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Pokémon OPEN Pokemon X Star Wars [T]

Started by Dungeon Maker June 29th, 2017 6:33 AM
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Ominously orbiting the innermost planet of the Kanto system, the Death Pokestar makes its way to the center of the galaxy where it waits for the devious Emperor Darth Psydius to arrive and execute an order of destruction.

Meanwhile the Rebel Alliance and its skilled armada of pilots hide on the prosperous city-planet, Celadon which sits near the edge of the system. An ambush will take place once the Rebel Alliance confirms that Darth Psydius is at the outer ring of the star system.

There in space the Emperor will be defeated and peace will bring an end to his oppressive rule over the galaxy. However one enemy is unaccounted for, the tyrant's prodigy Darth Lucar who is know for his cunning tactics and merciless use of The Aura.

Few hours remain until the ambush takes place. The Rebel Alliance bides its time until then, going over every contingency of its leader's plan.

Princess Ledia motivates the armada with the words of a courageous and passionate ruler who will one day maintain peace in the galaxy. People of the galaxy look at her with hope in their eyes and to see the spark of rebelling flame igniting a new era.

Fledgling users of The Aura are the only offense against the Emperor. May the Aura empower them and guide them in the battle to come.

Episode One

Chapter One Missions

Everyone must choose which mission they are following for chapter one. The duration of each chapter is one week in real life time; however, missions may span more than one chapter. It is up to you which mission you will take.

You are given the power to write out what happens during the mission by creating exciting (but not lore breaking) twists in the story. You may succeed or fail at your leisure but never make the mission boring!

When it comes time to close a chapter on each weekend, you must post the mission in its entirety or whatever part you have completed. If you stretch out a mission then your impact on that plot point increases as well. However, each mission has a maximum duration of 4 chapters which is 1 Episode in the story. Try to use the common plot line to keep your missions exciting: beginning, rising action, climax, and epilogue.

If for whatever reason a mission is too outlandish or breaks the lore, it may be erased from the analogues of time as if it never happened. I will however, always make sure to keep an eye on every one while they write out their part of the story. Evolution, Death, and Victory are serious milestones of the story that can't happen all the time. If you want those things to happen in your chapter, contact me in discord or PM here on PC.

Rebel Alliance Missions

Infiltrate the Death Pokestar. Having spent time joining the Empire's Elite you are trusted with work on the Death Pokestar and have worked your way up from there to spy on the Empire from the inside. It is imperative that you remain their long term and are willing to sacrifice yourself for the victory of the Rebels. But try not to die, you get a shiny medal for surviving.

Ambush Emperor Darth Psydious. Readied at the border of the Kanto System you and a large force of Rebel Pilots are looking for the Emperor's entry point to the star system so that you can ambush and rally against him if just to stall the destruction of another planet. There are three ways of entry, the normal hyperspace routes from Jhoto and Kalos or the Kanto-Jhoto Large Scale Jump Gate located just outside the border of Kanto.

Protect and Deliver a valuable load of cargo. A valuable cash of weapons must go from Celadon to the moon Ten Catarat of planet Melemele in the Kalos System. There the weapons will be used for a new base of operations for the Rebel Alliance. A hyperspace route is available for travel but there are always eyes on the ships who come and go from the route. It's up to the pilot weather they will take the short cut or go the long way.

Defeat the Ten Catarat Space-Bikers. A rogue force in the galaxy that constantly raids both Melemele and its moons. It must be stopped before the Rebel Alliance can establish a base. These bikers constantly hit the moon, Ten Catarat and will more often be found there than anywhere else in the area of planet Melemele.

Galactic Empire Missions

Find the Hidden Medi of the Kalos System. The Aura is strong there, thus the eye of Darth Lucar and the inquisition are drawn to it. Seek out old Medi and the Aura sensitive who reside on the planets and moons of the star system.

Find the Hidden Rebel Base in Celadon. It has always been difficult to locate rebel bases, even more so when they hide on protective planets. Celadon is one such example of a powerful but peaceful civilization. The Empire cannot seize or destroy it without crippling the resources that Celadon provides in exchange for neutrality. But there are rumors of Rebels lurking within its deepest layers. They must be found but not at the cost of trade.

Oversee trade with the underground empires. The enemy of your enemy is your friend. Use slum lords as a tool to find rebels and expand the vision of the empire across the galaxy. You are of course expected to maintain yourself as a representative of the empire, always seeking dominance and control over potential points of strategic value without giving any up.

Other Missions

Eliminate Rebels for the Empire. Wherever they are, they will be found and taken to the Empire, dead or alive. A higher bounty is given for high ranked members of the Rebel Alliance. However, there must always be proof for work: with either rebels or hyperspace-traveling ships.

Independent Dirty Work. Slum lords are always looking to get dirty work done: old and new enemies of the underground empires need to be captured or killed; illegal substances need transported between systems; and general espionage to deal in information is always useful.

Independent Clean Work. Governments of planets and moons in all systems make up the galaxy. Working for them provides great boons and rewards such as diplomatic status, new technology, and renown in the galaxy. Very often a new independent contractor can establish themselves with this type of work.


Rebels of the Alliance:
- Kip Dioneae: Carnivine (mechanic and courier)
- Lorde Stardust: Kadabra (Aura and lightsaber training)
- Jenny Windu: Flygon (Mad Pilot Skills)

Citizens of the Empire:
-Byrec: Zoroark (Light Polearm, Self Transformation Illusion, and Dark Aura powers.)

Strays in the Galaxy:
- Orion Koth: Squirtle (Bounty Hunter sniper and trapper)


Show me that Fighting Spirit

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Orion Koth

His target would be there any minute now. Then he could get off this roof, collect his reward and finally get off this Arceus forsaken desert moon in the Hoenn System. Waiting for his target, Orion Koth, a galaxy class bounty hunter, thought about how he ended up doing such a low-class mission. It all started about 25 years ago when Darth Psydious and his protege, Darth Lucar, took over the galaxy. Orion grew up with a single father on the water planet, Cerulean, in the Kanto system. It was during this rise in power of the empire that Orion's father up and left his son and flew to the Kalos system to aid the resistance. Orion didn't really care about that though. All he knew was he was now alone in this universe.

Orion spent the next 10 years of his life scavenging for food and shelter by doing odd jobs here and there in order to survive. It was after he stowed away on a cargo ship heading to Vermillion, his life changed. There he met a bounty hunter by the name of Gallis Arlos, a Frogadier from the moons of Ambrette in the Kalos system. Gallis was on a mission to apprehend a criminal and return him to the empire's clutches. The mission went haywire though when Gallis wasn't able to apprehend his target at his first chance. A shootout occurred in the streets and Orion found himself caught in the middle. Just as a stray laser was about to strike the young Squirtle though, Gallis jumped in front and intercepted the shot before quickly returning fire and killing the target. Gallis had suffered a leg wound but nothing serious. Orion, grateful for Gallis' heroics helped him to the nearest medical tent and helped to bandage him up.

After healing up, Gallis prepared to leave Vermillion in order to collect his reward. Orion, finally feeling he had someone he could count on, begged for Gallis to take him in and teach him. Gallis, unsure at first, relented and took Orion under his hypothetical wing. The rest, as they say, is history. Flash-forward to present-day and Orion is considered one of the top tier bounty hunters in the galaxy. People came from all over to request his services and Orion gladly offers them, so long as they had the cash to offer. Orion was never one to pick a side in the war. All he cared about was who could pay him the most. That was until Darth Lucar stopped offering Orion jobs and instead giving them to these wannabe hunters who couldn't catch a common thief. Soon the job offers began drying up as people chose to not anger the Empire and Orion made sure his displeasure was known. The prevailing thought was that Orion had a major attitude problem and didn't respect authority and its rules. Orion would proceed to pull out his small laser gun, only used for emergencies, and tell them to put a sock in it if they knew what was good for them.

Back to the rooftop, this was Orion's first mission in a few weeks and it was only 7,000 pieces of silver but he needed every bit of cash he could get. Back at his peak, he would get upwards of 100,000 pieces of gold for missions but now, he had to be happy if he had a mission at all. This mission was just capturing a petty criminal who had been robbing scrap metal shops the last few weeks.

"Come on ya worthless lurdo. I've got sand in places it shouldn't be."

Finally, his target came into sight. Locking onto his target, a Furret, Orion waited for the right moment. He had one shot or else he'd fail his mission. Just as the Furret was about to disappear around a corner into an alleyway, the shot was fired, striking the Normal type in the leg. The Furret crumpled down in clear agony. Orion smirked as he stood up and swung his rifle onto his back.

"I still got it."

Orion made his way down the building and over to his capture. Only 50 yards away though, Orion was grabbed and dragged into another alleyway.

"What the kark!" Who the chuba are you!? Let me go---!"

The mystery assailants hit Orion over the head with the butt of a gun, knocking him out.


Beyond The Stars

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Dark and peaceful, the stars wandered amongst the vast backdrop of the deep black. Suddenly, a colossal grey wedge appeared as if from thin air. The lumbering giant gently slowed until it crawled across radiant reflection of light from the planet of Vaniville. A great silhouette extinguished the rural planet’s shine. Emblazoned on its hull was the mighty flag of the Empire. The snow white spoked roundel mirrored the Zoroark’s white fur.

Byrec felt the slowing of the cruiser, being replaced by the shuddering of the engine. He stared intently at his blood red claws. He toyed with his weapon in his hand. It rose up from his hand. He dropped it in to his claw with a sigh. He slipped his claws in to the grey armoured gauntlet. Proudly, he admired the Galactic Empire insignia on his shoulder armour. He strapped it on and he marched out of the door.

He was still new to this body. He had evolved not too long ago and the feeling of Darth Lucar’s lengthy gaze was forever constant. He was still in the palm of the master even though he was so far away. He was not the First Inquisitor, no, he had many brothers. He just happened to finish his trailing when an incumbent brother met an unexpected fate. He was a replacement. And he was there to finish the job that the fallen had failed to. Byrec was entirely aware that this was a test. He had proved himself in training, he had proved himself in sacrificing his father, but he had yet to prove he could do the job. An unarmed friend and training drones were nothing against a full Medi.

Two enamel white Stormtroopers stided past him, one was stout but the other had two sets of arms with two blasters to accompany it. The Inquisitor entered the bridge, his boots clanking against the grating beneath. Busy pilots and workers prodded at flashing lights on the work panels. The pokemon working tirelessly reminded him of his mother. General Franz and General Weber sat in the middle, barking orders, or rather Franz was. One of the heads curled back around to look at him. It jumped and returned to face front, it’s teeth jittering, “Heeee’s heeere.”

The Zweilos twisted itself around and faced him with their body. Franz frowned while Weber smiled politely. “Alright, Inquisitor, we got you where you need to go.”
Weber laughed nervously, “It was no trouble, really, we were on our way to the Alola System anyway.”
“I’d appreciate it that you leave quickly, we have a job to do and we don’t need you messing up the chain of command.”
The Inquisitor nodded, his graceful hair bounced in tandem. “My ship?”
Weber lowered his head, “Many apologies, sir, but your custom ship is not ready yet.”
Franz rolled his eyes, not that you could see them. “You’ll get a TIE fighter. Your crazy clown car isn’t finished.”
Weber angled his head upwards, the great Zoroark towered over the sheepish dragon. “But it was no trouble at all. We’ll get it done as soon as possible. Please forgive us for the delay.”
Franz shook his head. “No, Weber, It’s his fault for asking for an engine upgrade and cockpit change.”
The Fifth Brother commented “Changes that were necessary. The fighter needs to be swift and silent.”
Weber nuzzled the communication button, “Have the Inquisitor’s fighter’s engine over clocked and prepared immediately.”
Franz looked to his brother head, his words like sinister daggers quietly stabbing “Stop undermining me.” He returned to the matter at hand, “You’ll get what you’re given. Take it and go, before I have you ejected.”
Weber became concerned, in hushed tones, he warned, “Careful! You’ll anger hiiim.”
“You’re just a whelp filling an arrogant dead person’s boots. I don’t care, just get off my ship.”
“Please forgive my brother’s rudeness, you’re always welcome.” He looked around for a way to defuse the situation. He poked his head at two guards. “Take the Inquisitor to his ship, make sure he has a pleasant journey.”
Two faceless Pokemon march stepped forward and flanked the Inquisitor. The Fifth Brother didn’t yield to the anger of the General. He was familiar with General Franz from his records. It wasn’t surprising. He wasn’t confident in his rank just yet to punish him. His Aura powers were to hunt Medi, not to kill people who irritated him. The disorder continued as the door slid closed and he made his way to the hanger.

The hunt was on.

The space ship rumbled out of the hangar bays. The controls jittered in his paws. Apparently General Franz couldn’t spare a good quality fighter. Byrec knew he could have stood up to him, but it seemed to be a waste. Yet a feeling in his stomach told him that his master wouldn’t look admiringly at his temperance. Darth Lucar had been known to rule by fear, using the force to strangle underlings who failed him. Similarly The Inquisitorius layed outside of the chain of command, similar to his teacher. During his training he had been taught that Rage was the key to Dark Side. Anger and the will to carry forth your mission. He had the tools. This was all a challenge and Byrec fears he has already went wrong. Regret nibbled at his mind.

The Moon was orbiting a highly populated planet named Santalune. Byrec slowed down as the bright green atmosphere made way for the canopy. The jungle below sprawled out like a living city. Bird Pokemon fleed when the almighty space ship found its footing in an over grown field. The landing thrusters blew away the tangled grass but once he had landed the four foot green tendrils engulfed the grey critter of ship. The Inquisitor alighted the vehicle. The tips of the blades went up to his neck. He waded through the grass, he needed silence but he felt that in his heart a true sith would carve his way through, damn the consequences... He moved this thought out his mind as he swiftly silently soared through the forest jumping from root to branch, tree to tree, from paw to claw.

Immediately, there was a presence in the force. Perhaps by then it was too late. A shadow swooped down from a vantage part. Startled Byrec was on the backfoot. the infamous sound of the activation of a blade haunted him. The Inquisitor jumped away as the bird pokemon rushed him. Finding himself above the Medi, he activated his weapon, both sides looked at eachother. The Honchcrow clutched her bright green light in betwixt the edges of her feathers. She squinted. The Inquistor charged forward from above.

Their lightsabres clashed in a cacophony of rays.

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Ice Old Man

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Lorde Stardust

Lorde was outside of his cottage looking at the stars. Somewhere out there, Song told him, there were other Medi, and they would join them one day and topple the Empire. Lorde always imagined Song would be by his side when that would happen, but now this wasn't possible. The loathing lighted inside of the Kadabra as he thought about the Space Bikers, who killed his master.
But Song taught him that loathing was dangerous and he shouldn't let it take control of him. He tried to avoid having that feeling by closing his eyes and trying to empty his mind. Soon he managed to reach the state of mind required by the meditation, that consists in thinking about nothing at all, and he felt much peaceful.
Lorde spent a big part of his days and nights meditating at his cottage, or outside of it. It improved his concentration and, very much important, it was a way to increase his bond with the Aura. The rest of the time was divided into training with the lightsaber and working at the farm that was possession of a sweet Slowbro. She used to give him part of the crop as payment.
Lorde lived at Ten Catarat, a moon of planet Melemele at the Alola System since he was a kid. Song Ogoo, a Medi Infernape, raised him. His parents died from a severe disease when he was very young. Song Ogoo basically taught him everything he knew, indeed how to use the Aura and how to duel with the lightsaber. Song crafted two lightsabers that did no harm and they used them in Lorde's dueling lessons. When Lorde was a teenager, near his fifteenth birthday, Song told him it was time for him to craft his true lightsaber. Medi had to craft their own lightsabers, nobody could do it for them. Fortunately, they had what they needed to make it at the caves of Ten Catarat. They had to go much deep to find the materials. But after collecting what he needed and putting a lot of work in it, Lorde had achieved the task. He hand-crafted his own lightsaber.
Then it began a happy time for Lorde. Though his routine was hard, with training, working, meditating and learning general culture from Song, he was happy doing all of this.
Then time passed. Lorde was a young adult. He began to become anxious about the fate of the galaxy. The Empire was many years at the power now. Lorde began to question Song when they would begin to fight against the Empire, but Song had the same answer saying that he had to be patient.
Be patient, be patient, that's all he heard. He wanted to do something, but he wouldn't do anything without Song's consent. And then Song died.
Before his death, Lorde's heart calmed, and he accepted that Song knew what he was talking about, though he didn't understand it. Though his death was a big wrench to him, he kept following Song's instruction. He waited patiently. The time to topple the Empire would come.
Lorde's meditation was interrupted by a strange thought. He knew someone was in danger. He opened his eyes to see the night was calm, except for strange lights very far in the horizon. Explosions. Then a falling star appeared. Something had entered Ten Catarat's atmosphere and was caught in fire. Most probably a spaceship.
Lorde immediately used his special technique, Teleport. He disappeared from his backyard and reappeared much far, where the action he saw from his home was taking place. In front of his eyes, he saw a small spaceship caught in fire falling from the sky. It touched the ground with a big impact, that caused an earthquake. Lorde was thrown back by it, but he soon got up to his feet and approached the crater the spaceship had made when it fell. In its bottom, the spaceship, a small one that had space for a single passenger, was burning. Lorde went down the crater the faster he could, using Reflect to create a wall to block the fire when he got near it. He pulled the door away with his Telekinesis and entered the ship. There was a Pom Pom Oricorio who was unconscious in the small cabin. Lorde pulled him out of the ship and, carrying him in his arms, he teleported to the outside of the crater. He checked the Oricorio's pulse. He still had it. Whoever he was, Lorde couldn't let him die.
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