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[Gen VI/Gen VII] InFluxx's Cheap Trades ? (Anything and Everything!) Page 3

Started by InFluxxYT January 28th, 2017 2:45 PM
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Miss Magius

Seen August 12th, 2017
Posted May 16th, 2017
424 posts
2.5 Years
Hey InFluxx! I'm glad to see you back! My favorite trader. :)

I'm here to ask for more, if that's alright. I'll give you more mega stones in return.


Tohoku Pikachu ピガヂュウ
Cherish Ball
Level 99
OT: トウホク
ID: 12205
Ability: Static
Moveset: Happy Hour, Play Nice, Hold Hands, Flash
Ribbon: Classic

Yokohama Pikachu (ンサー♪)
Cherish Ball
Level 10
OT: ヨコハマ
ID: 08085
Ability: Static
Moveset: Teeter Dance, Play Nice, Tail Whip, Nuzzle
Ribbon: Event

♥♥Pika♥♥ Pikachu (♥♥ピカ♥♥)
Heal Ball
Level 10
OT: みなとみらい
ID: 08094
Ability: Static
Moveset: Thunderbolt, Quick Attack, Heart Stamp, Hold Hands
Ribbon: Event

Ask me for cloning!



Evanston, Illinois
Seen September 10th, 2018
Posted September 9th, 2018
89 posts
2.6 Years
Could I have these 3 events?
Gen 6/7
Mewtwo (Nickname)] @ Mewtwonite Y
Ability: [
EVs: [number stat] / [number stat] / [number stat]
[nature] Nature
- Psystrike
- Psychic

- Aura Sphere

[The event ball (idk what that is)]
it's the green and white mewtwo.

Gen 6/7
Machamp (Nickname)] @ Sitrius berry
Ability: No guard
EVs: [number stat] / [number stat] / [number stat]
[nature] Nature
- Dynamic Punch
Stone Edge
- Wide Guard
- Knock Off

Event ball thingy
It's the white and green machamp event.

Also the red genecect event, リザードン
Thanks! I might've done something wrong, it's my first few forums.
You can call me Pizza. (CutePandaPlayz was an old name I chose from a few years ago XD)
Seen 1 Week Ago
Posted May 8th, 2019
629 posts
5.5 Years
Hi, really looking for tohoku victini event

Gen 6/7
Victini @ Whiteherb
Ability: Victory Star
EVs: not required :)
Naive and jolly Nature
- V-create
- Blue flare
- Bolt strike
- Glaciate
[Extra Requests]
OT: トウホク
ID No: 11252
Ribbon: classic
First shiny hatched 26/10/14: treecko after 5 hatch

FC 0061 0889 8660
IGN First
Seen March 3rd, 2018
Posted December 6th, 2017
105 posts
3.2 Years
Hi,I'm interested in the following:
HA Tyrunt
HA Hoppip
HA Salandit/Salazzle

I can offer several aprimons and breedables
Beast Ball - Charmander,Dewpider,Eevee,Gible,Honedge,Mareanie,Minior(cyan),Servine,Smeargle,
DreamBall - Chansey,Cherubi,Dratini,Drifloon,Eevee,Hoppip,Igglybuff,Miltank,Munna,Porygon,Ralts,Riolu,Rotom,Shellos,Shuckle,Slowpoke,Spiritomb,Staryu,Swablu,Sygilyph,Torchic,
FastBall - Pichu
FriendBall - Comfey,Cottonee,Eevee,
HeavyBall - Honedge,Larvitar
LevelBall - Dratini,Weedle
LoveBall - Mareanie,Mimikyu,Petilil,Pichu,Sneasel,Stufful,Togepi,A.Vulpix
LureBall - Drampa,Magikarp,Mareanie,Totodile,
MoonBall - Dratini,Litwick,Ralts,
Park Ball - Scyther
SafariBall - Carvanha,Gligar,Kecleon,


Seen April 7th, 2017
Posted April 7th, 2017
19 posts
4.4 Years
just wodering if you could get me these 3 pokemons
shiny ralts (Rem

shiny axew

shiny porigon
modest or timid

have for trades shiny lvl100 yveltal 0 ev , lvl100 manaphy cheeishball ,lvl70 articuno cherish ball lvl100 celebi cherishball ,lvl70 zapdos cherish, lvl 70 moltres cheris lvl100 jirachi cherish, lvl 75 necrosma pokeball lvl 64 solgaleo pokeball, lvl 50 raikou pokeball lvl53 latios pokeball lvl50 regice regirock registeel pokeball(all3) tapu lele lvl60 pokeball. tapu fini lvl60 pokeball
Beast ball 4 karthanas lvl 60 2 xurkitree lvl65, 1guzzlord lvl 75, buzzwoles lvl65,68 1 nihilego lvl55 1 celsteela lvl65
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