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Interest Check The Underground Elections

Started by Salzorrah August 17th, 2017 5:34 AM
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grassium Z

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The Autonomous Region of The Underground (ARUG) has seceded from the Nation of PokéCommunity (PC). This has led to the creation of [supporter]The Underground Republic (UGR)[/supporter]. As the fledgling nation rises up, the government has switched from the former modship system to a democracy system, which meant that elections are coming! As part of the secession deal, the nation of PC has tasked Salzorrah to head the Underground Election Commission, and arrange the first ever UG elections! Will you be the first leaders who would raise this wondrous country up, or would you be the first to tear it down?

This game is obviously not going to be your typical mafia game.

The main objective of the game is to win the election of one of the five positions, which is either:

The First Underground President
The First Underground Vice President
Secretary of Innocent Affairs
Secretary of Mafia Affairs
Secretary of Third Party Affairs

You can file your candidacy as an independent, or you can form a party, which consists of 2 to 5 members, with only one in each position. I still have to ask the mods if I can do this, but I am considering a custom points system for this game, because the advantage of filing as an independent, you would get the most number of points, and the advantage of going as a party is that, although less points are given to you, if one of your party members get elected, all of the party would get points, albeit less than the elected member.

You must get a lot of votes to advance to the national election, because if you're dead last, you're forced to drop out of the race. In the voting rounds, ANYONE can vote, even people not playing the game. The only people that are not allowed to vote is me.

In the "night" phases, there would be powers that enable you to get more or less votes, but they would be revealed at the end of the voting session.

Also, if you think that this isn't mafia, think again. There's also going to be an Anarchist Faction. these 5 people, one from each position, would only win with each other. The Anarchist Faction will win, if atleast 3 members are elected at the end, or 1 or 2 members AS LONG AS THE PRESIDENT is elected. If they win, all the other elected officials would not win. Another twist is that you won't know who the Anarchists are until the end of the game. There are also powers that let candidates background check, but it would have serious consequences if they fail.

What do you think?


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It's interesting, and not too un-mafia I think. I'll think on it.
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