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Pokémon OPEN High Stakes Glamour [M] [IC]

Started by gimmepie April 30th, 2018 5:41 AM
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High Stakes Glamour

"For those of you just joining us, I'm here with the beautiful Maria, the number one professional coordinator here in Sinnoh. Maria is it true that you made one hundred and twenty thousand dollars from contest wins alone last season?" a middle-aged woman in a brown pantsuit asked the young coordinator across from her. Much like the host of the show who had shaved a good five years off her face with makeup, Maria was dressed pristine and made up for the stage.

"Well, I really shouldn't brag, but that's about right" Maria said, putting on her best modest face "Of course I don't just do contests. On days where I'm not competing or training my time is usually taken up with television appearances like this or similar."

"It really is very impressive" the interviewer responded "you work very hard and earn every penny you find yourself with. On top of that, you also ran coordinator workshops all across Sinnoh and even a handful in major Kanto and Johto cities. What sort of advise do you have for beginner coordinators as the new season begins?"

"Well, for a full lecture you'll have to attend one of my seminars!" Maria said with a giggle "In short though, work hard. You're not going to reach the top over night. I won't gloss over this like other coordinators sometimes do, you can achieve your wildest dreams and then some if you dedicate yourself to the craft, but only if you're willing to really dedicate yourself to it and put in hours upon hours of work with your pokemon each weak. Prims and I worked together ten hours a day, every day, for years before we won our first Grand Festival. If you want to be number one, you need to throw yourself into coordinating head first."

"Well, that wraps up all the time we have with Maria, but you can see more exclusive insight from the number one coordinator by visiting our website. The contest season is kicking off and every city or town large enough will be hosting a contest this weekend. Make sure you check out the Prism Cup contest in Jubilife to see our very own Maria and Prims in action."

Select any town or city in Sinnoh with the exception of the Battle Zone, Resort Area etc in the north. That is your starting point (if your hometown is already in Sinnoh, that is your starting point). From there it is up to you which contest you participate in, but remember that travelling and entering both cost you money.

As it's the first week of the season, there is no major contests to begin with. All location with "town" in their name are small contests and all locations in their name with "city" are standard contests.


Fake Friends Forever (´・ω・`)

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Sunday 06:43 GT
Snowbound Lodge, Rt. 217;
------A Warm Bed And Little Else

------Kirlia proved audaciously fond of the room as she sat cross-legged on the counter in an oversized harajuku T-shirt, a clipboard balanced in her lap implicating business she retained a whimsy regardless, whether it was the click-click-click of her pen; whether it was imprinting the foggy window pane with runny smiley-faces.
------Otherwise, a draft must have ushered in from the lobby past the shoddy insulation a chilly, choke-holding silence had overtaken the room. No one made eye contact, no one spoke; Kirlia couldnt and the suits were tight-lipped as always, faking obliviousness in their fuss and hustle, uniformed in black and trailing white across the kitchen floor. Dragging heels or dress shoes through the carpet. Checking the time and shuffling documents-- dropping them. Huffing of frustration-- cough-cough-cough! (Click-click.)
------They had insisted on keeping their dress coats. (They had ignored her offer to let her take them. And their hats, gloves, and scarves were on the floor now.) One suit drew away cough, cough and the other drew a dark and formidable briefcase, maneuvering around Kirlia (click click...) to set it on the counter. (Click.)
------This was all only so infuriating in a pedantic way. It triggered the irrational pride you felt over something when someone else acted like theyd paid for it.
------So the client, the newly-hired, and the neglected host that was Madame Wakahisa steeped in her contempt with nails digging into the cardboard of her reception-area tea. She wasnt drinking it, just staring with her own strained, projected sort of patience. Her face was a wan canvas, and her fuchsia robe proved a flagrant reminder of exactly what time it was. She had a towel wrapped around her head, in case it wasnt enough.
------Meanwhile, Blazer paced the little room, cough suppressed under a balled-up fist. And Ventless took particularly to laying out manila folder, then contract, then another goddamn pen.
------Harleys voice arose, soft from sleep but smooth: Well, Tarantino? Arent you going to open it?
------Kirlia jumped to attention.
------Ventless grunted and, in a contiguous motion, the briefcase snapped open to reveal the compacted Pokball inside.
------Ooh! went Harley breathlessly. Thats a Cherish
------Okay, calm down. Ventless halted her before she could round the corner, then continued, Youre under a two-meter restraining order til you sign.
------Ahh. Shes the feisty type? But I thought you said she didnt bite, so surely she isnt dangerous?
------Ventless shrugged. Its just company policy. Could be a Caterpie in there.
------From across the room, Blazer pinched the bridge of her nose and called from the lounge chair shed invited herself to get comfortable in: Please dont touch the Pokmon or the Pokmons container without proper authorization.
------Harley imagined what shed have said to the woman if she also hadnt woken up thirty minutes earlier.
------Ventless checked his watch. I mean, youre already this far. I would just do it.
------Mm. She hinged like a dipping bird, paying the littlest discretion to the tiny print through eyes that longed to close again, looping long and slow Tarantino etched frantically across her own paper, ignoring an absent No doodling from Ventless and as Harley finished, the clipboard flew in her face.
------What manners! she exclaimed. It was a picture of two men, one with a speech bubble over his afroed head: IENGLISH MOTHER PSYDUCKER DUYU SPEKKIT??
------Who taught you that language? Harley fired back.
------Tarantino grinned at her sourness, pointing towards herself.
Ventless sighed. You can meet your partner now, Wakahisa.
------She liked the word partner. Finally. It was a revitalizing word said officiously but, at its core, deeply intimate.
------Remind me to train your accent one day. Youre so stiff! She snatched the Cherish Ball, held it to her eye between lean thumb and forefinger. This is destiny, she thought. Its rightful! Ive deserved a second chance, I really have. Her eyes fluttered shut and smirked; she imagined herself on-stage, she imagined lights and action and cameras getting her good side. It was exhilarating in thought. It dangled like a carrot on a string. She was older, but she was still Harley.
------She feigned a fainting gesture Is it true? Shes really my little cherub Eevee? -- and flourished as the ball failed to respond
------(Oh? She pressed the button. Thats not cool. No wonder no one buys these)
------ballooned in her hand. An off-guard Harley chucked it.
------Elyse exploded out in a red glare, stocky limbs flailing, then rolling, rolling across the kitchen counter. Tarantino vanished a bit to let her accommodate.
------The Eevee scrambled to her paws as if having committed some terrific faux-paus, trying to fight through her fluff with claw and teeth.
------Hho-ho, shes adorable! Oh, but I dont attend to be disrespectful. Its a pleasure to meet you, Elyse. Im certain it will be divine to work with you.
------Elyse, pulling the bow on her tail back into place, perked instinctually at her name, not realizing that her first impression had begun, that she would be talked to.
------Yes, Ive heard a bit about you. Youre very accustomed to this whole coordinating business, no? I suppose youll be leading me as much as Ill be leading you! Id never think a Pokemon could be so creative.
------Elyse pondered the compliment for that distinctly-human double side.
------Ventless coughed, not like Blazer who moaned from the background. Did she sign the contract yet?
------He, again, checked his watch. Right. Elyse, Harley. Harley, Elyse. Weve, the suit gestured to the reappeared Tarantino, clued her into what she can look forward to already. She shouldnt be too difficult to work with.
------Hm! Im curious to what you said about me. With a facetious simper, the woman took up her tea and a packet of sugar. I remember your analysis described her as hasty. Could you elaborate on that?
------Err" Ventless must have wondered why she wasnt already aware. Well, hasty Pokemon, if youve never raised one, tend to be more prone to being neurotic. That doesnt always mean they rush the job, just that theyre more sensitive to stress systems. Sometimes more defensive, just not usually abrasive
------I see. Ventless seemed reluctant to pet the Eevee, especially as she proved true to the description with intermittent anxious, flitting glances over her pelt. Harley offered her the open packet with a smile; Elyse was certainly hasty to oblige.
------But shes still easy to work with, no? Does she not work well under pressure?
------I mean, she doesnt have stage fright or anything like that. Shes well-trained. ...yeah, she was taught to perform, so she should do fine in that regard, whatever her nature.
------Thats Pokemon for you! Harley laughed. You would think they were just bunches of code sometimes, theyre so precise at what they do!
------Elyse settled on her hind legs the edge of the counter. She poured sugar in her mouth and fought to ignore Tarantino who studied the process with keen interest.
------I do hope the whole exaggerated genetic instability thing doesnt harm her too much, Harley continued. Im sure Elyse is quite capable of taking care of herself, but a sensitivity to water under room temperature would be a bother for anyone, wouldnt it?
------Ventless said, I guess so," after some hesitance. Elyse is just the best fit according to statistics and, like, public image.
------Im sure she is. Shes a wonderful Pokemon. Actually, where did she come from, Elyse? Can your company afford affiliated breeders?
------Uh I dont really We cant discuss financial queries with you.
------Ventless turned towards Blazer, struggling with her own sensitivity as she said, Maybe you should get Elyse a snack or something, shes been in that ball for a while.
------Now hopeless, Ventless turned back towards Harley. Err, do you have any other concerns?
------Well, other than being depended on whilst being left to my own devices in an entirely new career, not particularly.
------Ventless tried to curb her snark with, The closest standard contest is scheduled for Tuesday at 8pm in Snowpoint City. First of the season.
------And obviously Harley was prepared to know this, considering the frosty expanse outside, but she was sympathetic in a good mood now and keen to retain the self-effacing optimism that had arose in her after meeting Elyse. She smiled, asked, What would be the easiest route into Snowpoint, then?
------I think theres a shuttle now that leaves from Acuity Lakefront. Otherwise, its a ten-hour hike. In optimal weather conditions, he then added, as if it would quell Harleys pout.
------Sorry, Wakahisa, but Bittersweet cant provide transportation to idols. Not because of the budget or anything We discussed this.
------A vigilant Tarantino tapped pen to page for attention. On her clipboard now she presented to Harley a caricature uncanny to both herself and Uma Thurman standing on a pedestal of sorts over a spread of lauding fans (represented with circles and arched happy lines). Above the commotion was a spread of good deeds: Umarley helping an old woman cross a city street; Umarley rescuing a Skitty from a tree; Umarley walking up to random people and handing them tickets to the site of her next public appearance.
------No, I get it Why this has to be an ordeal, anyway. I dont know when my BelleN appearance is due, but I suppose celebrity status has to be earned like money.
------Ventless grunted agreement. He checked his watch, then jerked back to attention with relief
------Blazer called, You need to finalize your terms and conditions. Did she finalize It, Kyle? Great psyduck, my head is killing me!
------Harley flinched and Ventless, embarrassed, dove into the great strewn stack of clandestine documents for what his cohort intended. The search was proving futile after a few flustered seconds. Elyse attempted to move her tail, while Tarantino casually pulled the final page of the terms and conditions contract, materialized between the pages of her clipboard. She handed it to Harley, who caught Ventless attention.
------Ths was be the last click Harley wanted to hear in her lifetime. But, as the nub inched closer, she halted, put on a show of consideration with cocked head and pursed lips. And what does this get me?
------The suit, quick to answer: Eight months of unconditional affiliation with Bittersweet. All contest application and scheduling accounted for my creative advising. Any additional requirements of your company are financially insured. Unconditional filming
------thats what I thought. She smiled, as if validated. She dipped and, in a fell swoop, signed.

11:26 GT
Rt. 217 [Northernmost]

------It is refreshing to get up, bushy-tailed; tell yourself, You can do it!; knuckle down; and fail utterly. It gives you perspective on what youre getting wrong.

------Right now, youre standing in thick, all-consuming terrain called snow that swallowed your paws and most all of the two-hundredth-seventeenth route of Sinnoh too. (You assumed that number counted all of Kantos too; it was a lot of routes.)
------There is there was a frozen-over road of cobblestone, and it has trailed off, unfinished. You and your partner have been travelling said road for about three hours from the doorstep of some rented property an in, but that has to be a syntax error planted in the middle of the route, meaning you and your partner have made significant progress by now.
------You credit your partner with near-sympathetic deduction failure, because a moment earlier, she registered the cut-off road as unintentional, and followed where it should have led, which was straight ahead.
------This was without realizing the end of the road brushed up against a sheet of ice. And that sheet of ice was called a pond when it was thawed.
------So, right now, Wakahisa is neck-deep in subzero water. And your shared coordination career is in diametrically hot water, and you cant help but despise the woman.
------When you met, she seemed different, much like you with snark on her tongue and a wicked, sharpened look in the maturity of her face and crook of her nose. Humans pulled this bullmuk all the time: deceiving, then being deceived by their own concoctions, like cartoon villains.
------The irony of the womans sunglasses and puffy coat becomes hysterical, but you cant ignore your disappointment all the same, seeing Wakahisa bob in the freezing water with the color drained out of her after screaming so damn loud, albeit with the fuchsia of her bob cut like a torchlight in this white apocalypse. The woman was the type, too, to smile thin-lipped in the face of irreversible disaster she really was a twittering idiot, a stupid, twitching little bird.

------Why does she insist on making the most of this? Well! Its a-awfully cold out here, isnt it, Elyse? she says. My! Guess I should look down more, o-ho! Youre not walking a trapeze, Harley! Ohh-hoh
------You scowl at her. There was no excuse for this to happen, and it boggles you how any person could act this wry about their fragility when they couldnt take a square Tackle and were now quipping in the face of death?
------It cant even wring pity out of you it is plain depressing to experience. Just enough rope to hang them. Wasnt that the expression?

------I have an escape r-rope, i-in my bag That should a-at least get me out of thisdreaded swamp.
------With weak reassertion, Wakahisa recognizes she wants to live, and because you dont want to go back to Kanto, you are forced to be the scout.
------Scouring the snowbank, pawing through suspicious pile-up, finding the phone and nothing else, throwing the useless scarf off in grievance its demeaning, but you have to start digging.

------You look again. That face paint they wear is dripping down her round cheeks and little chin. She has stopped smiling and gone powerless to the cold churning, churning. She drifts, as does her gaze. When will her mind drift away? Is there even a Happy Box for decent people when they go?

------You have leapt at digging, and you reach the purse, but as you take the rope into your mouth, rustling erupt from behind. Youre busy undoing the packaging between teeth and what remains of your claws, but you can risk a glance, and as the heavy scent of mud would imply, its not good its feral company.

------The crowd of inundating dirt-brown bumble from the distanced trees and tundra grass. The pack grows as one unit as they pass more resident signage and crooked street lamps with fleur-de-lis crowns. They are, roughly, mounds of bristling Thick Coats with twitching pink poffin-shaped noses and a terrific fascination with her business.
------She has no idea what theyre snuffling about amongst themselves. You glare and puff your tail and dare them to whistle.
------If you were forced to be a human, you reflect as you break through and Silph Co.s Emergency Escape Rope comes undone in front of you, you would be a breeder to carrel these animals into place and teach them etiquette with a pitchfork to their perpetually-shut eyes.

------When you pad forward, the Swinub follow. They stay a foot or so back, but it is so obvious theyre trailing you. Their muttering is incessant, under breath, but they wear subtlety like Harley. Shes freezing to death.

------There is a stuffy feeling in your cheeks; you growl to clear your throat, and with your ears flat, you whisk around Really, you dont know what you spit at them, but it comes out deep and nasally. It certainly feels like something filthy burrowers would shout when they want some damn help here.
------The ripple of respite and shock means you have the right idea. Like soldiers, the Swinub fall into line. You toss Harleys hers and when she fails to take it between frostbitten fingers, you improvise you rip the bow from the base of your tail; one pig is ecstatic to knot the rope in place with an odd flash of dexterity; and then the whole pack pulls the other end as you take hold with your teeth at her coat sleeve.
------Its excruciating, but it works. Harley lays collapsed on the snowbank you consider that a success.
------There would be more to do, but the Swinub are consumed with a terrific curiosity towards the woman in the water. You hear Harley sjirachiing from beneath the pile-on, and youre glad; youd be unsure in how to translate, Crowd around, keep her warm or shell freeze to death.

------Suddenly, you are stricken with the prospect of being the only Pokemon to care, about mortality, about vague concepts of after-living (because after-life was one of those human colloquial mistakes) maybe there isnt even a word in this herds dialect for death. How would they even know how to freeze?
------You find yourself engaged in zealous grooming. You ignore the dull pain of your spine from the tug-o-war. Under one paw is the pink ribbon you dont know how to retie. You know, you dont know a lot of things, Elyse.

------Your coordinator is propped up against the wilds, watching you with glittering eyes her shades have found themselves on the bridge of a Swinubs pudgy nose, to which it appears euphoric. She has been chuckling wildly at that.
------We have to go back, Harley forces out. Whether they like it or not I suppose this is what the emergency signal is for.
------She breathes. Scary F-for that to happen so early on I guess I havent gotten any better at this, have I? And she gives a tight-lipped smile.
------Pass m-my phone, Elyse?

------Rigidly, you approach her. It ends up travelling across a wave of heads. Harley struggles to tap the screen.

------The notion of society is illusory to the north where everything is frozen-over and forgotten. As vacant as it is, something ethereal grips this place, as the churning sky begins to leak flakes of snow. It will be hard to turn around. It is like swallowing a stone, to turn around, to fail.

------In the distance, crystal, enrapturing, surrounded by a bowing ring of grass. The chill thrills you as if carried by a wind, you swear it. There is a majestic sense of color and light in its surface that is foreign here. Who planted this crystal here, or did it plant itself? Perhaps it was just a normal rock, coated in ice.


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In short though, work hard. Youre not going to reach the top overnight. I wont gloss over this like other coordinators sometimes do, you can achieve your wildest dreams and then some if you dedicate yourself to the craft, but only if youre willing to really dedicate yourself to it and put in hours upon hours of work with your Pokmon each week. Prims and I--

The broadcast was cut off by a man in a business suit, holding the remote to Mochis widescreen TV. Thats the gist of your job. If you are not willing to-- Mochi cuts him off by snapping her fingers. Blah, blah, blah. All you ever do is talk, talk, and talk some more! Has anyone ever told you that actions speak louder than words? With a stern look on her face, Mochi sat on her couch made of velvet silk, still waiting for her new Pokmon.

Maam, if you dont try to follow the basic guidelines, then Ill be taking my leave. As the man started to walk out, Mochi shot off her couch and started to tug on his arm, urging him to stay. Wait, please! Im sorry, Ill listen to you for as long as you want! Just dont leave!

Mochi was desperate to become a coordinator. The fame...the fortune...the cute Pokmon

...The fans, who all scream out her name! One by one, asking for an autograph...seeing her walking down a red carpet, news reporters asking the same question: How did you become a top coordinator? Mochi had stars in her eyes as she imagined her beautiful future, but she is suddenly startled by the man pulling his arm away.

Mochi immediately realized her mistake and sits on her couch. Fine. If you're that desperate, then youll have no problem reading this. The man said, as he pulled out what seems to be a contract. Mochi tilted her head in confusion as she snatched the contract away from him. Whats this? The man lets out an annoyed sigh and points to a paragraph on the paper. This paragraph here explains that even though you may own the Pokemon, that doesnt mean it is your full responsibility. Mochi gives the man an astonished look after his explanation. So youre saying I cant even control the Pokemon?! The man places a pen and a Pok Ball on the table. You can control the Pokmon. But to put it lightly, if you dont follow proper caution in your job as a coordinator, what happens to this Pokmon will be in our hands. Whether you choose to sign the contract or not is your decision. Without hesitation, Mochi grabs the pen, her hands shaking as she writes her signature.

Thats that, I suppose. This Pokmon is now yours to own. Ill be leaving, now. The man grabs the contract and starts to leave, but before he goes out the door, he looked at Mochi. Oh, you should probably look for a contest to enter, by the way. Just saying. And with that, he left. Mochi immediately grabs her TV remote and turns the TV broadcast back on. The contest season is kicking off and every city or town large enough will be hosting a contest this weekend.

Mochi grabs the pokeball and throws it up in the air, releasing a light that starts to take the shape of a Pokmon. Hoppip? The Pokmon looks around trying to get a feel of the environment. Mochi looks at her new Pokmon and all she could think of is how cute it was. So youre a Hoppip? In order to make you much more special, youll need a name. How about Mint? The little Hoppip bounced with joy at its new nickname. Yes, a mint. Something so tiny that it seems it wouldnt taste like anything special...but once you eat it, you are hit with a punch of flavor! Honestly, I think its the best candy. Mochi grabs a town map in one of her drawers and places it on the white porcelain coffee table in front of her couch. I knew this would come in handy one day. She proudly points at a city on the map. There! Pastoria City is the closest possible city. This is where we will make our debut! Mint floats about in agreement with his trainer. Enthusiasm is key! Soon, everyone will know the name Mochi Subette!
Love is like candy, it's always sweet!~


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Appeal Example

“The new contest season kicked off with a bang last week. We saw several promising new competitors as well as the returns of all ten of the previous season’s top ten coordinators. There were many impressive performances on display, but not so as impressive as number one coordinator, Maria’s return to the spotlight at the Prism Cup. Although her Contest battles alongside her Leafeon were impressive, it was her appeal with her trusty Primarina that truly stunned judges and audience alike. Let’s take a look.”

Maria walked out onto the stage with confidence, casually tossing her Pokeball into the air. Her seal activated and bubbles of pink and blue exploded out, whirling around until they coalesced into an enormous sphere of bubbles in the centre of the stage. With a flash of light, the bubbles exploded into a spray, revealing Maria’s Primarina. The Water type then began to sing in its entrancing wordless song.

“Alright Prims,” Maria said, confidence overflowing from where she stood “Misty Terrain!” Without ceasing her song, the Primarina used the move. It began as wisps of a faintly pink-coloured mist swirling into existence around the Pokemon. Gradually though, the wispst expanded and combined until the fog covered the entire staging area around, swirling slowly in a mystifying manor that matched the slow tones of the Primarina’s song. “Follow with Sparkling Aria!” Maria commanded.

Eight perfect spheres of shimmering water formed in a ring around the Primarina as her song gradually picked up in intensity, rotating around her. The mist began to slightly follow the momentum of the spheres, all in the rhythm of the song.

“Psychic, Prims!” Maria gave the instruction, a faint blue glow now emanating from each of the orbs and radiating through the pink mist. The Primarina’s song grew more and more powers as the Sparkling Aria spheres rose up towards a hand raised over her head. The glowing balls of water gracefully flowed together into a single, larger orb. The mist had divided into winding tendrils now, spiralling up and around the Primarina until the Sparkling Aria sphere was wrapped in the pink mist, a glowing blue cloud hovering over her and bathing her in its pale light.

The Primarina’s song reached its crescendo and on the final note, the ball above her exploded a the glowing combinations of water and misty flowed down over her from above her hand like she was the centrepiece of a fountain, radiating outwards as it reached the crowd as no more than a glittering spray. Maria and her partner both gave a bow.


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Mochi walked onto the stage with Mint resting upon her shoulder. She turns her head to Mint and speaks in a low tone that only her Pokémon can hear. “Remember what we’ve practiced.” Mint nods his head in response and waits for the signal to get off.

With confidence, Mochi walked to the center of the stage. She was wearing a beautiful white dress decorated with fake fabric roses that she made herself. It matched with ordinary brown sandals that were now decorated with vines and leaves. She wore white silk gloves, and was holding a white lace umbrella for a specific part in her performance. Two flowers tied her hair up in pigtails. If there was one sentence to describe her current appearance, it would be ‘Pure elegance that had been blessed by Mother Nature’.


With a snap of her fingers, Mint flew off her shoulder high into the air, looking down at Mochi waiting for his next cue. “Okay Mint, let’s start off with a Fairy Wind!” The green leaves on Mint’s head started glowing blue and spinned rapidly, a sparkly wind starts to go around the stage “Follow it up with a Cotton Spore!” Mint shoots white cotton balls from his mouth and the Fairy Wind causes them to float around in the air. “Now use Poison Powder and make sure they hit the cottons!” Mint releases purple powder from his leaves towards the cottons and the powder gets stuck to the cotton balls, Mochi uses her umbrella to make sure no powder falls on her “Finish it off with a Bullet Seed!” Mint shoots glowing green seeds from his mouth and the seeds hit the cotton balls. The cotton balls explode into sparkling purple powder and it surrounds the stage, Mochi spins her umbrella and the poison powder that landed on it flies off in many directions.

Mint lands on her umbrella and gives a bow before Mochi walks off the stage.

In the Waiting Room…
Mochi looks at the many other coordinators in the waiting room who were chatting amongst themselves and talking about their performances. Mochi sits with her arms crossed while Mint sits upon her lap, waiting eagerly for the results. “Alright coordinators, we are setting up for the battle round!” Mochi sits in utter shock as soon as the announcement made her remembered the battle round. She sits shaking to the thought of losing, due to not thinking of a strategy beforehand.

A women with curly blond hair sat across from her. She wore a red dress which reached down to the floor, with a white fur shawl wrapped around her neck.


Mochi knew cheap clothes when she sees them. The women was trying to look rich, but she was able to see through her facade. She looked at Mochi with disgust, while Mochi does the same, but more pronounced. The women walks over to her, her face of disgust changing into anger. “Humph! A disgusting child like you should not be in such close proximity to a lady like me!” Mochi rolls her eyes and stands on her chair to reach the women’s height.

“I don’t know who you are, but I didn’t come here to deal with a self-centered women like you--Ah!” A small blue Pokemon slammed into her chair and almost knocks Mochi down. “Good job, Amaura! Now, keep slamming into the chair until she falls on her head!” Mint hit Amaura in the eye with his stubby arm.

“How dare this disgusting Pokemon hit my dear Amaura?!” Mochi looks at her with anger as she snatches Mint away from the lady before she could say anything else. “Mint is absolutely not disgusting! Who even are you?!” The women smirked and put her hands on her hips. “How sad that even a vile creature like yourself didn’t even knew about me, the most beautiful coordinator, Mesei Grey!” Mochi looks around to see if any other coordinators recognized her, but everyone looked at Mesei like she was crazy.
“Seems like no one here knows you at all!” Mesei looks around to see the other coordinators looking at her in confusion. She glares at Mochi as she sits down in defeat. Mochi stands proudly as Mint makes a face and sticks his tongue out at the Amaura. “The contest battles are about to begin!” Mochi sits back down and drowns out her thoughts to think of some kind of strategy before her battle.
~Second Round~
“Our 5th contest battle is between Mesei Grey from Sunyshore City and Mochi Subette from Hearthome City!” Hatred started building up inside her as soon as Mochi saw Mesei. She was going to show this women what a child like her can do. Mochi sent out Mint and Mesei sent out her Amaura. Both the Pokemon had weaknesses against each other, so Mochi had to be strategic about this.

“Amaura, use Hail!” Tiny ice cubes started to fall from the sky and hurt Mint. After a little bit of thinking, Mochi was able to think of something to deal with this. “Mint, use Fairy Wind and Poison Powder!” Mint fires both a sparkly wind and a purple powder at Amaura, with the powder being guided by the the Fairy Wind. Even though it didn’t do much to Amaura, she was at least poisoned.

“Quickly, use Bullet Seed!” Mint shot many seeds at Amaura which exploded on contact. Amaura turned to her trainer for guidance. “Go and use Mist!” Amaura releases a white mist from her mouth, which causes Mint to lose sight of Amaura. “Now, use Take Down!” Amaura slams into Mint and he falls over.

“Don’t waste precious time, now! Use Icy Wind!” Mint tries to regain balance, but is heavily wounded by the Icy Wind. Mochi worries for Mint, until she remembered the one move they haven’t used yet. “Mint, use Absorb!” Mint releases a red beam from his leaves at Amaura and drains her energy. “Now, finish it off with a Bullet Seed!” Mint shoots green bullets at Amaura and she falls over, completely knocked out. “Mochi Subette is the winner!” The crowd cheers for Mochi as she gives a bow to the crowd and a thumbs up to Mint. Mint happily bounces in response.
Love is like candy, it's always sweet!~
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