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Game Development Resources

Started by Maruno July 19th, 2015 9:53 AM
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Posted September 1st, 2018
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Here is a list of resources that you can use to create your game. If you have or know of any other resources you think should be here, feel free to post them.

Please do not request resources in this thread; use the Resource Requests thread instead. Please do not have discussions in this thread - it is for listing resources only.

Old thread

Pokémon Essentials Packs (also come with graphics):

Gen II Kanto map
Region Starter Kit (Kanto/Sevii/Johto/Hoenn with Gen III tileset)
Region Starter Kit (Kanto/Sevii/Johto/Hoenn with Gen III tileset)
Region Starter Kit (Kanto/Johto/Hoenn with Gen IV tileset)
GSC kit
DS kit
Gen VI species and scripts

Graphics Packs:

Almost all Pokémon species stuff about Gen V with gifs (Essentials formatted)
Huge custom resource pack

Pokémon Sprites:

Platinum (Essentials formatted)
BW (Essentials formatted)
BW animated
Custom 64x64 sprites for Gen V Pokémon (Essentials formatted)
Gen VI Pokémon
Gen VI Pokémon front
Gen VI Pokémon front Gen II style
XY animated
Custom Eggs

Trainer Sprites:

Trainer HGSS/BW (Essentials formatted)


GSC (RPG Maker XP formatted)
FrLg/RSE (RPG Maker XP formatted)
FRLG/RSE/Custom (RPG Maker XP formatted)
DPP/HgSs (RPG Maker XP formatted)
DPP/HGSS/BW (RPG Maker XP formatted)


HGSS (including Pokémon) (RPG Maker XP formatted)
RSE/FRLG/DPP/Custom (including some running/bicycle/surfing sprites) (RPG Maker XP formatted)
Custom Gen V Hoenn
Gen V Pokémon
Incomplete Gen VI Pokémon

Overworld Templates:


Misc Graphics:

Custom faces
XY models
Gen VI icon pack


All mp3s (there some programs that extract mp3 from this site)
Almost all midis from old games
Some midis from newer games
DPP midis
HgSs midis
BW midis
Gen VI cries
Anime cries

Be sure to check and its sister sites. Odds are they'll have what you're looking for.

Thanks to FL for making this list.
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Posted April 21st, 2019
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are the links working
i tried the frlg tilesets but yeah i've gone nowhere :((
i'm new here hoping for a response thanks :))
It's quite possible that some of the links are out of date. I tried the FRLG tileset link, and it takes me to a thread from 2008, so the link might not be working anymore.

Though, Essentials comes with extensive FRLG tilesets already, so you can use those, I would imagine.
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