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2nd Gen Raikou

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Old November 28th, 2017 (5:24 AM).
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Raikou, the forgotten one. Suicune got a game, Entei got a movie... Raikou got nothin'. What do you guys think of Raikou? What extra role would have you liked to see it have in-game? Have you battled with it after catching it or are you too set on your team by the time you encounter Raikou?


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Old November 28th, 2017 (6:31 AM).
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    Raikou got a spin-off episode. ;)

    Raikou is my favourite of the group. I remember using it once but that was so long ago that I wanna use it again. It looks cool as hell + I always love me a good electric-type.
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    Old November 28th, 2017 (9:28 AM).
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      One of the best electric types. Also Raikou > Xurkitree
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      Old November 30th, 2017 (12:41 PM).
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        imo the cune is better :) i love his design
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        Old December 1st, 2017 (6:29 AM).
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        Raikou is a great!

        My favorite will always be Suicune, but there's room for more than her I like all three of them. There is no Johto legendary that I don't like.

        Raikou has a fascinating and heavenly design, the tiger with storm clouds coming out of his body as the mane. He's an excellent sweeper.

        Raikou was awesome in Chronicles, promote him already to a major role in a movie!
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