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"They look like quite the promising group, if I do say so myself."

A familiar voice rang out from behind Roxanne, prompting her to whip around so fast that her glasses almost fell out of place. A grin spread across the young professor's face as she recognized with whom she was speaking.

"Flannery! it's been too long."

"Too long, my ass. If you actually wanted to see me you'd get out of this hellhole you call a lab for once and come visit Kanto. You're always welcome to come by and watch me whoop down on trainers in Cinnabar."

Giggling at just how unchanged Flannery's fiery personality was, Roxanne gave her old friend a hug. "I was just about to ask how you and the twins were doing over there, but I suppose there's my answer."

Giving the shorter girl a pat on the head, a pouty expression spread across the red head's face. "Well you know those two. Liza and Tate never come around to visit me anymore, they're too busy up there in the Indigo Plateau to ever see their auntie Flannery. I always have to go up there to check up on them myself."

She sighed before leaning up on one of the various contraptions that took up the lab's interior. "You already know that they can handle themselves just fine. The only one of us that I'm worried about is Brawley, I haven't even heard from him since then."

A troubled look made its way onto Roxanne's face, before she caught herself. "I'm sure that he's fine. As irresponsible and reckless as he can be, he's always come back home in one piece."

"I suppose so..." Not allowing her mind to remain caught on disconcerting thoughts, Flannery changed the topic of discussion by pulling out her pokénav. "I'm assuming you got Winona's message?"

"The one concerning the reunion?" The professor pushed up her glasses before crossing her arms. "I've already responded, I can't make it due to some new findings that popped up. Make sure to apologize to her in person for me."

Giving a hearty laugh, the fiery gym leader nodded. "Of course you're not coming. We're sure gonna miss you, Norman, and Brawley, but we'll be sure to party it up in Evergrande to make up for you guys!" After mussing up her friend's hair, Flannery gave her a farewell hug. "Well I gotta get going. Be sure to send the strongest youngsters of the batch my way. It's been a little while since I've had a good battle."

"I'll be sure to, my friend." Returning the embrace, Roxanne smiled. It had been a while since she'd had a chance to have a face to face discussion with any of her old friends.

After waving goodbye to Flannery outside the lab, Roxanne returned to her place behind a desk filled to the brim with various notes and sheets of paper scrawled with writing. "Now... where was I?"

The Route

After receiving your starter pokémon, a number of pokéballs, and a shiny new pokédex from Professor Roxanne, you're all set for taking the first steps of your adventure! You've already had the past couple of days to explore Rustboro City, so it's not as if there's much left to do here. The former pokémon gym that was converted into a state of the art laboratory, serves as a precursor of what is to come along your journey. The Professor has already mapped out your passage to Verdanturf Town, home of the closest gym, and recommended starting point for all rookie trainers.

The first stop on that path is Route 116, running east of the city, straight into Rusturf Tunnel. It is a popular area for beginner trainers to develop their battling skills, so you'll be sure to see quite a number of kids running around, challenging everyone and everything they lock eyes with to a battle. A few areas of the pathway are covered in light tree cover, but otherwise it's a single stretch of fresh, green grass. At the end of the route there is a small building, which is a rest house for the construction workers who are working in Rusturf Tunnel. .

Available Pokémon


You can choose out of any of the missions below. Be sure to claim missions in the OOC thread to let me and the other players know which one you are doing. You may joint post or collaborate on these missions with other players, but two players may not write for a single mission separately. Also, know that you aren't limited to just these missions. You can make posts catching pokémon, battling a trainer or exploring the route for yourself. I purposefully made fewer missions than there are players because I'd like for you guys to have some fun with this and not be restrained by these things. The missions are only here to serve as a prompt for you to write off of :3

Mission 1: A number of baby Taillow are wandering about on the ground, not above in their nests like they should be. Looking around, there doesn't seem to be any up in the trees. Where is the mother Swellow in this situation? Could this involve that group of kids you saw earlier, playing with the slingshot? Reward - Muscle Wing

Mission 2: Nora's mother always told her, never go out into the tall grass without a pokémon. Well, Nora was feeling rather brave today and decided to venture out into the tall grass... without a pokémon. Now she's found herself surrounded by a small number of Poocheyana. A helping hand from a passing trainer would be much appreciated. Reward - 500 P + 1 Great Ball

Mission 3: After a long night, the construction workers within Rusturf Tunnel have returned to their rest house for the day. However, the horde of Seedot outside of the building are making so much noise that it's impossible for any of them to get any sleep. As they're too tired to fight their own battles, a trainer's help is needed. Reward - 1,000 P + TM Rock Smash

Mission 4: Ryker and Audrey are in the midst of a couple's argument for the ages. The normally loving pair's dispute has resulted into a pokémon battle that is not only harmful to the pokémon of the route, but to their blossoming relationship as well! A third party is needed to end this confrontation through peace or violence, either would work. Reward - 3 Potions + 1 Super Potion

Mission 5:
Forty-five year old Jimmy thinks that he's real tough, picking on beginner trainers with his Loudred. He's positioned himself in the middle of the route, challenging unsuspecting trainers to a battle. Someone needs to put this middle aged delinquent in his place. Reward - 600 P + 1 Potions

Mission 6: While many hold the belief that bug pokemon are gross and icky, the silk that Wurmple create is a beautiful commodity desired by many. Unfortunately, the illegal trade for this silk has been on the rise recently. Some unprofessional goons on the outskirts of the route have been going through its Wurmple colonies and trying to get them to produce this valuable resource by force. A trainer could teach them a thing or two about respecting wild pokemon. Reward - Silk Scarf

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"My apologies, go ahead. I'm still deciding my order," a young lady sheepishly spoke up from in front the cafe's display case. Her one hand remained in the warm glass while the other motioned for the next customer to earn her spot. Her Eevee watched as the line shifted a foot away from her, no spot saved for them.

This young lady is Minerva Olfos. Despite having entered with a breakfast already in mind, upon laying her chocolate gaze on to the sweets her indecisiveness set in. The triple brownie sweetness? How about that moist-looking red velvet cake? Lemon bars have yet to fail her, so perhaps that will do? No, no, no, there's even a raindrop cake! Not that she's too excited for it, although it looks very beautiful.

And so Minerva pondered on what her wallet would open up to this morning as she awaited for her turn with the cashier. So engrossed she was with this mundane task that it took a customer behind her to tap her back to reality. An employee had been leaning over the curved display case, unsuccessfully obtaining her attention.

She became flustered. "O-oh! I am... I'm so embarassed, forgive me," she rapidly spoke out, switching glances between the poker and employee, "I insist I wasn't trying to ignore you-"

"That's okay m'lady," the employee began once more, letting out a small chuckle in between, "so what will your order be ma'am?"

"Those brownies there," she ordered, finger gently tapping the general area of her breakfast. "I believe they're called... triple choco brownies? Yes! Two of those please. And thank you."

The line and search for an outside seat blurred before her, all the meanwhile her Eevee remained sitting atop her brown mess of a bun. He observed her peculiar way of eating; pea-sized bites, each savored with a small sip of cold milk for what felt like a minute each. If it weren't for the umbrella above their circular table of two giving proper shade from the sun then the Eevee surely would have complained.

"Mmmm. Do you like it up there?" Minerva began, attempting to start a conversation with her new partner. Their ears perked up in acknowledgment. "The wind feels very nice, but it's not too bad to where my hair would get into my mouth as I eat. That would be horrendous."

These past few days consisted of mediocre attempts at initiating a decent conversation with her new partner. Minerva didn't mind. In fact, she loved being able to talk to somebody about... well, anything. Eevee however, wasn't one to respond. Listening was more his thing.

Location: By the Pokémon Center
"I wonder how our journey will go. Do you think we'll meet a new friend along the way?"

Location: Hotel Room bed
"Did you know the mushrooms on Paras' back are used in medicine? Although I... forgot what for. But people say they help you live longer."

Location: State of the art Laboratory
"Would you prefer vanilla or chocolate? How about peanut butter? I admit I find it hard to choose. It depends on my current craving."

Location: Pokémon Supermarket
"Raindrop cakes can be very aesthetically pleasing, especially when there are designs in them. But I heard the taste isn't as memorable."

Location: Hotel Lobby
"Oh lookie there! It's a female Pikachu! Do you know how one can tell?"

Location: Devon Corporation
"Do you believe in aliens?"

Location: Café waiting line
"How do you feel regarding the fact that you are capable of evolving into plenty of Pokémon? Isn't it exciting?!"

Rustboro City was grand and contained plenty for a stimulating mind such as Minerva's. Her days mainly consisted of her exploration of the town's attractions. At one point she was found sitting on a bench staring at a fountain in awe. Pokémon would frolic in its glistening, refreshing waters, yet Eevee did not budge from his cozy spot atop of her head.

On the last day of her Rustboro adventure she packed and began her trek into Route 116. It wasn't long before they stepped into the outskirts of town, blending amidst the growing sea of beginning trainers.

Eevee! The sudden outburst startled Minerva. It's the first... no, second time she heard her Eevee utter anything. Rather sad, figuring the first time was after he was at last released from his Pokéball when received.

"Oh? Yes? What's the matter love?"

Eevee! he breathed out and leaped off his resting place, landing before her. He then sprinted off towards the bushes, leaving the open grass and entering where there's light tree cover. "Oh no no dear me, please do wait for me!"

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Zoey Winters
Rustboro City
Chapter 1-1 | Baby Steps

Current Party:

Zoey sighed as she listened to the voice on the other end of her Pokégear. At this point, the pink-haired girl had lost all track of time in regards to how long her phone conversation had been going on. In a sense, it was baffling. Her parents seemed to have had no qualms about the girl heading down to the city to pick up a Pokémon and a Pokédex from Professor Cypress. However now that she was suddenly about to embark on a grand journey across the Hoenn region, Zoey's mother was suddenly beside herself with dread and worry.

"Dear, don't you think you're being a tad unreasonable?" the voice on the other end of the Pokégear questioned. Zoey rolled her eyes. This had to have been at least the third time that her mother, Willow Winters, had asked this exact question. "Being a Pokémon trainer is no easy task. You never know what sorts you'll meet out there or where you might end up sleeping! Plus, it's all so... dirty out there. You've got your Pokémon now, right? Why don't you just come home now and we'll go on a huge shopping spree!"

"Mother, for the last time you're making a huge deal over nothing!" Zoey exclaimed, the frustration growing evident in her voice as she protested her mother's wishes. "I'm tired of just doing the same old thing, day in and day out. I want to experience something new and exciting! I've read all sorts of stories and journals about the life of a Pokémon trainer, and I think it's just something I'd love to give a try! Exciting battles... magical encounters... it's just all so enticing!"

There was a small pause on the other end of the phone. Had Zoey not heard the rather slow breathing on the other end of the line, she would have sworn that her mother finally gave up and hung up. After a few moments, the girl's parent finally began to speak once more.

"Zoey... You do know that... It's not that..." her mother tried to reason.

"Enough. Mother, I've made up my mind and you're not going to change it for me. This is something I'm going to see through. Who knows! By the next time we meet, I could even be the new league champion!" Zoey exclaimed, her eyes shining with excitement all the while. A satisfied smile stretched across her lips as she closed her eyes for a moment, picturing herself defeating the champion with a massive audience all cheering her name. Just the very thought of it all gave the pink-haired teenager goosebumps. "Look, I'll talk to you soon mother. I need to get this journey started, okay? Tell daddy I love him for me!"

Without waiting for the woman to respond, Zoey quickly ended the call and placed her Pokégear back into a pocket on her bag. In a sense, she understood her mother's concern. Even Zoey herself had to admit that she had perhaps been a tad too impulsive when she made this decision out of the blue. However, it was a choice that she made and Zoey just knew for a fact that her mother was being melodramatic with her fears. Besides that, Zoey was almost 18 years old. The pink-haired girl was more than capable of making her own decisions at this point. And it was not as if she was going to be alone on her journey for that matter.

Glancing down to her side, the young woman eyed the Poké Ball which now rested on her belt. Inside the ball-like capsule was a Pokémon... her Pokémon. Just the very thought of those two words running together in the teenager's mind was enough to send shivers of excitement down her spine. The girl couldn't help herself any longer. She just had to meet her new Pokémon for the first time. Without wasting another moment, Zoey quickly grabbed hold of the poké ball containing her new companion and tossed it up into the air, releasing the Pokémon that was inside.

A bright flash of light shot out of the ball-shaped capsule, revealing what appeared to be a small, owl-like creature sporting a green bow tie of sorts. The Pokémon in question was cute... very cute... It took everything that Zoey had to keep herself from pouncing on the poor creature right then and there.

"Hey there, good to meet you!" Zoey exclaimed, grinning brightly at the small Pokémon.

The owl-like being, who was still coming to grips with the sudden change in its environment, jumped at the sudden greeting from the pink-haired girl. He quickly spun around, eyes-wide as he took a moment to catch his breath from the surprise. Zoey grinned sheepishly at this, quickly realized that perhaps she may have come on a bit strong for their first, proper meeting.

"W-Woah... I'm sorry about that, I guess I just got a bit too excited..." Zoey replied, giggling softly as she spoke. "My name is Zoey- Zoey Winters, to be exact, and starting from today you and I shall be partners."

She paused, extending her hand forward as she spoke. The bird Pokémon cautiously looked the fledgling trainer up and down. He wasn't exactly sure just what he was supposed to make of this whole situation. On one hand, the human in front of him seemed to be quite... energetic to say the least. She also appeared to be at the very least somewhat friendly. On the other hand... she was loud... and her movements seemed to be somewhat spontaneous to say the least. Still, the Pokémon seemed to determine that the girl before him wasn't... all that bad. With a conclusion in hand, the feathered creature carefully extended a wing, the tips of the feathers brushing against Zoey's hand gently.

"Nice to meet you then... um... Let's see... What did the professor call you again...?" Zoey mused. She closed her eyes, mulling over the different Pokémon that Professor Roxanne had mentioned during their meeting just a few moments ago. "Ah yes, Rowlet! That was what she called you."

At the mention of its species name, the Rowlet seemed to perk up just slightly. Zoey wasn't sure if this meant that the Pokémon had been fully understanding her or not. At the very least, he seemed to at least recognize his name. This was a good first step in the right direction regardless.

"Now then... I suppose calling your Rowlet is all fine and good. However, I think you need a proper name, one that will make you stand out above all the other Pokémon around..." Zoey resumed, taking a moment to carefully place her Rowlet on her shoulder. It was another move that seemed to take the Pokémon by surprise, but one that managed to not freak him out too terribly. "And I have just the name for you... Are you ready? How about... Artemis, right? Isn't it a lovely name?"

The Rowlet, which had now been dubbed Artemis by the pink-haired girl, gave his trainer a curious look. He clearly didn't seem to know just what to make of the name he had been given. That said, Zoey seemed to not notice in the slightest bit... And if she did, then she pretended not to.

"Are you ready, Artemis? This is the beginning of our grand adventure!" Zoey exclaimed. From here on, we'll face many challenges... and probably battle many foes, both trainer and wild Pokémon alike. But, I can tell just from looking at you that you're quite the strong and formidable Pokémon. Are you ready to prove yourself as the very best?!"

The Rowlet stared at Zoey in a mix of dread and surprise. For some reason, not one word that the girl mentioned seemed to fill him with any bit of excitement for what was ahead. In fact, Artemis suddenly felt like zipping back into his poké ball and hoping to Arceus that this was all just some sort of bad dream. Unfortunately, it was something that the Rowlet would have no luck of accomplishing. Before he could make a noise to imply any sort of rebuttal, Zoey took off with glee in a mad dash towards the gate that would lead them to Route 116.

This was going to be a long day...
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Kimberly Crawford

1.0: Initialization

The beeping on Kimberly's Poketech - the cry of a Spearow - sounded off, signalling that her wait was over. She calmly shut it off and looked towards the Gym-esque door of Professor Roxanne's lab. Though the city did a good deal of work on the building, she could still features from the previous building. The door style, the general structure of the building itself, and the sign that had yet to have its glass-shielded paperwork updated were remnants of a relic lost to history, standing glorious only in photographs electronically transcribed onto the pages of a schoolbook.

Kimberly had been waiting patiently for the trainers to file in and out of the lab so that she could have some discretion when receiving her Pokemon, sitting on a bench and solving some Supoku puzzles as she passed the time. A few of the more friendly trainers tried to engage with her after leaving, but her demeanor quickly drove them away. She didn't do so intentionally - it was simply a byproduct of Kimberly's social skills, which were far from competent.

As she watched the last trainer turn the corner and head back into the bustling streets of Rustboro, she stood up. Most would have rushed hastily into the lab to claim one of the rarer species Prof. Roxanne has available, but Kimberly was not so rash. She was aware that she'd been assigned a specific Pokemon by the Devon Corporation's research facility, and she simply didn't feel like dealing with the chaos of new trainers scrambling to snatch a Gible or a Beldum. But now, it was her time.

She walked directly into the lab, intent fueling her steps and composure stoning her face. Prof. Roxanne was leaned over table in the back, intently studying a specimen under a microscope. However, the sound of footsteps approaching drew her attention, and she perked up when she saw who they belonged to. "Ah, Kimberly. I was wondering when you'd arrive."

"Professor," Kimberly greets, her voice unconcerned but still purposeful. "I figured that I'd have an easier time getting my Pokemon without dozens of trainers crowding your lab."

Prof. Roxanne laughs. "Uh, yeah, that was a good call." She gestures to the scattered papers, books, and instruments. "They sort of tore this place up."

Kimberly looked at the ground, and then back at the professor. "They did. I would recommend cleaning this up, for safety purposes."

The older woman smiled, unfazed by the minor insult. She was used to Kimberly's demeanor, having worked with her a few times at Devon Corp. "Good suggestion. Let's get you set up."

The two walked towards the back of the lab, stepping carefully over the mess created by the stampede of trainers that earlier inhabited the small space. Prof. Roxanne moved towards a locked cabinet, swiping a card to open it and then pulling out a high-tech, light blue box with various black-and-green line designs wrapping around the exterior. She pressed a button, and with a small fwoosh, the top of the box flipped open, revealing a shiny Pokeball.

Kimberly eyed it, some excitement raising the hairs on her arms underneath her sweater. "So," Prof. Roxanne starts, "as I'm sure you're aware, you've been assigned to the Gym challenge for a purpose different from other trainers. While the majority of your, uh, younger colleagues will be challenging the Gym for badges, you will be challenging them to record the behavior of their Pokemon and how said behavior compares to wild Pokemon that have little to no interaction with humans."

Kimberly nods. "I am already aware of this information."

"Good," Prof. Roxanne chuckles. "Now, this is important, and may not have been explained to you already. You are not to complete this task alone." Kimberly's eyes widened slightly. "A requirement of your assignment is to travel with at least one other Trainer, ideally more if you can find some willing participants."

Kimberly mentally groaned, but did her best to hide her displeasure from appearing on her face. "Professor, I have to ask the reason why. I am perfectly capable of completing this task alone."

"You've demonstrated your competence in working alone, yes," Prof. Roxanne corrects. "But you will be working in a team environment when you start working full-time with Devon Corp. This assignment will help you practice your social skills. It's also useful for the research - we don't want just notes about the Gym Leaders' Pokemon and your interactions with your own Pokemon, we want to see how these Pokemon behave with others as well."

Kimberly inwardly cursed but kept her mouth shut. This is far from satisfactory. The presence of others will merely hinder my abilities. Nevertheless, she nodded - Prof. Roxanne was still her superior, and raising protest with the conditions laid out could cost Kimberly her job. "I understand. I will do my best under the circumstances."

Prof. Roxanne smiled. She knew that Kimberly wasn't happy with having to work with others - the girl often worked alone, and tended to produced amazing results - but knew it would be good for her. She had seen Kimberly upset another employee without meaning to on more than one occasion. Her people skills needed a lot of improvement if she intended to become a full-time employee. "I believe in you. You've shown incredibly tenacity and skill with your work - this is but another challenge that I'm confident you can overcome."

Kimberly nodded. "Thank you, Professor. Now, may I receive my Pokemon?"

Roxanne chuckled. "Alllright..." The woman grabbed the Pokeball and held it out in front of her, Kimberly stepping to her side to avoid the beam. With a click of the button in the center, the ball burst open in a flash of bright light, and a Pokemon materialized in front of the two.

Ivy Walker

| Telepathy | Mischevious


  • Psybeam
  • Telekinesis
  • Heal Block
  • Miracle Eye
  • Rock Tomb

Kimberly eyed the floating Pokemon with fascination, some excitement leaking through her features. Its appearance was far more technological than natural, as if it had been produced by humans. However, the design was far more advanced than anything humans had been able to come up with. The alien-like being floated upwards towards Kimberly, coming eye-level with her. "Professor, I have to admit, this is truly an astonishing Pokemon. I don't believe I've seen such a Pokemon before."

"This is Elgyem," Prof. Roxanne begins. "This is one of the few Pokemon in the world that are, for lack of a better term, organic technology. Until recently, this Pokemon was exclusive to the Unova region, and also completely undiscovered. Elgyem possess incredibly Psychic abilities and are the only Pokemon able to communicate with humans directly using their own language."

Kimberly's eyes widened with surprise. "Communicate with our language?"

Prof. Roxanne nodded. "Telepathy. Elgyem are able to connect with human beings using Telepathy and communicate directly to them. They seem to have some kind of language processor that adapts to the language used around them."

"That's... incredible..." Kimberly was, for probably one of only few times in her life, completely awestruck. She was already considering the various ways in which telepathic communication between a Trainer and Pokemon would give huge advantages in battles. "I'm honored to receive a Pokemon this powerful for my journey."

"Well... not everything is perfect," Prof. Roxanne chuckled. "Elgyem are a little wild when they're young. This one in particular exhibits playful behavior. That may prove a bit challenging for you in the beginning, but with some refinement, I believe she will be a powerful asset in your research."

"Absolutely," Kimberly couldn't help but let a small smile escape. She looked back at the floating Elgyem. As if instinctively, the Elgyem held up her hand, the red/green/yellow nodes glowing. Curiously, Kimberly placed her own hand against the nodes.

Suddenly, a buzzing sensation rocketed around her body, as if she were being painlessly electrocuted. The Elgyem chirped delightfully, her eyes flickering between red, green, and yellow. Just as quickly, an electronic voice sounded in Kimberly's head, vaguely female but more robotic than anything else.

"Greetings! My name is Ivy Carter. Please speak your name!"

Kimberly covered her mouth, trying to hide her surprise. "M... my name is... Kimberly Crawford."

"Hi Kimberly! I'm so glad to meet you. I've been given special instructions from Devon Corporation to assist you in a large research task. You'll find that I am equipped with state-of-the-art technology that will be helpful, such as telepathic communication, battle simulations, video and audio recording, safety protocols, trainer database access, and note taking, among hundreds of other features. I can do nearly anything you can think of!"

Kimberly looked to Prof. Roxanne with bewilderment and excitement. "This is... incredible!"

Prof. Roxanne can't help but give a huge smile. "I'm so very happy to hear that you find your Elgyem suitable. Be warned, however, that you'll have a big learning curve when using these features and Elgyem's powerful Psychic abilities. Try not to, uh, destroy anything."

Kimberly nodded. "I promise I won't. I'll make sure to utilize Ivy to the full extent."

"Oh, you've already given it a nickname?" Prof. Roxanne smiled. "How sweet."

Kimberly withheld the information that Ivy provided her own name. The girl sat patiently through the Trainer registration process, itching to put Ivy's abilities to the test. While waiting, Kimberly observed Ivy's playful nature. The small being floated around, chirping happily and stacking some fallen books into a small castle-like structure with Telekinesis. That may prove... difficult to work with. Kimberly was the exact opposite of playful, and ironing out that quirk from Ivy may take some effort.

After providing Kimberly some starting Pokeballs and her Pokedex, the girl rushed out of the lab with Ivy in tow, moving quickly towards the route. "I hope you're ready, Ivy. I want to see exactly what you can do."

"I'm super ready to help, Kimberly!"

That cheeriness might eventually rub Kimberly the wrong way, but for now, she was way too interested in Ivy's abilities to care. With haste never previously exhibited before, she tore through the town towards Route 116, eager to experience what could possibly be a new technological wonder.
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Eevee! The sudden outburst startled Minerva. It's the first... no, second time she heard her Eevee utter anything. Rather sad, figuring the first time was after he was at last released from his Pokéball when received.

"Oh? Yes? What's the matter love?"

Eevee! he breathed out and leaped off his resting place, landing before her. He then sprinted off towards the bushes, leaving the open grass and entering where there's light tree cover. "Oh no no dear me, please do wait for me!"

As they approached Eevee's destined location Minerva started to pick up on barking. It wasn't just from one source, but from several different ones that appear to muffle... crying? Upon this discovery she picked up the pace, yet careful not to dirty herself with the branches or dirt Eevee kicked up.

At last the small brown Pokémon came to a stop, in a battle-ready pose. He slightly tilted his head and glanced at his trainer, waiting for a command. Vee. What Minerva stumbled upon was a small toddler hugging her legs against her chest, head buried between them in a trembling state of fear as several Poochyenas surrounded her. Bruises and cuts covered her skin, tugging at Minerva's heartstrings. Yet she, too, paused in fear.

She wasn't ready for a battle just yet, let alone one with several Pokémon at once. There's a good chance they'll both get devoured alive and left unconscious before the toddler, becoming an extra bagagge for her.

Vee! he repeated, becoming frustrated by her hesitation. "A-ah, Eevee, certainly we're not ready- I-" Disgruntled, Eevee tackled the nearest pooch, thus making his presence known.

The growls were no longer directed at the girl.

"Wait, Eevee! You'll get hurt if you don't stop!" Minerva cried out, panicking. "Let's get help first!" Her words flew over her partner's head, who dodged an incoming Poochyena before sprinting away, taking the pack of four with him. "Eevee!"

She took a step towards their direction, yet realized the toddler was still sitting on the ground, sobbing. Not wanting for them to come across the wild hounds, yet too terrified to follow Eevee, Minerva ultimately decided to tend to the injured stranger.

"Let's go before they return," she spoke to the toddler, quickly approaching her while the wild pack were distracted. "It's okay, you're not alone anymore sweetie." The toddler lifted their head, fear in their expression. "Here, let me hold you, quickly." Without hesitation the little girl jumped into her arms as soon as they were available. Their head dug inbetween the nook of Minerva's neck and shoulder, arms around her neck and legs around her body.

Minerva let out a strained grunt as she forced herself into a standing position, one arm holding the child's bottom whilst the other was placed on their back, hand slightly hidden by the toddlers short hair.

"Eevee!" Minerva cried out once more, becoming distressed by his absence and lack of response. "Oh no no no what should I do what should I do?" Emotions bubbled inside her - fear, apprehension, indecisiveness, anxiety - and began to pour out in the form of watery eyes.

She remained there, legs unresponsive, unable to leave Eevee. But the wait wasn't long. ...eeeeevee!

"Eevee?! Eevee!" Within seconds her partner burst out from the bushes he had dove into minutes prior, bruised and out of breath. He struggled to reach her, giving out beside her. "Ah! Nonono no please!" The sounds of footsteps and howls neared. With her hands full she was unable to reach his Pokéball in her purse.

Two Poochyena emerged from the bushes, startling Minerva. Panic-stricken, and with the toddler tightening her grip on her, the young adult reacted to the approaching canines with a single, quick kick and screech. To her surprise, and horror, she landed a hit on one of the wild Pokémon, sending them flying to impact a nearby tree. They whimpered and let out a cry before running away, prompting the second Poochyena to follow suit. "I am so sorry, I didn't mean to hit you! I just reacted!"

It was now quiet. Wind whistled through the trees, gently caressing the two girls. Eevee's labored breathing pulled the young trainer out from her frozen spell of fear and into reality, prompting her to kneel down. Leaning back to free the hand holding the toddler's back, she reached into her purse and retrieved a small piece of leftover brownie.

"Here, it's a brownie." The small Pokémon tilted his head, giving her a puzzled expression. Guilt began to consume her. "I... forgive me. I don't have a potion with me, but I'll take you to the Pokémon Center to heal you back up. But p-please," she pleaded, slightly pushing the food closer to her partner. "Can you eat this to get just a tad bit more energy?"

Eevee glanced at the trembling toddler before beginning his first nibble. Gradually the brownie shrunk, somewhat helping Minerva's worries. "Oh thank you kindly, I promise we will buy you what your heart desires soon enough! Your bravery was simply unlike... me." There was a pause. Eevee glanced at his brooding trainer, who was now holding the child in a tighter embrace. "I don't believe I deserve a Pokémon with a heart of gold such as yourself. But! I digress, we must return our little missy sweetheart back home safe and sound. I cannot imagine how concerned her mother is."

With a sudden burst of energy Eevee leaped on to Minerva's free shoulder prior to her standing back up, a small smile plastered on his face after having heard her meaningful thoughts.

They began their trek back to the city they had just left, together having formed a new memory to forever cherish. Albeit perhaps not a happy one.

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Standing just at the edge of route 116 stood Dameon, taking in the scenery of the route. Now he was out in the open world, to explore it and meet many people and Pokémon, and to start those travels, he had a friend. Resting on his shoulder was a Swablu, but not just any Swablu, his Swablu. When making his decision and hearing little bits of information about the Pokémon, he found Swablu, or as he named her, Queen, to be perfect. She’s a happy Pokémon and a really friendly one too. If he was to meet many Pokémon, having some friendly company would be the best way to go about it.

The little bird whistled a short melody before rubbing against Dameon’s head. “Hey friend! I think I was right, we’ll get along really well. So, do you want explore around or what? There’s plenty of people and Pokémon out there! Should we just explore around and get familiar with the place?” He asked, giving the fluff ball a pat. Queen responded with a short chirp and small hop. “I guess that’s a yes! Let’s check the place out!”

And with that, Dameon Danberry took his first (official) steps of his journey. He began following the main trail and saw there were a handful of side paths and trails that led off the route into the trees a little ways before turning back, according to the signs anyway. Curious to see more of the area and see what Pokémon are around, he decided to check out one of the smaller trails. After all, if you want to see Pokémon, then you’d check out the forest. At least, that’s what he did back home.

Feeling the shade of the trees cool him down, Dameon was quickly hit with nostalgia as he paused and gazed around. “Whoa, it’s so much like home. All the trees and cool breeze through here, it’s similar but different in a way. I already can’t wait to see more places!” He gave a slight fist pump in the air in excitement, smiling widely and Queen giving a hearty chirp. The duo was ready for whatever the adventure ahead had in store.

With so many Pokémon to meet and places to see, why wouldn’t he be excited?
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Every Stroll is an Adventure with your Best Friend

Merry whistling brightened the atmosphere of the already-bright Route 116 even further. Sure, anyone more than ten feet away would probably lose it in the tumult that seemed to be plaguing the area today but the pair of travelers the tune came from were happy enough hearing themselves. The whistling was quite good when you got to listening, honestly, permeated by a real sense of camaraderie and harmony from the "Munch!" or "Lax!" That punctuated every third beat of the song. Jeff Miles and the best buddy a trainer could ask for, the steadfast and ever-hungry Romanov had begun their greatest journey, finally, and nothing would put a damper on their mood!

Not even when some small pellets pelted them right in the face! Wait... that's not in the script... Who would - ? "Ack, sorry mister!" Oh, some kids playing with slingshots! No, wait who even still plays with slingshots, what year is this? The children approached to retrieve their pellets as they apologized, evidently intent on being conservatory with their ammo.

Jeff dusted a pair of pellets off of his cheek while Romanov simply watched the kids at their work, being far too soft and bouncy to have even felt the impact of his own experience being a target. "Hey, you kids should be more careful, not everyone is as forgiving or as resilient as the two of us, you might get in real trouble or even hurt someone." He chided the youngsters.

"Yeah, we'll be more careful from now on, mister." The most vocal of them replied unconvincingly.

"And really, Slingshots?" Jeff continued. "Who even plays with slingshots anymore? What year is this?" Hey, I already said that!... Fine, whatever. not like he can hear me anyway, I'll let it pass this time. The pack of pipsqueaks ignored him and went on their merry way, running through the grass and slinging their shots at each other as kids are apparently wont to do nowadays and the pair of travelers looked at each other and shrugged. The journey resumed from its short halt, the annoyance of being shot already having crumbled away in the face of excitement, giving way to more whistling.

"Ever looking forward, ever thinking back. Everywhere you've been, everyone you've met was another step on your path, shaping your future even as they become part of your past. One must never discount the pieces that have made up your journey until now but to lose yourself in them would be equally great folly, instead let them hoist you up, carry you on until you find the strength to walk for yourself. So it is that I continue towards that endless horizon. Ever thinking back, ever marching forward, inexorable as the history that brought me down this road. This Lonesome Road."
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With a sudden burst of energy Eevee leaped on to Minerva's free shoulder prior to her standing back up, a small smile plastered on his face after having heard her meaningful thoughts.

They began their trek back to the city they had just left, together having formed a new memory to forever cherish. Albeit perhaps not a happy one.

The Eevee grumbled, glancing away from Minerva as she kept repeating the same question. "Are you for certain? I simply have concern for your overall health. You did not look well. Not one bit! The Pokémon Center isn't far, yet what would happen if your body didn't have the energy to sustain itself?"

Observing Rustboro's towering buildings brought a dilemma to her attention. "Hello, sweetie? Is it quite alright for me to ask you a quick question? It will be quick I promise," she murmured to the toddler. She squirmed in the trainer's grasp, sniffling as she lifted her head. "It's okay if you don't wish to respond, I can always call if you have the number-"

"NORA?" a voice hollered from within the crowd ahead. The toddler refused to budge, instead she began to sniffle and tremble. "OH NORA! Where have you been?!" The woman cried out, clumsily making haste. She wore feminine business attire and, despite having thrown her heels aside, ran as if she still wore them.

"Oh! Look! I believe that's your mother little sweetie," Minerva mumbled to the girl, attempting to nudge her out of her state. "See?"

"Ooooooo Noraaaaaa! Thank you thank you thank you thank you!" she gushed, arms instinctively reaching for her little angel. "Come to momma." And as if she had uttered the magic words the young girl swiftly swapped women within a second, mouth at last opening to let out a loud cry.

"Mommy!" Sobbing ensued, accompanied by shaking and a much tighter grip. Her mother's free hand caressed Nora's scalp, fingers disappearing within the thick hair, successfully calming the child.

"My Eevee must have sensed her presence and found her deep in the wooded portion of the route," Minerva explained, like a proud mother as she gently cupped the small Pokémon in her hands. "My brave little sugar rescued her from a group of ferocious Poochyenas." Eevee cringed at the words of affection, ears flopping above his face in embarrassment.

The mother gingerly cupped a cheek of his, cooing and worsening the creature's embarrassment. "You deserve a treat!" She then glances up at Minerva, her expression a serious one. "Let me heal your Eevee. It's the least I could do."

"Ah, I'm afraid I would simply be a bother to you miss. I really shouldn't."

Eevee slept on top of a downy cushion located on top of a pulled out, black leather recliner. Nora knelt beside him, admiring the rare sight of such a Pokémon. Sniffles escaped from her, still shaken from the events that had transpired.

"Nora can be a handful. She doesn't stop talking about being a Pokémon trainer," the mother explained, hands constantly in motion. In front of Minerva was a great ball and 500 P, both of which were all the family could gift to her as a token of appreciation. Minerva had attempted to deny, yet they insisted to the point of rage. "Pokémon this, Pokémon that. Ugh. It's even affecting her school."

"Oh dear." Minerva acknowledged the frantic mother every few seconds. Whether it was an oh dear or an oh my, her attention was all the miss seeked. Somebody to listen to her woes.

"...and the darn supervisor gave the promotion to Helga. If I knew the boss cared more about having fun nights than busting my rear to get the job done then I would have gladly done so." She checked on her daughter before leaning forward, uncrossing her legs. "I had next weekend planned out for Nora, but thanks to that Helga now those plans are going into my credit cards."

"Oh no, I really am sorry to hear. I cannot imagine the debt you will incur because of it."

"Ugh, I know."

The chat was cut short by Nora's snoring. Both women bid their farewells and went their separate ways, one of which had a child to tuck in to sleep and the other an Eevee to somehow warm up to. And out of worry of waking the injured Pokémon, Minerva decided on returning him to his pokéball. Maybe then he could acquire some well needed rest.

Our young trainer then heads out and continues her journey. But not without stopping underneath a tree to organize her newly acquired gifts into her bag.

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Steffi Bashira

You are Steffi.

In front of you is not what you had hoped for. You were aware of the fact that Professor Roxanne had already chosen a pokemon for you in advance, and you accepted it when it was given along with a pokédex and a generous supply of standard edition pokéballs. It was a well raised pokémon, and specifically assigned to be your partner, so everything should be totes fine.

And yet. You had still hoped for a fluffy cat pokémon. Maybe a dog, or a salamander, or some form of bird. At the very least, somehow you hoped that if your new partner had any claws to fight with, they would be retractable.

The dark creature standing before you is a little bit cat-like, there's no denying that. But its claws - it's IMPOSING killing weapons - seem to stay drawn. Is it going to attack you? Is your journey really starting off that badly?

The Sneasel raises an eyebrow at you. It's clearly wondering what you are doing, why you aren't saying anything. You should probably speak up.

"Hello," you produce. Eyes still fixed on the murder limbs.

The creature sort of squeaks in return. A strange noise that reminds you of shadows and terror. Yep, definitely a bad start to the journey.

But Sneasel doesn't seem angry, and you do realize that too. It merely rolls its eyes at you now, before it completely loses interest. You manage to let out a breath you have been holding for way too long.

Get a grip, will you? You're barely out of the city, haven't even diverted from the path you take towards your childhood home yet. But you will; that was the point of this whole thing. Go out and prove that you can be a strong trainer, and nobody will be able to resist you. At least not Garen.

You clench your fists now. Yes, thinking of Garen always motivates you, doesn't it? One day, you'll meet again. By the time you get to the other side of Hoenn, where he is, you have to be strong enough to impress him.

So pull yourself together, weirdo.

"Let's go find something to battle," you say with an overly confident voice and start marching towards Route 116.

The death cat doesn't seem to mind, and follows you obediently. You still can't help but keeping valid distance between yourself and the shiny razor claws though. As much as you wish you could pretend they weren't there, there's just no way in hell you could not notice them. Hey, at least they are on your side!

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Blair "B" Nicolette

Blair walked through the bustling cobblestone streets of Rustboro, his new companion perched atop his head, chirping with glee and delight. Blair smiled to himself as he continued on towards the outskirts of the city, his pokemon’s jubilant demeanor helped to calm his nerves. Before he knew it, he had reached the beginning of route 116. Hesitantly, he studied the path ahead of him, paying attention to the tall, emerald grass, the thick-trunked trees and the rolling verdant hills in the distance. The route was certainly picturesque, but Blair wasn’t exactly a photographer, nor was he overly enthusiastic about the outdoors. He had always found nature to be captivating, however, he preferred admiring it from a distance. Therefore, the thought of journeying from town to town, city to city, on foot was rather unnerving. He could already feel the ache of his feet just thinking about it. He did wear comfortable running shoes though, fashionable ones of course. Blair wouldn’t be caught dead in a pair of ugly, off-trend hiking boots. The mere thought repulsed him. Yuck!

Don’t be such a princess. He thought, huffing. You’re overthinking things, as usual.

“Na! Na! Skit! Skit!” The cat pokemon was clearly ecstatic for the journey that was about to ensue, unlike her trainer.

“Persia, you’re excited, are you?! Well, at least one of us is.” Blair wasn’t exactly sure how he had chosen the name for his pokemon. It had just popped into his head after the Skitty had excitedly burst out of her pokeball. Anyways, it was fitting. A beautiful name for a beautiful pokemon, especially since a name like Princess was too simplistic and boring. Besides, Persia herself seemed content with it.

“Naa! Na!”

In truth, Blair had dreamed of embarking on a quest to be a pokemon coordinator since he was a young child. It wasn’t that he was unenthusiastic, he was just..reluctant. Yes, reluctant.

“Well, hun. I suppose we should get going. Tardiness isn’t cute. It never has been.”

Persia nodded and the two continued strolling.

A bit later

“Hey, you know this isn’t nearly as terrible as I thought.” Blair announced to his companion as they continued walking. Although they had been travelling for approximately 9 and a half minutes it felt like 9 and a half hours! Shouldn’t they be halfway across Hoenn by now??

Suddenly, a rustling could be heard in the bushes alongside the path. It startled Blair, causing him to jump slightly.

“Oh my! What could that be!?” He questioned aloud, his voice nearly falling silent, as if afraid that the monster hidden within the shubbery would hear him and attack.

“Na! Na! Skit!” Persia seemed intrigued, leaping off Blair’s head in a split second before hopping towards the bush, popping its head in to see who was making all the ruckus.

Blair’s mouth hung agape. “Persia! What are you-”

You know the saying, curiosity killed the cat. Blair just befriended the Skitty, she couldn’t die yet!

Suddenly, the Skitty tumbled backwards, chirping in surprise.

“Oh, Persia!” Blair quickly scooped up his companion, inspecting her for any possible injuries. The poor thing was oh so delicate! Blair would never forgive himself if she got wounded so soon! Arceus help them!

Suddenly, a pokemon appeared out of the foliage. It resembled a fluffy, white cloud of some sort. Perhaps a cumulus cloud. Blair reached for his pokedex, his hands shaking just a tad as he opened the electronic device.

“Mareep, the Wool Pokémon. Mareep store static electricity in their wooly coats. They avoid battles and have mild dispositions.” A male voice detailed aloud, much to Blair's wonderment.

“A Mareep, huh? So it wasn’t a cloud. I mean, it’s really adorable and docile.” Persia seemed to think so as well, as she bounced out of Blair's arms and sized up the fluffy pokemon before her.

The sheep pokemon just nibbled on a leaf, carefree. Blair admired the pokemon’s relaxed demeanor. He wished he was more like that.

Persia, meanwhile began running in circles, chasing her tail. She seemed ecstatic to have met another pokemon. Not a moment later, she began bouncing up and down, as if she was an Azurill. It was evident that she desired to play with the electric-type pokemon.

“Mar! Mareeeep.” Mareep seemed relatively amused, although it kept munching.

“Na! Na!”

Blair studied the two momentarily, they seemed to have befriended one another instantaneously. How quaint.

Blair hesitantly approached the pokemon before reaching out a trembling hand in order to stroke the pokemon’s head. Although, He was afraid of being electrocuted. Who knew what this miniature cumulus cloud was capable of? The Mareep recognized this gesture and moved toward Blair’s outstretched hand. Blair gingerly began to stroke it, a smile plastered to his face.

“Eeeeeep. Mareep!” The Mareep seemed pleasured by his touch.

“Hey little guy. Or girl. I did not just assume your gender.” Blair greeted, chuckling.

“Although, something tells me you’re female. Gays have strong intuition, you know.”

“Eeep! Mar!”

It seemed he had guessed correctly.

“Anyways, what are you doing out here all alone?” Blair asked, glancing around and seeing no other pokemon in sight. Other than Persia, of course. She was occupied chasing her own tail again, the hyper critter that she was.


“Hmm. Perhaps we should make sure that you’re never lonely again.”

Those words seemed to catch Persia’s attention as she hopped in front of her trainer instinctively.

“Paying attention again, hun?”

“Na! Na!”

“Alright! Let’s do this.”

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Zoey Winters &
Jeff Miles
Route 116
Chapter 1-2 | Baby Troubles

Current Parties:

"So, let's see..." Zoey mused aloud as she made her way towards the northeastern exit of the city. "According to the map, we need to travel along Route 116 first. It doesn't look like it'll be too much trouble to get across... Still, I guess we need to make sure that we're ready for anything that might come our way, Artemis."

The Rowlet in question, who was still perched on his trainer's shoulder, gave the girl a curious look as she spoke. It was something that didn't go unnoticed by Zoey, who offered the owl Pokémon a quick pat on the head before explaining.

"We weren't the only two to be paired up back at Professor Roxanne's lab," Zoey began. "So no doubt all the others who got their first Pokémon and Pokédex from her will be heading this way as well. That is, if they aren't already on the route to begin with. There's also the fact that other trainers will most likely be traveling the route as well..." She paused for a moment, bringing a hand to her chin as she began to think the possibilities over. "I don't think there will be any trainers that are... rich with experience out there... At least, there shouldn't be many. Most likely it'll be local students bumbling around."

Zoey's reasoning seemed to be doing little to ease the Rowlet. Artemis seemed to suddenly be somewhat hesitant in venturing out onto Route 116. He was already somewhat nervous about it, having never really left Roxanne's lab before. However, to now be facing the prospect of many trainers with other Pokémon who may be just as strong... if not stronger than him, all with varying levels of experience... Well, it was only natural for Artemis to feel somewhat apprehensive about the whole ordeal.

Zoey seemed to pick up on this and rolled her eyes with a somewhat playful sigh escaping her lips. "Oh, relax Artemis. I'm sure we'll do just fine. Besides, this could offer us a chance to maybe catch a new team member as well! I'm sure there will be many wild Pokémon lurking around on the rotue as well! Just thinking about it makes me even more eager to get out there!"

Eager was an understatement at this point. Before Artemis could so much as respond, the pink-haired teenager took off running past the city gate. While Zoey had ventured outside of towns before, they were usually under the comapny of her parents or some of the hired help. This was truly the first time that she had set off into the wilderness on her own, and it did indeed offer some sort of liberating feel to it all.


As it turned out, whistling for too long could really chap a person's lips so Jeff took a break to hum instead. "What kind of pokémon should we catch first?" He blurted out suddenly at Romanov when some rustling in the trees caught his eye. The buddy in particular lifted an arm and happily proclaimed "Munch!" Jeff shook his head in mock disappointment. "No, no, I've already got one of you, the team needs diversity." Romanov tapped his chin for a few moments, then shrugged.

"Hmph, fat lot of help you are, with all your not-talking and such... stupid language barrier. How do we have all this pokémon based technology and yet not even one translator?"


"Exactly! And what about all the poor saps that can't understand each other as well as we do? But I suppose that's part of the fun of dealing with pokémon... makes me feel bad for trainers with problems understanding body language or social cues though... " More rustling by some trees, louder this time, further off. Jeff even thought he heard something like a voice. He turned to ask Romanov for one of his ever-astute observations only for the Munchlax to bolt towards the sound without so much as an acknowledgement.

The new trainer followed his friend instinctually and didn't have to chase him too far beofre they cam to a small clearing in the shrubbery where Romanov leaned over a bundle of feathers crumpled on the forest floor. Upon closer inspection the bundle in question was a young Tailow, likely even newly hatched. "Oh no! You poor thing." He said, kneeling down. "Romanov I know you've got a good nose but I didn't think you could smell injuries!" The Munchlax looked at his trainer with hands and a mouth full of fresh berries picked from a nearby tree and Jeff's eyes narrowed in disappointment. "Oh, that explains it."

He shook his head and turned the Tailow over to check it. It didn't seem hurt too badly, it had a small bald spot in some of its sofy down with a bit of red. It seemed to have fallen unconscious, likely from shock moreso than injury - before Jeff could examine it any further Romanov pried its beak open with one hand, and dropped an Oran berry he'd chewed to pulp into its mouth. The little flying type woke with a start, seemingly renewed with fresh energy and hopped out of Jeff's hands, hopping madly about the clearing and cheeping as loud as possible in fear at waking up in such a strange situation.


The excitement of stepping out onto Route 116 did not last too particularly long for Zoey. The route was quite a bit quiet, with barely a peep being heard as the she and her Rowlet began to make their way across the path. While she knew it was early, the girl did not suspect that the route would be this... vacant at this time. Sure, she really hadn't been in Rustboro City for all that long... But were the people there just late risers or something of the sort.

"Well, this is certainly a disappointment," Zoey finally said in a huff as she crossed her arms over her chest. "Where is everyone?"

Artemis did not seem to be too upset over the matter, though. In fact, the Rowlet seemed to be taking the turn of events rather well. If the route was this vacant when the duo set out, then perhaps it would be possible for the two to make it to the other side without so much as a single confrontation. It was a pleasant thought to the Pokémon, but a thought in name only. A sudden gasp of surprise from his trainer alerted Artemis to the fact that their situation was about to change rather quickly. He glanced over in the direction of Zoey, finding the pink-haired girl to be staring off to the left in the direction a young man and his Munchlax. Without so much as a word of warning, the girl took off in a sprint in the duo's direction. Her eyes shining brightly with excitement with each step she took. Before long, the Rowlet managed to slip off the girl's shoulder, forcing him to fly after Zoey as quickly as he could.

"You two!" Zoey shouted out as she came to a stop. She paused, taking a moment to catch her breath before pointing at the two in a rather dramatic fashion. "I challenge you to a battle!"

He turned to her, clearly distressed. "I can't battle right now. Something weird is going on." He pointed at the baby Tailow, now quieted down but still hopping about looking for - Jeff could only assume - its mother, occasionally letting out a distressed peep. "This Tailow is too young to fly but for some reason it isn't in its nest and I haven't seen or heard any Swellow." Romanov raised his hands in an awkward attempt at a fisticuffs pose until he heard his trainer's denial and he seemed to remember the problem at hand, deflating somewhat.

"Come to think of it..." Jeff continued. "I haven't heard any birdsong since I left town. Have you?"

Zoey frowned, clearly not impressed by the response she had received. "Not really... but it's not that big of a deal is it? Little things like that probably getten eaten up by bigger wild Pokémon all the time!"

"Not around here they don't." Jeff replied. "Tailow don't really have much in the way of predators out here, that's why it's a popular nesting area, at least that's what the Professor told me. But they just might start getting eaten if something is knocking them out of their nests, it could screw up the ecology of - " An increase in the frequency of the cheeping and peeping caught his attention and he swiveled his head to see there was now a second little Tailow in the clearing, no doubt drawn by the sounds of the first.

"Another one? Err... tell you what, if you help me figure out what's going on, I'll battle you - OH, right! I never got your name! I'm Jeff!" He introduced himself offering his hand to the excitable girl while Romanov mirrored his action with the Rowlet that had followed her, except his hand had an Oran berry he'd found in it.

Zoey glanced down, a somewhat annoyed sigh escaping her lips in the process. All she wanted to do was battle this boy, and now she found herself having to put up with solving some mystery if she had any hope of actually doing so? It was quite troublesome to say the least. Artemis on the other hand, seemed to be practically beside himself. He had just set out from town and he was making a new friend already. When he first saw Jeff's Munchlax, the Rowlet was a bit nervous. He was a bit larger than the bird Pokémon was, so in some regard it was to be expected. However, the Munchlax seemed to be quite friendly. At least, he did so to Artemis. The Rowlet gladly accepted the berry, offering a small coo of thanks in response.

"You sure we can't just battle first and then you can do deal with... whatever it is going on?" Zoey asked.

Jeff's brow furrowed, both because she hadn't introduced herself in turn and because he actually really wanted to battle her too... but he couldn't just leave the poor little birds to die! "If we battled now, I'd be all distracted and concerned, probably not a very good challenge. We could accidentally hurt one of the Tailow ourselves too. Besides, it's the least we could do for Professor Roxanne after all she's done for us, I bet something like this would be really important to her."

"Alright, alright... Fine... Let's just get this over with," Zoey pouted once she saw that she was not going to get her way in the matter. "Lead on."

Without further ado Jeff ran straight to the clearing's biggest tree and scrambled up it like a Mankey. A few moments later he popped out from the leaves, hanging upside down from a big branch by the backs of his knees. "There's bits of grass and twigs and some feathers up here, but no nest. Rowlets have good eyes and I figure they know a thing or two about nests. Think he can help us out?"

"Huh... Yeah, sure..." Zoey replied, really not paying attention too much to the sight before her. She glanced down at her Pokémon and gave the Rowlet a quick nudge. "Aretmis, go up there and see if you can find anything that sticks out."

The Rowlet nodded in response, flapping his wings gently as he took to the air and made his way towards the nest in question. He landed carefully on the branch which held the nest, taking the utmost care as to not disturb the nest in question. The Rowlet knew that the last thing he needed to do was to shake the nest loose or cause any important clues to come spilling out. Artemis leaned in close to the nest, his eyes widening as he began to examine it closely for a sign of any sort of disturbance. After a few moments, the bird Pokémon let out an excited coo. He gently reached into the nest with his beak, pulling something out before he flew back down to the ground below.

Zoey held her hand out to her Rowlet, allowing Artemis to place whatever he had found up in it into her hand. "...pellets...? What are these doing up there? I'm pretty sure that Pokémon don't use something like these to make a nest... right...?"

Swinging down and dropping from his branch a bit awkwardly, Jeff joined her in examining the pellets and his eyes widened. He grabbed one between his fingers and squinted at it. "Those little Rattata! These are the same kind of pellets I got hit with earlier! I ran into some kids running around shooting each other with slingshots. I bet those brats knocked the Tailow out of the tree! I owe those turds a good talking too." He exclaimed, clenching his fist angrily.

Artemis shivered slightly at the sight of the angry Jeff. The Rowlet was quick to flutter his way behind Zoey, cautiously poking out from behind her leg just in case the boy happened to fly off the handle.

"Hold on, now... Are we really gonna be worrying ourselves over some kids now too...?" Zoey questioned, growing more annoyed by the moment. "They could be anywhere by now... Besides, who even knows if they're still in Rustboro?!"

"They were just kids." Jeff countered. "They can't be from too far away, if they're not around they're not around but we can't -" He was cut off by the sounds of excited laughter and snapping sounds preceeding a rapid pitter patter of feet. "You wanted a battle? Jeff asked, his smile returning and angling itself into a smirk. "I think you just got one." When the approaching noises grew close Jeff pushed his way through the bushes and jumped out onto the forest path, causing the kids to come skidding to a halt and slam into each other. They dropped their slingshots and Jeff pointed triumphantly.

"That's quite enough of your crap!" He shouted while Romanov mirrored his actions, wagging his stubby little finger for emphasis.

Zoey huffed, rolling her eyes as she followed behind the boy and his Munchlax. A rather bored expression graced her features as she followed Jeff out, all the while Artemis fluttered behind the girl. "Yeah... Knock it off..."

The two young boys looked at them, clearly confused. "What's your problem, blondie? Didn't we already apologize for hitting you earlier?"

"Romanov?" was all Jeff had to say for the Munchlax to stomp on the slingshots the boys had dropped when startled by the trainer.

"What the heck, man?!" They exclaimed. "You can't do that. those were ours!"

"If they were so important to you kids you shouldn't have been shooting baby pokémon with them!"

"This is all over those stupid Tailow? Who cares?!" One of hte kids argued. "I bet they get eaten all the time!"

Jeff's eye twitched at the familiarity of the argument. But before he could say anything else one of the boys withdrew a pokéball from his pocket. The other one did the same when he noticed.

"Let's see how high and mighty you are when you're beaten to a pulp!" The yappy one said before they both threw, releasing a Poochyena and a Wurmple.

Romanov stepped firmly in front of Jeff while his trainer smiled over at the girl apologetically. "See? You get a battle after all."

"Yeah, after you dragged me into this mess," Zoey retorted. "Man... I didn't sign up for beating up a bunch of kids like this..."

"Aww...! Are you scared, old lady? Why don't ya go on home if you're soooo scared?!" the boy with the Poochyena called out.

Zoey paused, glancing down at the boy in question. Her eyes narrowed, quickly glancing behind her without missing a single beat. "Artemis, you're on."

The first kid gestured frantically and shouted "Poochyena, use Tackle!" The ravenous little pokémon let out an attempt at a viscious howl that only managed to sound adorable before it charged at Romanov.

The second ordered "Wurmple, tie them up with String Shot! Then hit that featherball with Poison Sting!" Wurmple did as it was commanded, spitting a sticky silk all over the arena and at both of its opponents.

"Romanov, show that Puppy some love." Jeff said. Romanov walked slowly forward like a tank, ignoring the strings of silk that fell on and draped over him even as they made him yet slower. When the Poochyena reached him he spread his arms and took the hit, sliding backwards a few feat from the impact, then clamping his arms around the puppy pokémon in a Bewear hug. Romanov opened his gaping maw and his tongue came out, now seeiming impossibly large. He dragged it slowly a cross the Poochyena's face making it freeze up in disgust and convulse slightly at the extremely unpleasant and alien feeling of the strange attack.

Artemis quickly took to the sky as the Wurmple shot out the sticky, web-like substance in the direction of both Romanov and himself. Zoey smirked at the owl Pokémon's quick response. "Good thinking Artemis! Now, use Ominous Wind!"

Artemis coo'ed in response, quickly flapping his tiny wings as hard as he could. A dense, fog-like purple mist flowed forth from the Rowlett, envoloping the battlefield before it encompased the Wurmple entirely. Zoey was quick to follow up with another attack, quickly commanding her bird Pokémon to attack with Tackle. Artemis quickly dove down in the direction of the bug Pokémon, only to be greeted with a Tackle attack of its own. The two Pokémon slammed into each other, but Artemis being a bit heavier than the Wurmple was enough to send the worm recoiling back from the exchange.

"Chip Away at that Poochyena, Romanov!" The Munchlax lifted the little dog pokémon higher up with one hand and began to smack it back and forth with the other. Poochyena's trainer ordered it to use Crunch, surprising Jeff by knowing a move that advanced. It clamped its jaws down on Romanov's arms hard enough to pierce even his tough hide and he started to flail his arm, swinging the puppy around like a club. "Hmmm... Oh, Lick it again! And keep at it!' Romanov wasn't too keen on getting more fur in his mouth but he followed his trainer's advice and stopped flailing his arm to drag his massive tongue back and forth accross the Poochyena's face over and over again.

The Poochyena held on valiantly, but after a few more licks sparks began to run all along its body and it froze up completely. "It's paralyzed!" Jeff called out to his pokémon. "Now whip it at that Wurmple as hard as you can!" Romanov called out an exciting "Munch!" and took on his best pitcher pose, leaned back just a bit while he wound up...then snapped his arm forward and launched the Poochyena right for Artemis' downed opponent.

Zoey felt somewhat satisfied over how easily both she and Jeff managed to handle their opponents. In most circumstances, the girl would have probably let the match end right there and then. However these kids did make it a point to call her an old lady, something that the pink-haired teenager was not about to let slide despite how easily they had dominated the battle against the younger trainers' Pokémon.

"Artemis, finish them both off with a Leahage," Zoey called out. The Rowlet gave his trainer a somewhat hesitant glance. The Wurmple and Poochyena were pretty much both defenseless now. Still, Zoey seemed adamant on the command. "Just hurry up and do it already!"

"Hey now!" Jeff interrupted. "They're just dumb, bored kids, is that really necessary? Besides, it wasn't their pokémon making trouble, don't they have it hard enough having such immature trainers?"

"What are you talking about? You were the one who was all determined to put a stop to them back when they were hurting those baby Taillow," Zoey argued. "I'm just making sure they learn a lesson about all of this!"

One look at the terrified looks on the faces of the two boys sealed Jeff's doubts. "Seems to me like they learned their lesson already." He began, taking a few steps forward. "A little emphasis couldn't hurt though." He continued to approach the boys, Romanov now at his side. They backed up until they tripped over the prone forms of their pokémon. "Romanov, these poor kids seem a bit scared, why don't you give'em each a kiss on the cheek to make them feel better." The Munchlax hummed an affirmative and gave each of the troublemakers a big Lick across their faces, leaving them shivering in disgust and trying to shake it off.

"So, you boys gonna cause anymore trouble?" Jeff asked before continuing without allowing them to respond. "Because if either of you hurt any more innocent pokémon in your stupid playtime I'll come back to stomp you and drag you back to your parents and tell them exactly what you've been up to. I'll even bring Professor Roxanne with me if I have to. Speaking of stomping..." The boys had dropped their slingshots when they stumbled. In unison Jeff and Romanov each slammed a foot down on a slingshot, snapping it in two.

"A-Alright, alright! We're sorry!" the boy with the Wurmple cried out, looking over at his friend in fear. "Hurry up, Tim! Apologize already!"

"Y-Yeah, yeah! We're sorry okay! W-We won't do it again!" the boy known as Tim stammered out.

Zoey watched with a rather unimpressed expression as the two boys scrambled to their feet. They were both quick to recall their Pokémon before attempting to make a mad dash back towards Rustboro City. Although, Tim was quick to stop by Zoey on the way.

"Sorry for calling you old..." the boy sniffled.

Zoey rolled her eyes, crossing her arms as she looked the other way. "Whatever... Just hurry up and get lost."

Tim didn't need to be told twice. The boy practically jumped in fear at the pink-haired girl's response before he took off after his friend. Neither one of the two younger boys even dared to look back as they made their way back to town. Zoey didn't take her eyes off the pair for one moment until both of them were out of her field of sight, almost as if she didn't trust them to try and pull something else upon their departure. Once they were both out of sight, the teen sighed and finally looked away.

"What a total waste of time that was..." Zoey grumbled. "They didn't even put up a good fight."

Jeff chuckled at the whole scene. "Well, at least you got some experience battling with your new friend Artemis, right?" He asked, bending down to scoop a Pecha berry off the ground. "Plus it's pretty obvious that kid just wanted to get your dander up before, you're obviously too pretty and energetic to be old! Kids like them just think everyone older than them is 'old'. Plus, your hair is pink!" He blurted out the end as he'd only just now noticed. "Cool, is that natural?"

Zoey rubbed her forehead in annoyance. First this guy dragged her to deal with some punk kids and now he was hitting on her? The girl could feel her frustration growing by the minute and she suddenly just wanted to get on with her journey.

"What kind of question is that supposed to be... You know what, forget it. Let's just finish up taking care of these baby Taillow already," Zoey snapped, making her way back to the small duo of bird Pokémon. Both of the baby Pokémon were now chirping in delight and quite loudly at that. It was very annoying to say the least. "So, what now? You're the expert on these... things clearly. So what do we do?"

"Yeesh, sorry I asked," Jeff said to the air, walking over and scooping one of the Tailow into his hand. "Since the nest looked more or less in tact I guess we just put them back so they're nice and safe whenever their momma gets home. If you're really that tired of all this I won't hold you up if you wanna go. I won't forget I owe you a battle later." Without waiting for an answer Jeff set the first Tailow on top of his head and carefully climbed up the tree. A few seconds later he leaned down from a low branch and held a hand out. "Hey Artemis, wanna lend a wing to help out your cousins?"

The Rowlet gave Jeff a somewhat affermative nod. He quickly made his way towards the baby Taillow that still rested on the ground, carefully taking care as to not hurt the tiny Pokémon as he scooped it gently into his talons before making his way up towards the trainer in the tree. Artemis slowly let go of the baby Taillow, depositing it safely in Jeff's hands before coming to a rest on the nearby branch and watching the boy curiously.

"Thanks, buddy." Jeff said, standing up on his branch and carefully stretching up to deposit the second Tailow back into the nest where its sibling was already waiting for it. Now they were both peeping more happily than ever and Jeff couldn't stop a big smile from spreading on his face. "That's the ticket, you were both so brave. Make sure to thank your uncle Arty and tell your momma he helped you out." The incoherent babbling babies kept up their noises while Jeff sat back down on his branch and reached into his pocket, pulling out the Pecha he'd found earlier and offering it to the Rowlet. "I know Romanov already shared but I have to thank you somehow." He rubbed the back of his head. "I don't think your trainer likes me much, so you can give it to her later if you don't want it. Hopefully if it's from you it will brighten her mood"

Artemis glanced down at his trainer, taking in the sight of the girl waiting somewhat impatiently for the duo to come out of the tree. Not wanting to linger any longer than he probably needed to, the Rowlet happily took the offering from Jeff. He held the berry carefully by his beak as he slowly flew down to the ground, landing close by Zoey. The girl looked down, quickly taking note of the berry being held by the Rowlet.

"Another berry, huh...?" Zoey questioned, taking it from her Pokémon. She sighed, before placing it inside of the berry pouch on her trainer's bag."This whole distraction, and that's all we get out of it...? Whatever, I'm sure we'll have a use for it later..."

Jeff swung his legs back and forth a bit in preparation to jump down, just in time to be startled by a loud birdcall while something swept by the tree close enough to send the branches swishing. There was a large cracking noise and the trainer plummeted to the earth, shaking his head to clear the stars while he picked himself up. "You really are a grump, aren't you? Do you only ever help anyone for the sake of a reward?" He groaned, his optimism starting to crack a bit. "Don't worry, I promise not to ask for your help again anytime soo-" The sound rang out again, this time the silhouette stopped above the trainers' heads.

"Swellow! The large bird pokémon glared at the trainers for a few moments before it deemed the sound of the cheeping Tailow more important and flew into the tree. After a short delay the Swellow popped its head back out and looked at the trainers more softly this time, something fluffy and white clenched in its beak. It dropped the cargo and a pair of feathery objects drifted down to the trainers. They looked like small, white wings.

"I guess she's thanking us?" Jeff said with a hint of confusion. "Guess the babies really did tell her what happened."

"Do you really think they can?" Zoey questioned. "Even if Pokémon can understand each other, I honestly doubt that those two little runts can actually form enough words to actually describe what just happened... Anyways, I guess that means that this whole mess is finally taken care of." She paused for a moment, picking one of the small, wing-like objects off the ground. "I wonder what this thing is supposed to be...?"

Jeff shrugged and tried looking at the wingthing from every angle he could think of. "Dunno." He held it out to Romanov and the Munchlax held it gingerly between his stubby fingers, squinting at it all the while. "Pokédexes have data on items related to pokémon too now, don't they? I think I remember hearing something like that." He withdrew his pokédex and pointed its camera at the wing. The little red light came on and blinked once or twice and a little loading symbol spun around on the screen.

"Muscle Wing." The pokédex explained. "One of a group of small wings that can grant pokémon additional power when absorbed. The Muscle Wing increases a pokémon's physical strength."

"It makes a Pokémon stronger, huh...?" Zoey mused, a small smile gracing her lips. She glanced over in the direction of Artemis, already grinning at the thought of giving her Rowlet a quick power boost, before placing it inside of her trainer's bag for safekeeping. "Not a bad gift, I must say..."

Jeff plucked the feather out of Romanov's hand and stuffed it into a pocket of his bag. "Looks like we got a reward after all. Should come in handy whenever I catch a pokémon weaker than Romanov." The Munchlax tilted his head, he'd really expected to be the one to use the Muscle Wing but he got over it quickly enough. Romanov wandered to the edge of the clearing, having had enough of standing around for one day and waved back at Artemis. "I suppose that's that." Jeff sighed. "See you later, hope you have more fun with whatever happens to you next." He finished and made his way back towards the road so he could get back to his journey.

"Yeah, yeah..." Zoey grumbled, watching as Jeff made his way ahead. "Come on Artemis, we better get going too."

Zoey began to walk towards the path as well. Artemis quickly flapped his wings, taking his place back along the girl's shoulder. While she wouldn't have called it the most exciting day so far, at the very least the girl did manage to get a few unexpected gifts to help along with her journey. Hopefully, there wouldn't be anything else as annoying as this waiting for her further up the road...
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Steffi Bashira

It didn't take Steffi long at all to find a trainer to battle. This route was pretty famous for being overrun by rookie trainers and schoolkids, after all. Parents let their kids go out here since they know they would be safe around so many other people, at least if they had a pokémon of their own accompanying them. Steffi had been allowed to walk this route towards her home, alone, even without a pokémon. She wasn't the kind of girl who got into trouble, after all.

This time, things were different, of course. She still was nowhere near comfortable with the claw carrier that walked next to her, and she contemplated several times during their promenade whether or not to bring it back into its pokéball again. But she had always liked it when trainers on TV kept their signature pokémon outside of its ball, walking in the world alongside them.

Was Sneasel her signature pokémon though? With those claws... She swallowed hard, as she stood in a clearing in a patch of forest, not far from the road, watching her pokémon stare down the opposing Zigzagoon and its peppy boy trainer. She fights for me, Steffi reminded herself. No accidents will happen either, if I stay at a safe distance from the fight.

"Zirrus, use Headbutt!" the boy shouted, and his pokémon shot forward and struck Sneasel in the chest.

She was knocked back and let out a slight groan, but didn't seem overly harmed, as she stood back up quickly. Steffi clenched her fists, but subconsciously took a step backwards, away from the action.

"Use Scratch!" she called out. There was an odd feeling of satisfaction when she watched her pokémon carry out her order without delay. Well trained professor-grown pokémon indeed. I think I like this feeling, Steffi found herself thinking, even forgetting to worry about the presence of long claws for a moment.

"Sand Attack!" the boy ordered as his Zigzagoon recovered. The pokémon whipped up a sandcloud around it, swirling towards Sneasel, who definitely didn't look like she was longing to get wrapped up by it.

During their walk out of town, Steffi had - at the behest of Alma - made sure to memorize Sneasel's known moves. She usually wasn't the quickest to react to things, but perhaps the adrenaline activated her now. A flashing idea sprung to mind.

"Quick, use Icy Wind!"

Sneasel once again obeyed without hesitation, and the counter-move worked. The Icy Wind blew away the Sand Attack, right back into the Zigzagoon's own face.

"No!" the boy screamed.

Steffi knew well from what Garen had told her, that as a pokémon trainer, you couldn't afford to hesitate and wait for too long. You had to take chances. But right now... her mind blanked. She was full of satisfaction from having her partner obey her, and her strategy working, but she suddenly couldn't think of what she should do next!

The boy seized the opportunity, as the Sand Attack had time to dissipate around Zigzagoon, and Sneasel glanced back at its trainer as if to ask for the next order.

"Zirrus, Headbutt now!"

The attack struck seemingly harder this time, as it almost took Sneasel off guard. Steffi gasped as her pokémon was knocked back and fell to the ground, and she couldn't help but take several steps back, away from the danger, away from her hurt pokémon.

"Follow up with a Tackle!" the youngster shouted, spurred on by the success.

Steffi watched almost paralyzed how the Zigzagoon kept attacking her Sneasel, until Sneasel didn't get up again... It just glanced in Steffi's direction, a sad, blaming stare, before the next Tackle hit her, and she passed out.

"Well, that's that," the boy said, and called his Zigsagoon back to its pokéball. "Gimme the prize money, I don't have all day! Got more battles to win!"

Almost in a trance, Steffi handed over the normal acceptable amount of money for a countryside road victory. When the boy had gone, she fell to her knees on the ground, Sneasel still lying immobile several meters away.

She had already failed.

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Continuing along the cool forest trail, Dameon arrived at a sign on the path. He paused and went to read it, it had a picture of a bug-looking Pokémon on it so it got his attention quickly.

-Silky Smooth-

Wurmple are common bug-type Pokémon found in plains and forests. They are well known the silk that they produce.

“Wurmple huh? That’s cool! I wonder if I could see some around here…”

As he paused to ponder the possibility of seeing some Wurmple, some voices caught his attention just down and off the trail.

“Hurry up! It can’t be that difficult to yank some out…”

“Shut up, it’s not like you’re the one dealing with a bunch of bugs.”

It sounded like two men, and Dameon picked up some animosity in their voices. He turned his head to look at Queen and was surprised to see her puffed up. Her cotton-like wings were puffed up and he stared off towards where the voices came from.

“What’s wrong Queen? Is there something about them that’s bugging you?”

As he asked, she chirped in a far more aggressive manner then he expected. “Whoa, alright. Let’s check it out…” Hesitantly, he started making his way towards where the voices came from with guidance from Queen.

Soon, the duo came across a surprisingly big tree in comparison to the rest of the area. Right next to the tree were two men, they looked to be in their early 20s, but it was hard to tell due to their punk-ish style. One had climbed up the tree a little way, his arm digging through a hole in it.

Concerned with what they said earlier and their suspicious style, Dameon called out.

“What are you two doing here?”

They both were startled by his sudden appearance, the one in the tree seemed to hasten whatever he was doing while the other took a defensive stance. “It’s none of your business kid, now get lost!”

Dameon took a step back, surprised at their aggressiveness. He took a better look at the two and saw strands of white that almost looked like cobwebs. He looked closer to the top of the tree and saw a group of Wurmple cowering at the top, afraid of the two thugs.

Before he could say anything, Queen gave a loud cry and flew off of Dameon’s shoulder.

“You’re messing with the Wurmple’s home!”

“I said get lost!” The thug yelled out, and then threw out a Pokeball.

Shoot! Time for battle!

The Pokeball burst open, revealing a small dog-like Pokémon. Dameon recognized it as a native Hoenn Pokémon. Poochyena, one of his neighbors that he met had one, and he was very loyal.

“Ok, Queen start with peck!”

The Swablu was ready and dove towards the Poochyena, the bite Pokémon took a hop to the side, causing Queen to fly past, but she twisted her body and lunged her beak into the Pokemon’s side, causing it to hop away in pain.

“Hit it with a bite!” The thug called out, now that Queen had stopped Poochyena had an opening.

“Uh, use sing!” Queen attempted to start up a melody, but was stopped by the pooch squarely biting her wing. Queen started flapping her wings, causing the pooch to release its grip.

“Don’t let up, sand attack!” The Poochyena kicked into the ground, causing dirt to fly up and land all over Queen.

“Ok Queen, get some space to roost. Then sing!” Queen flew back, having trouble seeing, she went towards Dameon’s voice and stopped on the ground, shaking herself. That bite was serious. As she took the moment to relax, she started whistling.

“Quick, tackle!” Poochyena charged towards the Swablu, making rapid pace. Queen’s whistling grew louder as the Poochyena charged. Then, it started slowing down. Queen’s soothing melody giving the comfort of a home. Poochyena stopped and fell onto the grass, falling asleep.

“What? Hey, get up!” The thug called out, though Poochyena didn’t respond.

“Alright Queen, peck the Poochyena once more!” Queen looked over to Dameon and nodded before lunging into the Poochyena’s side again, unfortunately for the pooch, the attack was in the same spot as before, causing it to yelp in pain. It ran back towards the thug as he returned the Pokémon.

“Hrg, hey! Get down here you-!” The thug called up to his buddy on the tree, only to see that the Wurmple had surrounded him, and three of them tackled him, knocking him down the tree onto the other thug.

“We need to get outta here before things get worse…” The tree thug let out before both of them got up and ran off.

Queen turned to Dameon and made a quiet, but happy chirp. He went over and scooped her up into his arms and cradled her. “That bite looked devastating, it didn’t break your wing did it?” He poked around where the bite was, it wasn’t broken, but it’ll likely be too sore to fly much. His companion seemed to confirm as much when he made note of it.

Suddenly, Dameon felt a soft piece of… silk? He felt the silk rest on his head, as he reached for it and looked up, he saw two Wurmple giving a cheerful chitter before heading into the tree. He picked up the piece of silk and examined it. It looked like the Wurmple gave him a gift as thanks for helping, a long piece of silk that looked like a scarf. He looked down to Queen and rested the scarf around her as she started to doze off.

“Heh, yeah. You could go for a rest after that, huh?” He cradled the cotton bird in his arms as he started to make his way back along the trail to the route. Not only does Queen need some time to recover, he should probably report those two thugs to someone…
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As with much of the Hoenn Region, Rusturf Tunnel has changed quite a bit over the years. Instead of the straight shot cavern that it used to be, it has been expanded into a series of various tunnels and passages for mining purposes. It can be quite easy to get lost within the cave's long and winding paths, and the rocky terrain certainly doesn't make walking around easier.

For all of its problems, the Tunnel has become quite popular with Rock Pokemon enthusiasts and explorers in general, as there have been rumors that some have found the fossilized remains of ancient pokemon within Rusturf Tunnel's walls. It is also a popular place for Hiking Trainers to both train themselves and their pokemon, as the difficult terrain provides a challenge for both.

The cave's selection of pokemon does no favors for aspiring trainers, as it leads directly to Verdanturf Town, the home of Poppy, the region's grass-type gym leader.

Available Pok�mon

Special: may only be caught in specific mission


You can choose out of any of the missions below. Be sure to claim missions in the OOC thread to let me and the other players know which one you are doing. You may joint post or collaborate on these missions with other players, but two players may not write for a single mission separately, unless it is a repeatable quest. Also, know that you aren't limited to just these missions. You can make posts catching pokemon, battling a trainer or exploring the route for yourself. I purposefully made fewer missions than there are players because I'd like for you guys to have some fun with this and not be restrained by these things. The missions are only here to serve as a plot point for you to write off of :3

Mission 1: A group of construction workers are blasting their way into finishing a new tunnel. Problem is, they've run into a rather large colony of Whismur. Now it's a battle for the colony's home vs. the progression of the tunnel. It's up to you to decide on which side you take. Reward - 5,000 P (Workers) or Choice of Evolutionary Stone (Whismur)

Mission 2: Near the front of the tunnel, a rather crazed looking man runs up to you with an offer of adventure and excitement in exchange for your protection from the cave's wild pokemon. Who is this man? Why it's the Fossil Maniac of course. Join him on a journey into the caverns of Rusturf Tunnel to find the fossils that he so loves. Reward - Choice of Fossil

Mission 3: Little Joey was dared by his friends to journey to the other side of the tunnel by himself. Unfortunately for him, he came with no pokemon... or map. This calls for a trainer's assistance. Reward - 2 Great Balls + 2 Potions

Mission 4: The former Sinnoh gym leader, Roark, has journeyed to Rusturf Tunnel for some research on the cave environment's recent expansion. If you talk to him and impress him, he may have a gift for you. Limited to 1 Character Reward - Larvitar

Mission 5:
Deep within the tunnel there have been a series of unnatural rumblings. Rumor has it that a pokemon, not normally found in the tunnel has taken up residence in the cave's lowest caverns. Whatever it is... it sounds big. Limited to 2 Characters Reward - Onix or TM Stone Edge

Mission 6: Star pupil of the trainer school, Alyssa Hawkins, is usually upbeat and raring to go. However, you stumble across her in a hidden tunnel talking anxiously to a mysterious figure. When you approach, the figure is nowhere to be seen. When questioned, she feigns ignorance and instead challenges you to a friendly battle and she's not taking no for an answer. Limited to 2 Characters Reward - 500 P (Win) or Ultra Ball + TM Dragon Pulse (Lose)

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Blair "B" Nicolette

Blair gazed excitedly at Persia. He was about to capture his first pokemon! Well, hopefully.

“Alright! Persiaaaa, use Covet!” Blair commanded. Persia leapt into the air, twirling gracefully, before smacking her tail forcefully on the Mareep’s head.

“Eep. Mareep.” The Mareep didn’t flinch. Instead, it just stood there unfazed, before laying in the grass and falling into a deep slumber.

Blair was utterly dumbfounded.

“WHAT!? She fell asleep!? A nap, at a time like this?! Not cute, girl.” He spluttered, glancing at Persia who appeared just as confused as he was.

“Skitty! Skit!”

“Does that mean we won?”

“Na! Na!”

Before her trainer could process the situation, the Skitty eagerly dug through Blair’s bag.

“Oh! Persia, please be careful! I have expensive makeup palettes in there, you know!” Blair advised worriedly as his pokemon jumped in the bag, rummaging through it in an aggressive manner.

“Skit!” The pastel pink pokemon bounced out of the bag, a pokeball in its mouth.

“OH! Right. I totally forgot. I should catch this Mareep, shouldn’t I?”

“Skitty! Skit! Skit!”

Persia bounded towards the electric-type pokemon, who was still resting. Being the clumsy little critter that she was, the Skitty tripped and fell, dropping the pokeball and causing it to roll away.

Luckily, the pokeball rolled towards the Mareep, the circular device tapping the sheep pokemon gently on the nose, before enveloping it in a blinding red light. The ball rocked a few times before a clicking sound echoed. Blair and Persia stood silently for a moment, both in disbelief.

“Skitty! Skit!”

“Did we just…? Persia! We did it! We captured Mareep.” It finally sunk in. Mareep was now Blair’s companion. Reluctantly, Blair moved to scoop up the pokeball. He gingerly held the crimson and white ball in his hand, as if afraid that with too much pressure, the delicate object would shatter like glass.

“Now, we just need a nickname for you.” Blair wracked his brain for any fabulous names that would fit his new partner in crime.

“Eleanor, perhaps? It’s timeless and adorable! Perfect for Mareep! What do you say, Persia!?”

The Skitty considered it. She was a thoughtful sort, much like her trainer. After much deliberation, she concluded that she indeed approved of the name.


“Oh, you like it too? Fabulous. Well, let’s allow Eleanor to rest for a while. In the meantime, I suppose we should continue on. If I’m correct, Rusturf tunnel lies ahead. Who knows what we might discover there?”

Persia nodded, enthusiastic about journeying onward. The two began to head forward yet again, Persia maintaining pace with her trainer, who was still in awe of having captured a new friend. Their team was growing already and the mere thought gave Blair a sense of joy.

New pokemon:
Eleanor the Mareep

Thunder Wave
Cotton Spore

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"Let's go over that again, shall we?" Minerva announced, dropping her nylon backpack. Its contents comprised of all the necessities the trainer collected for their next step in the journey; this was a cave afterall. To Minerva, anything could transpire in a series of tunnels.

Vee. Eevee sighed, curling himself atop her head, having witnessed her go through the bag twice already.

"O-oh! That's quite alright as well. If you must rest then by all means sweetie," she responded to his disinterest.

Neatly set on the cotton, burgundy blanket before her were her tools; a flashlight, a map, a blanket, etc. Each had its own designated spot in her expandable bag, to which by now she had long memorized after the numerous inspections she's made of inventory.

"Lovely! We're set!" she gushes, hands clasping together. The items returned to their designated areas and blanket patted down, albeit for a bit too long, for two trainers managed to pass the distracted Minerva. But at least her qualms about the blanket's cleanliness were now gone.

She takes one last gasp, tidies her bangs, confirmed Eevee was indeed atop her head, and feels for her items located in her nylon bag.

And then they were off. Into the mouth of Rusturf Tunnel.

The sunlight steadily diminished as they began to progress the tunnel. Minerva joins the plethora of other trainers, the sounds of their shuffling and activities bouncing off the walls.

Already a minute in and Minerva pulled out her flashlight and small map. "Good heavens, it became dark rather quickly. No?" The Eevee's ears perked, yet no response. "To our luck there were cheap light sources on sale. Albeit it did require the majority of my money." With swift, nimble hands the flashlight was grasped and turned on, a brilliant white light flooding the area."Ah, I can't bear the image of us within the darkness. Wouldn't it be such a dilemma? Hahaha... haha," she snickers nervously, mumbling to herself.

Mmmmppppfff was all the noise coming out of her Eevee, responding now before Minerva unnecessarily pats him and reaffirms his state of life. As a result naps during the day are practically nonexistent.

She strolls through the tunnels, map in one hand and flashlight the other. In the distance the faint sound of hurried foosteps began to approach, quickening by the second. It blended in with the cries of other Pokémon, to which Minerva justified with them belonging to those of trainers and their battles.

Huff-puff. Eevee placed his chin on his relaxed front limbs, glancing behind them. A small orb of light trashed about, nearing the duo. Huff... huff! The silhouette of a small boy materializes, the orb now able to be identified as coming from a helmet too big for their small skull. "Ex...EX!... ExcuseMe!" they managed to blurt out inbetween shallow breaths. Minerva began to swivel, only for the young boy to sprint past them, arm slightly grazing her hip.

Just as quick as he appeared he disappeared into the darkness. "Ah, the little boy is all on his lonesome," she mumbled, fingers lightly touching her lips. Eevee concurred with a hushed Ee. "Do you think he'll fare well?"

"Do you believe the boy will get lost? I hope he doesn't get lost." Together they continued, albeit Minerva would squeal and leap in every instance a Woobat or wild Pokémon sprung into view. It would wake Eevee, and at times the poor creature would nearly lose grip, struggling to keep himself held tight.

But otherwise, thanks to the map, the tunnel was a very easy trek. Trainers would riddle their path, fighting the wild inhabitants of the caverns. She assumed it was the reason behind the lack of willing, wild combatants.

The other opening of the tunnel became visible not too long after, initially starting out as a small twinkle of brilliant white light. It expanded until it retained the shape of the cavern's exit.

"Ah! Yes! We didn't get lost Eevee sweetie!" Minerva happily announced, crinkling the map in her hands. Eevee's cheeks flushed upon the nickname, grimacing at the affection. Yet the embarrassment didn't last long, for the appearance of silhouettes within the exit's blinding light caught his attention. What made him grow curious was the size of the humans; kids and likely not Minerva's peers. Earlier one of them, Eevee assumes, stumbled across them in a rush. Unfortunately that child was not amongst the group huddled at the mouth of the cave.

"Miss! Miss!" "Yeah, miss!" "Hey!" The voices all came at once, startling Minerva into a slight scare.

"Oh my." She fanned herself with her hand as the children at last agreed on a speaker. "Forgive me, I get scared far too easily-"

"Did you see Joey?"

It caught her off guard. "...oh? What was that dearie?" She crouched, arms folded above her knees. "Joey, was it?"

This time the smaller girl spoke up, without the concern the other's voice carried. "Did you see Joey?"

"Joey? Was Joey in the cave?" As Eevee had assumed, the little boy they encountered earlier must have encountered some sort of trouble.

Again, a different child spoke, the oldest boy. "Yeah, we dared him to get through the tunnels and meet us on the other side." He pulled out a walkie talkie. "See? They already told us he entered and didn't chicken off and come back out over there." There was static the moment he pressed the button, confirming his hypothesis with the others.

"But he didn't come out here," the smaller girl adds. "And he's fast. Like... very fast!" Her arms had spread out to make her point, somewhat hopeful for his success opposed to the older girl accompanying them.

"Can you check and make sure he's okay? He's taking too long."

"He's taking too long," the boy teased. "Stop crying Matilda."

"You cried," the smaller girl snickered, making the boy flinch. "You were screaming 'mooooommy moooommy!' Ahahahaha!"

"Not true!"

"Yeah huh!"

"Nuh uh!"

"Yeah huh!"

Their chitter-chatter continued without any signs of end. Minerva found it endearing, yet Eevee kept glancing back from where they came from, hoping for a silhouette to dash out from within the shadows.

But nobody came.

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A Rocky Start Doesn’t Mean A Dead End pt. I

There was no whistling to be heard when Jeff and Romanov entered Rustsurf Tunnel. In fact, the only sounds to be heard were echoing footsteps and occasionally a tumbling stone… mostly because Jeff was kicking some of the rocks they passed in a huff. “Yeesh, what a great start, eh buddy?” He said to the Munchlax strolling happily at his side. “Not how I imagined our first run-in with another trainer to go. Would’ve been nice to at least have a real battle and make a friend.” Romanov simply smiled up at him and let out a jovial “Lax!”

“I wish everything could roll off my back as easily as yours.” The trainer grumbled just before there was a slight rumbling in the cave, followed by a crash. Jeff and Romanov followed the noise on instinct and soon enough another bang followed from the same direction. The excited rush brought with it a knee scrape or bruised shin along the way but the pair were too busy indulging in their curiosity to notice the pain or consider being more careful with the uneven terrain… or the possibility of getting lost.

No more crashes, thankfully but that didn’t mean there would be no more noises to guide the intrepid young man and pokémon. “Alright, good work Rampardos! That should clear the way! This passage shows signs of being prime for fossils! We’d better give it a rest for now, don’t wanna cause a cave-in.” Rounding a corner off Rustsurf’s old main path, Jeff saw a man at the mouth of yet another tunnel branch, surrounded by small chunks of rock and falling dust. Much more significant was the big ol’ chonkin’ dinosaur next to him. The pace of Jeff’s approach greatly increased at the sight of the imperious pokémon.

Shielding his eyes from all the dust assaulting him, Jeff marveled at his luck running into such a cool pokémon and it’s trainer, as long as they didn’t want to battle. “Whoah! A Rampardos!? I’ve never seen one in person, cool!” The man and his massive friend turned to the newcomers and right away Jeff found he recognized the guy. “Roark, is that you? Wow, running into you is just as cool as meeting a Rampardos!”

The man in the miner hat recovered from his surprise near instantly and smiled at the trainer. “Oh, hello! I guess my reputation precedes me. You’re right on the money, it’s nice to meet you.”

Jeff smiled back while Romanov ambled over to the Rampardos and poked at one of its big claws with a finger. The large dino-mon snorted and lifted his foot just enough to push the Munchlax back a bit. “The pleasure is all mine, I promise. I’m Jeff and this is Romanov, we’re best bros as I’m sure you can tell.” He replied, pulling Romanov’s head against himself and smiling wider. “I thought Oreburgh was your area, branching out, are we? I suppose it’s not surprising, Rustsurf is close enough, who better to help expand it and dig for more fossils or set up a mine, right?”

Roark rubbed the back of his helmet. “I guess that was the idea they had when they told me about the expansion but I didn’t need much prompting, I love caves and I’ll go anywhere for a chance to discover new fossils! Honestly if I hadn’t become a Gym Leader I bet everyone would just call me another Fossil Maniac, haha.”

“Heheh, I’ve never heard of a Gym Leader who wasn’t a bit of an eccentric.” Jeff fired good-naturedly. “I’m just glad to have a pleasant conversation with another trainer. So far my encounters as a real trainer have consisted of little brats bullying baby pokémon and some girl charging in to demand a battle and then just being a grump the whole time because lives are more important than her battle…”

“It’s always exciting to see new trainers setting out on journeys of their own!” Roark said, Rampardos nodding it’s huge head next to him while Romanov’s own face bobbed up and down in sync, watching the larger pokémon curiously. “Why don’t you tell me about it?”

Jeff relayed the ordeal with the baby Tailow to the rock-loving Gym Leader and Roark for his part listened politely and silently. When Jeff was finished Roark chuckled lightly. “Sounds like you didn’t waste any time getting started, but why so sour about the girl.”

The younger man’s brow furrowed and he glared at the ground. “I was so excited to start out, then I decide to help out these poor little pokémon in trouble and she runs up demanding a battle and just because she doesn’t get her way she wants to be negative and no fun at every possible turn…”

“Sounds to me like that pink-haired trainer was really excited to start her journey too.” Roark stated so matter-of-factly that Jeff jerked his head away from the floor and raised an eyebrow. “Sounds to me like she was looking forward to her first battle quite a bit and the disappointment you’re feeling now is exactly what she was felt as soon as you declined the battle. Then there was just one thing after another and her first battled ended up feeling like a joke.”

Jeff stared at him for a moment, then grimaced. “That’s… Huh, maybe you’re right.” Suddenly he felt a bit childish. “I probably could have handled it all a bit better.”

Roark’s eyes softened and he reached to the back of his belt. “What would you say to a more exciting battle to make up for that dud earlier?”

“What?! I-I just started, I don’t think I’m ready to battle a gym leader yet! I appreciate the offer, Roark but -”

“Not with me.” Roark cut him off drawing a pokéball with what looked like a sticker of an acoustic guitar just above the button. “One of my pokémon hit it off with one of the others at the Daycare when I had to leave him there for a bit to switch up my party for a day at the Battle Frontier and an egg mysteriously appeared! That egg ended up hatching a bit of a troublemaker so I was taking him out with me to get him some exercise and hopefully a bit of discipline and humility.” A smirk overtook Roark’s face and he tossed the ball up into the air. “Come on out!” The pokéball burst open at the crest of its arc and the characteristic flash of light was accompanied by some spicy guitar strums and a rain of holographic rose petals.

Oh, that wasn’t a sticker, it was a seal! Jeff marveled momentarily as the light coalesced into a small green creature that looked sculpted from stone. It landed gracefully, spun and clapped its tiny little hands in perfect time with the guitar sounds. “A Larvitar? Sweet!” The creature looked up and down, then snorted and raised its hands in a fisticuffs pose, like Romanov had earlier in the day… but a lot less derpy.

“Looks like he’s ready to roll, too!” Roark announced. “He’s been looking for every opportunity to show off or scrap since I got ahold of him and he wasn’t too happy with being put away in the ball while Rampardos and I started excavating. Before Jeff even said anything else Romanov was already facing down the Larvitar, bouncing from foot to foot in excited warm-up.

Jeff positioned himself a safe distance to the side of the combatants while Roark did the same opposite to him. “That’s all I need to see! Let’s not waste any time, Romanov! Use Chip Away!” The Munchlax did just that, charging at the Larvitar with a glowing fist primed for a vicious right hook. Jeff gasped when the Larvitar mirrored Romanov in turn and their fists clashed, scattering sparks and bits of stray energy. They clashed again and again without either one gaining the upper hand at first, then, bit by bit Romanov started to slow down, damage building up in his hands. Romanov probably had a bit more raw physical strength, but with both of them using a normal type move the Larvitar’s rocky hide gave it a clear advantage.

“Lick it like it’s rock candy, buddy!” Jeff changed tack. Romanov “Munch!”d an affirmative and grabbed onto Larvitar so fiercely that it was shocked out of its assault. Romanov’s mouth opened impossibly wide like a sentient trashcan and his massive tongue dragged up his opponent’s body, shocking it and forcing it to cringe painfully. Just before the tongue reached its face the Larvitar shook off the shivers and reared its head back in rage, slamming it back down and clamping its jaws down on the center of Romanov’s tongue in a perfectly timed Bite.

Romanov let out a pained cry and the enemies quickly released each other, the Larvitar jumping back and glaring at Romanov while the Munchlax stamped around in a fit, holding his mouth muk and whimpering. “Alright then.” Jeff began. “See how it likes a Zen Headbutt!” Romanov ignored the pain and steeled himself, facing down Larvitar again and beginning to glow with a purple-pinkish aura. The Larvitar’s eyes widened in pure shock when the Munchlax’s feet left the ground and he [I]flew/I] at it like a fuzzy psychic missile!

Jeff’s partner slammed into Larvitar and lifted it off its feet, carrying it all the way to the wall of the tunnel and crushing it into the solid stone, causing the cave to rumble slightly, scattering small rocks across the area. Roark’s eyes darted around the tunnel with a touch of nervousness. “Nice move! I wouldn’t have expected something like that from a Munchlax and it was super effective too! But let’s be a little more careful about the ca-” The supervising Gym Leader was interrupted by yet more rumbling when he saw the young trainer’s Munchlax backing away from the indentation the attack had made in the wall. Larvitar took a step forward, its whole body now glowing with a sandy golden aura.

The tunnel rumbled one more time as various large stones around took on the same aura as the Larvitar and all flew a Romanov simultaneously. “It’s using Rock Slide!” Roark shouted fearfully. “But that Zen Headbutt destabilized the wall! You all need to-” He wasn’t given a chance to finish. More and more rocks ripped themselves out of the walls or away from the floor to fly at Romanov and the rumbles crescendoed into a massive crash. The mouth of the tunnel caved in, tumbles of rocks and boulders falling all around them until a solid wall of stone blocked the trainer and pair of pokémon from Roark’s view.

"Ever looking forward, ever thinking back. Everywhere you've been, everyone you've met was another step on your path, shaping your future even as they become part of your past. One must never discount the pieces that have made up your journey until now but to lose yourself in them would be equally great folly, instead let them hoist you up, carry you on until you find the strength to walk for yourself. So it is that I continue towards that endless horizon. Ever thinking back, ever marching forward, inexorable as the history that brought me down this road. This Lonesome Road."
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Steffi & Max - Route 116 PART I

“It shouldn’t be much further in now, I’m sure,” Max said, looking down at the Cranidos that was lazily plodding along at his feet. He was looking for the miner’s rest house, having come across a notice they left asking for assistance.

This could potentially have been a golden opportunity for Max, miners came across rare rocks and fossils all of the time. Maybe they’d reward him with one or he could at least get some pointers on where to find some. The trouble was, he was utterly lost. He had never been this far out into the forest before since he didn’t have Pachy yet and the directions on the noticer were absolutely awful.

“It’s bound to be here somewhere,” Max reiterated, Pachy merely yawning in response.

Steffi closed in on the Miner’s rest house ahead. She had to heal Sneasel, but she was too far off from the city to turn back now, and she certainly wouldn’t head home and suffer humiliation by her siblings for her early failure.

As she got closer to the front door, a strange chattering noise grew louder and louder. She couldn’t really place it, yet it sounded familiar… Sneasel’s pokéball in hand, she decided to knock on the door. No response. The loud noises continued. Steffi knocked harder.

“Go away already!” an angered man’s voice from inside called out loudly, surprising Steffi.

As Max and Pachy continued to wander, they too began to hear the increasing louder noises and soon found themselves stumbling onto the scene just as the gruff voice yelled out the door at the girl.

“This must be the place, right?” Max asked his Pokemon, the Cranidos just tilting his head blankly in response. Communication was going to have to be something they worked on it seemed.

With Pachy in tow, Max walked up to the other trainer.

“What was that all about?”

Steffi jumped slightly when she noticed there was somebody else around. Automatically, a smile flew onto her face.

“No idea, I just wanted to let my pokémon rest somewhere,” she said, sounding sort of defeated as she recalled the earlier failure of a battle. But this new trainer didn’t need to know about that. “I’m Steffi! Who are you?”

“I’m Maxwell, but I prefer Max. This here is Pachy, he tends to bang his head on new things, fair warning.”
Steffi might have taken a slight side-step at that information, to distinctively put Max in between herself and his pokémon.

Max noticed the movement and grinned a little, but otherwise paid it no mind. Pachy was sniffing in the direction of the door now, apparently something behind it was of particular interest. Max knew where that was going.

Sure enough, there was a resounding thud and subsequent Steffi-gasp as the small fossil Pokemon thwacked his head against the structure. Grumblings could be heard from within, before the door suddenly burst open.

“I thought I told you to go aw-”

The void beyond the door was filled by a very large man with a very large beer gut with a very messy beard and a very, very orange high visibility vest still worn over his grimy outfit. Unfortunately for him, he didn’t get to finish his growling because a second, much quieter thud - more of a splat really - signalled Pachy’s head colliding with the aforementioned beer gut. Instead of forming words the man merely let out a wheeze instead.

“Pachy, I don’t think that helped our situation any,” Max said “Sorry about that sir, Pachy has both burning curiosity and poor impulse control and expresses both through the top of his head.”

Steffi did her very best to suppress a laughter at the scene. She shook her head to regain her composure, when two other figures appeared behind the temporarily incapacitated man.

“Frank, don’t be so rude,” a woman said, with a voice that nonetheless sounded as if she’d rather fall asleep on the spot than welcome visitors. “It’s probably trainers who saw the sign, isn’t that right?” she added towards Max and Steffi in the doorway.

Steffi leaned in ever so slightly towards the boy. “What sign?” she whispered.

“They apparently have a Seedot problem, at least according to the advertisement they had up back in Rustboro. That’s actually why I’m here, I’m hoping to earn some good will to help with fossil-hunting.”

“Ohh,” Steffi said, leaning back.

Max reached down to put a hand between Pachy and the new coal miners, just in case. There was no reason to cause any more problems.

Frank grumbled under his breath and retreated further back, putting distance between himself and Pachy’s rock hard cranium.

“I can’t speak for Steffi, but I’m here about the Seedot definitely.”

“Looks like you’re Cranidos is raring to go,” the male minor remarked, although his tone didn’t indicate the same degree of interest as his words.

“Something like that,” Max chuckled.

“I’m here to help too!” Steffi piped up. If she wanted to prove herself as a trainer, she couldn’t stand idly by when others took action. “It’s just… I need to let my Sneasel rest first. Do you think it’s possible I can do that here?”

The woman managed to spare Steffi a concerned look. “What happened to it, dear?”

Her companion saved the girl from answering: “A battle, of course. They’re trainers.”

“Of course,” the woman agreed. “We have a med kit and some extra potions lying around, come in and we will see what we can do for you.”

“I doubt anyone can feel healthy around here with all this noise though…” the man said as he and the woman gave space for the trainers to enter the building. “I really hope you two can do something about it.”

“We will! Trust in us!” Steffi reassured him as they followed the miners inside.

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"Can you check and make sure he's okay? He's taking too long."


The beam of light shone upon their path, constantly moved about to reveal the nooks and crannies around them. It made Minerva feel secure with the knowledge that nothing resides amidst the darkness.

She frequently updated herself on their whereabouts with their map. "I truly hope the boy is out of harm's way. Had I known this was our ultimate destination I may have been able to give the boy the right push in the right direction." Eevee was alert, yet let her words fly by. He wasn't up to her pity. "Perhaps... just perhaps, I c-could have prevented a tragedy. Oh dear me, do you believe that could have been a possibility?" Eyes began to water upon the thought, guilt plaguing her mind.

Veeeeeeeeeeeee, the creature moaned. Minerva was oblivious to the display of annoyance, far too focused on imaginary scenarios.

Several turns and retraces had been made before Minerva began to question the boy's survival. He couldn't have gone far. Yet, then again, he was running during their encounter earlier. That alone could indicate the boy was fully capable of trekking into the deeper, darker parts of the cave.

"Ah, good thing we carry this map," Minerva began after minutes of silence; silence Eevee had been cherishing. "Certainly we could have caused ourselves to be lost!" Her monologues continued, a way to cope with the unsettling darkness and uncertainties of the deeper passages. The map itself indicated that they were about 10 minutes away from the main tunnel.

As they approached a fork in their journey a faint wail echoed off the dirt walls. Eevee! her starter spoke in response, hopping off the comfort of Minerva's head. "Are you certain of-"

Her Eevee gave her a quick glance prior to taking off in the direction of the distressed voice, cutting off the woman. "E-Eevee? Eevee! W-wait! Wait!" She dashed after the small critter, flashlight swaying from side to side.

Running after Eevee, showing hesitation, fearful of what is to come; this is a repeat of what had already occurred with the small girl surrounded by Poochyena. In fact, here Minerva was, chasing after the brave soul who took the initiative.

"Eevee, dear!" she hollered, the one hand cupping her mouth. As an unfit individual, a meager two minutes of cardio was enough to force her to take shallow breaths.

"aaaaaaaeeeeEEEEEE!" A shrill cry originating from a Pokemon followed, forcing Minerva to flinch. And from the pitch black a baby blue blur suddenly emerges, approaching within milliseconds. Eevee barely has time to warn his trainer, the shadow rapidly passing overhead.

From the amalgamation a hand bursts forth, wildly thrashing until it grasps a firm hold of Minerva's hair. It all occurred too quickly for her to process, the pain the only thing she is able to react to. "A-Ah! Eevee!"

Eevee! Minerva was heavy enough for the cluster of flying bats to be forced to a halt, their wings flapping frantically. They blended with the black background, yet their cotton candy-color scheme made them stand out.

Eevee leaped off the ground and used Minerva's shoulder to bounce once more, forcing himself within the group. It disturbed the unity of the clumped mass. What was once a single ball of fluff dispersed into dozens of bats. Left behind was a lone boy, hand still entangled in her hair. Thus when he fell down he yanked her down with him, the two slamming on to the ground beneath.

"O-oow... ooooooow," the young boy grumbled, tears beginning to well up.

"E-Eevee," Minerva forced out next, lifting herself up into a sitting position all the while her hands slowly untangled the boy's hand from her bird's nest of a hair. "What's... what is this?" At last her mind processed the second human being, facial expression transforming into shock.

"Oh dear lord! It's a boy!" She knelt over him, dusting and fixing his clothes. "Hello? Sweetheart? Do you have any boo-boos? Are you bleeding? Does it hurt here? How about here?" Her hands scoured the boy for anything amiss, waking him up in the process.

He shot up, a gasp escaping his lips. Minerva managed to move out of the way, startled. "Are they here?!" After a second of scanning his environment the boy let out a sigh of relief, only for the sting of the recent faceplant to resurface.

"Oh good! I was concerned-"

"Don't tell anybody about this." His stern expression and serious tone cut her short. "And is that a flashlight?" Before Minerva could confirm with a puzzled voice, the boy snatched the already-lit device and sprinted off.

Eeeeevee! the small mammal howled, vexed by the victim's actions. "W-wait! Love that's my only source of light!" As she began to chase after her device, Eevee was hot on the boy's heels. The clumsy boy would slide and stumble, only for his hands to kick his body back up.

Vee! The Eevee felt betrayed, having willingly spent time out of his day to save a potentially lost human, only for them to display rude actions. Eee!

"Stop following me!" he hollered, body twisted to allow him to check behind. "You have Pokémon, go- AAAAH!" A protruding rock sent him against the ground for the second time, opening an opportunity for Eevee to snatch the flashlight.

"Oh no! He fell! You poor thing!" Minerva cried out, rushing to his aid. Eevee scoffed, unable to forget what the boy had done.

She reached out to offer him aid, but instead was greeted with a slap. "Stop! I don't need your stinkin' help!" he panted out, body shaking from overexertion. Eevee leaped onto his trainer's head, facing away from the boy.

Minerva rummaged through her bag. "But you certainly must be hungry. You look famished!" He didn't complain, curious to the food. "Do you... wish to have this brownie?"

"A brownie?! Who carries brownies?" Despite the retort the boy snatched the sweet, devouring it before her eyes.

"Ah! I do! It satisfies my sweet tooth."


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