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Have you ever rejected Lucario?

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Old June 17th, 2017 (5:40 AM).
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    Originally Posted by Hikamaru View Post
    And all this time I thought that Lucario was a forced obtainment...
    Me too! Although it seems a tad harsh, I can imagine it being rather amusing to reject it. XD
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    Old June 17th, 2017 (1:43 PM).
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      I mean, it's Lucario, and it's free. I don't easily pass up free things.
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      Old June 18th, 2017 (10:25 PM).
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      I don't like Lucario, but during my first run of Y, I decided to use Pokemon that I didn't like that much, so I accept him as part of my team and even used him. Sadly, it didn't change my mind.
      Now, every time I replay the games, I just reject the offer.

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      Old September 26th, 2017 (10:43 AM). Edited September 26th, 2017 by Sabrewulf238.
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        I took the Lucario, but I pretty much "rejected" it by throwing it in the PC box afterwards. That said I didn't really consider saying no since Pokemon games are well known for creating the illusion of choice, but forcing you to say yes anyway.

        It was kind of a triple whammy of reasons why I didn't use it:
        1. I don't really like using gift Pokemon.
        2. I definitely don't like using fully evolved gift Pokemon.
        3. I don't care for Lucario that much + had other Pokemon in mind at the time for my team.
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        Old September 28th, 2017 (3:40 AM).
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          I never rejected a lucario is my favorite pokemon from all gens. Lucario is legit why anyone reject it
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          Old September 28th, 2017 (7:02 AM).
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            No, I have never rejected Lucario. Granted, I was mildly annoyed initially simply because I had used Lucarios in both gens 4 and 5. I was ready to try something I had never used before like the fossil mons, and had to rearrange my team during my first play through of XY just to make room for Lucario. However, they personalized Lucario's character in XY to such a degree that the mere thought of rejecting him gives me a deep sense of guilt as a trainer.

            He felt he had a great destiny and begged for you to take him with you and train him. I always try to respect that why I use him. And after all you are getting a perfectly good Pokemon. How big of a role he has will vary, but I always let him wage some battles in my name. He really pulled his own weight against Lysandre, oneshotting mega Gyarados with close combat and has gone to the Pokemon league with me.
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            Old September 28th, 2017 (9:01 PM).
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              I'm not the type to pass up a free Pokemon. So no I never reject Lucario.
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              Old September 29th, 2017 (4:53 AM).
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                I didn't have the heart to reject the Lucario during my playthrough of X since it showed its willingness to join my party and I think it was cute. It was also nice to get Lucario's pokedex entry without having to evolve a Riolu.

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                Old December 9th, 2017 (11:38 AM).
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                  Lol yes once!
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