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Alright, gonna start a HeartGold Randomiser Nuzlocke. Rules are simple: Permabox anyone who faints, Catch first encounter, and dupes clause which extends to the whole line. Now let's begin.

1. Man's best friend

Okay, sure.

Yeah, that's me.

*yawn* Ughhh... where am I?

Time to get a new friend!

One that I obviously won't pick, one that I can get anywhere in this game, so the odd one out is...

You! And WHOA MUK a modest Houndoom. This is already going well. Let's head off.
Yay! Adventure!

Me? CUTE? No way, you! I could burn ye-
Well nevermind that.

So this is the first time I'm talking to you, and...
Can I get it off?

I guess so.

Well, you see, I'm-
Uh, let's go.

Oh, okay, that first. Now let's go into the wilds, and-woah!

Well I guess that's sorta fine, and-

-then we have that.

And the guy who gives us the running shoes.

And the map.

And I had no idea this guy would actually tell you to go to his house if you avoid him. I found out about it in a playthrough by someone else.


And random items! Escape rope is eh but the other could be interesting.

And I would allow you to lead! If... the game allows it.

Plot blah blah

Oh no.

Help, an exclamation mark showed up on my head.

At least he didn't call me cute this time!

Yeah, and you picked the Unown. I know it.

Oh, you didn't.

But I then OHKO'd it so it turned out to not be good after all!

First legendary! And... is he jumping?
Yes, and I don't know why either.



Do I look like I did it?
Well, you do have a Dark mon.

Supposedly so, except he has pretty much anything but soul.

And back to the plot.

And the catching tutorial. Now...

Just like that? You didn't even catch it! Now gimme my balls.

Welp, we ended up getting both starters anyway.

And that's a wrap! Next, more teammates!