time later.

                        [Good news-bad news time...I did find us a viable path through the mountains, but I didn't see any signs of Articuno by Snowtop.] Mina replied. [Are you sure Todd isn't being sent on a fool's errand, or worse, into a trap?]

                        "That's weird...I'm pretty sure that I saw Articuno fly to that mountain." Todd mused.

                        Hitomi arrived in the camp some moments later. "Find anything?" Brock asked as he tended to the sesame chicken simmering in the pot over the campfire.

                        [I did, in fact, see something you'd likely recognize if you saw it.] Hitomi reported. [Come with me!]

                        Brock covered the pot then transferred it to a hot plate set to "Keep Warm". "Lead the way." he told Hitomi.


                        When the group arrived in a small alcove on the mountain path some moments later, Hitomi pointed out a large block of ice with a familiar pink puffball Pokemon inside. [Here it is...this Pokemon look familiar?]

                        "Jigglypuff!" Misty gasped when she recognized the small Pokemon in the ice.

                        "This would explain why we haven't seen Jigglypuff in quite some time." Brock mused. "Wonder what she's doing here?"

                        "It's possible that Articuno may have frozen Jigglypuff for some reason." Todd suggested.

                        Ash, meanwhile, heaved a Poke Ball to the sky. "Cyndy, thaw out Jigglypuff!"

                        As Cyndy melted the ice with a tiny Flamethrower, Misty saw Todd running towards Jigglypuff. "Todd, what are you--!"

                        "Jigglypuff, was Articuno the one that froze you?" Todd enthusiastically asked the pink puffball Pokemon.

                        Ash winced when he heard THWAP!!! THWAP!!! and Todd groaning in pain. "I should've told Todd that Jigglypuff's Doubleslap attack can really hurt..."

                        Misty, meanwhile, got down to Jigglypuff's eye level as Brock hurried to assess Todd's injuries. "Jigglypuff...can you show us where Articuno went?"

                        Jigglypuff smiled, pleased that Misty had asked politely. [Sure! She went towards that mountain to the north!]

                        "So Articuno did go to Snowtop..." Ash mused when he saw Jigglypuff pointing towards Snowtop Mountain.

                        [Lead the way, Miss Puff.] Tintri smiled as the group departed the cave.

                        For a while, the walk to the mountain was uneventful--Jigglypuff and Tintri led the way, Brock followed, then Ash, and Misty and Todd brought up the rear. Just as the group passed a grove of pine trees, Todd spotted two Stantlers bounding through the snow that was beginning to fall. He motioned for the group to stop, and snapped a picture of the two Stantlers in mid-jump as they bounded across the path.

                        "That looks amazing!" Misty raved as the photo appeared on Todd's digital camera screen for review.

                        "Good thing I packed plenty of memory addition to using this in my assignment, I could print out a whole bunch of these pictures and make them into Christmas cards, picture frames, calendars, mousepads, and things like that." Todd smiled. "Of course, part of the proceeds would go in my gear fund, and part of it would go to nature charities."

                        Just then, Tintri spotted the familiar red roofed Pokemon Center in the distance. [There's a Pokemon Center up ahead...]

                        As the group reached the top of the hill and approached the Pokemon Center, Brock noticed a sign nearby. "This Pokémon Center is the highest of its kind in the world."

                        "Would you guys mind tolerating the cold for a little bit longer?" Todd asked. "I want to get a group portrait of you guys next to the sign."

                        "Okay!" Ash hugged Misty close, allowing Brock to put his arm around both of them, but allowing just enough room for Tintri to be on Ash's shoulder, and Jigglypuff on Brock's arm.

                        [Cheese!] Tintri smiled as the camera flashed.

                        As Todd reviewed the shot of the group, Officer Jenny arrived aboard a royal blue snowmobile. "You guys look like you've traveled a long way...why don't you come on inside and get warm?"

                        "Don't mind if we do!" Brock led the way inside.


                        Later, as the group relaxed around the spacious fireplace in the Pokemon Center's common area, Ash noticed Todd thinking hard about something. "What is it, Todd? Something the matter?"

                        "Well, getting a picture of Articuno might be harder than I thought it would be, now that I think about it..." Todd mused.

                        "Maybe once we find Articuno, Jigglypuff could sing for us!" Ash suggested. "Then, Articuno would fall asleep, so you could take all the pictures you want!"

                        "Tiny problem, hero..." Misty cautioned. "Jigglypuff's singing would put Todd to sleep, too."

                        "I wouldn't want a shot of Articuno asleep, anyway." Todd smiled. I want Articuno to look big, powerful, and majestic, just like I've always imagined it to be."

                        Nurse Joy then arrived with hot chocolate and cookies for the group. "I heard from Officer Jenny that you guys were looking for Articuno."

                        "What can you tell us about her?" Todd asked before biting into a shortbread cookie.

                        "Articuno has been coming to Snowtop Mountain for as long as anyone can remember." Nurse Joy replied before pointing out a large crystalline statue of Articuno standing near the Pokemon Center. "You see that statue outside? It was brought here over a thousand years ago. Travelers say that Articuno watches over them on their journeys."

                        "In fact, some people believe that Articuno still has nests in all of the highest mountains and coldest places in the world." Officer Jenny added as she joined the group. "Supposedly, she flies from nest to nest, bringing winter weather with her. This particular Pokemon Center has a diary of one of the people who brought the statue there--one entry in that diary says that Articuno rescued him and lots of others."

                        "That explains why Articuno is in the area now..." Todd mused.

                        "Well, the story goes that three travelers were stranded on the mountain, when Articuno found them and led them to safety." Officer Jenny explained, aware of Brock copying down the details of her tale. "A year later, those same people brought the statue to Snowtop Mountain to thank and honor Articuno."

                        "Amazing!" Misty smiled.

                        "Now I wanna find her more than ever, so Todd can get the shot of the century!" Ash smiled.

                        "Remember that it is quite dangerous to climb an icy mountain like Snowtop, even with training and experience." Nurse Joy cautioned.

                        "How hard could it be? I'd be glad to lead the expedition." Brock grinned. "It would make the perfect ballad!"

                        "Well, without the proper training and experience, your first time ice climbing could very well be your last if you don't know what you're doing." Nurse Joy explained, shattering Brock's heroic daydream of leading the group through the mountains.

                        Brock froze in fear at this. "Then, I guess I'll leave leading the expedition to the experts, then..."

                        "Don't quit your day job, Mr. Balladeer." Misty giggled before noticing the snow picking up outside. "Must be some snowstorm..." she mused as the wind rattled the windows.

                        Just then Todd saw a flash of blue in the swirling snow. Was that Articuno?

                        As the wind died down and the snow cleared off, he spotted a familiar red haired boy buried in the snow. "Guys! There's someone trapped in the snow!"

                        Ash looked at the prone boy and gasped. "Kamon!"

                        "We have to get him inside before hypothermia sets in!" Nurse Joy led the way outside, the others throwing on coats all the while...

                        To Be Continued...
                        The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                        Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                        Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                          Episode 75b: Freeze Frame! (part 2)

                          Previously, on Pokemon Moonlight Silver...

                          As the wind died down and the snow cleared off, he spotted a familiar red haired boy buried in the snow. "Guys! There's someone trapped in the snow!"

                          Ash looked at the prone boy and gasped. "Kamon!"

                          "We have to get him inside before hypothermia sets in!" Nurse Joy led the way outside, the others throwing on coats all the while...

                          Kamon shivered in a thick royal blue blanket as Brock arrived to check on him. "Where am I..."

                          "We were worried you'd freeze to death out there." Brock replied. "Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny are preparing some Combusken soup for you."

                          "You'd really worry about me?" A weak smile formed on Kamon's face. "After all the flak I've given you?"

                          "Yeah--punk or no punk, no one's going to freeze in the cold on our watch." Brock replied before hurrying off to help Misty hang up the coats, leaving Kamon with Ash and Todd.

                          There was a moment of silence before Ash asked "Hey...if you don't mind my asking, how did you wind up in the snow out there?"

                          "Well..." Kamon paused to stretch, then began. "I was stranded and alone on the path leading here, when a gigantic blue thing--I think it was a bird of some kind--flew up out of nowhere and created this really bright flash. I really don't remember anything after that--then next thing I know, I'm here with you guys."

                          Todd thought for a moment. "Say...Kamon's situation is just like the story that Officer Jenny told us before..."

                          Ash gasped when he saw Todd dash from the room. "Hey, Todd, wait!" he called as he hurried after his friend.

                          Misty and Brock happened to see Ash run out into the snow some moments later. "Why are Ash and Todd going out in below freezing weather in short sleeves and shirts?" Misty wondered.

                          "They can't run around a mountain dressed like that..." Brock replied as he threw on the coat he carried. "We have to find them, and fast!"

                          Kamon watched Misty and Brock hurry out into the snow. Could it be that the bird-thing I saw is this Articuno that Wonder Boy speaks of? If it is that powerful, and it rescued me, then it has to be a Legendary Pokémon.

                          He threw off the blanket and stretched. Snow or no snow, I've got to catch Articuno! he sneered before hurrying outside.

                          Nurse Joy arrived with the Combusken soup some minutes later. "That's funny...where did that red haired boy get to?"

                          Just then, Officer Jenny burst into the room. "'re not gonna believe this, but some red haired punk swiped my snowmobile and headed into the mountains!"

                          "He may not make it..." Nurse Joy mused as she brought up the Web site for the regional weather service on one of the PCs in the tech lab. "There's a winter storm warning in effect for this area right now, and the brunt of the storm is headed for the mountain. We have to find everyone before the storm hits!"


                          Meanwhile, as Ash and the others--now in matching royal blue jackets-- made their way down the path leading to another pass, Misty noticed the snowfall picking up. "That's's starting to snow really hard like it did before..."

                          "Maybe the blizzard means that Articuno is somewhere nearby." Ash suggested. "Let's go take a look!"

                          Jigglypuff spotted a shadow overhead. [Something's here...]

                          [I see it too...] Tintri agreed before both Pokemon and the humans gasped at Articuno, in all her icy glory, landed before them!

                          Ash took that opportunity to approach Articuno. "Hail and well met, Lady of Frost. I come here on behalf of a friend..."

                          [Now's not the time! Look at where you are!] Articuno screeched.

                          Ash looks to see that the group was right at the edge of a cliff. "I don't believe it...Articuno stopped us from falling over the edge..." Todd gasped as the group scrambled for more stable ground.

                          [Allow me to sing a song for you, milady!] Jigglypuff smiled as she danced towards Articuno.

                          Ash quickly covered Jigglypuff's mouth. "Not yet--Todd has a very specific pose he wants, and he needs Articuno to be awake to get it."

                          "All right...zoom is perfect." Todd smiled before readying his camera. "May I have the honor of your picture, milady?" he asked Articuno. "As thanks for saving us?"

                          [Of course...] Articuno replied, spreading her wings in a majestic pose for the camera.

                          Moments before Todd could take the picture, he heard a voice call "Nightwing, use Poison Sting!"

                          "Look out!" Misty called as she watched Kamon's Golbat send a flurry of venomous stingers at the majestic ice bird.

                          "Tintri use Thunderbolt to protect Articuno!" Ash commanded.

                          [I will be glad to lend my power to your cause, young hero.] Articuno smiled before firing a blue-white beam Ash recognized as an Ice Beam at Kamon.

                          "Gah!" Kamon dove behind a rock to avoid both attacks, causing chunks of ice to fall and shatter on the ground. As Ash and Tintri wove and ducked to avoid the rocks, he saw one rock hit Articuno. "ARTICUNO!!!!!"

                          "I'm gonna help you!" Todd called as he joined Ash in hurrying to help the wounded ice bird. "She's the guardian of the mountain, and we can't let her die here!"

                          Just then, both boys felt the piece of ice that they were standing on break off. "WAAAAAAAAAAUUUUGGGGHHH!"

                          [Ash!] Tintri screamed as he and Jigglypuff jumped over the edge after them.

                          "Ash?" Misty called into the howling wind. "Todd!" Where are you guys?"

                          "Are you guys okay?" Brock called into the wind, but no answer came.

                          As the wind continued picking up, Misty and Brock watched as Kamon went flying to the ground from the force of the wind and swirling snow. "Where did this blizzard come from?" Misty asked as she led Brock to more stable ground.

                          "Perhaps when the ice hit Articuno, the power it was holding back was released all at once." Brock suggested. "Lets head back to the Pokémon Center to get help--I hope to Arceus that Ash and Todd are okay..."


                          Is this how it's all going to end? Ash wondered as he hurtled through the falling snow. Am I going to meet my demise here in the cold, and never be known as Pokemon Master?

                          He sighed as he closed his eyes in preparation for the end. If this is the end...Mom, Dad, Misty, Brock, Todd, and Tintri, I love you all...

                          He was snapped back to reality by a ethereal female voice singing Gatrandis favel, secret, edena...
                          Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis...
                          Katoradis favel siicletu edena...
                          Emusto koron zen fine, si...

                          "What was that song?" Todd asked as he realized the two of them were slowly drifting towards a snowdrift instead of hurtling towards the rocks below.

                          The lightbulb went off in Ash's head. Oh! Articuno is a Legendary, so that means she can sing the Swanna Song too!

                          [Over here!] Tintri waved as Jigglypuff--now inflated like a tiny pink balloon, guided him to the ground.

                          "How we survived the fall, I don't know..." Todd mused as he and Ash landed safely in the snow.

                          [There...I sang my Swanna Song because you two were trying to protect me, and so I protected you two in return for your noble deed.] Articuno replied.

                          Ash was speechless for a moment, then composed himself to explain to Todd just what had happened as Jigglypuff and Tintri landed safely next to them. "What Articuno sang was an ancient melody known as the Swanna Song, after the belief that a Swanna would sing a beautiful song before it died."

                          "I thought it was a last ditch desperation spell in folktales, TV shows, and video games." Todd mused.

                          "Well, in ancient times, it was actually used to beseech Arceus directly if prayers were seemingly going unheeded, resulting in unleashing great power at the cost of the singer's strength." Ash went on. "Very few humans can actually use the song for real."

                          He smiled at Tintri and Jigglypuff. "These two must have followed us down here because they wanted to make sure that we were okay."

                          "Thank you..." Todd hugged Jigglypuff.

                          "Thanks, bud..." Ash was especially happy to hug Tintri.

                          [I dunno what I would do if I lost you...] Tintri smiled. [So I had to follow you--a Pokemon and trainer stick together, no matter what.]

                          Ash nodded. "That's right."

                          [Can I sing now?] Jigglypuff asked as Kamon landed nearby some minutes later.

                          "Not yet." Ash hissed as he watched Kamon brush the snow off of him.

                          "Rough landing..." Kamon groaned as he eased himself to his feet. "I still want to catch you, Miss Ice Bird!"

                          He heaved a Poke Ball skyward. "Spike, use Flame Wheel!"

                          Articuno seemed unusually calm about the circle of flame headed for her. Moments before the Flame Wheel could connect, she blew out a blast of snowflakes from her beak, freezing the attack solid. "Errgh...Spike, try Flame Wheel again!" Kamon called, but Articuno used Agility to dodge the second Flame Wheel before taking flight.

                          [Relax, you two--I have this rogue under control.] Articuno smiled before firing an Ice Beam, shattering the rock Kamon hid behind, and knocking him to the ground.

                          "Go, Articuno!" Tood cheered as Articuno unleashed a huge Blizzard, taking Jigglypuff with Kamon.

                          Ash and Todd watched Kamon and Jigglypuff fly off with a <i>ping</i> before the clouds parted, revealing the sun. [It is done...that rogue won't bother you for a while.] Articuno assured the boys.

                          She looked over at Todd. [Now, where were we before we were so rudely interrupted?]

                          Ash smiled as Articuno spread her wings in her majestic pose as the camera flashed. "Thanks, Articuno!" he called as Articuno flew upward.

                          Todd smiled as he reviewed his shot. "This is perfect...everything I imagined Articuno to be."

                          "Maybe Articuno knew that you wanted to take her picture." Ash smiled.

                          "We'll go with that--PokeNature's going to get a spike in subscriptions because of this picture." Todd smiled.

                          A whistle and a whir of an approaching snowmobile alerted Ash. "You guys, over here!" he called as Misty, Brock, and Officer Jenny arrived.

                          "I'm just glad you're okay!" Misty was elated to see Ash. "Don't scare me like that again, please?"

                          "Thought you were a goner for a second there..." Brock smiled as he embraced Ash.

                          "Well, don't start writing an elegy for me yet--I still have a lot more heroic things to do." Ash grinned.

                          Just then, the group watched in awe as Articuno flew overhead. "Thank you for saving me!" Ash called as he waved to Articuno.

                          [Anytime, Young Master--I wish you all well on your travels!] Articuno called back before disappearing into the setting sun.

                          "Where'd Jigglypuff get to?" Misty asked, curious as to why Jigglypuff was not with the boys.

                          "Red haired punk tried to catch Articuno, Articuno blew out a huge blizzard..." Todd explained.

                          "...and Jigglypuff got blown away with Kamon." Ash added. "I hope she'll be okay."


                          "I think I'll stay around the mountain for a while." Todd told the group back at the Pokemon Center. "I want to take some more pictures of the Pokémon that live here."

                          He smiled at Ash. "Good luck at the Johto League, Ash..."

                          "Good luck with the pictures--I can't wait to see that PokeNature story." Ash replied before giving his friend a hug.

                          As the group said their goodbyes outside, Nurse Joy smiled as she hung a framed copy of Todd's picture of Articuno in the foyer. Thank you've added a new chapter to this place's legend!

                          To Be Continued...
                          The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                          Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                          Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                            Episode 76a: The Dunsparce Deception (part 1)

                            "I hope Todd gets all the pictures he needs for his assignment..." Misty smiled as the group continued down the road. It had been a few days since they had helped Todd get a picture of the ice bird Articuno at the peak of Snowtop Mountain, but no one was more relieved to be back in warm temperatures than Ash.

                            "Can we get our next Legendary encounter on the beach?" Ash asked as he worked out some tension in his shoulders from the sudden change in temperature.

                            "Considering there could very well be Water type Legendaries, I wouldn't be surprised if we found one on a beach..." Misty smiled as she watched Tintri and Ami weave around her feet in a spirited game of tag.

                            Just then, she spotted, a dull blue haired boy hidden in the grass, clutching a net as he looked for something. "I wonder what that boy's looking for..."

                            [Let's go ask him!] Tintri suggested, leading the group into the grass where the boy was watching for the object of his search.

                            "Hi...are you maybe looking for bug Pokémon?" Ash asked, making Misty tense up in fear at the mention of bugs.

                            "Nope--I'm looking for a Dunsparce--they say they live in the ground all around this area." the boy explained as he slowly got up.

                            Ash retrieved Dexter from a pocket to read up on the odd Pokemon:

                            "Dunsparce, the land snake Pokemon. If spotted, it escapes by burrowing with its tail. It can float just slightly using its wings."

                            "I see..." Ash mused as he admired the picture of a blue and tan snake Pokemon with tiny wings on the Pokedex's screen. "Then maybe you're looking for a Dunsparce that ran away."

                            "Wrong again!" the boy smiled. "I'm looking for a wild Dunsparce!"

                            With that, he heaved a Poke Ball skyward. "Tsubasa, come on out!"

                            Misty shuddered even more as a Caterpie emerged on the ground, piquing the boy's attention. "What's with her? Tsubasa wouldn't hurt anyone that wasn't a threat..."

                            "Oh, don't mind Misty." Ash smiled. "She always gets a little..."

                            He racked his brain for a way to politely explain Misty's bug phobia to the boy. "...excited when she's around bug Pokémon."

                            "Cool!" the boy smiled. "I get excited around them, too."

                            "Nice way to put it, Ash..." Brock whispered.

                            The boy just smiled. "The name's Buck, and you've met Tsubasa already."

                            [Hi!] the small green worm Pokemon smiled.

                            Oh yeah, now I remember Ash's Butterfree Wings! Misty reminded herself. Caterpie is what Butterfree starts as, so sometimes beautiful things start out in ugly packages. she reminded herself as she took a few deep breaths to calm down.

                            "I'm Ash, and you've already met Misty..." Ash made a grand gesture to Misty, who shyly waved hello. "...and this is Brock, our navigator, balladeer, and loremaster." Brock waved hello upon being introduced.

                            " in someone who sings and tells stories?" Buck asked. "That explains the rainbow stripes and the instrument cases you guys carry..."

                            "I know quite a few songs and stories from all over." Brock replied. "Just say the word, and I'll be happy to share a few of them with you and Tsubasa."

                            "If you don't mind my asking, why are you looking for a wild Dunsparce?" Misty asked Buck.

                            Buck was about to answer before a group of kids walked by, each of them with a Dunsparce of their own. "Hey, Buck! Wanna come to the park with us?" a red haired boy asked.

                            "Sure!" Buck called back. "I'll meet you guys there!"


                            "My Dunsparce is bigger than yours!" a blonde haired boy bragged as the group and Buck arrived in the park some time later.

                            "Prove it! Let's get a tape measure!" a brown haired boy shot back.

                            As the boys measured their Dunsparces, a green haired girl proudly showed off a hand drawn picture book of things she did with her Dunsparce. "What do you think?" she asked a few other kids. "I made sure to include every part of my Dunsparce's day, even the sand bath she gets before bedtime!"

                            "You draw very well--I like the detail on the Dunsparce's back." Ash smiled at the girl as he admired a page depicting a stick figure girl feeding a stick figure Dunsparce.

                            "It took forever to get Sandy to hold still so I could draw her." the girl explained. "I'm glad you like her picture."

                            As some other kids oohed and ahhed over a cyan haired girl's Dunsparce hovering above the ground, Brock mused "Interesting...every kid in town has a Dunsparce except for you, Buck. Do you feel comfortable telling us why?"

                            "It's true that I'm the only one here without a Dunsparce." Buck sighed. "My grandpa got really sick a few months ago, so I went to the town where he lives to visit him. Luckily, Grandpa got better after a couple of weeks, so we came back home a week or two later. But while my family and I were gone, a swarm of Dunsparce came through the area, and all of my friends caught one. No matter how hard I searched for a Dunsparce, I couldn't find a single one."

                            Ash nudged Brock. "Up for showing off your storytelling skills for the kids?"

                            "I'd be game for playing a little music for them." Misty smiled as she retrieved her fiddle case. "Note, please."

                            Ash obliged by getting out his Pokeflute from his bag and giving Misty an A note to tune by. He next gave Brock a low E note to tune his guitar by, with Tintri watching from a tree branch. [It's always a good day to play music with your best friends...] he smiled.

                            "Right you are, bud." Ash grinned as he waited for Misty and Brock to tune.

                            The sound of the gang tuning up alerted the kids. "Hey look! Musicians!" a navy haired girl called, spurring the kids and their Dunsparces to hurry to the overlook where the group was tuning.

                            "Any ideas as to what to play for them?" Ash asked Brock.

                            "Whatever you think they'd like--you can lead the first set." Brock replied as he checked his tuning.


                            The kids clapped along and the Dunsparces and Tsubasa swayed to the beat as the group played two tunes from Kanto--"The Silver Sword" and "The Hunt of the Ninetales."

                            When the last note echoed into the sky, the park exploded with applause. "Thank you!" Ash called over the kids applause."

                            "Okay..." Brock plucked a few uncertain notes as he thought of a tale the kids would like. "Once upon a time, there was a king who had a hunter in his service. He gave him his own food and supplies, but all the game he killed he had to bring to the king." he began over a soft melody "As he was going to the castle to deliver his game, he had to pass by the vizier's house. The vizer wanted to get the hunter's catch from him, but he refused, in accordance with the charge entrusted to him."

                            "That's not nice!" a girl gasped.

                            "The vizier was understandably very angry with him, and plotted his destruction in every possible way." Brock went on, to some boos from the kids. "But the hunter--whose name is not important to us--was a very shrewd person, and the vizier could find no occasion to enact his evil ambitions..."


                            After performing a long set in the park, the group watched as the kids set up an obstacle course. "You want to join us in our skill course, Buck?" the green haired girl offered. "You can use Tsubasa--we won't mind."

                            "Okay!" Buck replied. "Come on, Tsubasa!"

                            As all the Dunsparce and Tsubasa lined up at the line that served as the start, the red haired boy realized there was no way to signal the start. "Um, where are we going to get a starting signal? Anybody got something like an air horn or a whistle?"

                            "Anyone ask for a whistle?" Brock grinned, to the kids' cheers as he dug his referee's whistle from one pocket. &nbsp;

                            "Tsubasa looks tiny compared to the Dunsparce..." Misty noted as Brock explained the course and the rules to the kids.

                            "Size may not matter..." Ash cautioned as Brock rejoined them on a hill overlooking the course.

                            "Everyone ready?" Brock called to the kids, to thunderous cheers. "Okay!"

                            The whistle echoed into the afternoon sky and all of the kids cheered as the Dunsparces and Tsubasa wound through their homemade course.

                            Ash, meanwhile, noticed Tsubasa lagging behind. "Poor Tsubasa...he's really struggling to even compete with the Dunsparce..."

                            Back on the course, Tsubasa struggled climb up a small staircase. "Come on, Tsubasa!" Buck called. "One more step to go!"

                            He gasped as he watched a Dunsparce fly right over Tsubasa. "You should just give up, Buck--your pokey little Caterpie's already a lap down." the Dunsparce's owner taunted.

                            "Don't give up!" Buck urged as Tsubasa tried with all his might to ascend the top step before collapsing with exhaustion.

                            He heard the whistle and Brock announcing that Tsubasa was out of the race. "Come on, Tsubasa...let's go home..." Buck sighed as he took Tsubasa in his arms...

                            To Be Continued...
                            The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                            Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                            Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                              Episode 76b: The Dunsparce Deception

                              Ash and the group walked with Buck, who looked down at the exhausted Caterpie in his arms. "Don't worry, did well. Have a good rest."

                              Misty watched Buck recall Tsubasa. "Would you like us to help you find a Dunsparce so that he can play with the other kids?"

                              "Yeah--no one deserves to be left out!" Ash agreed.

                              [That boy had no right to tease you like that!] Tintri agreed, sparking a little.

                              "I'm not may have no better luck than I did..." Buck sighed.

                              "How will you know if nobody tries?" Brock asked. "Besides, multiple eyes looking have better odds of finding something than just one..."

                              Ash, meanwhile, heaved three Poke Balls to the sky. "Luce, River, Mina, let's kelp a child out!"

                              "Come lend a hand, Michelle!" Misty heaved a Poke Ball skyward.

                              "Hitomi, I need your help!" Brock heaved a Poke Ball skyward.

                              Buck smiled at the group's Pokemon. "If you really want to look, I'll take you to the dunes where the swarm came through."


                              [If I were a Dunsparce, where would I want to hide...] Tintri mused as he studied the swirling sand for any sign of movement. Hitomi hovered overhead, firing echo bursts at the sand in hopes a Dunsparce would be hidden in the dunes.

                              [Okay, Ami...if you see any movement in the sand, let me know.] Michelle explained to Ami.

                              [Okay!] Ami smiled. [Heeeere, Dunsparce, Dunsparce, Dunsparce...] she called as she watched the sand for any sign of movement.

                              Just then, she noticed some soil popping out of the ground. [Huh?] Ami wondered as the stream of soil veered off to the right. [That could be a Dunsparce...'

                              [You find something?] Tintri asked as he watched the soil stream and Ami pass by.

                              [Yeah--I think I found a Dunsparce!] Ami whispered back, careful not to frighten the possible Dunscarce.

                              Tintri curiously patted the soil, only to gasp in surprise as a Dunsparce popped out of it.

                              Buck happened to pass by as the Dunsparce appeared before Tintri. "Hey, you guys finally found a Dunsparce!" he cried as he hurried towards the spot where the Dunsparce had surfaced.

                              "Don't let it get away--this could be our only chance." Ash cautioned.

                              He winced as the Dunsparce burrowed back into the ground. "NOW what?" Misty grumbled as everyone gathered around the spot where the Dunsparce hid.

                              "I guess we'll just have to dig it back out." Brock sighed.

                              "But how? We don't even have shovels." Ash protested.

                              "A shovel would probably startle it." Misty interjected. "There's nothing wrong with digging with your hands, is there? The only other alternative is to wait."


                              Everyone sighed as they contemplated their next move as to how to capture the Dunsparce. Ash kept a half-hearted eye on Tintri, Misty had pulled out a novel to read, and Brock had spread out a blanket on the sand and started a game of Solitaire to pass the time. "Interesting adventure, isn't it?" Misty mused as she looked over at Ami.

                              [I'll say...] Ami sighed as she, River, Luce, and Tintri studied the spot of sand the Dunsparce had hidden in.

                              [I wish something...ANYTHING...interesting would happen.] Luce grumbled.

                              She gasped as a net appeared out of nowhere and captured all four Pokemon in a single swoop. "Hey!" Buck gasped.

                              "Team Rocket!" Ash gasped, expecting Jessie and James to come over the hill and say their motto for the umpteenth time.

                              "Team Rocket are this gang of troublemakers who love stealing Pokemon and doing Arceus knows what to them." Brock explained as he quickly put away his cards and his blanket. Buck nodded to show he understood.

                              No one expected, however, to see Kamon come over the hill in full pirate costume, complete with a prop sword, an eyepatch, and a skull and crossbones hat. "Did you get lost trying to find the Black Pearl, Cap'n Jack Spearow?" Ash taunted.

                              "Going to a costume party, Kamon?" Misty smiled--Kamon DID make a fairly handsome looking pirate.

                              "I believe One Piece is that way." Brock taunted, pointing off in another direction.

                              "Actually, the treasure I'm looking for's right here, matey." Kamon grinned as he approached the net. "I plan to plunder the Dunsparce!"

                              "What???" Buck gasped.

                              Kamon, meanwhile. was interested in the net. "Well...look at this nice selection of Pokémon. I'm sure I could use one of them..."

                              "Luce, use Shockwave!" Ash commanded.

                              Brock gasped as the Flaaffy's massive thunderbolt arced across a dune and fizzled out. "It didn't even cut the net...the net has a steel coating." he explained, pointing out the net's silvery sheen in the sun.

                              "Okay..." Ash heaved his fourth Poke Ball skyward. "Cyndy, try Flamethrower to cut everyone free!"

                              [HAAAAAH!!!!!!] Cyndy cried as she heaved a massive fire wave, breaking off the net and freeing the Pokémon.

                              Misty spotted Kamon trying to run away. "Michelle, use Water Gun!"

                              "GAH!" Kamon yelped as Michelle's attack sent him tumbling to the ground.

                              "Cyndy, fire a Flamethrower into the sky!" Ash called. He smiled as the resulting explosion startled Kamon.

                              "And don't come back!" Brock cautioned as Kamon fled over the dunes.


                              "Aw, man...we almost had that Dunsparce." Buck sighed as he slumped down on a rock. "I couldn't catch that Dunsparce even after you guys helped."

                              "It's okay...we can just find another Dunsparce." Misty assured Buck.

                              "Besides, there has to be more Dunsparce where that one came from." Brock agreed.

                              "You're right..." Buck smiled. "I can't give up yet."

                              He smiled "Let's get back to the dunes."

                              "I hope you have some ideas for finding Buck a Dunsparce..." Misty cautioned as the group followed Buck into the sands....


                              "Okay..." Brock mused before tying some rope to an arrow and firing it into a palm tree, creating a trip wire low enough to prevent a Dunsparce from going forward or flying away. "If a Dunsparce comes through here, the wire will send it backwards a little ways--this should buy enough time for Buck to throw a Poke Ball at it and catch it."

                              "Sounds easy enough..." Misty mused. "It's better than tying a rope to a single tree and whacking the Dunsparce on the sand..."

                              "That only works in cartoons, Misty." Ash smiled before digging out his whistle from earlier. "Now to pull the old Pied Piper of Hamelin ploy to lure a Dunsparce here..."

                              With that, he started the tune "The Meowth's Call", making a swirl of sand perk up and move towards the wire. [It's working!] Tintri smiled as the sand swirl seemed to dance to the tiny whistle.

                              "Keep playing!" Misty urged. She watched as the sand swirl inched closer and closer to the wire, and was gently bounced backwards just as Ash played the last note of the tune.

                              Brock smiled as a Dunsparce emerged from the sand, confused as to what it had hit. "Here's your chance." he smiled at Buck.

                              Buck nodded. "Poke Ball, go!"


                              A whistle pierced the evening sky as the Dunsparces raced through the obstacle course in the park, this time with Buck's Dunsparce Suna included. "Come on, Suna!" Buck cheered as Suna easily hovered over the staircase that Tsubasa had struggled on the day before.

                              [Go, Suna!] Tsubasa cheered as Suna passed a Dunsparce for second place as the field of Dunsparces rounded a turn leading to an A frame.

                              At the park entrance of the park, Ash, Misty, and Brock watched the race unfold, with Brock keeping the times of each Dunsparce with the stopwatch app on TimeNav.

                              "Buck's turned around since we got him a Dunsparce..." Ash smiled as the Dunsparces weaved around a bunch of tires before the finish line.

                              "I think he and Suna will be great friends and partners." Misty agreed, moments before Suna edged the Dunsparce in second place to win the race!

                              Brock's whistle alerted the children that a Dunsparce had crossed the line. "The winner is Suna, with a time of 1:30.15!" he announced as he draped a gold medal around Suna, to thunderous cheers.

                              After Brock had awarded medals to the second and third place Dunsparces, buck turned to the group as Brock rejoined Ash and Misty. "Bye, you guys! Thanks for all you've done!" More "byes" went up in agreement as the other children waved goodbye.

                              "Anytime, Buck!" Ash called back as he waved goodbye to the children. "Anytime!"

                              To Be Continued...
                              The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                              Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                              Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                                Episode 77: The Wayward Wobbufet

                                "Let's see...we should reach Olivine City if we keep following this road." Brock mused as he studied the map. "Hopefully we won't have too many distractions on the way..."

                                "You have to admit, those kids and their Dunsparces were so cute!" Misty smiled before changing the subject. "We're all on track to earn our next item...I need my fourth medal, Brock needs his blue Lore Stripe..."

                                "...and I need my fifth Badge!" Ash smiled. "Here's hoping we can get all three things on the way!"

                                He was stopped in his tracks by Team Rocket in lab coats. "Oh brother, not Team Rocket again..."

                                "Really..." Misty agreed. "Just dealing with Kamon is bad enough!"

                                James, meanwhile, took the group approaching to launch into his planned spiel. "Tired of Poke Balls to carry your Pokemon around? Then you need the PokéPod! It is completely indestructible, and is the safest way to transport Pokémon."

                                "How do I know it actually works?" Ash wasn't buying Team Rocket's disguise.

                                "Here, let me show you!" Jessie wasted no time in grabbing Tintri and stuffing him inside the small cylinder shaped device, which locked with a click seconds later.

                                "See? Our invention was a total success, and now cannot be opened without the key." James smirked as Team Rocket revealed themselves to the group.

                                "Give Tintri back!" was all Ash could say before Weezing unleashed a powerful Smokescrean, allowing Team Rocket to get away as the group sputtered and coughed.

                                "After them!" Misty led the group down the road as soon as they had recovered from coughing. She spotted Jessie handing off the PokéPod to Sahana, who was hidden in a bush by the road. "There! Their Wobbufett has the key!"

                                "Where?" Brock asked. "I don't see anything on Sahana..."

                                Just then, Sahana decided to jump from the bush. [Aallll is well!]

                                Ash spotted something silvery around Sahana--the key! "Gimme that!" he called as he leapt forward to grab the key Sahana carried.

                                He did not, however, expect Sahana to trip on a nearby rock and fall into a nearby river, sending the the PokéPod containing Tintri flying into Ash's arms. "Well, I got the device, but Sahana has the key..." he grumbled as he watched Sahana float down the river and over a small waterfall.

                                "That's nothing a little brute strength wouldn't fix!" Brock smiled.

                                Ash rolled up his sleeves, and tried pulling and tugging at the device from a number of angles. "It's no use..." he wheezed some moments later.

                                "I think our PokePod device worked a little too well...." Jessie sighed. "Of course, Sahana having the only key doesn't help matters..."

                                " much flack as Jessie gives'em, I kinda like Sahana." Meowth admitted to Ash. "So we'd be willin' ta give ya Pikachu back if you guys kin save Sahana--no catches."

                                "You sure this isn't a trick?" Brock wasn't so sure.

                                "No, it's not--scout's honor!" the Rockets replied, making the three fingered scout sign for emphasis.

                                " know well what will happen if this is a trick." Ash warned as he led the way to the trail leading to the falls.


                                "Careful, guys..." Ash cautioned as he carefully led the others down an outcropping in an attempt to reach the falls. He noticed that Team Rocket had converted the Meowth balloon into a boat, and were rowing downstream in an attempt to catch up with Sahana, who appeared to by enjoying a relaxing ride in the water.

                                Just as the group had reached the ground and followed the path to the river and the falls, Misty spotted Sahana climbing out of the water and waddling off into a forest as a Quagsire looked on. "There he is!"

                                "Follow that Wobbufett!" Ash led the way into the forest, meeting up with Team Rocket in a grove near the forest entrance.

                                All six gave chase into the trees, jumping over logs, and ducking under tree branches all the while. After a few moments of following the forest path, the larger group stopped to collect themselves. "Now what, O Fearless Leader?" Jessie grumbled as she sat down to rest on a rock.

                                Ash was about to answer when James spotted a blue flash swinging from tree to tree. "I see him!" he called, pointing out Sahana in the treetops.

                                Ash hurried off in the direction James was pointing, but ended up tripping on a tree root, and tumbled down a steep hill onto a road. "Are you okay?" Brock asked as he and Misty arrived to help their friend up.

                                "I'd say Team Rocket had a rough landing too..." Misty noted as the Rockets crashed at the bottom of the hill moments later.

                                Ash dusted himself off, then noticed that Sahana was hanging from a branch above the road...just as a massive truck came speeding around the corner!

                                "Don't jump yet!" Jessie called, but all she could do was watch as Sahana fell onto the truck.

                                Misty watched the Rockets disappear into the brush to plan their next move. "Well...this wasn't supposed to happen.

                                Ash heaved a relieved sigh as several police cars came around the corner. "Officer! Am I glad to see you!" he smiled as Officer Jenny peeked from the lead car's driver side window.

                                "If you need a ride, get inside--we have to catch that truck at any cost!" Officer Jenny instructed. "You can tell me about your case once we're back on the trail."


                                "...and their device really was as strong as they claimed--no matter how I pulled and pushed, it wouldn't open!" Ash finished explaining what had happened to Officer Jenny some time later. "We need to catch Team Rocket's Wobbufett, as he is the one Pokemon of theirs with the key that can rescue Tintri, my Pikachu."

                                "Hm..." Officer Jenny pondered Ash's story for a moment. "Maybe your case can help us solve the case we're on now."

                                She unfurled a WANTED poster depicting a black haired man with a beard. "Right now, we are in pursuit of Goneff, a master thief who breaks into bank vaults with the assistance of his Golem."

                                Brock smiled, readying his guitar to play. "Such a wonderful idea for a song!" he smiled as he played an expectant G chord. "A lone highwayman, on the run from the law--!"

                                "Brock!" Misty hissed. "Put the guitar away, or else--she's got enough problems already."

                                Officer Jenny couldn't resist smiling a little before turning business-like again. "As you can see, we've set up a roadblock near the bridge." she explained as the squad of police cars neared a bridge with a striped roadblock. "This way, he can't escape, and we can move in easily."

                                She balked as she saw the truck start to violently swerve, as if trying to shake something off of it. "What in the--!"

                                Ash noticed Sahana on the truck's windshield. "I see! Our Wobbufett must've fallen onto the truck Gonneff's driving!

                                "Brace yourselves, we're going to be stopping quickly!" Officer Jenny cautioned as she hit the brakes, stopping the patrol car minutes before the truck ran right into the roadblock, crashing through several police cars and careening into the city.

                                "Everyone okay?" Brock asked as he collected himself from the sudden stop.

                                "Yeah..." Misty replied. "Good thing we all had our seatbelts on!"

                                "I think so..." Ash replied, taking a few deep breaths to calm down as he listened to the chatter on the patrol car's radio. From all the crime and detective TV shows Dad likes to watch, I know 10-35 means a major crime in progress... he thought as he watched all the bridges go up and blockades going up all around the city, cutting off any possible way for Goneff to escape.

                                "There's Team Rocket..." Misty pointed out the Meowth balloon flying overhead from her window as Officer Jenny got out of the car in preparation to read Goneff his rights and arrest him.

                                The group and the officers gasped as the truck's container opened, and a Golem balloon emerged with Goneff and Sahana on board! "Oh my..." was all Ash could say as the Golem balloon floated off. "Little does Goneff know about his little stowaway on board..." he grinned.

                                "Oh, he'll figure it out when Sahana tries to counter any attempt to throw him out of the basket." Brock grinned. "Right about..."

                                A bright orange flash came from the basket moments later. "Now..." Brock smiled as Goneff went flying right into the hands of the police.

                                Misty unbuckled her seatbelt as she watched the Golem balloon fly away. "We have to do something-- Sahana's still on board that balloon!"


                                Elsewhere, Team Rocket followed the Golem balloon in a desperate attempt to rescue Sahana. "Sahana, return!" Jessie called, but the familiar red beam couldn't reach the Wobbufett.

                                "Moving in closer..." James reported as he tried to maneuver the balloon closer to reach Sahana.

                                "Sahana, return!" Jessie tried again to recall Sahana, but the recall beam veered slightly to the right as the balloon moved to the left.

                                "Moving in even more..." James reported before a soft pop got his attention. "Uh oh..."

                                Jessie realized what had happened. 'We clipped the side of a building, and now the balloon's punctured!"

                                "I'd take clippin' a buildin' over gettin' popped by an arrow any day!" Meowth cried as he hurried to cover the hole. "Phew...I'm holdin' it until we kin land somewhere safe for repairs."

                                The Rockets, however, did not expect Sahana to make a misguided attempt to jump into the balloon, sending the PokePod falling to the ground as both of them went flying away in opposite directions....


                                Ash happened to catch the PokePod as it fell from the sky. "Brace yourself, Tintri...I'm gonna do whatever I can to get you out of there!"

                                Brock sighed as Ash fruitlessly attempted banging the small cylinder against the pavement. "The Rocket's little invention seems to have worked a bit TOO well..."

                                "That means the key Sahana has is the only way to release Tintri." Misty agreed.

                                Suddenly Ash spotted Sahana and the key flying towards a river. "Aina, someone's in danger!" he called as he heaved a Poke Ball to the sky, summoning his Machop.

                                [Who needs help?] Aina asked as she materialized on the ground.

                                "I wants you to jump and catch Sahana." Ash instructed, pointing out the falling Wobbufett.

                                [Got it!] After a running start, Aina made a flying leap...and managed to catch Sahana and the key, only for them to crash into the raised bridge and dropped into a speedboat. The boat's owner was sent flying into the water, and he couldn't see Sahana as the boat sped away.

                                Aina came paddling back to Ash some minutes later. [I'm sorry--forgot that the bridges were up.] she explained as medical personnel arrived to tend to the boat's owner.

                                "You did what you could, okay?" Ash assured Aina as he motioned for Misty and Brock to follow him in chasing the boat.

                                Jessie, James and Meowth met up with the group moments later. "Jump!" Ash called to Jessie as both of them leaped onto the boat.

                                Just then, Sahana came to and accidentally pulled off the steering wheel. "Slow down!" Jessie screamed, but Sahana only managed to take the boat up to full speed and break the throttle.

                                "Hang on tight!" Ash told Jessie. "We're going on a wild ride!"

                                "We've been a wild ride this whole time, and I really want off!" Jessie muttered as she gripped Ash as tight as she could as the boat thundered down the river.

                                Just then, Ash spotted Goneff making his getaway from the police on a patrol bike, and a Lapras-shaped cruiser ahead of them, which they clipped as they raced by. The impact sent the cruiser flying and Sahana was thrown onto the back of Goneff's bike.

                                Ash grimaced when he saw that the boat was about crash into a bridge. "River, use Water Gun as a brake before we crash! Quickly!"

                                [HAH!!!] River cried as she unleashed the attack, stopping the boat mere inches from the bridge.


                                "Okay, here's the situation..." Brock explained as Ash and Jessie rejoined the group some minutes later. "Goneff is holding Sahana hostage inside an abandoned building over there...." He pointed out an old building near where the group was. "He only has one demand--a helicopter in exchange for Sahana's safe release."

                                Jessie motioned for James to come closer. "While the twerps are busy being the heroes, we can rescue Sahana before they get there!"

                                "Good idear!" Meowth smiled as he watched Ash, Misty, and Brock hurry towards the old building...


                                Meanwhile, Misty balked when she discovered a tunnel leading into the building. "No way! The Rockets beat us here?"

                                "Actually, I think they're in cahoots with Goneff..." Brock suggested as he motioned for his companions to stay quiet and follow him into the tunnel.

                                As they crawled into the tunnel, Ash could make out the awkward conversation the Rockets were having with Gonneff:

                                "We're here to make a deal with you...release Sahana and we'll let you use the tunnel we made to escape."

                                "Sure, I'll use the tunnel..." he heard a black haired man with a beard say in response to James' offer. "Right after I crush you and your precious Wobbufett!"

                                Ash gasped in horror as Gonneff's Golem prepared to knock down a support pole. "Stop! Let Sahana go!" he demanded as River joined him.

                                "You and what army, hat-boy?" Gonneff smirked as his Golem approached River.

                                "River, use Water Pulse!" Ash commanded.

                                [WAUUUUGH!!!] River screamed as she tried to run away from the massive round rock Pokemon. [What good can little ol me do against big rocky Pokemon?] she asked Ash.

                                "Golem, use Tackle!" Gonneff commanded.

                                He gasped in horror as River hid behind Sahana, who proceeded to break free of his bindings and Countered the massive attack , sending Golem flying into Goneff, who crashed out of the building and landed on the ground before the gathered police force, allowing Officer Jenny to read him his rights and arrest him.


                                "Nice going, River." Ash smiled at his Marill as Gonneff was led away in handcuffs. "I don't know what I would do if I had lost you too..."

                                Team Rocket reuniting with Sahana snapped him back to reality. "Now, give me the key to your little device and let Tintri go." he began. "We saved Sahana for you, so honor your end of the deal.

                                "You want it? Come an' get it!" Meowth taunted before the Rockets dashed off.

                                I knew they would backpedal on our deal soon enough... Ash grumbled as he and River chasedthe Rockets to a hillside, where he found them leaving in a Wobbuffet-shaped balloon. "Come on, we had a deal! Give me the key!" he called as Misty and Brock arrived on the hill.

                                " it's YOUR turn to be chased!" Jessie taunted.

                                [ALLLL is well!] Sahana cried in agreement as he emerged by Jessie's side.

                                Ash saw his chance. "Hey, Brock...see if you can pop the balloon with an arrow."

                                "Finally I get to pop a different balloon for a change..." Brock grinned as he readied a shot.

                                Misty smiled as a POW! confirmed a hit. "Bullseye." she smiled as the balloon spiraled off into the sky, dropping the PokePod and the key at Ash's feet.

                                "Now to get Tintri out of here..." Ash found the keyhole and turned the key, allowing Tintri to run into his arms.

                                [About time...I was afraid I was gonna be stuck in there forever!] Tintri smiled as Ash hugged him.

                                "You don't know half of what we went through to rescue you, bud." Ash smiled as Officer Jenny arrived on the hill.

                                He smiled. "Thanks, Officer--Tintri's safe and sound."

                                "And thank you, to all three of you, for helping us apprehend Goneff." Officer Jenny smiled. "The city will sleep well tonight knowing there's one less criminal on the street."

                                To Be Continued...
                                The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                                Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                                Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                                  Episode 78: Sick Daze

                                  "It was a great idea to stop at this campsite by the lake..." Misty smiled as she waited for Ash to finish washing his hands. "I don't want to hear from Team Rocket for a good long while after chasing Sahana down a few days ago..."

                                  "Me neither--but at least we took one notorious criminal off the streets, so there's that." Ash assured his companion as he dried his hands, then followed Misty into the cabin's kitchen, where Brock was stirring something in a pot on the stove.

                                  He winced as Brock set a bowl of steaming hot oatmeal before him. "Oatmeal, again?"

                                  "That's the fourth day in a row..." Misty mused. "But it's maple and brown sugar, so I can stand that."

                                  "Can't we have something like pancakes for a change?" Ash requested.

                                  Brock was about to reply when he unleashed a massive coughing fit. "Brock? You okay?" Misty asked as she hurried to her friend's side.

                                  "Oh grade...I thig I'b cubbing dowd wid a code..." Brock replied.

                                  "Ooh, you do feel a little warm..." Ash noted as he felt around Brock's forehead, just as Misty arrived with a touch sensitive thermometer.

                                  After touching the thermometer to Brock's forehead, Misty winced at the readout. "Wow...Brock must've caught a nasty bug somewhere...the thermometer says he has a fever of 103.5."

                                  "Come on, let's get you in bed." Ash suggested as he led Brock to a bedroom, hoping that Brock wouldn't unleash another coughing fit and pass the bug to him.

                                  "If you've got a cold like this, you should rest for the day." Misty smiled as Ash tucked Brock into the bed, then hurried off to get some medicine.

                                  "But, dere's a lot of worg to be dud!" Brock protested, stuffy head and all. "Dis place needs to be cleaned, da Pokemod need care, and I need to practice by Lore Stage material and by idstrumets..."

                                  "It's not good to work or practice when you have a cold, and you should rest for the day." Ash explained as he arrived with the medicine Misty had left for him.

                                  "Besides, it's not the end of the world if you miss one day of practice." Misty assured her companion as she arrived with a soda for Brock to wash down the two round pills Ash had given him.

                                  A weak smile formed on Brock's face."Okay...I'b left sticky dotes on how to do da chores, but if you have addy queshuds, just ask be."


                                  "So, do you want to mop the floor and I'll do the dishes, or should I mop the floor and you do the dishes?" Misty asked as she and Ash studied the note detailing the kitchen chores.

                                  Just then, Ash noticed Ethan and Lyra had walked in the room. "Oh, hi! Am I glad to see you guys!"

                                  "Why?" Lyra was confused. "Usually Brock's got the kitchen clean by now..."

                                  "That's the problem...Brock's caught a bad cold." Misty explained. "So we're the one's cleaning the kitchen today while he rests."

                                  She looked up to see a familiar small rock being Pokemon and Argent peeking in the door. "Raquel? Argent? What are you doing here?"

                                  [Did Brock forget today was polishing day?] the small rock Pokemon asked as she crawled into the house.

                                  Oh's usually the day Brock polishes the Rock-types! Misty remembered as she took a sticky note on the counter that was titled "How to Polish Geodudes and Steelixes."

                                  "I can do Argent, while you do Raquel." Ash volunteered as he hurried outside with a rag and some dish soap.

                                  "Come here, Raquel." Misty coaxed the Geodude into her lap before looking at the note. "Step one...line a small bowl with aluminum foil...."

                                  Back outside, Ethan grimaced as Ash gently rubbed each of Argent's coils clean with a damp rag and the dish soap. "This is gonna take forever at this rate..."

                                  "Well, Brock is very meticulous about it...that, and I think Argent likes what I'm doing." Ash assured Ethan as he listened to Argent purring happily as he scrubbed each coil.

                                  "I know a way we can be done twice as fast!" Ethan smiled before heaving a Poke Ball skyward. "Come on out, Dundee! Use Water Gun to help us clean Brock's Steelix!"

                                  Argent gasped when he saw the Totodile eagerly running towards him to spray him [Oh no...] was the first thing he could say before Dundee unleashed a huge spray of water, causing Argent to bellow in pain and lumber off across the grass.

                                  "Ash!" Misty called as she emerged from the cabin, just in time to see Argent zigzagging across the plain, trying to avoid Dundee's attacks. "Have you forgotten that Rock Pokémon hate water?"

                                  "It was Ethan's idea, not mine!" Ash protested.

                                  Argent growled as Ethan corralled Dundee. [If you're going to polish me, than I'd prefer you do it RIGHT!] he grumbled before lashing his long tail at the others, knocking the boys and Misty to the ground.


                                  "We now return to 'Prince Photon and the Arcanoids'." the TV announced as Lyra arrived with a bowl of Combusken soup.

                                  "Cad we change da chaddel? Dis show's borig." Brock requested, unimpressed by the robotic Arcanines battling an alien on the TV screen.

                                  "Sure..." Lyra replied as she found the TV remote, naming the different shows as she flipped through the channels. "'Glimmering Summoners'...'Star Phantoms'...'Jewel Druids'..."

                                  After completing a loop around the basic cable channels, Lyra noticed that Brock had fallen asleep. "Okay, I'll let you sleep for a bit." she smiled as she turned the TV off. "But if you want to watch something or use the game consoles, let me know."


                                  <i>In a fantasy dream world, Brock--now in a magnificent purple, red, and gold minstrel's costume--ran to meet three princesses dancing among the flowers. "A song for miladies?" he asked the princesses.

                                  "Of course..." the eldest princess smiled as Brock took a silver harp with emeralds and ivy inlays.

                                  But before Brock could play a note, he saw a meteor headed for the meadow--how did that get in here?[/i]

                                  Brock woke up with a jump from his nightmare, but blushed when he saw Silver on his chest and Hitomi at his side. "You guys were worried about be? Thak you..."

                                  He winced when he heard the sounds of Ash and Misty in the throes of another 'is not-is too' fight, from outside. While he couldn't tell what the fight was about from inside, he could hear Ethan trying to break it up. I'd better go give Ethan a hand...

                                  A sudden wave sent him flying back into the bed. [Now now...your fever's not broken yet.] Hitomi gently reminded him. [You need to rest.]

                                  "Thaks, Hitobi." Brock smiled. "I'll try ad get sub rest, ib odly for you guys..."

                                  "Here you go..." Lyra passed a Super NES controller to Brock and turned on the familiar grey, white, and purple console, making the title theme to "Super Mario World" blare through the cabin...


                                  "I'm starving..." Ash grumbled some time later. "I'm gonna go see what wild berries we can find."

                                  "Okay, just try not to get lost." Misty reminded him as he started off towards a wooded area with a Berry grove.

                                  Ash nodded, then heaved his other five Poke Balls skyward "River, Luce, Cyndy, and Aina, come on out! Let's go on a Berry hunting expedition!"

                                  [You called?] Luce asked.

                                  [Yeah, is something wrong with Brock?] River asked. [He hasn't gotten out of bed, and has just watched TV and played video games all day!]

                                  "Well...Brock has a cold at the moment, so we're all doing the best we can to pitch in until he gets better." Ash explained before motioning for his team to come with him into the forest...


                                  Back in the dream world, Brock found himself flying in a clear sky with a few Butterfree, in a fantastic version of his real world clothes and a pair of green angel-like wings. "Oh Brock..." the middle princess called. "Come land, and play with us!"

                                  "Coming!" Brock wasted no time in circling around the meadow from earlier, which was miraculously unscathed. But he didn't count on losing his footing, and tumbling down...down...down...

                                  "Oof!" Brock gasped as he landed on the floor seconds later, just as Ash and Misty arrived with Ethan and Lyra.

                                  "You okay?" Misty asked as she gingerly helped Brock back in bed.

                                  "Yeah--must've tossed and turned too much and fell out of bed." Brock replied as Lyra tucked him back in.

                                  "If you're hungry, here's some Leppa Berries my team found in the forest." Ash offered, handing Brock a plate of cut up Leppa Berries.

                                  "Aw, you shouldn't have." Brock smiled as Ash's Pokemon crowded around him. He munched on a few of the Berries as he moved his Mario over to the portal to the Special World.

                                  "Good luck on the Special World--I've never gotten past Tubular." Ash noted. Surprised, Brock accidentally swallowed a slice whole, making him choke.

                                  [HAH!] Aina jumped onto Brock's back and gave him the Heimlich maneuver, prompting Brock to cough up the Berry piece.

                                  "Thanks, Aina." Brock smiled, petting the Machop. "You saved my life..."

                                  "Brock must be getting better--he doesn't sound quite so stuffy, and he's eating a little." Misty smiled.

                                  "It would still be a good idea if he stayed in bed the rest of the day, though." Ethan suggested.

                                  "If you want to play something else, or watch something, I'm here!" Lyra smiled, seconds before the familiar Mario theme started to play through the TV, to the surprise of everyone else.

                                  "I didn't know that the classic Mario theme was even in 'Super Mario World'..." Ash mused.

                                  "I didn't either, but if you wait on the Special World map long enough, the Mario theme will in fact play." Brock smiled before resuming his game...


                                  "Okay, add a half cup sugar..." Misty read from the recipe book, before she realized she had accidentally put in salt and sweatdropped. "Oops."

                                  [Here's the sugar...] Ami offered as she brought Misty a bag of sugar.

                                  "Gah!" Misty gasped as she dropped the sugar bag, sending a little too much in the pot. "Where's the salt?"

                                  [Here...] Michelle offered Misty the salt canister.

                                  "Not again!" Misty sighed as she spilled a bit too much salt into the pot. "Forget this, I'm gonna improvise a little..." she grumbled as she tossed away the sticky note with the recipe on it.

                                  Ethan wasn't so sure about Misty's cooking as he and Ash watched ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, soy sauce, cinnamon, and Worcestershire sauce go flying into the pot. "You call that improvising 'a little'?"

                                  "At this rate, she's even added the kitchen sink..." Ash agreed as he watched the bewildering array of spices and other items go flying...


                                  "Come on, you guys, I worked hard on this!" Misty pleaded as the boys winced at her disgusting creation. "At least try it!"

                                  [Do I have to?] Tintri wasn't so sure.

                                  "I'm not sure I wanna eat it, bud..." Ash sighed. "You saw what went in it."

                                  He then told Misty "Uh, I ate too many Berries earlier, so I'm not hungry..."

                                  "Oh, don't give me that!" Misty snapped. "Here, I'll try some myself!"

                                  Ethan tried oh-so-hard not to laugh at Misty's yuck face. "That's what you get for improvising 'a little'." he whispered to Ash, who stifled a giggle himself.

                                  "Come to think of it, I think there's some TV dinners in the cabin..." Ash mused as he led the way back inside.


                                  "Guys, I'm sorry about the dinner disaster before..." Misty began as she and the boys settled in a tent near the cabin that night, so Brock and Lyra could sleep in the cabin in peace. "It made me realize how much Brock does for us..."

                                  "That's okay...the TV dinners were delicious." Ash assured Misty. "But yeah, Brock does do a lot for us...I kinda feel bad for complaining this morning about the oatmeal..."

                                  "He is a guy of many talents, I'll say that much." Ethan smiled. "Musician, storyteller, comedian, archer, trainer, cook, cleaner...and yet he never complains or boasts about it."

                                  "Even if he makes maple and brown sugar oatmeal for two weeks in a row, I'd still eat it." Ash smiled.

                                  "I wouldn't mind getting cooking lessons from him in case this ever happens thanks for all he does for us..." Misty smiled before the threesome drifted off to sleep...


                                  "Mm...something smells great in here..." Ash smiled as he, Misty, and Ethan returned to the cabin for breakfast the next morning.

                                  Misty heaved a relieved sigh when she saw Brock before the stove, flipping pancakes. "Brock, good morning!"

                                  "Thanks for the pancakes!" Ash smiled.

                                  "Well, luckily, I feel MUCH better today..." Brock smiled as he turned the stove off and brought the pancakes and a variety of toppings to the table. "I have butter, three different kinds of syrup, Berries, and whipped cream for toppings, so help yourselves!"

                                  A moan snapped the group to attention as Lyra trudged in the room, sniffling all the while. "Brock...I thig id all by effords to help you feel bedder, I thig I got your code..."

                                  "Here we go again..." Misty sighed as Brock led Lyra back to the bed and tucked her back in.

                                  "Well, Lyra getting sick isn't so bad, because now Brock can help her in return for what she did for him." Ash noted as Brock arrived with a music stand, one of his vina tune books, and his vina case.

                                  After tuning his vina, Brock told the others "Okay...apologies in advance for any mistakes, but I think some relaxing music should help Lyra sleep. So I'm gonna try playing what few tunes I know well...this is 'Blossoms on the Terrace'."

                                  With that, he started a gentle lullaby-like melody that rang through the cabin and out into the forest as Lyra slept...

                                  To Be Continued...
                                  The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                                  Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                                  Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                                    Episode 79: Ring Masters

                                    "Thank goodness no one else caught that cold..." Misty smiled as the group continued on a few days later. What had meant to be a rest day had taken a frustrating turn when Brock, and then Lyra, had caught a bad cold.

                                    "I wouldn't want to be sidelined by a high fever and stuffy head myself." Ash smiled before stopping to read a signpost. "Rikishii Town, one mile..."

                                    "According to Ethan, Lyra recovered just fine." Brock assured his companions as he read an e-mail from Ethan in his PokeNav. "Just knowing my music helped her rest comfortably means the world to me..."

                                    "You're getting really good at the vina, actually..." Misty smiled. "Even the wrong notes sounded beautiful."

                                    "Well, Sakura says you're supposed to tune it pentatonically, so there's really no such thing as a 'wrong' note." Brock smiled.

                                    Just as the group rounded the corner, Tintri noticed a large arena in what he figured was the town square. [Whoa, check out this fight!] he gasped, pointing out the large crowd watching a group of Feraligatrs taking down a variety of equally powerful opponents.

                                    Ash then spotted a familiar black haired man in ninja garb in the crowd alongside a purple haired girl with similar features to the man. "Look! Koga's here!" he called, pointing out the man to Misty and Brock.

                                    Koga noticed Ash approaching and smiled. "We meet again, Ash-san...Aya told me about Misty's smashing performance in the Pokethlon...

                                    "This must be the famous Janine..." Misty noticed the girl. "I've heard your powers of disguise are legendary!"

                                    "Thank you, good lady." Janine smiled. "Although I have much to learn to master the Disguise jutsu, it is my favorite of the clan's powers to wield."

                                    "Janine...this is the great trainer I told you about, Ash Ketchum of Pallet Town." Koga told Janine as he gestured to Ash.

                                    "Nice to meet you, Janine." Ash smiled before making a grand gesture to Misty and Brock. "These are my companions, Misty..." Misty waved hello. "and Brock."

                                    "A song for the ninja-hime?" Brock asked Janine as he retrieved his vina

                                    Janine giggled, bemused that she would be called a princess. "Sure--I'd love to hear you on the vina, since there is a lull in the competition."

                                    "I'm still learning, so forgive me if I make any mistakes." Brock explained as he put on his vina fingerpicks.

                                    The crowd, the Feraligatrs, and the other trainers stopped to listen as Brock played "Moltres in the Summer Sky", thankfully mistake free. "I've never heard that one before--is that a new tune you mastered?" Ash asked as the crowd applauded.

                                    "Yes...and you actually have heard it before...remember the Gekijou play back in Ecruteak? That was one of the interludes I played." Brock explained.

                                    Misty, meanwhile, took a closer look at one of the Feraligatrs. "Wow, so this is what Dundee will ultimately become? I hope Ethan's ready for something that big!"

                                    Koga happened to overhear Misty. "That Feraligatr is owned by a trainer named Raiden." he explained, pointing out a young man in training garb whose dull green hair looked almost black tending to the Feraligatr Misty was admiring.

                                    "Our competitions are training for a Power type Pokethlon, which Sir Koga and the lady Janine are overseeing on behalf of the Pokémon martial arts society." Raiden explained.

                                    "I haven't competed in a Power type Pokethlon yet..." Misty remembered.

                                    "Each Pokethlete must compete in three events befitting their physical strength--the Block Smash, the Circle Push, and the Goal Roll." Janine explained, listing the different events on her fingers.

                                    "In fact, if the rumors in town are to be believed, Raiden and his Feraligatr Ike are expecting to win this year’s Pokéthlon." Koga went on. "The competition is today, and is open to all tracks."

                                    "Really?" Misty asked. "Where do I sign up?"

                                    "There is still time to sign up, Nincada, but you need to have a Pokémon that is heavy." Koga cautioned. "That will help you a lot in this kind of Pokethlon."

                                    [I wanna try!] Ami pleaded. [I can take on any old Feraligatr and win!]

                                    "I don't doubt you are very strong despite your size, but this may not be the right time--you probably wouldn't pass the weight requirement." Misty explained to Ami. "Maybe next time."

                                    [Okay...] Ami sighed, dejected.

                                    "If you have no heavy Pokemon, I can lend you this Blastoise, who is named Yamaro." Janine offered as she gave Misty a Poke Ball. "He may be a little stubborn, but in the right hands, shows a lot of potential."

                                    "Thanks." Misty smiled as she accepted the Poke Ball. "I'll do my best to lead him to victory, for you."

                                    "In addition to a medal for their medal box, the winner will also receive a King's Rock and a year's supply of Pokéchow." Koga went on before directing Misty towards the sign up booth. "Sign ups are over there, if you wish to compete."

                                    "Do I ever!" Misty smiled before hurrying to the line taking signups for the water track.


                                    "Nazo magiiro no jutsu! Pokethlon referee!" Janine commanded, transforming herself into a Pokethon referee, to the awed murmurs of the crowd, Misty, Raiden, a Golem trainer, and a Machoke trainer.

                                    "Our first event today is the Block Smash." Koga explained to the crowd. "Each competitor will attempt to break a stack of ten cement blocks. The Pokémon must demonstrate its might by breaking through them as quickly as possible. Whoever breaks the most in one try, wins."

                                    Oh yeah...this was the event that Tauros trainer came from behind to win! Misty remembered as she watched Raiden and his Feraligatr Ike easily break eight out of the ten bricks.

                                    "Number 7, please approach the line!" Janine announced, snapping Misty from her thoughts.

                                    "Okay, Yamaro...let's show your little mistress what you can do." Misty smiled as she led the giant turtle Pokemon to the stack of ten bricks. "Okay...use Water Pulse to break the bricks!"

                                    [Why should I listen to you, redhead?] the Blastoise growled. [I only answer to Janine and Koga, and no one else.]

                                    "Well, your mistress lent you to me, so will you please follow my directions?" Misty asked.


                                    "Water Gun?"


                                    "Hydro Pump?"


                                    Misty froze as she saw Koga and Janine discussing what to do. Great, I have a Pokemon that doesn't want to listen...and I don't want to get disqualified for a stubborn Pokemon.

                                    Suddenly, she noticed the sapphire in her Mega Ring glowing. Maybe if I Mega Evolved him, he would listen to me!

                                    She held her Mega Ring skyward. Rou iitsa ron selga vichiii...

                                    Ash gawked at the watery burst of light on the field. "No way! Isn't using a Mega Evolution cheating?"

                                    Janine, meanwhile, attempted to assure the Machoke trainer's same protest. "Mega Evolution is allowed in the rules--sometimes a Pokemon can perform it naturally in the heat of battle without being induced."

                                    [This's amazing!] Yamaro gasped as he admired his new bulky body.

                                    He smiled at Misty. [Now I know you are a friend of my mistress...I trust you.]

                                    With that, he fired a massive Hydro Pump, easily breaking all ten bricks! The crowd gawked in awe, and applauded Misty's quick thinking and the Mega Blastoise's power.


                                    "The next event is the Circle Push, an event that features all four Pokéathletes on the field at once." Koga explained to the crowd. "They must each attempt to stay inside of the circles projected onto the field, all while keeping others out. Whoever has the most points at the end of six rounds, wins."

                                    Janine further clarified the scoring rules. "In the first round, there is one large circle worth 1 point. The second and third rounds have two circles each, one worth 2 points and one worth 3 points. The fourth round has three circles, one worth 2 points, one worth 3 points, and one worth 5 points. The fifth and sixth rounds have three circles each, one worth 3 points and two worth 5 points, with a perfect score of 70 points."

                                    She took a few steps back. "Is everyone ready?"

                                    Cheers filled the air at this. "Okay!" Janine counted down before blowing a black referee's whistle to start the event.

                                    "So everyone's trying to stay in the circle and pushing rivals out?" Ash wondered as he watched the chaotic pushing and shoving on the field.

                                    "That's what it sounded like..." Brock mused as he watched Yamaro and Ike battle for a spot in a three point circle. "Misty and Raiden are only a point apart." he added as he watched the scores on the scoreboard inch higher and higher.

                                    On the field, Yamaro heaved with exhaustion as the circles reconfigured themselves for the fourth round. [I can't...go on...much longer...] he wheezed. [That]

                                    "Yamaro, no!" Misty gasped as Yamaro plopped on the ground. "We've come this far, we can't give up now!"

                                    She tearfully held her Mega Ring skyward. Rou iitsa ron selga vichiii...

                                    "Again?" Ash was just as shocked as the Mega Blastoise emerged from the watery light.

                                    Brock watched as Yamaro clashed with renewed strength. "I've thinking that what Janine said before was true...this Blastoise needs a little motivation."

                                    He noticed that Raiden had edged Misty by one point on the scoreboard. "I have an idea as to how to motivate Yamaro..."


                                    "Okay, what's your big idea?" Ash asked as Koga explained the rules to the Goal Roll.

                                    "Misty should know this event from the lake Pokethlon." Brock explained. "Remember how you sang 'Glory in Our Story to cheer her on?"

                                    Ash grinned as the familiar introduction to "Glory in Our Story started playing over the speakers. "Yeah...what if we both were to sing it together? To motivate both Misty and Yamaro?"

                                    "Let's do this!" Brock waited for the song's intro to finish as Janine blew her whistle to start the frenetic soccer-like match.

                                    We all have a dream inside our hearts that we will follow to the end... he sang as Ike took control of the ball first.
                                    When you make a wish upon a star, the power flows, inside of you!
                                    Everybody listen to this song and sadness will just disappear!
                                    Ash sang as Yamaro stole the ball and scored the first goal of the match.
                                    My wishes, dreams and hopes go forth into the world...

                                    Come along and take my hand, come with me for the ride,
                                    Together we will step through the door,
                                    And see the light shining from our own heavenly land!
                                    Brock sang as Ike, the Machoke, and the Golem each scored a goal.

                                    Come with me and we will see the wonders of the world!
                                    All of the glory, is in our story!
                                    Ash sang, complete with Tintri and River cheering Misty on as Yamaro scored another goal.

                                    As we make our way to heaven, take it step by step
                                    And get the glory, upon the great stage!
                                    Brock sang as Ike shoved the Machoke away to score another goal.

                                    We can go anywhere, so long as we're together
                                    I truly believe it with all of my heart...
                                    Ash sang as Ike and Yamaro raced down the field, desperate to score one last time as the final seconds ticked away.
                                    The cards here in my hand,
                                    Show you the way...

                                    As the boys finished the song, Yamaro managed to power past Ike and score a third gold, moments before the two minutes were up!.

                                    "It worked." Ash smiled as Misty was announced as the winner of both the event and the overall gold!


                                    "Well done..." Koga smiled as he and Janine met Misty by the podium. "Here is your well-deserved King's Rock and the year's supply of Pokéchow."

                                    "Thanks." Misty smiled as she accepted the crown shaped rock, then passed the boys the large box of Pokechow for safekeeping. "And here is Yamaro back--I think I motivated him a little." she told Janine as she gave back the Poke Ball with Yamaro inside.

                                    Just then, Raiden caught up with the group. "No hard feelings, okay?" he smiled. "Although your Blastoise was a bit stubbron, just seeing you inspiring him was inspiring to Ike and me too. You clearly deserve all your prizes."

                                    "I don't know, you and Ike were a real challenge." Misty smiled. "But I enjoyed it all the same."

                                    With that, she and Raiden linked pinkies. "Let's meet again in the Grand Pokethlon!"

                                    To Be Continued...
                                    The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                                    Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                                    Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                                      Episode 80: Control Freak!

                                      "Well done on your fourth medal, Misty." Brock smiled as he tended to a simmering mixture of ground beef and tater tots over the campfire. "The fact that you did it with a rented Pokemon makes that gold medal win all the more impressive."

                                      "At any rate, I hope Yamaro learns to trust others more after my inducing him twice." Misty smiled as she carefully polished the gold medal, then set it in the medal box with her other three medals. "How much longer till the campfire casserole is ready?"

                                      "Not too much longer." Brock replied before noticing Hitomi flying off from the campsite, as if in a daze. "Hitomi? Where are you going?" Brock asked as he removed the pot from the campfire and transferred the cooking food inside to a warming pot, so the food wouldn't overcook or get cold during their adventure.

                                      "She's headed towards that small canyon to the north!" Ash pointed out a canyon not far from their campsite as the group hurried to keep up with the Golbat.

                                      After emerging from the forest near the canyon entrance, Misty noticed several more tents clustered around vehicles, and people digging in the soil. "I think we found an archaeological dig...."

                                      "Really?" Ash was intrigued, and a little excited as scenes from "Nick Dragonswift" movies danced through his head.

                                      "Hate to break it to you, but actual archaeologists don't do all the things that Nick Dragonswift does." Brock told Ash as the group walked through the dig site, admiring the many ancient jewelry and pottery the expedition was cleaning.

                                      Misty, meanwhile, spotted an auburn haired woman checking the map of the dig site. "That must be the leader..."

                                      Just then, the woman noticed the group approaching. "Oh hello, travelers...are you looking for something, or do you need directions?"

                                      Brock swallowed the lump in his throat and tried with all his might not to burst into song before the woman. "Uh yeah...have you seen a Golbat come this way? She wandered off from our campsite, and we've been looking for her."

                                      "The Golbat answers to Hitomi." Misty explained.

                                      "Oh, that would explain the Golbat fluttering around our broken ultrasound generator." the woman smiled, pointing out Hitomi fluttering around a machine two other members of the team were attempting to repair, never mind the curious Golbat circling around them. "The power supply failed this morning, and perhaps its errant waves attracted your Golbat."

                                      Brock mimicked a Fletchling whistle, prompting Hitomi to flutter back to him. "I'm Brock--Hitomi's owner."

                                      He motioned to Ash and Misty. "...and these are my traveling companions, Ash and Misty."

                                      "Nice to meet you." Ash replied.

                                      "Yes, pleased to meet you." Misty agreed.

                                      The woman smiled as she admired the four stripes on Brock's vest. "My name's Tierra...we're here in Olive Canyon looking for a buried temple said to contain two priceless artifacts...judging from the rainbow stripes on your clothes, you must be a storyteller...would you like me to tell you the story of the artifacts, and the people they belonged to?"

                                      "Sure!" Brock wasted no time in digging out his story notebook and flipping to a clean page. "You may begin when you're ready."

                                      "All right...long ago, this area was inhabited by the Murim tribe, who were famous for their knowledge of astronomy, their prowess in sailing, their art, music, and poetry, and their beautiful jewelry." Tierra explained. "The most famous Murim ruler we know about is Queen Shanti, who owned a golden mask known as the Mask of the Divinity, and a scepter called the Scepter of Dominion. With these two treasures, Queen Shanti was said to have the power to control all Pokémon, and was often depicted doing amazing things with this power in Murim art, epics, and songs."

                                      "COOL!!!" Ash was impressed.

                                      "If you three need a little pocket money, can you ask Hitomi to use her Supersonic to help us locate the exact placement of the temple?" Tierra asked.

                                      "Sure...Hitomi, help us find an ancient temple!" Brock called, prompting Hitomi to fire Supersonic waves in several directions.

                                      [I sense the temple is to the north, but I'm also picking up the presence of something inside it...] Hitomi reported as her last Supersonic blast faded out. [It can't be those Team Rocket goons, because I only sense one presence...]

                                      "So if we can safely rule out Team Rocket, our only other option for whoever would make trouble is Kamon." Misty mused.

                                      Ash motioned to the others. "Come on! We've got to get to the temple before Kamon finds the mask and scepter!"

                                      "If we're gonna play 'Nick Dragonswift', let me get into the role here..." Brock proceeded to produce a tan fedora hat from his bag and put it on.

                                      "I don't think Nick Dragonswift was an archer, was he?" Misty asked as the group hurried towards a majestic temple looming over the canyon.

                                      "Believe it or not, he has been shown to use a bow in several of the movies, in serials, and the TV show." Ash smiled. "So Brock can still use his bow."

                                      "Good--cause I have no idea where I would find a whip." Brock replied as the group hurried inside...


                                      "Okay..." Kamon mused as he climbed out of an odd drill machine, which he used to dig his way inside the temple. "This drill definitely works as advertised..."

                                      He looked over three statues of Raikou, Entei, and Suicune with their tongues sticking out. "I see...pushing in one of the tongues will open the door. So let's try one and see if it works."

                                      After carefully pushing in the Raikou's tongue, nothing happened. But when he pushed in the Entei's tongue, a door on the left end of the room rumbled open. Onward...wonder if the rest of the puzzles in here will be this easy?

                                      After climbing down a wall, assembling a silver Mankey statue, wading through murky water, and weaving around some arrow traps, Kamon finally arrived in the shrine containing the Mask of the Divinity and the Scepter of Dominion, which projected a few colored lights in the room from the sun reflecting off of the gold they were made of and the jewels inside them from some cracks in the wall. "Ooh, treasure!" Kamon giggled as he giddily put on the helmet-like mask and picked up the scepter.

                                      He wasn'y sure what happened next, but he felt a warm glow around him, and spoke in a voice that was not his own--a female voice. "Helena...Spike...I command you to dance!"

                                      He grinned as his Gastly and his Quilava swayed and twirled across the stone floor to a melody only they seemed to hear. Wow...I have the ability to control any Pokemon I want!

                                      Just then, he spotted the group running to corner him! "I command you to attack Wonder Boy and pals!" he commanded, making Tintri, Raquel, Argent and Hitomi's eyes swirl.

                                      "Tintri, why are you--!" Ash pleaded as the possessed Trintri knocked him to the ground with a Thunderbolt.

                                      "You guys, please! It's me, Brock!" Brock pleaded as the possessed Raquel, Argent, and Hitomi approached him.

                                      He watched as Hitomi broke free of the spell and knocked Kamon backwards with a Supersonic, moments before Argent attempted to attack Misty and missed, breaking a weakened part of a wall.

                                      "Later, Wonder Boy!" the masked Kamon grinned as he climbed up Argent's coils and onto solid ground.

                                      "Kamon's possessed by the spirit of Queen Shanti!" Misty explained as the group hurried after Kamon. "If he escapes from here and abuses her power to his whims, who knows how much damage he'd do?"

                                      But just as the group rounded the corner, Ash saw Kamon and Tintri cross a strange star-shaped marking, making the spell on the group's Pokemon break. [Whoa...I don't know what came over me.] Raquel groaned as Brock retrieved her.

                                      [Forgive me for trying to hurt you, Misty...I was forced to somehow, in spite of myself.] Argent explained as he nuzzled her.

                                      "Good thing you missed." Misty grinned. "But we have to stop Kamon, before he uses Queen Shanti's power to wreak more havoc on the world!"

                                      "Tintri, use Thunderbolt!" Ash commanded.

                                      [HAHHHHH!!!] Tintri cried as the huge Thunderbolt paralyzed Kamon. However, the force of the Thunderbolt was enough to make the temple walls crumble!

                                      "Oh no..." was all Misty could say before she heard a female cry for help from inside. "Hitomi!"

                                      "I've got this!" Brock make a flying leap into a window, grabbed Hitomi from a rapidly forming pile of rocks, and climbed back out using a vine moments before the place Hitomi was trapped was covered in rocks, just in time for the group to hurry down the path leading back to the dig site.

                                      "You made it..." Tierra smiled as she met the group at the south entrance to the dig site. "Thought you three were done for when that rock slide happened."

                                      "What else can you tell us about the Mask of the Divinity and the Scepter of Dominion?" Misty asked, unaware Kamon had escaped Tintri and was running back to the temple to retrieve the drill machine.

                                      "Their power only works within the home of the queen..." Tierra started before seeing Kamon speeding down the road in the drill machine. "What on earth...?"

                                      "Mina, follow that tomb raider!" Ash heaved a Poke Ball skyward.

                                      "You too, Hitomi!" Brock instructed his Golbat, pointing out Mina following the drill machine.

                                      Try as the Pidgeot and the Golbat might to catch the drill, the more they flew, the further away Kamon got. [I can't go on...] Hitomi called to Brock. [I need...more...power....]

                                      Brock watched in horror as Hitomi collapsed in exhaustion. "Hitomi!"

                                      As Ash, Misty, and Tierra watched in shock, Brock proceeded to sing Gatrandis favel, secret, edena...
                                      Emusto ronzen fine el balaziis....
                                      Katoradis favel siicletu edena...
                                      Ash's shocked look turned to a smile as Hitomi began to glow in a white light.
                                      Emusto koron zen fine, si....

                                      "Amazing...I didn't know that people could still sing the Swanna Song and use its power!" Tierra smiled as Misty ran to assist Brock, who had collapsed on the ground in exhaustion from singing the Swanna Song.

                                      Ash, meanwhile, decided to read up on the four-winged bat-creature Hitomi had become:

                                      "Crobat, the bat Pokemon. Having four wings allows it to fly more quickly and quietly so it can sneak up on prey without its noticing."

                                      He then looked up Crobat's attacks. Crobat's known attacks: number one, Air Slash...

                                      "Hitomi, use Air Slash on that drill!" he called.

                                      [Got it!] Hitomi replied before firing a volley of silvery sickles at the drill machine, slicing the drill into millions of pieces, and knocking Kamon, the mask, and the scepter onto the ground below.

                                      Kamon noticed the mask and scepter lying nearby, so after collecting himself, he attempted to grab them, but another Air Slash made him jerk his hand away. [Hold it right there--I'm sure Queen Shanti would want her power used for good, not to enslave the Pokemon of the world!] Hitomi scolded as the others arrived. Brock was still tired, but had enough energy to keep up with his companions.

                                      "Tintri, teach Kamon a lesson!" Ash commanded, grinning as Tintri sent Kamon flying with a Thunderbolt...


                                      "I can't thank you enough for retrieving the Mask of Divinity and the Staff of Dominion." Tierra smiled as she accepted the mask and scepter. "Fortunately, the temple was not badly damaged by our little escapade, and can be repaired."

                                      "That's a relief..." Misty replied.

                                      "I would never forgive myself if we destroyed a piece of history." Ash agreed.

                                      "Our little adventure did benefit our research, too." Tierra went on. "We now have a better understanding of how the mask and scepter worked, and we learned more about the power of the Swanna Song--it will be a groundbreaking discovery that I hope will lead the community to rethink that it is just a legend seen in folktales, TV shows, and video games; and look further into how its power can be used as it was in ancient times."

                                      "All in a day's work!" Brock grinned as he accepted a bag full of credits for Hitomi to carry...

                                      To Be Continued...
                                      The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                                      Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                                      Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                                        Episode 81a: The Heartbreak of Brock (part 1)

                                        "I'm still a little shocked you managed to evolve Hitomi with the power of the Swanna Song." Misty smiled as the group made their way down the streets of a town some days later.

                                        "It goes back to what I've told you before about the Swanna Song--it was mainly used to beseech Arceus directly in ancient times." Brock explained. "However, the great powers it unleashed came with the cost of the person's strength--while usually it just makes you really tired for a little while, there have been documented accounts past and present of people dying of exhaustion, so those that can sing it for real are told to only sing it in a dire emergency--and Kamon potentially abusing an ancient queen's gift counted as a dire emergency."

                                        "That's fair." Misty replied. "Although finding the local Pokemon Center's gonna be our next Swanna Song-worthy emergency if we're not careful..."

                                        Ash wasted no time flagging down a woman as the group approached a crosswalk. "Excuse me...can you please tell us where the Pokemon Center is?"

                                        Misty facepalmed as Brock slunk up next to Ash, guitar in hand. "I'll give you a song as thanks for your help." he offered.

                                        "You can sing all you want when we get to the Pokemon Center, Mr. Balladeer." Misty sighed as she dragged Brock away, guitar and all.

                                        The woman just chuckled, bemused that someone would sing to her. "After you cross the street, take a left and the Pokemon Center should be nearby the park and a convenience store."

                                        "Thanks!" Ash smiled as the crosswalk sign changed to WALK.


                                        "A little drink for you guys, and some for cooking later..." Brock smiled as he filled up a pot with water. by a fountain in the park.

                                        He looked up and set the pot aside as a pale cyan rabbit-like Pokemon came racing up to the fountain, its deep teal haired master not far behind. "Nidora, come back here! You know better than to just run away from me like--WHOA!"

                                        Brock gasped as the young girl tripped on a rock. "I've got ya!" he called as he made a flying leap, catching the girl in his arms moments before she could fall into the fountain. "Are you okay?" he asked as he checked the girl over for injuries.

                                        "I think so..." the girl replied before looking up starry eyed at Brock. "You saved me! Never in my wildest dreams would I just fall into the arms of a knight with shining armor! Now that you've saved me from a watery fate, it's time for the wedding of our dreams!"

                                        "Wait, what?" Brock asked, a little surprised that the girl had affections for him, much less wanting to marry him.

                                        Misty noticed the awkward exchange from a bush. How odd...Brock has no problem approaching a girl and asking to sing for them, and he has no problem at all onstage, but when a girl does the same thing, he clams up!

                                        "Uh, er, um..." Brock was still speechless by the girl's sudden profession of love for him. This is so girl's ever made the first move with me before...

                                        "Over here..." Misty whispered from the bush.

                                        After excusing himself from the girl, Brock joined Misty beside the bush. "What is it? Did I do something wrong?"

                                        "I don't think you did anything wrong, I'm just puzzled." Misty explained. "How is it that whenever we find a pretty face, you're always ready to try and sing to them, but when she tried to do the same thing to you, you clammed up?"

                                        "I've...never really had a girl make the first move on me like that before--it's usually me making the first move, and you know how that goes." Brock explained. "That, and no girl I know of has asked me to marry them immediately after meeting."

                                        He sighed. "So what should I have done?"

                                        Misty was about to answer when the teal haired girl returned. "If you guys need a place to stay, you can come to my house!"

                                        "What's going on?" Ash asked as he joined Misty and Brock.

                                        "We've found ourselves a place to stay, and an awkward situation for Brock." Misty explained as the group followed the girl down a path. "I'll explain later."


                                        "I can't thank you enough for rescuing my daughter, Temacu." a man with slightly graying gold-blond hair smiled as the group and the girl arrived in a large house some time later.

                                        "Might I know my hero's name?" the girl asked, her eyes shining hopefully.

                                        Brock swallowed hard, and did his best to not convey to the girl that he was nervous. "I'm Brock...and these are my two traveling companions, Ash and Misty."

                                        Way to go, Brock! Misty smiled as she waved hello.

                                        "Nice to meet you, sir." Ash smiled before noticing the man wore a lab coat over his clothes. "Are you some kind of professor, or something?"

                                        "Yes--I collaborate with many professors across the region and with Professor Elm to better our understanding of Pokemon." Temacu's father replied.

                                        "If you've traveled a long way, I can at least give you all a hot dinner and some tea." Temacu smiled before hurrying off to the kitchen.

                                        Misty motioned for Brock to come closer. "As I was saying, as to what you should've done when Temacu made the first move, you should have at least politely acknowledged her feelings. Clamming up like that tells her that you're afraid of her, or worse yet, afraid of commitment."

                                        "That's not the message I meant to send at all." Brock confessed.

                                        "Another important aspect of a relationship is knowing what each of you wants out of the relationship, mutually drawing up healthy boundaries, and building up a sense of trust." Misty went on. "It is always exciting to want to be together in a new relationship, but don't forget to give each other space. So continue to play your music and tell your stories, and let her keep doing...whatever it is she likes to do."

                                        She grinned. "As the old song says, 'me and you, it just takes two!'."

                                        "You do have a point, there..." Brock smiled. "Any more advice?"

                                        "As tempting as it is, don't put Temacu on a pedestal and declare her your only love." Misty cautioned. It may work out--in which case I would be royally happy for you both--and it may not, but a relationship is only as good as the amount of work the participants are willing to put into it."

                                        "That's true--the friendship between the three of us was not built overnight." Brock mused. "It's been through highs, it's been through lows, and it's been through some pretty weird things, but through it all, we emerged stronger and better people for it."

                                        "Exactly--so why not make that the goal of this relationship, and tell Temacu that in a song?" Misty suggested. "You've always wanted to sing to a girl, now here's your chance!"

                                        To Be Continued...
                                        The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                                        Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                                        Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                                          Interlude: The Princess and the Minstrel

                                          "So, Brock, what brings you here to our cozy little corner of Johto?" Temacu asked as she joined Brock on the back porch of the house later that evening.

                                          "I'm mainly traveling to support my friends--Ash is competing in the Pokemon League, and Misty the Pokethlon." Brock replied. "But then I discovered the Pokemon Lore Stage, and I decided to give it a try--since I have been asked to sing and tell stories in public before."

                                          "Really?" Temacu was intrigued before noticing the four stripes on Brock's vest. "I take it those stripes are the rewards for a well told story?"

                                          Brock nodded. "I only have the blue, indigo, and purple stripes left...make a rainbow by winning seven Lore Stages, and you get to tell for the Grand Lore Stage at the Pokemon League."

                                          This got Temacu excited. "Ooh! Not only is my hero brave and handsome, but a minstrel as well! He sings of heroes slaying terrifying dragon Pokemon to win a princess fair!"

                                          She spotted Brock's guitar case. "It helps he has his instrument, too! How long have you been playing?"

                                          "I've been playing since I was in middle school--so about six years." Brock explained as he retrieved the case and started tuning the well loved yellow-brown acoustic guitar inside. "This one's my preferred traveling instrument--perfect for a campfire sing along at the end of a long day."

                                          "How fun! The campfire songs were my favorite part of summer camp as a kid." Temacu smiled.

                                          "Then, as I got into high school, I got into writing my own songs and tunes." Brock went on as he tuned. "It helps when you have equally talented traveling companions to jam with every night."

                                          He smiled at Temacu staring with shining eyes as he checked his tuning. " that I'm tuned here, what kind of a story would you like?"

                                          "I said it before--tell me one about a hero that saves a princess fair." Temacu replied.

                                          Brock just grinned as he started a relaxed melody. "In a certain village far from here, in a time far from now, there lived a poor peasant with his wife. For three years they had no children, until Arceus, moved by their tears, blessed them with a son, whom they named Liam, which means 'determined protector.'"

                                          "Interesting..." Temacu museed, aware that Ash and Misty had arrived with Temacu's father to listen.

                                          "But something was different about Liam--the boy grew not by years, but by hours, and within a week was a young man about sixteen years old." Brock went on. "The villagers were stunned at this, and the village oracle foretold that as a miracle child, Liam had some miraculous gifts, and with them, he would be known far and wide for his heroic deeds, and be immortalized in minstrels' songs for ages to come."

                                          Temacu giggled with excitement over Brock's interlude.

                                          "One day Liam went out to test his strength. In the back garden, he grabbed a pole and managed to stick it halfway into the ground. Then he turned it with such strength that the whole village spun like a top." Brock continued, some giggles going up over the "spinning" melody he is playing. "When he saw the village had regained its composure, he went back into the house to receive blessings from his parents, so he could go out into the world to seek his fortune. The couple understandably cried when he spoke of leaving them, and begged him to stay for a little bit longer; but Liam paid no mind to their tears, and said...

                                          “If you will not give me your consent, I will go on without it.” Ash jumps in the role of Liam.

                                          "So his parents gave him their blessing; Liam gave himself to Arceus, and then took leave of his father and mother." Brock went on as he started a "traveling" melody. "He wandered for ten days and ten nights until he came to a large kingdom in what is today Kanto--whose name is not important to us. He had hardly entered the city when a great outcry arose due to a loud rumbling noise. The king was so frightened at the riots that he proclaimed that whoever stopped the noise and calmed the people would have his daughter as his bride, and half his kingdom with her...."


                                          "...When Liam woke up, the king led him into the palace, thanked him for his service; and appointed him his lord high chamberlain, a position he held for some time." Brock finally concluded his story some time later. "When the king joined Arceus in heaven, Liam ascended to the throne, ruled wisely and happily, and lived with his wife for many years in the greatest harmony and love."

                                          Temacu led the applause. "Bravo! Encore! Encore!"

                                          "You three have real talent, if I say so myself!" Temacu's father agreed.

                                          "I think Temacu would like your ballad about Brian and Epona..." Misty whispered as Brock thought of another story to tell.

                                          A smile formed on Brock's face. "And now for my next number, a tale of another hero who met Epona, and saved not one, but three princesses fair."

                                          With that, he started the intro to 'The Ballad of Brian and Epona', with Misty's fiddle and Ash's D whistle backing his own guitar. It's of a jolly beggarman came tripping o'er the plain,
                                          He came unto a castle fair, a lodging for to gain
                                          His Royal Highness, he came down and viewed him cheek and chin
                                          He said, 'You are a handsome man, of course I'll take you in...'

                                          We'll go no more a roving, a roving in the night, Ash joined in with Brock on the familiar chorus.
                                          We'll go no more a roving, let the moon shine so bright
                                          We'll go no more a roving...

                                          The beggar that the king took in, was not poor as he claimed,
                                          He really was a handsome prince, and Brian he was named...
                                          Brock sang the second verse alone.
                                          He'd traveled far on a holy steed in search of fortune fine
                                          And bringing honor and great fame upon his royal line...

                                          We'll go no more a roving, a roving in the night, Temacu eagerly sang along.
                                          We'll go no more a roving, let the moon shine so bright
                                          We'll go no more a roving...

                                          Fair Brian proved a fine young man at any task he set to, Brock continued.
                                          And with every deed he did, the court's love for him grew,
                                          The lords and kitchen maids alike had only praise to say
                                          "He is true, faithful, diligent! Do not send him away!"

                                          We'll go no more a roving, a roving in the night, came the chorus again.
                                          We'll go no more a roving, let the moon shine so bright
                                          We'll go no more a roving...

                                          The call and response continued for a while--Brock singing a verse alone, before Temacu and her father joined in singing the chorus:

                                          Now, the king that Brian went to see, he had three daughters fair
                                          They were all fine and lovely maids, and no one could compare!
                                          The eldest one was Orla, she was called "the golden queen"
                                          Ariana was the middle child, born under Lugia's sheen.

                                          [i]We'll go no more a roving, a roving in the night,
                                          We'll go no more a roving, let the moon shine so bright
                                          We'll go no more a roving...

                                          To Be Continued...
                                          The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                                          Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                                          Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                                            Episode 81b: The Heartbreak of Brock (part 2)

                                            The next morning...

                                            "Here is our Pokemon preserve, where many of our family's Pokemon have space to run, play, and just be themselves in a safe environment." Temacu explained, making a grand gesture to the yard.

                                            "Wow..." Ash was impressed by what seemed like thousands of Nidorinas, Nidorinos and other Pokémon romping in the morning sun. "You caught and raised these all by yourself?"

                                            "Not all of them--Dad and other family members caught a few here and there." Temacu replied, before the whoosh of a net caught her attention. "What in the--!"

                                            "Team Rocket!" Ash gasped.

                                            [No, it's worse than that!] Tintri cried from the net. [It's Kamon!]

                                            "You seemed to have all these Pokemon here, so I was just taking a few of them off your hands." Kamon smirked as he tied the net containing some of the Nidorina, Nidorino, Tintri and the other Pokémon into a bag shape, so he could easily carry it.

                                            "River, go save Tintri and the others!" Ash heaved a Poke Ball skyward.

                                            "Nightwing, let's go!" Kamon also heaved a Poke Ball, summoning his Golbat before the Marill.

                                            Everyone braced themselves as the Golbat's Venoshock met the Marill's Water Pulse in a toxic watery explosion...with River emerging victorious! "Where did Kamon get to?" Misty wondered, piqued in the cloud of Haze that Nightwing had sprayed before using Venoshock.

                                            She grinned as she readied a Poke Ball. "Only one way to answer that question! Pearl, use some Mist to clear the air!"

                                            As the whitish blue cloud dispelled the Haze, Ash spotted the net with the Pokemon near the bush. "The stolen Pokémon are here, but Temacu's gone." he reported.

                                            "Come on! We have to find her!" Brock led the way into the forest...


                                            "My hero! Where are you?" Temacu called as she looked for Brock in the brush near the preserve. "I hope you didn't get l-WHOA!"

                                            Kamon snapped to attention as he felt his rope go slack. "Okay...let's see what we got here." he smiled as he pulled up the rope. "It must be a dragon Pokemon, cause it's heavy!"

                                            He balked when he found Temacu snagged in the rope, and dangerously close to slipping out! "Hang on!" he called as he caught Temacu seconds before she could fall from the tree. "There we go..." he smiled as he guided Temacu back to a sturdier part of the tree.

                                            "Oh, my crimson haired samurai! Will you let me be your little Beautifly?" Temacu asked Kamon, much to his surprise as her eyes shone with hope.

                                            Kamon, meanwhile, winced at the thought of romance. Is she asking me to be her boyfriend? I'm not one for all that mushy stuff, but I'll just play along, in hopes I can have a chance to steal some more Pokémon!


                                            Back at the forest edge, Temacu's father, the group, and a half dozen other people checked bushes, behind trees, and in piles of leaves for any signs of Temacu. "Anything?" Ash asked as Mina flew back some moments later.

                                            [I found Kamon walking back with her to the house, sweet talking her like he was in love.] Mina reported.

                                            Brock gasped, more out of surprise that Kamon had any romantic interest than the fact that Temacu had fallen for someone else. "Kamon, in love? THIS I have to see!"

                                            Ash led Misty and Brock back to the house, where they could overhear Kamon talking to someone inside. "...the thieves were tough, and they put up a good fight, but I know a thing or two about kung fu myself! So with a hi-ya here...and a woo-hah there, I fought them off easily."

                                            "What a brave young man..." he heard Temacu's father say as he motioned for the group to follow him to the front door, which was cracked open just enough to see Temacu put a plate of something before Kamon. "Please, join us for lunch--I've already informed the search party Temacu was found safe.

                                            "Hold it!" Ash stormed into the house. "That's no ordinary red haired boy, it's just a punk--!"

                                            "With standards..." Misty interjected.

                                            "...named Kamon, who's given us all trouble, and tried to take your Pokemon before!" Ash breathlessly explained.

                                            "Who, me?" Kamon shot back. "I'm just a traveler, that's all."

                                            "Don't play dumb with me, Kamon!" Misty warned. "What kind of traveler badmouths every trainer they find, treats their Pokemon like tools instead of the living beings they are, tries to take a a baby Pokemon that is no way ready to leave its mother, and constantly steals Pokemon that very clearly belong to others, including yours?"

                                            Kamon froze for a moment, surprised Misty had exposed the truth. "I hate to dine and dash, but I gotta go!" he yelped before dashing out the door.

                                            "After him!" Brock called as he led the others out.

                                            Ash quickly heaved a Poke Ball skyward as he tried to keep Kamon in view. "Luce, I need you!"

                                            "Nightwing, let's go!" The Flaaffy stopped in her tracks when she saw Kamon's Golbat before her.

                                            "Focus, Luce! Use Thunderbolt!" Ash's call snapped Luce to reality.

                                            [You're not getting away, you punk!] Luce screamed as she fired a Thunderbolt at the Golbat, knocking it out.

                                            Kamon was unfazed by losing Nightwing. "Helena, showtime!" he called as he summoned his Gastly. "Use Shadow Ball!"

                                            He did not, however, expect Misty to summon Pearl. "Pearl, let's cool down the ghostie with Star Freeze!"

                                            [YAH!!!!] Pearl sent a bevy of star shaped icicles at Helena, freezing her solid. "Okay, now use a Water Gun!" Misty commanded.

                                            She gasped as Kamon steeped into the path of the Water Gun, but suddenly, she heard Temacu yell "My samurai!" and leap in the path, taking Pearl's attack as she shoved Kamon out of the way.

                                            "Temacu!" Brock hurried by Temacu's side. "Are you okay?"

                                            "I think so..." was all Temacu could say before closing her eyes.

                                            Ash, meanwhile, spotted Kamon dashing for a hill. "Luce, use Thunder Wave to bind Nightwing and Helena!"

                                            Misty smiled as the Thunder Wave tangled both the Golbat and the Gastly, sending them back on top of Kamon. "And now, for the coupe de grace!"

                                            [We've got this!] Michelle reported as she prepared a Water Gun and Tintri charged a Thunderbolt...


                                            "Mm...where am I..." Temacu asked as she came to in her room some time later.

                                            "You were trying to push that red haired punk away from a Starmie's Water Gun, and took the attack meant for his Gastly." Temacu's father explained. "I saw you were unconscious, so I called the doctor."

                                            "Luckily, the Water Gun only knocked the wind out of your daughter...she's going to be all right." the doctor assured Temacu's father.

                                            "I am so sorry...if I'd have known that Temacu was going to push Kamon away, I never would have told my Starmie to attack." Misty apologized to Temacu's father. "I would never live with myself if I hurt someone with my Pokemon...even if it was an accident."

                                            "It's okay, miss--all it was was a freak accident, so I forgive you." Temacu's father assured Misty. "Although next time, make sure you have a clear path to your target before attacking."

                                            Temacu, meanwhile, looked up with starry eyes at the doctor. "Oh, my hero! Restoring me to life after a brush with danger!"

                                            "Again?" Ash gasped as he watched Temacu and the doctor exchange sweet nothings with each other.

                                            Brock, however, was devastated. No way! Even after I sang for her and everything, she's fallen in love with someone else???

                                            "Temacu's elder cousin was married to a fine young man earlier this year, so that's why she is so obsessed with getting married herself." Temacu's father explained. "I think we've found a good match for her."

                                            But I wanted to be that match... Brock silently grumbled before excusing himself to another room...


                                            "Are you okay?" Misty asked as the group departed later that evening. Brock had not said a word since that afternoon, when the doctor had arrived to help Temacu.

                                            "Well, I'm still trying to process what just happened back there." Brock explained. "I really thought that Temacu and me had a chance--she was the first girl that willingly let me sing to her that I can remember. That, and we really seemed to click last night."

                                            "Well, if you need to cry, then go ahead." Misty assured Brock as the group stopped to make camp on a hill overlooking the road. "If you'd rather write down your feelings, that's fine. If you just want us to listen, we'll do that too."

                                            "I mean, now that I know why Temacu was being romantic to every guy that passed her, her behavior does make some sort of sense." Brock explained. "I'm still trying to figure out what the doctor had that I don't..."

                                            "But you have plenty of good qualities that any girl would love." Ash interjected. "Brave, kind, wise, very talented..."

                                            "A way with words and song." Misty agreed.

                                            [A great cook!] Tintri suggested.

                                            A smile formed on Brock's face as one by one, Ash, Misty, and the Pokemon listed his good qualities. "Thanks, you guys...maybe the doctor was just a better fit for Temacu. In what way, I don't know, but they did seem to have better chemistry."

                                            "At any rate, it does always hurt to lose someone in any way." Misty assured Brock. "If you need to stay here for a while to process everything, we're fine with staying here in camp for a few days."

                                            "I'm at least glad that I met her, and hope that maybe we can still be friends if we ever see each other again." Brock smiled, relieved that he had his friends and his Pokemon supporting him.

                                            "Besides, there's still a lady you can love and sing to forever out there somewhere!" Ash grinned.

                                            "Yeah, there's plenty of other Magikarp in the sea." Misty agreed.

                                            "Thanks again, everyone..." Brock smiled as he started the group's dinner for the evening. "Whoever this lady is, I'm sure I'll find her one day!"

                                            With that, he reached for his guitar, tuned up, and started a gentle melody.

                                            Floating in the sky, just like the silver moon
                                            Although I try to reach you, I can't hold you, and you slip away...
                                            From within the darkness, I reach for the future
                                            Although I call out for you, my voice only fades away...

                                            I wish that the words I sing for you
                                            Would chase the wind and fly to your heart!

                                            Ash gawked as a shooting star streaked over the campsite, as if in response to Brock's song. Soaring across the sky, and winging past the stars
                                            Delivering to you this one message...
                                            Brock continued the song.

                                            Soaring through sands of time, flying through a bright light
                                            I sing this song for you,
                                            This star story...

                                            To Be Continued...
                                            The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                                            Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                                            Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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                                              Episode 82a: Current Events (part 1)

                                              "I'm glad Brock's doing okay after coming to terms with his heartbreak." Misty smiled--it had been a few days since the group had met Temacu, who had seemed to click with Brock. However, it turned out she had feelings for someone else, much to Brock's sadness, confusion, and anger.

                                              "He was back to his usual joyful singing, guitar playing self yesterday." Ash agreed. "I was a little concerned when the guitar didn't come out for three days."

                                              "Well, when you go through something like that, you need time to deal with your emotions--and every person grieves differently." Misty explained.

                                              She was about to say more when a familiar "Yah-ho!" got her attention, and smiled when she found Ethan, Lyra, and their Pokemon waving to them a little farther down the road.

                                              "Long time, no see, you guys!" Ethan smiled as he knelt to accept Ash's hug.

                                              "You're not mad at me for giving you that cold, are you?" Brock asked Lyra as the group made their way down the path, near a large field close to a wind farm.

                                              [Interesting fans...] Tintri mused as he watched the turbines spin in the gentle breeze.

                                              "These aren't the kinds of fans that keep you cool in the summer--these fans are specially made to harness the power of the wind to generate electricity." Lyra explained. "It's a great source of clean energy."

                                              [Nice!] Tintri smiled.

                                              "Let's all let our teams out for a while--this field's perfect for everyone to play in!" Ash suggested before heaving his Poke Balls skyward. "Come on out, everyone!"

                                              The group did not know that Team Rocket was watching them from behind the wind generators. "Let's see...what would be a good plan to take Hat-twerp's Pokemon?" Jessie mused.

                                              "The only thing I want to think about is lunch..." James groaned. "It is past noon, after all..."

                                              About then, all the Rockets' stomachs growled at the same time. "Okay...we can come up with a new plan over lunch." Jessie sighed, slightly annoyed as Meowth spread out a picnic blanket, secured it with some rocks, and then opened a picnic basket piled with food. "Although I will commend you for making a picnic lunch, Meowth..."

                                              "Well, da last supply drop from da boss had plenty of food, and it a nice day, afta all, so I taught we could have a little picnic before our next heist!" Meowth smiled as he made himself a tuna salad sandwich.


                                              After they had had lunch, the Rockets discovered a strange building near the wind farm. "I wonder what's in there..." James mused as he approached the door and knocked. "Hello? Anybody home?"

                                              When no answer came, James next decided to try pulling the door open, but no matter how hard he pulled, and shoved, the door didn't budge.

                                              "Hey..." Meowth pointed out a card reader near the door. "I tink dis place requires a card key to get in..."

                                              "NOW you tell me..." James sighed as he slumped to the floor, exhausted.

                                              "But dat's nuttin a little lockpickin' wouldn't fix!" Meowth grinned as he scrambled on top of the card reader, extended a claw, and went to work attempting to pick the lock.

                                              A SNAP got the Rockets' attention some moments later. "Of all da times ta break a nail..." Meowth grumbled before the door slowly opened with a whir. "But it was woith gettin da door open!"

                                              "Let's go inside!" Jessie suggested as she led James and Meowth inside the complex, unaware that Jigglypuff was following them.


                                              Meanwhile, Lyra and Hana were enjoying a stroll across the field. It's such a nice day... Lyra thought. Nothing like spending the day with your best friends...

                                              [Lyra...] Hana speaking snapped Lyra from her thoughts. [Check out this abandoned complex near the wind farm!]

                                              "Lead the way, Hana." Lyra replied as she followed the Chikorita over to the same complex the Rockets had found, complete with the door still open. "Hello, anyone there?" she called as she peeked inside the room.

                                              [I wonder what's inside?] Hana wondered as she and Lyra walked inside the complex.

                                              Lyra was about to answer Hana when she heard the door slam shut! After hurrying over and trying to pull open the door, she slumped to the floor in defeat. "It's no use...we're stuck in here..."

                                              [Maybe not...] Hana replied, directing Lyra to a map of the complex on one wall. [We are all the way up here...] She pointed out her and Lyra's current location. [...and there's another way out on the bottom floor. So all we have to do is find our way to the bottom.]

                                              "Sounds easy enough." Lyra smiled. "Lead the way, Hana."

                                              To Be Continued...
                                              The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

                                              Pokemon Moonlight Silver--A re-imagining of Johto, without all the filler.

                                              Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters
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