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Started by Dragon June 10th, 2017 9:26 AM
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~An important choice to make~
Monday, March 25th
Velvet Room *Time Unknown*
Die. Just the word itself and the way Juliette said it...Her spine shivered, and she was starting to sweat bullets. Her breathing started to become quicker than usual, to the point of almost hyperventilation.

She didn’t know what to say. She has heard about the rising number of people suddenly catching a strange illness that leaves the one gaining the illness nothing more than an empty shell of their former self. Supposedly, some doctors and scientists are trying their best to cure this new illness, but to no avail. But the fact that they’ve obtained this illness is all due to some supernatural game between certain people just made it even worst. And now here she is, being told that she and many others are a part of this ‘game’ as well, and possible failure will result in death.

<Death…?! No. I don’t want to die...I really don’t want to die...I know she doesn’t want me to die either...>

She wanted to agree with Naoki and say that this is probably a bad dream or a hallucination...But if it was like that, then why is this dream happening right after the previous one, where everyone here was also there? Meanwhile, it seems the short boy, Aiko and the other girl are fine with this...if it means to live, then they really have no choice. Kazue on the other not having any of this. After giving a few...words towards Juliette, she started to go on a little rant that was obviously pointed towards everyone else.

"I don't know if you all are even real or not, but don't buy into this ****. She's using nice words like "special" mixed with vague threats like "death" to try and make you proud and scared. There are no special powers in the world. These games are a sham to make you trust her as some authority figure. She's probably with some cult or something, and she'll sell you salvation at the cost of everything you own and then some. She only wants to rob you blind. I don't know any of you, but if you believe a single word out of her mouth then I will not hesitate to call you the biggest idiot I have ever had the displeasure of meeting."

‘No special powers’...No, that’s wrong. She still remembered seeing that creature before she went to sleep. She still remembered having that conversation with Tatsuo and Izumi about the previous dream. The dreams were fated to happen. The conversation was inevitable to happen, due to the dream. This felt way too real...This was absolutely not some tabloid scheme or something. This was...she didn’t know a better word to describe it.

But she did know one unfortunate thing: Kazue was wrong. Very wrong. She wanted to say that she was wrong...but she knew that she would agitate her more if she said anything directly to her. But what can she say about all of this…?

<I have no choice...I’m risking it.> “...You’re wrong. There is magic in this world...I just know it.” She standed up and looked at Tatsuo and then Izumi. “Today, I had a conversation with these two...and it was due to that dream from before…” She looked down to her feet. ”I prayed to the gods tonight...And then…I saw it. I saw an odd creature appeared while I was praying...I thought I was hallucinating...But it knew it was there. I remember seeing it before, in the previous dream, where I was deep in my thoughts in order to drown out all the commotion…” She closed her eyes and tried to roughly visualize it in her mind. “I swear it was white...and it looked like some sort of paper weasel...or some kind of ferret.”

She slowly sighed, and reopened her eyes, which showed a spark of confidence within them. “The point is...I saw it...It was there. I’m not good at explanations or descriptions, but...that’s all I’ve got.”

She glared at Kazue and started to speak in a much more clearer tone than her usual slow and melancholic tone. “Look, I know what you’re about to say. At this point, I’m expecting it. And I won’t care. Your harsh words and opinions about what I think about this situation shall not affect what I still believe is right. I have already experienced the worst at this point, and even to this day, I am trying my damnedest to forget about it all.” She was started to tear up, and was now glaring at everyone else with two obvious exceptions.

“But I’ll just say it here...If any of you truly think that this is just nothing more than a dream...Then go ahead. Go right ahead and think that these dreams you had in a row are just that. Dreams. But I have seen proof. Proof that something horrible is going to happen. So, if something happens to you in the following days after you had this dream...Then that is because of you. It will not be my fault, nor anyone else’s. That was because you chosen that path for yourself. Right now, this is an important choice you have to make and if you decided to possibly ignore all of this...Then that’s your choice...and it may affect your perfect future to the light...or your inevitable end caused by the darkness…”

Suddenly, she started to cough a lot and was now sitting down on her chair again. After her coughing fit, it seems she was now back to her quiet self, slowly sighing with that slow and melancholic tone of hers.

“...Ugh. That rant sounded good in my head, but it sounds so poorly worded when I say it...I’m sorry if it sounded odd...But I hope my point went across to you all.” It’s quite clear that she was embarrassed by what she said.
~Calamity Trigger~
"O' silver blade forged in the depths of the beyond, heed my summons and purge those who stand in my way! Lay waste."



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Confusion still settled in his bones, gold eyes flickering to each forced participant. Questions flew but no answers came forth. Not yet, at least. Hiroki wasn't sure what to do, nerves frazzled at the sudden situation he's been subjected to; at this rate he wanted a distraction because supernatural aside, this is freaky even though it seemed a bit cool to see this kind of weird place.

Then, he noticed his seatmate to the right, light blonde hair splayed to his shoulders, body tense looking ready to use violence.

A small part of him, so small he pushed away lightly, whispered you don't wanna trigger him because he seemed ready to bolt, muscle tense and close to punching the nearest person - which is Hiroki himself. Hard.

But hey, when did that stop him? Besides, they were in the same boat, he couldn't be that bad of a person, yeah? (Or is he? His self preservation sending him mixed signals.)

"Hey," Hiroki said lightly, "you alright?" The second year wasn't sure what to say, he didn't know the other guy. First year? Third year? Or second year, he didn't know everybody in his year and he most likely couldn't remember.

The young man didn't respond to him. If he was purposefully ignoring the second-year, he seemed all too invested in it. He didn't so much as twitch a muscle in his direction or bat an eye. In fact, his eyes seemed to be staring out into the distance as if focused on something. The fake blonde wasn't entirely non-functioning though, as he continued to scrape his nails under his armrest in a steady, unsettled manner.

Hiroki eyed with him with growing concern. He could reach out and make sure he's fine but he'd be in deep trouble. Hiroki was sure his seatmate would not appreciate any physical contact.

(His dumb at studying but this? He can be smart. Can be.)

He felt as if an wild animal - dog most likely, or wolf, cats were more claws, sharp and pointly unlike a dog who sink their teeth to the skin right down to the bones - on the edge of ripping something to shreds. (Again, which most likely Hiroki himself and with how he's slowly poking the other, it looks like the first victim is undoubtedly him.)

(Was Hiroki exaggerating? Most likely not. Probably.)

He shifted slighty to face the older student by a year. Not that he knows. It is still a safe distance, not too probing. "Need an outlet for stress? You can punch the table, if you want," Hiroki said, cautious but radiating concern.

Dark eyes snapped back to his. They locked there, the blonde's stare was intense yet suppressed something greater. Immediately the raking fingers went still. When he parted his lips to speak, his mumbling voice was a low baritone with an expected edge.

"Are you mocking me?" The guy turned his head slightly to face the accused. "You want to make me look like a fool?"

Yep, Hiroki knew it the moment their eyes met, stare intense, that the light-blonde hair boy is without a doubt, on edge. He couldn't look away, heart thumping whether with fear, nervousness or exhilaration. He's not sure himself.

Well, he thinks rather cheerfully despite the tenseness, at least his fingers stopped. Now what to do with the present edge directed at him?

"Nope," Hiroki answered lightly, friendly, no mocking in sight. "I can act like I said something insulting and promptly apologize, you'd have a reason to punch the table." He hoped he came across as an relaxing guy. Although if he thought Hiroki as an oblivious fool, that'd be fine.

(It's not like he new better, he really is a fool.)

"You look like you really need an outlet, you're tense," He frowned, "Sorry for being intrusive."

After a held moment of inspecting eyes, the young man broke away to leer off to the side elsewhere. "An 'outlet'? No, I need out."

The student shut his eyes as and fell silent again, taking a deep breath as he straightened his posture. Opening his eyes again, they looked almost glazed over with wear as they passed over the table. He mumbled a word to himself, before he lowered his head in the direction of the flickering candles on the table. They were a tantalizing arm's reach away.

Under his breath, all Hiroki could catch was "... dream up in flames..."

Hiroki followed his gaze, eyes landing to where Giichi's line of sight rested. Oh, he thinks, not sure if his guess is right and hopefully it's not.

But the muttered words he heard and the way the upperclassman's eyes were drawn to the flame like a moth, he could see sparks of fire dancing in the reflection of his eyes. Hiroki slightly thinks it makes a beautiful sight.

First though - "Need a distraction?" Hiroki asked airily, acting as if he didn't come into the conclusionable reason to Giichi's sudden attention on the flames of the candles. "Because I need an distraction," he confessed, just for addition. "Besides, I don't think she's going to let us out easily until she deems us so," his eyes fleetingly flickered to Juliette. "I don't think we can wake up easily either."

Was he doing this right? Gah, his nerves were slightly tittering.

The young man didn't budge but he quickly interrupted. "... What's your name?"

Hiroki blinked in surprise, caught off guard. And here, he thinks he'd be the one doing the talking and getting brushed off in return. Probably becaue he's being bothersome.

"My name is Hiroki," he answered after a pause, the corner of his lips quirking up into a small half-smile, "Kozume Hiroki." He would have add it's nice to meet you except the mood isn't right and there's nothing nice meeting someone who's more or less in a bad mood and in a dream to boot.

"What's yours?"

"Jō Giichi," he grunted. It looked as if his muscles weren't as taut as they once were, only relaxing slightly. "If this is really some sort of ugly, lucid dream, then maybe I've seen you somewhere before. Maybe that's how my mind goes." Without warning, he reached out for the table candelabra and grabbed a candle by its stalk, entirely intent on yanking it towards him. When the candle and the fixture it sat in didn't so much as budge, a brief glimpse of astonishment crossed his Giichi's eyes, before he slowly retracted his hand back into his lap, flexing his fingers all the while like eager claws.

Hiroki relaxed, feeling like a huge hurdle has been cleared. Or so it seems. Did he succeed? "Maybe it's a fantasy dream," he said, not going to mull over Giichi's (yes! he got a name! what an accomplishment!) words and feel offended or not with the way he said it, Hiroki thinks he's being blunt and straightforward which can be a good thing! "It looks all to be re--" Hiroki stopped and eyes widen in alarm at the senior student's abrupt action. He wanted to say something but he didn't get to because wow, the candle's stuck.

"This is wicked, weird dream," he whispered. How many times has he described the dream as weird? Because it really is. There weren't much to say, when Juliette began speaking. He listened attentively, like an obedient student in class but this isn't a class and he's in a predicament right now along with others. He was in awe at the wild animals coming to life in sounds and continued to listen until she finished.

"...Yep, this is real," Hiroki spoke out loud, looking a bit blank at Juliette's ominous words. Was this really real? The cause of the sudden illnesses coming from this devil's game she's talking about? He thought of his sister all of a sudden, with each passing day, she looked so weak and pale but still manage to smile through it all that he brushed it off as not feeling well. It's not as if she's involved... right?

The others reacted, one slamming his fist on the table and another speaking out. Hiroki's eyes moved to land on Giichi's face to analyze his reaction. Don't freak out, he said telepathically, concern going up again. They were going to die if they don't succeed, that would freak anyone. He felt freaked out to but he's not going to dwell on that fact. She must be kidding, or well, he hoped she is.

Giichi, though, did not lift his eyes. He did not stir from his seat. He did not offer any signs of perception or attentiveness. He only continued to furl and unfurl his tense fingers. He appeared as though he was never compelled to care. Perhaps to him, he had no real investment as a forced participant in this entire melodramatic event.

The silence atmosphere was a bit rigid. Did it stop Hiroki though? Nope, not one bit. "Maybe this isn't real, maybe this is just a play," Hiroki mused, glancing at the others and frowning a tad bit. "Do you think this is an elaborate, planned prank?" He questioned. To majority, Hiroki appeared to be talking to himself but it was more of breaking the silence. Maybe, he was distracting Giichi or trying to make the upperclassman relax. He's not doing so well, is he.

"This is a unique start of my second year in Rakkouken," he says, "Dreaming within a dream, or dreaming a realistic dream prank." Hiroki blubbered, to fill up the silence between them. I must be a bother to him, a part of him tells himself, big sis is much better at this.

A girl spoke out, making a show of a drama character in his view. This is just nonsense, isn't it? Maybe,
they were really kidnapped when they went to sleep. But why them in particular? He doesn't even have talents that will catch a person's eye. He will always be the clown, the guy who laughs everything away and hide his doubts.

In honesty, he didn't want to get involved in this show. Maybe this is on air, live? Doubtful, considering the circumstances.

Another girl countered, sounding and looking nervous. Well, this is not going to go well, not when everybody has different opinions. "Uh, can we move forward instead and have Juliette-san explain more?" he voiced out, to try avoiding early conflict.


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Kiro Irakuza ~ Hunger XI-2

Everyone asked similar questions that all lead the same end. The roars midway through Juliette's explanation of this end startled Kiro. He didn't think beasts resided here as well. However, that noise did not originate from anything earthborn, he was sure of it. She went on to explain 'The Devil's Game' as he continued absorbing the information, and when she finished, explaining the consequences of failure, his head lowered slightly in thought as his arm moved halfway to his chin.

The Devil's Game... So she's gone because she was weak. This understanding lead Kiro to rexamine her words and solidify his feelings on the situation. 'Those who gain power are said to be destined to rule over the masses, and to shape the world as they wish.' An evil smirk crept onto his face. The risk was well worth the reward. If I win, I gain that power. A way to sate his ever hidden Lust, fulfill his newfound Hunger. And if I lose, I get to leave... But, with the way this world is, was that really a loss? "Alright, I'll play your game." Let's see where the whims of fate may lead us... Upon mumbling that phrase under his breath, the feeling of the situation excited him, whereas it once unsettled him.

He was anxious. 'Soon.' How soon? Why not now? To Kiro, the anticipation of this 'trial' made the wait seem as if it would take forever. Though, knowing him, he'd quickly stop caring and forget about it until it was already upon him. The others' reactions took his attention away from the growing impatience. The expected freak out, someone's dramatic declaration of will to succeed, followed by another's continued denial. The Aiko's panic was calmed by another long hair girl who's name he didn't catch from his last time here. He watched and listened as Aiko was talked down before moving his attention to the others. Perhaps he was the only one taking this well. As if to reinforce that assumption, a girl he remembered quite clearly from his last visit began ranting in disapproval of the entire situation.

"I don't know if you all are even real or not,"

Now that prompted a question that Kiro considered checking. "If that's the case then why are you even freaking out..." I mean, surely you could just touch us to confirm our existence. In fact... With that idea in mind he calmly strided across the room to Juliette. He stopped and gave her a good look up and down, those eyes still bothered him. Readying an index finger, he exhaled before gently poking one of her exposed arms. The soft feeling of skin resolidified his belief of her existence. Ignoring whatever reaction might've come from her in hopes of it not being aggressive, Kiro turned to the angry girl and spoke. "Well, I can confidently say that she's at least physically real, and I've seen at least some of you in the real world. And since we're all fully aware, it's safe to say that no one is a figment of the other's imagination... Besides, even if this turns out to be a scam I'm pretty sure we'll all understand that when we get there. And part of this situation would be way more confusing than it already is... I think-" Kiro stopped and found himself cut off by a typical looking Japanese girl, previously immersed in thought, as she began to speak. Yuuki...

She vouched for the situation's credibility, using an interaction from earlier in the day as evidence. Well that explains the third person, and removed him of any doubt he may have had. She went on to almost lose him during a failed description of a creature she saw while praying. He was never really a believer in those spiritual things and briefly pegged Yuuki as a priest of some sort. Her voice cleared up as she continued speaking, only to devolve into a coughing fit and revert back when she finished.

In this momentary pause Kiro realized how close he still was to Juliette and stepped away before speaking to her, "Maybe you can do something to convince everyone that there's power in this world."

A pale, brown haired kid suggested to have Juliette continue explaining, and Kiro could only agree with that request.
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