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Hey everyone!

So almost two years ago, I ran a game called WitchHunt! I wanted to see if there would be enough interest in another one.

But not just WitchHunt, would there be any interest in general in playing other Hunt type games? For anyone not familiar with Hunts, they are special games often with unique roles and mechanics and one main difference from most mafia games: roles and alignments are NOT revealed upon death!

I’m wondering because I’ve come across some other Hunts, one in particular is pretty crazy. For those who played in the first WitchHunt, if you liked the idea of possible spies in the King’s Court, this one has a similar mechanic, and if you like the possibility of people being revived and killing people with colors and just general craziness...

What do you think? Would you like to see another WitchHunt? How about other Hunts?

Tagged everyone from the first WitchHunt for feedback, but this discussion is open to everybody!
Yeah sure
Sounds sweet. In.
In. I want to die lol
I'm in!
Whoa. Sounds really interesting and good. Joining in.
I'll join this game, seems really interesting!
I think I'll try this. I'm in.
Yeah, I'll be in. Your last game was great.
Not sure if this is the best game to get back into Mafia, but whatever. I'll bite. :D
Eh count me in. I dunno how competent I can be right now but hey why not? Setting people on fire is always fun right?
Why am I being quoted? :think:

This sounds brutal, lots and lots of killing, lemme in!
Actually... Yeah, please count me in too.
I mean, I haven't been logging on too much, but if I join I can make sure to check in a couple times a day. It'd give me something to do, at least.

So sure, add me in.
Hey. Dolphin's finally here. I've just been busy reading the thread and trying to get my head around everything. So far I've gathered Nani is definitely mafia and people are confused to trust Doof, Home and Hyper?
Um, in. And you do not need to worry about it.
Okay, I decided I'll join too.
(I'll regret it, I just hope I won't)
Went through the OP again, think I have the gist of the game.
I haven't read through the thread yet though, what do I need to know?

Charlie Brown


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Always up for unorthodox games

I think we're in a definitely lull the last couple weeks so I wouldn't be too disheartened by the lack of responses


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Sure, why not?
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