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Old February 23rd, 2013 (6:13 PM).
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A lot's happened so I think it's time for an update.

- Managed to obtain Dusk Stone and evolve Mistress into Honchkrow!

- Pinch evolved into Drapion at LVL 40

- Beat the Canalave City gym.

- Did some serious grinding with the whole Team Galactic scenario, and made my way up to Snowpoint City.

- After some more grinding, got the whole team up to Level 50-some

- Caught Sneasel. Bred the Sneasel because I don't like using Pokemon I caught in the wild whose levels are too high.

- Egg was obtained.

- Egg hatched into Sneasel. Nickname: Sash

- Did some intense grinding to get Sash up to speed with the rest of the team.

- Meanwhile, beat the Snowpoint City gym.

- Made my way to the Galactic HQ and went through the whole scenario, collecting a Razor Claw in the process.

- Using Razor Claw, evolved Sash into Weavile.

- Currently underway to Mt. Coronet for another Team Galactic scenario.

Current team:

Species: Honchkrow
Type: Dark/Flying
Gender: Female
Level: 53

Species: Houndoom
Type: Dark/Fire
Gender: Male
Level: 51

Species: Drapion
Type: Poison/Dark
Gender: Female
Level: 52

Species: Weavile
Type: Dark/Ice
Gender: Female
Level: 54
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I can't believe it's alredy time for the next to last update on my Ground UMC! I've gotten a lot done since my last update, including getting the final badges in Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh, and beating the Elite Four, N, and Ghestis in Unova! Since the next update will be the final for each game, I may do an individual update for each game so I can focus on the games individually. Also, it will probably be a while until my next update(s) because I have a lot of leveling up to do!

- Chose Bulbasaur as my starter
- Delivered Oak's parcel
- Went through Viridian Forest to Pewter City
- Defeated Brock
- Caught Geodude in Mt. Moon
- Trained Geodude while searching for NidoranM
- Caught NidoranM
- Went through Mt. Moon
- NidoranM evolved into Nidorino
- Caught Sandshrew
- Arrived in Cerulean City
- Defeated my rival
- Evolved Nidorino on Route 24
- Evolved Sandshrew on Route 25
- Saved Bill and got the S.S. Ticket
- Defeated Misty
- Traveled to Vermilion City
- Boarded the S.S. Anne
- Defeated my rival
- Evolved Geodude
- Got HM01 Cut
- Evolved Graveler
- Caught Diglett
- Evolved Diglett
- Defeated Lt. Surge
- Traveled back to Cerulean City
- Received the bike
- Traveled to Lavender Town
- Traveled to Celadon City
- Defeated Erika
- Defeated Team Rocket at their Hideout
- Got HM02 Fly
- Traveled to Lavender Town
- Defeated Blue
- Got the PokeFlute from Mr. Fuji
- Traveled to Saffron
- Defeated the Fighting Dojo
- Defeated Blue
- Defeated Team Rocket at Silph Co.
- Got the Master Ball
- Traveled to Fuchsia City (via Route 16)
- Entered the Safari Zone
- Found the Gold Teeth
- Got HM03 Surf
- Got HM04 Strength
- Defeated Koga
- Traveled through Routes 11-15 (in reverse order) to reach Vermilion City
- Went north to Saffron City
- Defeated Sabrina
- Caught a Pidgey and flew to Pallet Town
- Surfed south to Cinnabar Island
- Got the Secret Key in the Pokemon Mansion
- Defeated Blaine

- Flew to Viridian City
- Defeated Giovanni
- Defeated Blue
- Traveled through the Badge Checkpoint

Golem / lv49 / Strength, Earthquake, Rock Blast, Rock Throw
Nidoking / lv49 / Megahorn, Peck, Surf, Double Kick
Sandslash / lv49 / Aerial Ace, Slash, Strength, Brick Break
Dugtrio / lv49 / Mud-Slap, Magnitude, Dig, Slash

- Chose Chikorita as my starter
- Did the Mr. Pokemon quest
- Caught Geodude
- Traveled to Violet City
- Went through Sprout Tower
- Defeated Falkner
- Got HM06 Rock Smash
- Caught Wooper
- Caught Onix
- Traveled through Union Cave to Azalea Town
- Defeated Team Rocket at the Slowpoke Well
- Defeated Bugsy
- Defeated my rival
- Traversed through Ilex Forest
- Evolved Wooper
- Arrived in Goldenrod City
- Went north to Route 35 and caught NidoranM
- Evolved NidoranM
- Defeated Whitney
- Traveled to Ecruteak City
- Got HM03 Surf
- Defeated my rival
- Caught a Magnemite holding a Metal Coat and evolved Onix
- Evolved Geodude twice
- Defeated Morty
- Went to the Ruins of Alph to get a Moon Stone
- Evolved Nidorino
- Traveled to Olivine
- Climbed to the top of the Lighthouse
- Traveled to Cianwood
- Defeated Chuck
- Got HM02 Fly
- Flew to Olivine
- Defeated Jasmine
- Flew to Ecruteak City
- Traveled east and got HM04 Strength
- Surfed across the route and arrived in Mahogany Town
- Went north to Lake of Rage and defeated the Red Gyarados
- Flew to Cherrygrove and went north to Mr. Pokemon's house
- Traded the Red Scale for an Exp. Share
- Flew back to Mahogany Town
- Entered the Team Rocket Headquarters
- Defeated Team Rocket
- Got HM05 Whirlpool
- Defeated Pryce
- Flew to Goldenrod
- Defeated Team Rocket in the Goldenrod Underground and Radio Tower
- Flew to Mahogany Town
- Went east to enter the Ice Path
- Caught Swinub
- Evolved Swinub
- Traveled through the Ice Path to get to Mahogany Town
- Got HM07 Waterfall
- Flew to Violet City and went south to get the Heart Scale on Route 32
- Flew back to Mahogany and taught Piloswine AncientPower
- Evolved Piloswine
- Defeated Clair
- Went to the Dragon's Den and received my badge
- Flew to New Bark Town
- Got the Master Ball
- Flew to Ecruteak City
- Defeated the Kimino Girls and obtained the Clear Bell
- Defeated Ho-Oh
- Flew to New Bark Town
- Traveled to Kanto
- Traveled through Victory Road
- Defeated Silver
- Flew to Cianwood to find some Heart Scales
- Adjusted the movesets of my team
- Defeated Will
- Defeated Koga
- Defeated Bruno
- Defeated Karen
- Defeated Lance
- Got the S.S. Ticket
- Boarded the S.S. Aqua
- Arrived in Vermilion City
- Defeated Lt. Surge
- Traveled to Saffron City
- Decided to take on Sabrina later
- Traveled to Celadon City
- Decided to take on Erika later
- Traveled to Fuchsia City
- Defeated Janine
- Traveled to Lavender Town
- Arrived back in Saffron City
- Defeated Sabrina
- Traveled north to Cerulean City
- Did the Power Plant side-quest
- Found Misty on Route 25
- Defeated Misty
- Traveled to Vermilion City
- Got the Copycat's Pokedoll
- Returned the Pokedoll for the Magnet Train Pass
- Flew to Lavender Town
- Got the Kanto Radio card
- Went south and west and woke the Snorlax
- Went through Diglett's Cave to Route 2
- Arrived in Pewter City
- Defeated Brock
- Traveled to Viridian City
- Traveled to Pallet Town
- Traveled to Cinnabar Island
- Traveled to the Seafoam Islands
- Defeated Blaine

- Flew to Celadon City
- Defeated Erika
- Flew to Cinnabar Island and spoke to Blue
- Flew to Viridian City
- Defeated Blue
- Flew to Pallet Town
- Got HM 08 Rock Slide
- Traveled to Mt. Silver (for fly access later)
- Got Brock's, Janine's, and Blaine's phone numbers
- Started training for Red

Golem / lv55 / Headbutt, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Rock Blast
Quagsire / lv55 / Waterfall, Earthquake, Headbutt, Sludge Bomb
Steelix / lv55 / Fire Fang, Iron Tail, Dragon Pulse, Crunch
Nidoking / lv55 / Poison Jab, Earth Power, Surf, Shadow Claw
Mamoswine / lv55 / AncientPower, Strength, Icy Wind, Earthquake

- Chose Mudkip as my starter
- Defeated May
- Traveled to Petalburg City
- Traveled through Petalburg Woods to Rustboro City
- Got HM01 Cut
- Defeated Roxanne
- Mudkip evolved into Marshtomp
- Saved Peeko and sailed to Dewford Town
- Defeated Brawly
- Got HM05 Flash
- Delivered Steven's Letter
- Sailed to Slateport
- Delivered the Devon Goods
- Defeated May
- Arrived in Mauville
- Got HM06 Rock Smash
- Defeated Wally
- Defeated Watson
- Went north to Route 112
- Caught Numel
- Went back to Mauville
- Traveled to Verdanturf Town
- Reunited the couple in Rusturf Tunnel
- Got HM04 Strength
- Traveled back to Mauville
- Defeated the Winstrates
- Traveled through the Fiery Path to Fallarbor Town
- Ran into Team Magma in Meteor Falls
- Exited south and arrived in Rustboro City
- Traveled through Verdanturf Town to Mauville
- Numel evolved into Camerupt
- Went to the top of Mt. Chimney
- Defeated Team Magma Maxie
- Went south to Lavaridge Town
- Defeated Flannery
- Got the Go-Goggles
- Caught Trapinch
- Traveled to Petalburg City
- Defeated Norman
- Got HM03 Surf
- Did the New Mauville Sidequest
- Trapinch evolved into Vibrava
- Marshtomp evolved into Swampert
- Defeated Team Magma at the Weather Institute
- Defeated May
- Got HM02 Fly
- Arrived in Fortree City
- Got the Devon Scope
- Defeated Winona
- Traveled to Lilycove City
- Defeated May
- Went to Mt. Pyre
- Got the Red Orb
- Traveled back to Slateport City
- Witnessed Team Magma stealing the submarine
- Flew back to Lilycove City
- Got the Master Ball
- Defeated Team Magma
- Traveled to Mossdeep City
- Got HM08 Dive
- Defeated Tate and Liza

- Traveled to the Seafloor Cavern
- Defeated Team Magma
- Traveled to Sootopolis City
- Entered the Cave of Origin
- Got HM07 Waterfall
- Defeated Groudon
- Vibrava evolved into Flygon
- Defeated Wallace

Swampert / lv45 / Muddy Water, Mud Shot, Rock Tomb, Water Gun
Camerupt / lv45 / Rock Slide, Earthquake, Eruption, Magnitude
Flygon / lv45 / Crunch, Fly, Dragonbreath, Sand Tomb

- Chose Turtwig as my starter
- Defeated Barry
- Traveled to Jubilife City and got the Poketch
- Defeated Barry
- Traveled to Orburgh City
- Got HM06 Rock Smash
- Defeated Roark
- Turtwig evolved
- Traveled to Floaroma Town
- Defeated Team Galactic at the Valley Windworks
- Traveled through Eterna Forest and arrived in Eterna
- Got HM01 Cut
- Defeated Gardenia
- Went to the Galactic Building and defeated Jupiter
- Caught Gligar
- Caught Gible
- Gible evolved
- Grotle evolved
- Traveled through Mt. Coronet to Hearthome
- Defeated Fantina
- Defeated my rival
- Traveled to Solaceon Town
- Entered the Solaceon Ruins
- Got HM05 Defog
- Traveled to Veilstone
- Went south to Route 214
- Found a Razor Fang
- Caught Rhyhorn
- Gligar evolved into Gliscor
- Defeated Maylene
- Got HM02 Fly
- Traveled to Pastoria
- Defeated Barry
- Defeated Wake
- Traveled back to Veilstone City
- Traveled west then north to Celestic Town
- Defeated Cyrus
- Got HM03 Surf
- Flew to Jubilife City
- Went east to Canalave City
- Defeated Barry
- Took the Ferry to Iron Island
- Got HM04 Strength
- Got the Protector
- Rhyhorn evolved into Rhydon
- Sailed back to Canalave City
- Evolved Rhydon into Rhyperior
- Defeated Byron
- Flew to Pastoria City
- Traveled to Lake Valor
- Defeated Saturn
- Flew to Twinleaf Town
- Traveled to Lake Verity
- Defeated Mars
- Flew to Celestic Town
- Entered Mt. Coronet
- Emerged onto Route 216
- Got HM08 Rock Climb
- Arrived in Snowpoint City
- Defeated Candice

- Went to Lake Acuity
- Flew to Veilstone City
- Defeated Cyrus
- Got the Master Ball
- Defeated Saturn
- Gabite evolved into Garchomp
- Traveled to Spear Pillar
- Defeated Mars and Jupiter
- Entered the Distortion World
- Defeated Cyrus
- Defeated Giratina
- Traveled to Sunyshore City
- Retreived Volkner from the lighthouse
- Defeated Volkner

Torterra / lv50 / Earthquake, Crunch, Mega Drain, Razor Leaf
Gliscor / lv50 / Faint Attack, X-Scissor, Slash, Quick Attack
Garchomp / lv50 / Dragon Claw, Crunch, Slash, Dig
Rhyperior / lv50 / Surf, Earthquake, Hammer Arm, Stone Edge

- Chose Snivy as my starter
- Defeated Bianca and Cheren
- Traveled to Accumula Town
- Defeated N
- Defeated Biance
- Traveled to Straiton City
- Went to the Dreamyard to get Panpour so I wouldn't have to waste my time grinding for Chili
- Defeated Cheren
- Defeated Chili
- Got HM01 Cut
- Defeated Plasma at the Dreamyard and Wellspring Cave
- Caught Drilbur
- Traveled to Nacrene City
- Went to the Pinwheel Forest Entrance and caught Tympole
- Defeated N
- Defeated Lenora
- Defeated Team Plasma in Pinwheel Forest
- Crossed Skyarrow Bridge and arrived in Castelia
- Went to Route 4 and caught Sandile
- Tympole evolved
- Defeated Burgh
- Defeated Bianca
- Defeated Cheren
- Sandile evolved into Krokorok
- Traveled to Nimbasa
- Saved the Daycare man and got the bike
- Got HM04 Strength
- Defeated N
- Defeated Elesa
- Drilbur evolved into Excadrill
- Defeated Cheren
- Traveled to Driftveil
- Defeated Team Plasma in the Cold Storage
- Defeated Clay
- Defeated Bianca
- Got HM02 Fly
- Entered Chargestone Cave
- Palpitoad evolved into Seismitoad
- Defeated N
- Arrived in Mistralton City
- Krokorok evolved into Krookodile in Celestial Tower
- Met Skyla at Celestial Tower
- Went back to Mistralton City
- Defeated Skyla
- Defeated Cheren
- Got HM03 Surf
- Traveled to Icirrus City
- Defeated Brycen
- Went to Dragonspiral Tower
- Caught Golett
- Golett evolved into Golurk
- Defeated Team Plasma
- Traveled to the Relic Castle
- Defeated Team Plasma
- Flew to Nacrene City
- Got the Light Stone
- Flew to Icirrus City
- Defeated Bianca
- Traveled to Opelucid City
- Defeated Drayden
- Got the Master Ball

- Defeated Cheren
- Traveled through the Badge Checkpoint
- Traveled through Victory Road
- Adjusted my team's movesets
- Got HM05 Waterfall (on the way to get TM24)
- Defeated Marshal
- Defeated Shauntal
- Defeated Grimsley
- Defeated Caitlin
- Found out that N beat me to Alder!
- Entered N's Castle
- Caught Reshiram
- Defeated N
- Defeated Ghestis

Excadrill / lv56 / Earthquake, Aerial Ace, Rock Slide, X-Scissor
Seismitoad / lv57 / Surf, Mud Shot, Sludge Bomb, Drain Punch / Endgame MVP
Krookodile / lv56 / Crunch, Earthquake, Dragon Claw, Hidden Power (Ice)
Golurk / lv56 / Shadow Punch, Earthquake, Mega Punch, Thunderbolt

Pokemon LeafGreen Version
Pokemon HeartGold Version
Pokemon Ruby Version
Pokemon Platinum Version
Pokemon Black Version

Type: Ground
< < < I know you want these lumps
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    Not many events have happened since yesterday with my Platinum Grass Monotype, but here's an update!


    -Shellshock is now level 17 (SO CLOSE!)
    -Rose is now level 16
    -Got HM06 Rock smash
    -Found and defeated Roark for my first badge!
    -Caught a psyduck ONLY as an Hm Slave for rock smash and (When i get it) Surf
    -Made my way to Floroma Town



    Shellshock the Turtwig
    Level 17

    -Razor Leaf
    Rose the Budew
    Level 16

    -Mega Drain
    -Water Sport
    -Stun Spore

    Psyduck- Rock Smash
    Platinum- Badges 7/8
    Emerald 3/8
    I'm back from an absence of sorts
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      Another update:

      -I beat the Rocket HQ
      -I beat Pryce
      -I cleared the lighthouse
      -I beat Chuck
      -I beat Jasmine
      -I beat Team Rocket in Goldenrod City
      -I caught a Lickitung on Route 44
      -I beat Clair
      -I'm on my way to the Indigo Plateau

      Current team:

      Furret Lv 33
      -Quick Attack
      -Fire Punch

      Pidgeotto Lv 32
      -Quick Attack

      Tauros Lv 33
      -Horn Attack

      Miltank Lv 32
      -Iron Tail
      -Defense Curl
      -Milk Drink

      Girafarig Lv 34

      Lickitung Lv 30
      -Ice Punch
      -Fire Punch
      -Shadow Ball
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      What are you doing here? Well, I'm staying on Black 2 for the Unova leg of my Rock Monotype!
      My hack will be Aerodactyl as my starter.

      Update on Ultimate Monotype Challenge (Rock).

      Update #1 on Black 2.

      Name: Roxy
      Rival: Joel
      Starter: Aerodactyl
      • Used a code to activate Challenge Mode, then another one to make Aerodactyl my starter. Named him Jet.
      • Beat the first gym easily with Jet.
      • "Traded" in an egg originating in Black, which hatched into Archelon the Tirtouga!
      • Went to Virbank City and trained Archelon in the Vibank Complex, then took on the gym.
      • Roxie took down Archelon but Jet easily finished up.
      • Defeated the Plasma Grunts and did the PokeStar Studio, then sailed to Castelia City.
      • Beat Team Plasma again in the Sewers, then defeated all the trainers I could find in the city.
      • Challenged the gym and defeated Burgh with ease.
      • Continued on through Route 4 and beat Colress, then saved at the Desert Resort.

      Team Roxy:

      Jet the Careful Aerodactyl, ♂ - L23 @ Amulet Coin
      Ability: Rock Head
      Moves: Wing Attack, Supersonic, Bite, Return

      Archelon the Adamant Tirtouga, ♂ - L24 @ Eviolite
      Ability: Sturdy
      Moves: Aqua Jet, Crunch, Rollout, Bide

      HM Slaves:

      Patrat - Cut

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        Well today I am very very surprised! Red in this game has 90-94 level pokemon. I only trained upto level 80 with only 5 pokemon(because I needed one for Rock Climb and no flying pokemon can learn it). I defeated Red with only 2 pokemon. Here's how:

        Altaria survived Thunder from Pikachu and killed it with Earthquake. Then came Charizard so I switched to Gyarados, setted up Dragon Dance and OHKO'd all his remaining pokemon.

        And I am giving up the idea to catch all the pokemon because since I completed this game a few hours ago, I was catching pokemon. I caught about 300 pokemon without saving but I accidently closed my emulator. And I don't want to do that again(it contained all the Johto and Kanto legendaries including the roaming ones)
        Check out my gaming company:

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          Okay update to My Poison Ultimate in Platinum:

          - Beat the Pastoria Gym with ease.
          - went to Celestic town, and then did a little side stuff, like ironworks.
          - did all the canalave and iron Island stuff where i evolved Roselia.
          - went to the first two lakes and roughed up those pesky team galactic Commanders.
          - went all the way north to snowpoint and beat the gym.
          - used my new rock climb to get to the last lake.
          - Galactic HQ was easy especially with Toxicroak and earthquake (used the TM)
          - Climbed Mt. Coronet. up to spear pillar and beat the two Commanders, and jumped through the warp thingie to the Distortion world where i ended up beating both Cyrus and Giratina.
          - Flew to Sandgem to talk to the professor and walked to Sunyshore, where i Challenged Volkner and kicked his ass.
          - now i'm training a little before venturing through Victory road.

          Team before leaving Sunyshore for the Pokemon League:

          Roserade lvl. 50
          - Petal Dance
          - Sludge Bomb
          - Giga Drain
          - Toxic

          Toxicroak lvl. 52
          - Brick Break
          - Poison Jab
          - Ice Punch
          - Earthquake

          Crobat lvl. 49
          - Wing Attack
          - Confuse Ray
          - Cross Poison
          - Bite

          Haunter lvl 49
          - Shadow Ball
          - Confuse Ray
          - Thunderbolt
          - Dark Pulse
          3DS FC: 3411-1656-7563 Flying Safari IGN: Jonas
          3DS FC 2: 0662-5092-7312 Fire Safari IGN: THOR

          :t362:Proud Dane - Viking In Greenland:t362:
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          Username:Gary Muzza Fuzzin Oak
          Challenge: Water

          Update #1

          Starting with Fire Red.

          Team: Squirtle lv 13

          Kanto Johto Hoenn Sinnoh Unova
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            I got Valhalla the smoochum. Lenora was such a pain so I had to grind up to level 30 so Smoochum evolved we then preceded to destroy Lenora's team
            My team is Valhalla the Jynx and Jack Frost the Snowrunt.
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              Yet another crappy update from me, yay! I don't have time to make it all pretty ever. :( I beat Elesa with my electric monotype team, which wasn't as bad as I thought. Clay will be the real challenge, though.

              Magnemite, Lv27
              Jolteon, Lv 28
              Flaafy, Lv 27
              Flaafy, Lv 27

              Hm Slave:
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              Still no progress in my Normal UMC. The Elite Four are brutal. Plus, I'm kinda lacking good movesets.

              As for my Rock UMC, I'm currently at Misty with a level 33 Graveller. I'm going to grind a LOT more, because her Staryu can 2hKO my Graveller. I imagine her Starmie could 1 shot it.
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                Alright, my first update for my Ultimate Flying-Mono Challenge:

                Ultimate Flying-Mono: FireRed

                - Named myself "Harvey" and my rival "Vulturo" (if you get it, you're awesome :))

                - Chose Charmander and named him "Smaug"

                - Did the usual crap then caught a Caterpie and named her "Marge"

                - Grinded Marge to a "Butterfree" then cleared through Viridian Forest to Pewter

                - Had a tough time with Brock but managed to earn the
                Boulder Badge

                - Made my way to the Mt.Moon PKMN Center and bought "Leviathan" the Magikarp

                - Fought my way through Mt.Moon and arrived in Cerulean, evolving Charmander along the way

                - Beat Vulturo with ease then made my way to Bill's House and grabbed the SS.Ticket

                - Skipped over Misty to evolve Magikarp into Gyarados

                - Went back to Cerulean and made short work of Misty for the
                Cascade Badge

                - Walked to Vermillion and rampaged through the SS.Anne, beating Vulturo again and grabbing Cut

                - Did the frustrating Gym puzzle then managed to steal a victory from Surge, earning me the
                Thunder Badge

                - Went through Diglett's cave to grab Flash, then made my way to Rock Tunnel

                Well, that's all for now, looking forward to doing this challenge considering how many Flying types there are.
                Ultimate Mono-Challenges finished:

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                  Update for my Dark run in Crystal

                  -went on the ship to Kanto
                  -traveled to Route 7 and caught a Murkrow and 2 Houndour
                  -taught Murkrow Fly
                  -restored power to Power Plant and got the pass for the Magnet Train
                  -traveled to all cities and towns in Kanto for easy access with Fly
                  -one of the Houndour evolved into Houndoom
                  -defeated all 8 Kanto Gym Leaders and talked to Prof. Oak about going to Mt. Silver

                  Lv. 57

                  Lv. 57

                  Lv. 51

                  Lv. 33

                  Lv. 32

                  Lv. 33

                  HM Slaves:

                  Current Challenges:
                  Completed Challenges:
                  Ultimate Monotype
                  Old February 24th, 2013 (3:12 PM).
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                  Unegged Hatch
                    Join Date: Sep 2008
                    Gender: Male
                    Nature: Sassy
                    Posts: 89
                    Well I just beat my 8th gym leader. Time to drudge through the slowest part of the game. I've evolved everything in my party to the point I plan to use them. Porygon2 will not be evolving further.
                    Old February 24th, 2013 (3:43 PM).
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                    la justice
                    Join Date: Feb 2008
                    Location: Georgia
                    Age: 26
                    Nature: Timid
                    Posts: 31,705


                    Noctis ♂ lv. 55 @ TwistedSpoon
                    Keen Eye | Relaxed
                    [ Psychic, Hypnosis, Reflect, Fly ]

                    Faline ♀ lv. 54 @ Silk Scarf
                    Run Away | Sassy
                    [ Iron Tail, Helping Hand, Quick Attack, Strength ]

                    Diaega ♀ lv. 55 @ Charcoal
                    Serene Grace | Lax
                    [ Toxic, Fire Blast, Glare, Return ]

                    Blitzen ♂ lv. 54
                    Intimidate | i'll check later
                    [ Light Screen, Take Down, Solarbeam, Hypnosis ]

                    Bella ♀ lv. 55 @ Quick Claw
                    Intimidate | forgot to look lol
                    [ Strength, Earthquake, Brick Break, Bite ]

                    Virtual lv. 55
                    Trace | Hasty
                    [ Thunderbolt, Solarbeam, Tri Attack, Recover ]

                    We traded in Virtual from Emerald and boxed Calypso. We did some grinding on Mt. Battle to catch Virtual up to the rest of the team. Word on the street is that Cail saw a trainer with a suspicious Bayleef, of course I didn't get more info out of him til I battled him and almost lost. After winning with only Noctis left standing, he told me he couldn't remember the trainer's name, only that he went to the Snagem Hideout. But of course after that beating I took, I think it's time for more grinding. I did round 1 of The Under Colosseum and got bored, so that's it for today. Starting to slow down on this challenge now, as post game means more grinding since it's pretty brutal. Sigh.

                    some princes don't become kings.
                    Old February 24th, 2013 (5:12 PM). Edited February 25th, 2013 by theSyko501.
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                      Join Date: Mar 2012
                      Gender: Male
                      Posts: 48
                      Challenge: (Ultimate)
                      Game(s):Emerald,Diamond,Black,White 2,Fire Red (not in any order)

                      Edit: First update on flying challenge. Started with emerald

                      Level 8
                      Level 4

                      75% of Pokemon gamers use cheats and specially made codes to make their pokemon battle-worthy. If you are one of the 25% percent that level their Pokemon up legally, put this in your signature.
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                      I AM THE REAL SONIC
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                      Location: Portland, OR
                      Gender: Male
                      Nature: Adamant
                      Posts: 5,082
                      Ultimate Fighting Monotype: Black Version

                      Well, it took me quite a while, but I finally managed to catch all the Fighting types outside of Pinwheel Forest. I grinded my whole team to lvl 20 (Audino are so easy with Fighting types) and pretty much annihilated Lenora. Now I'm in Pinwheel Forest hunting Plasma Grunts.


                      Lvl 22, Jolly
                      -Arm Thrust
                      -Tail Whip
                      -Flame Charge
                      -Defense Curl

                      Suzuki (Probably gonna change her name)
                      Lvl 22, Careful
                      -Rock Throw
                      -Focus Energy
                      -Wake-Up Slap
                      -Low Kick

                      Lvl 21, Impish
                      -Low Sweep
                      -Focus Energy
                      -Double Kick

                      Lvl 21, Bashful
                      -Focus Energy
                      -Seismic Toss

                      Anywho, less than a week left of my special 1000 post event, so i figure I should sign up for a particularly annoying challenge, Ghost monotype in Kanto. What are you doing here? Shuppet...

                      Username: NecrumWarrior
                      Type: Ghost
                      Games: FireRed for now, rest later

                      I didn't do much, I picked my starter, Shuppet, and delivered the Parcel. Other than that it was just training. Decided just to wait for Gastly.
                      Old February 24th, 2013 (10:08 PM).
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                        Location: Mississippi
                        Gender: Male
                        Nature: Timid
                        Posts: 48
                        I don't have time to tall everything that has happened and list my team but Shellshock evolved to a Grotle! Beat the windworks and got through eterna forest with cheryl! i also got the second badge from Gardenia!

                        Badges! 2/8
                        Platinum- Badges 7/8
                        Emerald 3/8
                        I'm back from an absence of sorts
                        Old February 25th, 2013 (12:36 AM).
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                        Monotype lover!!!!!
                          Join Date: Oct 2012
                          Age: 27
                          Gender: Female
                          Nature: Serious
                          Posts: 242
                          I finished SoulSilver, I didn't get a pic of Red because it just skips to the credits after beating him. And Gorebyss was the most useful against him.


                          Pokemon SoulSilver - 16 Badges + Red
                          Feraligatr / Lv.67 / Dragon Claw, Slash, Waterfall, Crunch
                          Lanturn / Lv.68 / Surf, Signal Beam, Thunderbolt, Ice Beam
                          Kingler / Lv.67 / Metal Claw, Crabhammer, Stomp, Dig
                          Kingdra / Lv.67 / Ice Beam, Surf, Dragon Pulse, Flash Cannon
                          HackedGorebyss / Lv.70 / Surf, Shadow Ball, Ice Beam, Psychic

                          I'll continue W2 either tomorrow(later today in my time, it's 3:36 am:P) or Tuesday.
                          Old February 25th, 2013 (2:07 AM).
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                          Aryan143 Aryan143 is offline
                          The Fennekin Fan!
                            Join Date: Jul 2012
                            Location: Delhi, India
                            Age: 18
                            Gender: Male
                            Nature: Modest
                            Posts: 756
                            What are you doing here? Update #1 on Ruby:

                            Started the game.
                            Hacked Charmander as a starter.
                            Did the beggining stuff.
                            Caught a Wrumple.
                            Wrumple evolved twice.
                            Taught Wally how to catch pokemon.
                            Challenged Roxxane and finally won after some tries.
                            Charmander evolved after the battle.
                            Hepled Peeko.
                            Caught a Magikarp in Dewford.
                            Trained my pokemon till level 20.
                            Magikarp evolved after training and I also found a shiny Makuhita.
                            Defeated Brawly with ease.

                            My Team:

                            And my shiny Makuhita:

                            Check out my gaming company:

                            Old February 25th, 2013 (2:29 AM).
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                              Location: Ilulissat, Greenland(69°13′00″N, 51°03′00″W)
                              Age: 28
                              Gender: Male
                              Nature: Quirky
                              Posts: 40
                              Okay i dont want to train anymore in my Platinum Right now so i am going to start another ultimate challenge:

                              Username: Febbe
                              Type: Flying
                              Challenge: Ultimate
                              Game(s): FR, SS, S, Pt, B2

                              I will start in Fire red probably with a team of Charizard, Pidgeot, Butterfree, Gyarados and Dodrio
                              3DS FC: 3411-1656-7563 Flying Safari IGN: Jonas
                              3DS FC 2: 0662-5092-7312 Fire Safari IGN: THOR

                              :t362:Proud Dane - Viking In Greenland:t362:
                              Old February 25th, 2013 (3:42 AM).
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                              The Fallen King
                                Join Date: Dec 2012
                                Age: 21
                                Gender: Male
                                Nature: Calm
                                Posts: 242
                                Update for Grass-Monotype run on Red Version

                                Gym Badges: 8
                                Current City: Viridian City
                                No. of Rivals Beaten: All but one

                                Current Team:

                                Venusaur Lv52
                                - Razor Leaf
                                - Toxic
                                - Leech Seed
                                - Vine Whip

                                Vileplume Lv46
                                - Absorb
                                - Acid
                                - Petal Dance
                                - Sleep Powder

                                Parasect Lv46
                                - Mega Drain
                                - Slash
                                - Solarbeam
                                - Dig

                                Exeggutor Lv46
                                - Psywave
                                - Hypnosis
                                - Solarbeam
                                - Psychic

                                Should Beauty ever be my best feature I would simply die
                                Old February 25th, 2013 (5:10 AM).
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                                I AM THE REAL SONIC
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                                Location: Portland, OR
                                Gender: Male
                                Nature: Adamant
                                Posts: 5,082
                                Originally Posted by Aryan143 View Post

                                And my shiny Makuhita:

                                You lucky son of a...

                                Congrats on the shiny! I wish I would find another shiny while playing challenges, but no luck so far.
                                Old February 25th, 2013 (6:03 AM).
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                                theSyko501 theSyko501 is offline
                                  Join Date: Mar 2012
                                  Gender: Male
                                  Posts: 48
                                  Water Gun
                                  Wing attack

                                  Focus Energy
                                  Quick attack

                                  Trying to beat roxanne atm but my Winguls water gun just wont take out her last poke and i cant stall long enough to get through all of her potions befor rock tomb takes me out. More training will be needed! Plan on picking up a Nincada in the next route to join the team, two members for one!

                                  75% of Pokemon gamers use cheats and specially made codes to make their pokemon battle-worthy. If you are one of the 25% percent that level their Pokemon up legally, put this in your signature.
                                  Old February 25th, 2013 (10:28 AM).
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                                    Join Date: Feb 2013
                                    Location: Ilulissat, Greenland(69°13′00″N, 51°03′00″W)
                                    Age: 28
                                    Gender: Male
                                    Nature: Quirky
                                    Posts: 40
                                    Okay that was a fast playthrough of Fire red in my Ultimate Flying Challenge. Here is my team Right after beating The E4

                                    THE TEAM:

                                    lvl. 55 Lonely
                                    - Tri Attack
                                    - Pursuit
                                    - Hyper Beam
                                    - Drill Peck

                                    lvl. 53 Lonely
                                    - FlameThrower
                                    - Rock Slide
                                    - Aerial Ace
                                    - Dragon Claw

                                    lvl. 53 Naive
                                    - Strength
                                    - Surf
                                    - Earthquake
                                    - Dragon Dance

                                    lvl. 50 Docile
                                    - Wing Attack
                                    - Steel Wing
                                    - Ancient Power
                                    - Strength

                                    lvl. 51 Hardy
                                    - Psychic
                                    - Stun Spore
                                    - Sleep Powder
                                    - Toxic

                                    lvl. 51 Brave
                                    - Wing Attack
                                    - Fly
                                    - Quick Attack
                                    - Featherdance

                                    Overall i would say that Charizard and pidgeot was the most valuable members but at the Elite four Dodrio Was Boss and laid waste to all those that i couldn't beat with something else thanks to monster Attack and a STAB Hyper Beam. Dodrio is Absolutely one of my favourite pokemon because its powerful, fast and just looks beastly.

                                    I went to Cinnabar Island as early as possible and got Aerodactyl and trained him up with the VS Seeker but he ended up as a somewhat unused member because he just wasn't as powerful as Charizard, Dodrio and Gyarados. Butterfree was very helpful and took down most of agatha's team, i love using butterfree the way i did in this playthrough by poisoning and putting others to sleep, as a supporter to the rest of the team or when fighting ghost or fighting putting them to sleep and killing with Psychic, even though Butterfree's Stats suck, it's got a really good ability (Compound Eyes) in combination with the moves i gave it.

                                    I will go on to Hoenn in My Flying now.
                                    3DS FC: 3411-1656-7563 Flying Safari IGN: Jonas
                                    3DS FC 2: 0662-5092-7312 Fire Safari IGN: THOR

                                    :t362:Proud Dane - Viking In Greenland:t362:
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