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Posted March 13th, 2019
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I dowloaded a month ago a .rar from Reliccastle that contained all SMUSUM-exclusive OW sprites (even the shinies), so along with my previous PNGs, I was happy to have all 807 pokemon to follow you in game. For some reasons I deleted it and now it's gone. Even the mega link that I still have is no longer available.

If someone knows this awesome MrSunshine, or if someone had downloaded that before, can you please upload it? Thank you.

The cached link is:


Discord: Wolf#1235

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WolfPP, are you the original artist for all of these overworld sprites? Are there any additional credits that need to be given?
No, obsviously.
You can find all artist into DA, like i did. Also, until gen 4 or 5 (i don't remember) they are from HGSS. I don't have the relation of artist right now, but you can find them into DA, easy easy.
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