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Pokemon White 2 Mono Bug Run

Started by Radboy July 17th, 2017 4:25 PM
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Posted December 26th, 2018
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After days of mental prep and planning, I'm about to do my first (Completed) monotype run in a Pokemon game. And of course I decided White 2 because difficulty rules and the Pokemon selection rules more. Sometimes.

The MY Rules
1. I'm not hacking any Pokemon. Sewaddle is obtained early, and I will catch Post-Game Pokemon after I beat Iris.
2. Trades may not be used to get pokemon it would otherwise take a long time to get, like female Combee or Shuckle. I can however use trades to evolve Pokemon, as that is the only way I get Escavalier and Accelgor.
3. Heracross is the only pokemon I don't need to catch. It's briefly explained below, but if you hate tl;dr's then ever since the only way to get Heracross in a 0.75% chance in 1 hidden grotto, no shaking grass. This is due to Heracross otherwise being completely exclusive to Black 2.
Not fun, and it will take too long.
4. HM slaves & Ditto are allowed. You'll see why Ditto is allowed in a second.
5. This is not a monolocke. If a pokemon faints it will be alive.
Otherwise I'd never beat Cheren...

The Goals
I actually have 2 goals for this run
1. Get all 8 gym badges, and defeat Iris.
2. Collect the 24 bug types to complete a "White 2 Bug Dex"

For anyone curious, these are the pokemon I will AND will not be collecting for Dex completion
Larvesta (Post Game, Breeding)
Durant (Post Game)
Yanma (Post Game)
Yanmega (Post Game)

Not Required:
Heracross (B2 Exclusive, 0.75% chance in Grotto)
Genesect (Can't Obtain, Mystery Event)

I'll try and update at least once per gym.
"Success is a Journey, not a destination" - Arthur Ashe

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Age 16
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Posted December 26th, 2018
55 posts
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Part 1: Bug Bite

Ok. inhale, exhale

Time to get on with the adventure.

Intro Screen
Exactly as boring as you think.
As a joke, I named my character Doc, and the Rival Nurse. I need to get better naming ideas.

Aspertia City
My game started on Autumn, so I got to see an epic, soaring shot of the city with... 3 brown leaves. Enthralling. I then leave my house and see Nurse. He does a cool hand motion, then he follows me to the Outlook.

Hi Bianca. I chose Oshawott as my starter, and now Nurse has no chance of ever winning a rival battle. Good. I nickname the Oshawott exactly what is would be doing. Being Box Fodder. Obtained Box Fodder the Oshawott! I then battle Nurse. He crits me and gets me down to 1 HP. Then he throws the battle. Thanks Nurse. I needed that money.

Route 19
The rest of the intro was boring, so here I am now. Bianca just caught a Patrat, and now we will never see it again. I then get to the end of the route in 30 seconds flat. No encounters, thank- wait, here comes Alder, jumping off a cliff. Isn't he 60 or something? That fall should at least cripple him for life. But nope, he suggests for me to go to the Pokemon Center. Nah, thanks. (I wish I did that later, when I had only 2 potions)

Route 20
Alder then said to go deliver a map to Nurse. He has clearly never seen me play any Gen 4 games, and doesn't know how lazy rivals can be. He also knows Nurse is my friend. Not creepy in anyway whatsoever.
Anyways slaughter closely beat 2 trainers with Box Fodder before I caught a Sewaddle. My first team member and true best friend, and I nickname it JibberJat. Sorry Box Fodder, but you need to do PC Box secretary stuff. Get me a coffee. JibberJat the Sewaddle joined the team! By some miracle, JibberJat is level four and has a Relaxed nature. Not the best, but the extra bulk against Cheren is always appreciated. And hey, she likes sour food. I like sour food as well. We'll get along great.

I then grind up JibberJat to level 5 before a battle against Youngster, uh, I think Petey and it resulted in an epic Tackle brawl. I win. I grind up to level 7 before entering Floccesy Ranch.

Floccesy Ranch
After grinding JibberJat up to level 7, I then grind up to level 8 and get the current playthrough miracle, Bug Bite. It's nice 60 base power and STAB was just amazing to have. I then swept through Nurse and the most interesting trainer Janitor Orville looking for the Herdier the owner let wander off. But still, I wonder if that battle was meant for you to always get paralyzed. Bah, back to the point, I found the Herdier, and got the TM for frustration from the Plasma Grunt. Great! A TM I'll never use! Anyways, back to Alder.

Floccesy Town
Ok, time to do that training thing with Alder.

Battle 1: Vs. School Kid Seymour and his Pansear. This battle felt like it should have been a little scary, but it had a lack of fire moves. The battle ended quickly.

Battle 2: Vs. School Kid Cassie and her Pansage.

Bug STAB + Grass type. I don't remember if I OHKO'ed, but I think I did.
Ok, it's Cheren time.

Aspertia City Gym
The 2 trainer battles went well. Now it is time for Cheren (Who is just a Lenora, with de-evolved pokemon and a different main.)

Strategy: Bug Bite Spam. Nothing else.

Sadly, that was a lot easier than I hyped up. JibberJat outsped and 2HKO'ed Cheren's Patrat with Bug Bite. Cheren failed that attempted set-up on a major scale. Lillipup was a little harder, as it was faster than JibberJat. The damage after 2 Bug Bites put Cheren in Potion range, meaning a got a free attack. I then KO'ed Lillipup the next turn. The Basic Badge is now mine.

The Team:
JibberJat the Sewaddle
Item: Oran Berry & Nature: Relaxed
String Shot
Bug Bite
"Success is a Journey, not a destination" - Arthur Ashe

My Not-So-Special Achievements:
Challenge Hall Of Fame
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