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Old March 24th, 2013 (2:44 AM). Edited March 30th, 2013 by DylanK.
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Hello people of these forums,

my name is Dylan, and I'm starting to work on a new fanmade game with a RL friend o'mine, Aram. This is an idea we've been playing around with for a while, and here is what you may expect:

- Amazing new landscapes, never seen before!
- A complex storyline with various secrets for you to uncover!
- A wide array of new Pokémon!
- A long, long game, with tons of sidequests and a lot of cities!
- Various oldschool features, such as a Battle Tower and a Safari Zone, things we all love!

Let's start with the storyline (only the basics, revealing everything would just take away the fun ):

You are in a currently unnamed region, where mobsters rule: they oversee everything, put pressure on the inhabitants, steal Pokémon, and get rich from it all. The leading family has been in existence for many years, and although the police has had various victories, they still rule this region.
The new leader, codename ''Mars Ultor'' (after the Latin God of war), is a young and ambitious leader, being the grandson of the most mighty leader that ever ruled this criminal group. He is just 21 years old, but already has all the money he could ever want. But it's just not enough... He wants more. He wants to have unlimited powers, and searches for a way to achieve this. Then he finds it, in myths that talk about two incredibly mighty creatures, that are almost as old as Archeus, Palkia and Dialga.
He plans to call the rulers of the universe, Helios and Selena, Sun and Moon, upon him, to have unlimited powers. It's your mission to stop him and become the most mighty warrior to ever roam upon the surface of Gaia, Mother Earth.

The storyline has bonds with various other storylines, but you'll have to find that out on yourself.

The map:

It's a mountainous landscape, while still being close to sea. You start in a village in a landscape of smallish hills, and then travel over mountains and walk along the coast. It has everything you'd expect from a mountainous land near the sea: Islands, Hills, Forests, Mountains, Plateaus, etc, but not random deserts or jungles that won't fit the scenery.
There will be many villages in your path, as it's not as simple as walking from one city to another (like in B&W). Routes will be long, quests will be big, and you will have an incredible world to explore. Gyms are spaced (semi-)far apart, so you won't finish this game in a breeze.
Gyms will be located in various locations: in cities, outside cities, on mountain peeks, in glaciers, and even one on the moon!
O, also, it will have on city that is so big that you need a subway unless you want to walk for a long time.


None yet, we're currently preparing things.


DylanK - Managing, mapping and ideas
Aram (not on the forums) - Ideas

**** - Spriting (Pokemon, characters, tilesets, or perhaps all of them?) (multiple needed)
**** - Coding (multiple needed)
**** - Random artwork, backgrounds, etc.
**** - Musician
**** - Advanced mapper (I'm currently trying to figure out how to map, a mentor would be really nice)

If you feel like helping, just offer yourself here, or contact me! This is going to be a huge project, so lotsa help would be appreciated!
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Old March 24th, 2013 (3:45 PM).
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Heya Dylan, I'd be more than willing to help you out with the mapping! I hope you use rmxp, else i won't be able to do much other than giving you tips on style etc. I can't send you any examples of my maps atm, since I'm on my phone, but you should be able to find a few in the map display thread, just browse back a few pages.

Anyway, be careful about getting not too ambitious! Implementing fakemon will be tough without the help of a decent spriter... you can stick with placeholder sprites for the time being, this allows you to fill up their dex entries and stats etc. Hope to hear from you soon, and Good luck!
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