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Double Posting

Started by Abby May 5th, 2017 3:56 AM
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I think we should Discuss editing & double posting. What are your thoughts on editing as opposed to double posting?

Personally, I think we should allow double posting over editing, as it can alert people to new insight in the thread, and it saves people editing out things that didn't go well.



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Double post is it's something big or it's been a while since your last post before the new insight.
editing if it's just minor changes like grammar things, some wording, or adding one a last thought or two about the thought already in the post that doesn't really add anything extra to what you're saying. like... a thought you meant to include. but i mean if it's been more than like five minutes and then you realized you psyducked up well too bad i'm sure someone already saw it anyways. you might as well double post if you want to try and correct yourself.
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Personally, I prefer that any new important points be submitted in a new post. I agree with Johnny though that I don't like clutter, so minor things I'd have edited in with a notice about the edit.
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